To much time apart


To much time apartThis is my first time writing something like this so please go easy on me…..My husband and i have a sex life alot of people might call boring. We have been together nearly 10 years and 2 wonderful c***dren so whatever people think what we have works for us. Because of his work and me busing k**s around to various actives we got into a routine of Wednesday and Saturday night being our intimate time. Our encounters are basic by most peoples standards, typically a little bit of foreplay then i would get on top and ride him till we finished. Over the many years i learned how read his body, the subtitle changes in breathing and movement. I could take him to the edge and bring him back down all the while slowly building myself up closer and closer to orgasm. It was a very rare occasion that i wouldn’t reach orgasm, many times we we finished simultaneously or nearly simultaneously. As always he would finish deep inside me, i would get up and go to the restroom to freshen up. By the time i returned to bed he would be out cold, i would cuddle up to him and quickly be be fast asleep myself. Deviations from our norms were strictly reserved for birthdays, anniversary, Christmas and other special occasions. Those romps were much the same but started with a blow job and/or oral then went back to our trusty routine. Occasionally our Wednesday and Saturday route would be disrupted because he frequently travel for work or the k**s would get to unruly or not be able to sleep. Of course there was also monthly female issues that prevented us from our activities. I suppose there are things i could have done to satisfy my man during that time but we were always an all or nothing kind of couple. Having said that I took great pride in keeping my man happy it made my heart ache knowing he needed the release that only i could give him. He is the only man I knew that never masturbated. Of course I had my own womanly needs that i had become all to accustomed to have been meet twice a week. So whenever our schedule was disrupted it didn’t take long before my lower regions started to burn and ache with the need to feel him inside me then filling me up love juises. About us, hes just over 6 feet tall and roughly 210 pounds. Hes not fat or overly muscular but extremely strong, I always felt so safe in his arms. He was the stereotypical teddy bear he would never hurt or let anything happen to me or our two wonderful girls. About me, Im roughly 5-5 and 140 pounds. I do my best to look good for him but having two k**s had taken its toll on my body. My stomach and ass are bigger than i would like, on the positive side with each c***d i increased nearly a full cup size. Now a full DD I often caught his eyes drifting downward when we talked, at times i wanted to correct him but to be honest deep down i liked how he looked at me like a sexual object. He had always been to much of a gentleman to objectify me or get sexually aggressive. It had been a particularly busy month. Seemingly never ending work trips, my own female issues and of course the k**s struggling to sleep without my constant oversight. It had been nearly a month since we had been able to feel each other in that loving way only couples can but finally a quiet Wednesday night was ours. It was perfect timing, in the morning he was leaving for yet another work trip and wouldn’t return until late Saturday. I didnt want to send him off without getting the release i knew he badly needed, i could see it on his face and hear it on his voice. I can only imagine the pain he was in, im sure the pressure in private regions was nearly unbearable. But tonight was the night, it was almost unbearable eating dinner. I could feel the wetness building it was more of drip drip now but once he put his big strong hands on me it would be like someone released the floodgates. I put the k**s down for bed early and got in the bath, he was so horny i knew it wouldnt matter but i wanted to look perfect for him. after about an hour in the bathroom of shaving, trimming, plucking…. i was finally ready. I was never much for sexy underwear so i just put on a very cute pair of pink panties and one of his old t-shirts. His shirt was so long on me it nearly completely covered my panties, only showing brief glimpses of my lovelessness when i walked. I went downstairs to find him watching tv, i playfully invited him to come join me in bed. I could see his face turn pale as the all blood rushed from his face to straining member. He eyes never left my chest as he got up and let me up the up stairs to our awaiting bedroom. I hadn’t noticed the tshirt i was wearing was so old it had become somewhat shear. That along with my nipples being so hard they nearly cut through my shirt I can understand why he couldnt look away.I wanted to slowly undress him one piece of clothing at a time but my physical needs were taking over, practically ripping his clothes off him. There was no need for him to give me any foreplay i was about melt, i was bursa escort so ready too ride his swollen cock. Just as i wrapped my hand around his swollen cock there was a knock on the door “mommy i cant sleep” we tried to ignore it hoping she would go back to bed on our own. After a few seconds of quiet i slid my hand down his shaft as he let out a soft moan, his cock was much bigger than i was used to. It seemed like all the urges that had build up inside him cause him to swell up to the point where i couldnt get my hand around him. It was so big I wondered if i would be able to take him all the way inside me. With one hand stroking his cock i reached down into my panties with my free hand, I couldnt believe how wet i was, my pussy was wide open. I knew i would have no problem taking him deep inside me. Hes not a huge man downstairs but i always had to slowly lower myself down on top of him, after two k**s i was still very tight. Tonight was going to be different even with his increased thickness i knew i would be able to just jump on it and take it all in. I could hardly take it anymore, just as i was about jump his bones there was another knock on the door “mommy!” followed by crying. Looking down at Mike i could see the burning in his eyes with the need to explode inside me. He looked up at me and said “go she needs you” he was always the kind of man to put his families needs ahead of his. Reluctantly i got up to tend to our youngest daughter. It pained me deep inside to leave him in that condition. My own burning desires were barely controllable, with him telling me to care for his c***d over him only made me want him more. It was like throwing gas on a fire.Putting a pair of his boxers on i went to see what the issue was with our daughter. From experience i knew i wouldn’t be back tonight to give my man what he very much needed. I hoped he knew the only way he was going to get a release was to take things into his own hands. I imagined him laying there with his swollen cock in his hand stroking it up and down, mentally picturing me wearing his tshirt bouncing up and down on his rock hard cock. It made my body tremble, i was struggling to keep my mind on consoling our c***d, all i could think about was him inside me. Sadly i knew he wouldn’t relive his tension on his own, it just wasnt how he was no matter how turned on he was. After a long lonely night coaxing our daughter to sleep I heard my man in the kitchen getting ready. With very little sleep i headed out to see him, i could tell he hardly slept. From the look on his face i could see he was aching deep down inside. I was about to offer to “fix” his problems when the car pulled up to take him to the airport. With a quick and hug goodbye he was out the door. It hurt me knowing i wasnt able give him what he needed, i felt like i was a failure as a wife. My own hormones were raging out of control, i knew it would be torture having to wait until Saturday for him to return and fill me up with his steamy hot load. It a weird way i almost felt like i deserved to suffer with a constant aching for leaving my man unsatisfied.I knew had to have a talk with our daughter, she was to old be needing mom. I was never good at talking tough to the girls. That was always Dans job, what daddy says goes no questions asked. Sometimes I hoped he would be stern and direct with me but it just wasn’t how we was, more times than not i was the dominate one. After a few sleepless night it was finally Saturday and within hours he would be home. My pussy was burning, like it could sense he was about to return. I started the day out wearing his favorite white lace panties and matching push up bra. Unfortunately my pussy anticipating being stretched out by hard cock was to much, i had to change panties because they had become totally soaked with my juices. Throughout the day I had to change several times, I worried i would have enough wetness accommodate his swollen cock. If Wednesday was any indication of what was to come i knew i was in trouble, i feared his cock would be massive. Finally he returned home. we had some family time and had dinner, i don’t remember much of any of it. I was so focused on getting his cock inside me. It must have been 8 when i put the girls down for bed, they were confused as this was a good hour before there regular bedtime. Trust me there is no way to tell your k**s they need to go to bed early so mommy can drain daddy of all his bodily fluids. With them in bed it was time, I was wearing a black thong and matching bra under my shorts and tank top. Just as we were about climb into bed there was another knock on the door “Mommy i need you”, honestly i was furious we had talked how this was not appropriate. Again my sweet man told me to go tend to his c***d. I told him “No!”. He stood up in front of me with his hands on his sides and ordered me to deal with it “Alexis go help her!”, i started to yell back but quickly stopped, lowered my head and said “yes sir”. He had never talked bursa escort bayan to me like that he was so forceful and dominate it scared me a little but was also a turn on. After about an hour dealing with k** issue i returned to bedroom. Assuming he would be asleep i wondered if i should wake him or let him sleep. I wanted to wake him up to do my womanly duty but at the same time I knew he was exhausted from all his traveling. Getting into the bedroom i could see he wasn’t in bed, puzzled i headed downstairs to see if he was watching tv. On the way i heard him in the bathroom so i just returned to the bedroom. A few seconds later he came in and closed the door behind him. I said “hi baby!” but the only response was a shallow grunt. Worried he was mad I walked over, gave him a hug and asked if he was ok. Again the only response was a grunt. Looking at his face i could see had a blank look “baby are you ok im worried!” Just then he grabbed me and picked me up. I knew he would never hurt me but this was different, he clearly wasnt himself. I tried to scream but nothing came out, i tried to struggle loose but couldnt he was just to strong. I was about to panic when he threw me on the bed. I let out a laugh thinking he was just playing, trying to scare me but he was totally silent. I was just laying there wondering what was going through his mind when i felt him climb on top of me straddling me at my waist. I tried to push him off but i couldn’t budge him. With the same blank look on his face he reached down and grabbed my tank top. With a quick yank it was riped off and thrown to floor. I was completely petrified, still pinned down i couldnt move. Just then I felt his hands slide under my bra and lift it up, my breasts now completely exposed. I gasped as his hands cupped my breasts an unnatural combination of fear and pleasure. He started to massage my breasts just as how he loved to do but much more forceful and mechanical not the soft gentle touch im used to. All i could do is lay there and watch him wondering what he was thinking.He kept massaging and rubbing my boobs for what felt like an eternity. I was afraid, I knew he could easily hurt me but at the same time i needed his touch, my body was screaming for attention from my man. I never had an orgasm just from my boobs but i could feel it building, it wouldnt be long. I was about to have the release i badly needed when he climbed off me. I layed there confused and frustrated, it was to dark to see what he was doing. After a few seconds i felt him getting on top of me again but this time higher up, his legs were up on my ribs. I quickly discovered that he had taken his underwear off, i felt his hard cock fall between my breasts. It was the perfect combination of smooth, hard and warm, instinctively i squeezed my breasts together trapping his hard cock between them. He had never titty fucked me before but it came so naturally, he started to thrust his cock between my boobs, i looked down and see his tip going in and out almost hitting me in the face as he pumped. It had been years he has ready to explode cock to my face, i wanted to look away in case he blew but my eyes were locked onto his cock. The way it slipped between my breasts was mesmerizing, going back and forth disappearing the reappearing between my firm breasts. Prying my eyes from his massive cock i looked at him asked “baby are you enjoying?” he looked down with the same blank look,grunted and kept ramming his cock between my tits. I worried something was wrong with him but at the same time him on top of me pinning down while he fucked my boobs was a huge turn on. By now i could feel my panties were totally soaked, my pussy was aching for him to be inside me. His breathing started to get heavier, i knew if he kept going he was going to explode shooting his cum all over my face my boobs. He had the biggest cumshots of any man i have seen. Ever since i got a on birth control he always choose to shoot his load deep inside my pussy filling me with cum, exploding in my mouth or on my face was strictly off limits according him to. I secretly missed the taste of cum, i wondered if tonight was going to be the night i would get to taste it again. i looked at his cock as he pumped my breasts, it was like i could see the cum building up, my lips watered anticipating gobbling up as much of his load as i could. My hormones had gotten totally out of control, i couldn’t contain my self and yelled out to him “Come on baby cum on my face, cover me with your sweet jizz!”. He instantly froze and stopped pumping my breasts, i layed there confused waiting to see what was next. Suddenly he got off me and kneeled on the bed next to me. With one arm he reached down picked me up and flipped me over. I screamed not knowing what he was doing. It didnt take long to figure out what was going on, i was now on my hands and knees in front of him about to get fucked hard. With a quick tug he tore my soaking wet panties off me exposing my moist escort bursa pussy.I gasped as i felt his hands grab my hips, expecting him to slowly pull me towards him easing his cock inch by inch into my dripping pussy. This time was different, he pulled me towards him with all his strength, he cock rammed deeper than it had ever been into my pussy. i yelled “oh baby not so rough!” he just grunted again and pounded me harder and faster than he ever had. His hands were locked on my hips, i couldnt have gotten away if i wanted to. The odd thing was it hurt but i didn’t want to him to stop or get away. His hard cock pounding in and out of me, stretching me open. I had never been fucked like this, it was so rough and a****listic. I reached down and fondled my swinging breasts. I could feel wetness between my boobs, I knew it was his precum. i gathered up as much as i could on my finger before having a taste. it was so delicious, I forgot what he was doing to my pussy, he was quiet literately destroying it, his cock driving deep inside me then pulling out before driving back into me. The feeling of his balls slapping my pussy brought me back to reality. I could feel the burning inside my pussy growing, it wouldnt be long before i melted down into a huge earth shattering orgasm. I moaned as reach down to rub my swollen clit, his cock gliding in and out of me it happened. i screamed out “oh fuck!” as my pussy started contracting around his cock almost begging for him to fill me up with his cum. I went limp and nearly collapsed except his hands were firmly clamped on hips. I was like a rag doll unable to move but that didnt stop him from pumping my pussy. As i slowly recovered from that mind blowing orgasm my body tightened up. Now the only thing i could think about is getting him off. It was my fault he hadn’t gotten off in so long and now i had my own massive orgasm. At this moment all i knew was his balls were full of cum and i wanted it! Still on my hands and knees i pushed back into him, taking his cock deep inside me. All i could think about is getting more of him inside me. He moaned as i impaled myself onto his cock. Suddenly he grunted and stopped my thrusting. The more i struggle to ride his cock the tighter he held me preventing me from moving. Confused i stopped trying to work his cock in and out of my begging pussy. Just then i realized he wanted to be the one fucking me. He flipped me over onto my back. I layed on my back legs spread waiting for him to fuck me. It seemed like forever looking at him with is rock hard cock in his hand. I cant describe how badly i needed him inside me. He slowly moved down on top of me, rubbing his cock up and down wet slit. I trembled with anticipation as i wrapped my legs around his waist trying to pull him into me. I whimpered begging him to fuck me. I didnt just want it, i needed it. He gently guided his cock inside me, but i didnt need gentle, i needed to be fucked hard. My legs and arms wrapped around him as he started to go faster. His cock felt bigger than ever stretching me out as it slid in and out of me, so deep. My body wanted to orgasm so bad but all i could think about was getting his cum. he was fucking me so rhythmically going in and out with perfect timing. He let out a moan and grunt, I knew it was time. I screamed “Fill me up baby!” I wanted to feel him throbbing in me so bad. He pumped faster and deeper as i braced for his final thrust. As he let out his tell tail moan instead of driving himself deep into me he pulled out. I looked down in time see the first burst of cum explode from his dick. His blast landed on stomach, as he fired his second shot it landing on my right breast. I layed there thinking how good his hot load felt on me when a shot landed in my mouth followed by two more on my face. Then another on my breast, with the rest of his massive load dribbling out of his throbbing cock and coating my pussy with his lovely load. I laid there motionless, as he layed down in bed next to me, rolled over and fell asleep not saying a word. Still in shock of what just happened, i savored the taste of cum in my mouth then swallowed it down. To exhausted to move and still covered with his cum i closed my eyes and fell asleep.The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed. He had already gotten up and was in the kitchen making coffee. I threw some clothes on and rushed to see my man, excited to see his reaction from last night. “Hey baby” i cheerfully greeted him with a hug. He responded “Oh looks like you had a long night, when did you end making it to bed?” Confused i wondered if i dreamed it all, but i could feel my body was covered with his dried cum. Not sure what to say, I said “You could say it was rough” with a smile. Normally he never talked about sex or his needs so he caught me off guard with what he said. “hey babe maybe since we were interrupted last night we could try again tonight.” With that my pussy ached, not from needing to feel him inside me like last night but from being fucked raw. I wasn’t sure i could handle being fucked again so soon but i couldnt tell him no. I wondered who would show up to bed, my oh so lovely gentle and caring husband or the wild sex craved man that fucked my brains outs.

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