To Bask in Breastford Ch. 04


When he opened his eyes, Coach Blue had no idea where he was; it was dark and he’d not yet gotten used to the darkness. He knew one thing; he was lying down in a bed. A very comfortable bed for that matter. There was a small light shining through a window to his left. It had to be coming either from a street lamp or a porch light.

A porch light!

He had been at the Swanson home. Then, for no apparent reason he had passed out. The last thing he remembered was…the giant funbags of Paula Swanson. His heart leaped and his cock throbbed at the very thought. Why had he passed out?

He sat up. But as he did so his head began to pulse from a huge headache. He laid back down. The headache was now replaced with wooziness. He stared back out the window. He was still in Breastford. He was sure of it. He could feel it. But where?

He couldn’t still be at the Swanson’s. He would have seen his car through the window. Unless…they moved it?

Yes! That was it. Either Gretchen or Paula had moved his car. He immediately threw his hands under the blankets he was wrapped in and searched his pockets for his car keys, but was surprised to find he was wearing different clothes. Pajama bottoms and a white t-shirt. He didn’t remember changing…

His eyes drifted back over to the window. Suddenly, the light that was flowing in grew much brighter. It managed to light about half the middle section of the room. He could see the sheets he was sleeping in were white. He could also see a dresser, a closet, and what looked like a bathroom. Beyond that there didn’t seem to be much else.

The light was coming from across the street. He wondered what time it was, and who would be out this late. To him it felt like it was 2AM. But that soon left his mind as he remembered what he had seen across the street earlier this evening. His heart began to pound as he strained his eyes looking out the window.

To his approval, the front door of the house across the street opened, and the busty blond from earlier this evening walked out. The sheets coach blue was laying in began to rise forming a tent. Earlier, it had been a bit darker, and the blond had been wearing a (somewhat) loose-fitting t-shirt. But now the shirt she was wearing was much more tight fitting.

He could now see that the girl had sandy blond hair, and her tits were absolutely massive. Bigger than he remembered. They were kept captive inside her white shirt, and were stretching it out to the limits. They were so huge he could see them clearly from across the street. His penis throbbed, threatening to erupt.

After a few seconds, another woman exited the house. Coach Blue almost had a heart attack. This woman had even bigger boobs than the girl! She too was blond, and had the same facial features as the other blond, but looked slightly older. It was her mother.

Her tits were caged in a white shirt as well, only the shirt rode up to just under her bust due to her massive rack. On the average girl that shirt would have been loose fitting, and perhaps hanging down to her waist. But on this woman…the shirt fit very much like a baby tee on a teenage girl. Her breasts were firm, and they bounced with every step she took. She began to talk with her daughter, or lecture rather. Coach Blue watched her huge tits move with her. He couldn’t believe it. The tits in this town just kept getting bigger and bigger! This woman’s rack was absolutely gorgeous, she had the rack of an angel. They were even bigger than Paula’s!

Coach Blue moaned. Those tits…Paula…that blond…he felt his penis begin to throb nonstop. The two busty women across the street were now engaged in a hug, they’re big tits pressed into each other and bulged out from the sides.

“Oh man….” Coach Blue moaned. He reached under the sheets to his penis, but it was too late. The hug sent him over the edge. He shook for a little while as his dick erupted like a volcano from under the covers. When it was all done, the women went back inside. And Coach Blue’s bed-tent was still there.

He felt sick. Feverish. Hot and cold at the same time. He had to find a way to clean this up so Gretchen and Paula wouldn’t notice, but he was just so tired. He yawned, and it made his head ache with pain again. As the pain subsided he closed his eyes.

“I’ll clean…later…” he thought.

* * * * * *

The next time he awoke it was daylight. The blinds had been shut, so he could no longer view out the window, but sunlight still managed to creep into the room. His headache was gone. In fact, he felt a lot better. He threw the sheets off of himself and climbed out of bed. He looked around the room. There was a TV, but aside from that there were no real decorations.

He had images in his head from last night, but he wasn’t sure if they had been dreams or not. He seemed to recall being given a blue-ish liquid to drink, and being told that it would help. He seemed to remember Paula saying it would “increase his tolerance to the pheromones.”

And what about that blond and her mother? Had that güvenilir bahis been a dream as well?

He began to make his way to the restroom when the door to his room swung open. It was Gretchen.

“Good morning!” she said cheerfully.

Coach Blue looked a little distraught.

“Yeah good morning.” he said. “Listen, about last night, I want to-“

“Come to the kitchen.” Gretchen cut him off. “I made breakfast. It will make you feel better.”

Coach Blue sighed. Gretchen turned around and started walking. The clueless coach followed.

He felt a little under dressed. He was wearing pajamas, and Gretchen was wearing another pair of faded jeans and a red shirt. She wiggled her butt as she walked, and Coach Blue could see the straps of her thong appear.

He sat down at the table, where Gretchen put a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast in front of him. But Coach Blue wasn’t hungry.

“Gretchen…” he said. “I’m really sorry about…my behavior last night. I must be sick or something. The truth is…I feel horrible.”

“That’s alright.” Gretchen said, sipping on some water.

“Thanks.” Coach Blue said. “Whatever is wrong with me, I’ll have a doctor check me out. Where are my clothes?” he asked.

“You’re leaving?” Gretchen asked.

“Yeah.” Coach Blue said. “If I leave now, I might still catch my interview. And I think I really should see a doctor.”

“But my mom’s a genius.” Gretchen said. “She’s head of the science department at school, and she’s dabbled in medicine. She can check you out.”

“Really?” Coach Blue said, trying to sound interested. “No, but thanks anyway.” he said, standing up.

She glanced down at his crotch.

“But, I thought we’d get started on one of those…private practice sessions I mentioned yesterday…”

Coach Blue’s heart began to pound as he thought about it. His pants started to bulge out.

Gretchen licked her lips. She began to walk over to where the coach was standing. She pressed into him and reached down to caress the bulge in his pants.

Coach Blue’s cock throbbed as he felt Gretchen’s big 36Ds press into him.

“I could really use the extra work…” she said, giving his bulging dick a hard squeeze through his pajama bottoms. She reached up and kissed coach blue on the lips, passionately.

“I’d love to help you out…” Coach Blue said, when Gretchen finally took her tongue out of his mouth. “But where are we going to find the right equipment for the job?”

Gretchen smiled at him. She let go of his crotch and placed her hands at the bottom of her tight red shirt. She began to peel it up over chest.

“Luckily I’ve got these big, bouncy basketballs we can play with.” she said, as she finally lifted her blouse over her chest.

Her big boobs bounced free, nipples already hard. Coach Blue’s dick began to throb and wince at the site of them. His mouth watered as Gretchen stood there with her fingers hooked under her t shirt, exposing her big ripe melons like a college coed going wild.

Gretchen let her shirt rest, bunched up, on top of her heaving rack. She had to swat Coach Blue hands away from her giant orbs so she could get down to her knees. As she lowered herself, she made sure to rub her rack on his chest, and when she got to the bulge in his pants she paid extra attention to it. She slid her big titties up and down it.

Coach Blue almost came in his pants. He thrusted his hips forward into Gretchen’s bountiful chest. Gretchen pushed back and moaned as the horny coach dry-humped her hooters. She hooked her hands into his pajama bottoms and pulled them down. His hard dick sprang free, already fully erect. Gretchen expected no less; her jugs were enough to make any man hard.

“A little eager, aren’t we, Coach?” she asked, looking up at him as she gripped his throbbing dick.

Coach Blue could only moan back in response.

Gretchen flung her brown hair back and stuck her chest out. Then she grabbed her big tits and leaned forward, nuzzling the coach’s cock between her boobs as she did so. They both moaned as he penetrated her cleavage. Gretchen’s jugs were so big they completely enveloped his thick meat in a tight tit-tunnel.

Gretchen looked up at the coach as she cupped her boobs around his dick. Coach Blue thought she looked extremely sexy from this point of view; he could see the head of his cock sticking out from between her massive hooters. And her eyes had that “fuck me” look in them as she looked up at him.

“Fuck them.” she said.

Coach Blue did as he was told and began to thrust his hips into her. He slid his cock between her big boobs slowly, savoring the feeling of her big tits rubbing on him with each and every thrust.

Gretchen turned her head and moaned as her boobs got banged by the hunky coach. His dick was so big; and her tits were so sensitive to touch that she could feel every detail of his thick meat, right down to the veins.

“Oh my God…YES! Yeah…” Gretchen moaned as she let the coach slide his fuck stick between her funbags.

She loved türkçe bahis the way it felt each time it throbbed; both of her big hooters would jiggle each time it throbbed between them. She looked down at her cleavage and watched his big dick disappear and reappear between her tits. The strait-hardness of the coach’s manhood contrasted the round-softness of her big orbs perfectly. She could feel every inch of his penis as it slid between her massive jugs; every vein, every bump, as her big boobs bounced on it.

“Oh Coach!” she cooed. “Your dick is so BIG!”

Coach Blue began to moan.

“Awww fuuuck!” he said.

“That’s it, Coach. Fuck me.” Gretchen urged. “Fuck me!”

Coach Blue took her tits in his hands and began to thrust his dick between them faster. Gretchen arched her back, then she leaned back and let the coach jerk himself between her massive melons.

“Oh! Coach!” she moaned. “Your cock feels so good between my big boobs! That’s it, use my rack. Jerk your beautiful cock between my giant jugs. Fuck my tits!”

Precum leaked out of the coach’s aching cock and drizzled down the shaft, right into the valley of Gretchen’s big mountains. Gretchen looked up at Coach Blue as he boobie banged her.

“Mmm yeah…” she said. “You like having my big melons wrapped around your dick, don’t you?”

Coach Blue moaned. He was bucking his hips wildly, making Gretchen’s big flesh balloons bounce like they were basketballs.

“Oh fuck yeah! You like that, you big titty slut?” he said.

She smiled up at Coach Blue.

“You know I do, Stud.” she said.

Coach Blue looked down at her as he continued to plow her boobs. Her chest would bounce up with each thrust he gave, then it would come back down for a split second before he would thrust it back up again. Her head wasn’t moving at all. It just looked at him with her big brown eyes and licked her lips as he fucked her chest.

Then her facial expression changed. Her eyes became sad and her bottom lip curled out a little. She was pouting! She looked up at the coach with her pretty, pouting face as he continued to bang her rack.

“But I guess if you don’t want to stay…” she said, “then we don’t have to do this ever again…”

This almost threw the coach over the edge. If there was anything hotter than sliding your aching prick between a busty slut’s big tits, it was watching that busty slut pout while you did it.

“So will you stay?” she asked him, still pouting.

Coach Blue couldn’t believe it. “Okay!” was all he could say.

Gretchen’s pout turned into a smile again.

“Yay!” she said. She then gripped the coach’s legs and pulled herself closer to him, pressing her massive breasts into his whole body, dick and all.

“Fuck them…” she said quietly.

Coach Blue was surprised he had lasted this long. Last night, he couldn’t even look at her mother let alone fuck these big jugs.

He felt Gretchen’s tongue dart out and tease the tip of his cock as it poked through her cleavage.

“Fuck that feels amazing!” he moaned.

His precum and her saliva leaked down to her melons, coating them and making them glisten as the big globes bulged around his hard member.

Suddenly, they heard a car pull into the driveway.

“Shit!” Gretchen said, her boobs still being banged. “That’s mom! She’s back from in service!”

“Aaah! Dammit!” Coach Blue yelled.

“We have to stop.” Gretchen said hurriedly and starting to get up.

“Not yet.” Coach Blue said, gripping her by the shoulders.

“Wha-?” Gretchen said, confused.

Coach Blue placed a hand on her shoulder and the other around her back, and pulled her closer to him, continuing to fuck her tits.

“We don’t have time!” Gretchen yelled as she struggled to get free.

“Yes…we…do…” Coach Blue said.

“No! Coach!” Gretchen squirmed from side to side, but that only made her big boobs shake around his cock.

Coach Blue gripped her tightly and fucked her tits furiously, desperately trying to get off before Paula walked in. Gretchen struggled to get free as the coach fucked her busty, slutty tits against her will.

“Let go!” she yelled.

She was still squirming when Coach Blue felt his balls tighten, and not long after that he was spurting shot after shot of hot jizz from between Gretchen’s busty boobs. Her face got hit just as she was turning it; it hit her on the cheek. Another spurt went straight into her hair. Another hit her on the forehead.

She tried to get out of range of his spurting, but he was still holding on to her tightly. She felt his manhood cock itself again and again from inside her cleavage. Some of his seed landed on her shirt, which had been bunched around her neck above her rack, the rest came down like raining hot lava and covered her huge tits spurt by spurt.

“Ahhhhhh.” Coach Blue said in relief as he finally unloaded the last of his seed. He looked down and saw Gretchen’s face and tits covered in his sperm and smiled.

“That pearl necklace looks good on you.” he said, finally güvenilir bahis siteleri letting go of her.

Gretchen got up off her knees.

“You asshole!” she said.

She stood there, her chest and face covered in his sperm, trying not to make more of a mess. She began to shake, infuriated. Coach Blue thought her face was going to turn red. Instead, she let out an infuriated (and very girly) grunt.

“Aaaaaggggggghhh!” she said. “My boobs are NOT your own personal cockwarmers! Do you hear me?” And with that she stormed out of the room.

“Right, right.” Coach Blue said, smiling. “This makes us even for the magazines!” he yelled after her, while pulling up his pants.

“Fuck you!” he heard her yell from the hallway.

He sat back down at the table just as Paula walked through the front door.

She put her purse down and walked over to the table. Coach Blue could hear the “clack clack” of high heels as she walked across the living room into the dining room.

“Feeling any better?” she asked, upon seeing Coach Blue in the kitchen.

“Yeah.” Coach Blue said, turning to face her. “Much…” he stopped short as he saw Paula.

She was dressed in a dark blue and green plaid skirt with matching button up jacket, white pantyhose, and black high heels. The top 2 buttons of her jacket were undone (it would have been impossible to button them up), but she had somehow managed to button up the rest. The size of her rack, however, was threatening to bust those buttons right off. Coach Blue could see she had on no blouse; but she was wearing a black bra, he noticed, as she sat down.

She sat down opposite him and crossed her legs, causing her skirt to hike up and tighten.

“Pardon?” she said.

Coach Blue snapped out of his drooling daze. He looked at her face for the first time since she entered the room and noticed that she was wearing glasses. She looked like a naughty librarian, or a lusty secretary you might find in porn magazines.

“I feel much better.” Coach Blue stated.

“Good to hear.” Paula said. “I had a chance to speak with the faculty about letting you on. They seem very excited to be getting a new member.”

“Yeah?” Coach Blue said. “About that…I don’t think I’m gonna be staying.” he said.

“Oh?” Paula asked, peering down at him through her glasses. “Why is that?”

The coach hesitated to answer. He thought about last night, and how it had been so difficult to keep from blowing his load. It had to have been because he was so sexually deprived. After all, it had been over a year since he’d had sex.

“It’s just not a good time right now.” answered the coach.

“How about this…” Paula proposed, leaning forward so her big tits bulged out in her bra and jacket. “Stay until tomorrow. See the sights. Check out the school. And if you still want to leave, then by all means.”

“Okay…” Coach Blue said to her cleavage.

Paula leaned back and smiled.

“Wonderful!” she said. “As soon as you get dressed, I can show you where you’d be staying. If you decide to stay that is.”

“That sounds…great.” he said, eye’s glued to Paula’s busty cleavage.

But unfortunately for him, the busty milf stood up and left the room, leaving Coach Blue’s eyes staring at her empty seat. He soon followed suit, but realized he didn’t know where his clothes were. He walked down the hall to look for one of the two busty women.

He came across Paula standing before a door, and to his surprise, she was playing with her tits! He watched her intently, mouth agape as she stood there in the hallway feeling her own big, juicy jugs. His cock began to throb as he watched her. He noticed that she was fishing for a piece of jewelry that had been lost in her cleavage. It was part of a necklace she had around her neck.

As Paula reeled the necklace up, he could tell that it was a key. She separated the key from the necklace and used it to unlock the door she was standing before. After that, she walked int. Coach Blue walked down the hallway to the newly unlocked room.

Inside were tables piled with beakers, test tubes, and other scientific equipment. There were a couple of bookshelves and a few cabinets as well. Paula seemed to be searching in one of those cabinets. As Coach Blue walked over to her he caught a glimpse of what was in the cabinet. The blue liquid from his dream! There were test tubes filled with it!

He tapped Paula on the shoulder. Paula, startled, managed to turn around without dropping any of her equipment.

“Oh! Steven.” she said. “You startled me.”

“Sorry about that.” Coach Blue said. “I was just wondering what you guys did with my clothes?”

“Oh yes of course.” Paula said. “The closet in the guest room. We washed them for you, so they’re clean.”

“Thanks a lot.” he answered. “What do you got there?” he asked, pointing to the test tubes in her cabinet.

“Oh.” Paula said. “These are just vitamin water prototypes I’ve been working on. They’re supposed to help keep you…hydrated.”

“Wow that’s pretty cool.” Coach Blue responded. “I love vitamin water.”

“Yes of course.” Paula said. “Oh I’m so sorry.” she added. “This is my lab. My home lab. I’m sorry for the mess; usually when I work from home I rarely ever clean up after myself.”

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