Toilet Sex


Toilet SexThis story follows on from the others; this happened the weekend after Daddy had the homeless man around to visit me.My mother agreed to have the k**s for the weekend so Nina and I decided we would go out for a few drinks with our friends as we hadn’t been out together in such a long time.Due to Daddies influence Nina was always dressing slutty now when going out the house, tonight was no different, she had on a short skirt and a very low cut tight top, her cleavage on show, I was wearing jeans and a top but did have a pink thong on underneath.We met our friends at 7pm, after a good catch up and many alcoholic drinks later Nina and I were quite tipsy, at 11pm we made our excuses, said we were tired and off home.We were walking through the Bigg Market in Newcastle and came across Flares, Nina heard the music and dragged me inside, she told me to go get us both a drink, she then started to dance, her huge breasts bouncing around. I got us both a drink and went looking for Nina as the bar was packed; when I finally found her I caught her dancing with a much older man, his hands were all over her breasts, and her ass was pushing back against his crotch.I walked towards them, tapped Nina on the shoulder and said I have your drink, she took a quick drink, gave me it back, she told me to find us a table, and said she would be over once the song had finished. I went and found a table, it had a good view of the dancefloor, I could see the guy still had his hands over her breasts, and his crotch against her ass.A couple of minutes later they both joined me at the table, Nina sat in between me and him, she introduced me to him, saying this is my boyfriend Steven.He looks at me whilst running his fingers up and down Nina’s legs, and introduces himself as Jimmy; he says I am a lucky man as my girlfriend has amazing breasts and a beautiful face.I say ‘Yes, I am a very lucky man Jimmy, I loved seeing your hands groping her breasts on the dancefloor, but not as much as I bet Nina enjoyed feeling your cock against her ass’.Nina says she could feel his cock getting harder against her ass as they danced, saying it felt big, she said she would love to see how big it was.Jimmy said he needed to piss and he would be right back, as he was walking to the toilet Nina told me to go as well and find out how big his cock was, to see if she would want it or not.I followed him into the toilets, luckily bahis firmaları there was only me and Jimmy in the toilets, I stood next to him as he took his cock out, I took mine out to pee as well, and even soft his cock was nearly the size of mine when fully erect, he caught me staring at his cock, he asked if I liked what I seen, I nodded, he looked at my cock, he quickly said he could see why my girlfriend invited him over.I told him Nina had told me to follow him as she wanted to know how big his cock was, I say she won’t be disappointed from what I have seen so far. I put my small cock away, and keep staring at his cock.He looks at me and laughs saying I have met many men like you, he grabs my hand and drags me into one of the toilet cubicles, he locks the door, makes me put the toilet seat down, before pushing me down on it, making me sit on it, he then stands right in front of me, his cock dangling in front of my face.He looked at me, before saying don’t just look at it, suck it slut, we both know you want it.I slowly started playing with his balls whilst licking up and down his cock, he said that’s a good girl, I knew you were a cock loving sissy from the moment Nina introduced me to you, no man would let his girlfriend dance with other men the way she was and not say nothing, fucking sissy, enjoy my cock sissy as it will be fucking your girlfriend shortly.Hearing him talk like that turns me on; I take his cock in my mouth and start sucking it, feeling his cock get bigger in my mouth, he pulls his cock out my mouth and slaps it against my cheeks a couple of times.He then lets his big cock dangle in front of my face, letting me see it fully for the first time, must be at least seven and a half inches, and bloody fat.He says I bet you can’t wait to see this cock inside your girlfriend’s pussy, stretching it out like your small dick cant sissy.I look at him and say no I can’t, I can’t wait to watch your big cock spreading her pussy and ass, I will be watching like a jealous slut as I want you to stretch my ass out too.He puts his cock away, and we both walk back to the table, Nina asks what took us so long.Jimmy looks at Nina and replies ‘I was just giving your boyfriend a good look at my big cock just like you asked him to do, once he seen it he couldn’t stop himself from taking it in his sissy mouth, he is a slut just like you, I knew once you didn’t stop me groping kaçak iddaa your breasts that you were gagging for it, once I met your sissy boyfriend and seen his small dick I understood why’.Jimmy grabbed Nina’s hand and placed it on his still semi hard cock, he forces her head down to his crotch were she can’t be seen, he tells her to take his cock out and suck it just like her boyfriend has, Nina says she can’t as she will be seen, Jimmy says don’t tease me slut take my cock out, we all know you want it slut, again Nina refuses, Jimmy gets angry and says I thought fat sluts were meant to be more willing to please, I bet your boyfriend won’t disappoint me, he then pulls her back up and tells me and Nina to swap places.I sit next to him, put my hand on his crotch and have a quick glance around to make sure no one is looking, I then lower my head to his lap, I unzip his pants and take out his still semi erect cock, I lick the head of his cock and take the drop of pre cum in my mouth and savour the taste before taking his cock in my mouth again for the second time.Jimmy looks at Nina as I’m sucking his cock and says it looks like your boyfriends the only slut here; I didn’t even need to tell him, it is your boyfriend’s lucky night, I have decided he will be the one I fuck tonight since you’re a bore, you can go back to the dancefloor and find another desperate old man whilst we have some fun.Jimmy pulls me off his cock, puts it back in his pants, he tells me to go to the toilet and wait in the cubicle for him, he also tells me I better make sure my ass is ready for him.I do as he says, I walk to the toilet, I get some soap and water and lather it up, I then go into a cubicle, I take a quick piss and then finger my ass with my wet/slippy hand, a couple of minutes later there is a knock on the cubicle door, I open it and in walks Jimmy, he quickly locked the cubicle door behind him.He then dropped his pants and boxers to the floor, revealing his still semi erect cock, he put the toilet seat down and sat on it, his cock pointing up at me, I immediately got on my knees and took his cock back in my mouth for the third time, after sucking his cock for a little while I spat on his cock and stroked it a few times, to lube it a little as I knew where it was going.He calls me a good slut as his cock is now rock hard again, a full seven and a half inches, he sits up, and lifts the top of kaçak bahis the toilet seat and the seat itself, as he does I stand up and pull my jeans down, revealing my pink panties.He looks at me laughs and tells me to get on my knees and bend over the toilet, he slaps my ass and says bend over more slut I want your face in that toilet, you are going to wish you flushed before I come into the cubicle slut.He pulls my pink panties to the side; he then pushes his hard cock against the entrance to my slutty ass.Jimmy then says ‘Steven how much of a dirty slut are you?’I then say ‘I am a filthy slut Sir’Jimmy says ‘that’s good Steven, you are going to show me how nasty or you won’t be getting my cock in your ass’ I quickly respond by saying yes Sir.Jimmy then puts his hands on my head and pushes my head further into the toilet and tells me to lick and drink the contents of the toilet knowing full well it is full of my own piss.I slowly start to lick, as I do I feel him slide his hard cock into my ass inch by inch, the deeper he gets the lower my head gets in the toilet.Once Jimmy has his cock fully in my ass he moves his hands to my hips, he tells me to drink up whilst I get a good fucking, I try to drink a little as he fucks me but it is quite hard swallowing at the same time as moaning, I have piss dribbling down my chin as he fucks my ass roughly.He continues to pound my ass roughly as I keep drinking like a fucking dog.He grabs even tighter on my hips, forces his cock deep inside me, he fucks me hard and deep but slowly, I can tell he is getting close; I push back on his cock as much as I can.Jimmy shoots spurt after spurt of his hot load deep into my ass, just as he is pulling his cock out of my ass we hear two guys come into the toilets, chatting away, they go to the urinals to piss, Jimmy then decides it is a good time to pull my head out of the toilet and force his cock in my mouth, making me choke a little, as I was still swallowing piss.I start to suck his softening cock, a mixture of cum, piss and saliva in my mouth, I must have been sucking to loudly as the two guys suddenly got very quiet.Once his cock is clean Jimmy pulls his cock out of my mouth, and pulls his boxers back up and his pants.Jimmy looks at me, thanks me and says I have a sexier ass than my girlfriend, he also says I am a good fuck, he tells me to pull up my pink panties and my jeans knowing full well the two guys are probably listening.I do as he tells me, whilst doing it I tell him I really enjoyed his fat cock and being his toilet slut.Please comment if you would like to hear the second part of this story, thanks.…

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