Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong, Part 3

Britney Amber

Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong, Part 3After we both came, from that very erotic, mutually pleasing 69, we rolled to our sides, cuddled and we must have drifted off to sleep. We were suddenly awakened by a voice calling out to us from the kitchen… HIS voice.“Hey you two” boomed his very deep and authoritative voice, “Were you serious about Brunch… or should I just join you both back in bed?”We both shot up in bed and looked at each other and then at the clock. It was 10:00 am! He must have used his garage opener and let himself into the house.“One Minute!” my wife yelled out.We flew out of bed, rubbing our eyes and acting like teenagers who had overslept for school.“I look terrible!” my wife yelled, “Will you please go tell him that I’ll be right there? After all, we did invite him over for Brunch.”In my confused state, I pulled on some shorts and a shirt as my wife ran to the bathroom to clean up. I started to leave the bedroom when I suddenly realized that I didn’t even know his name.“Hey” I whispered loudly, “What do I call him?”My beautifully naked wife emerged from the bathroom with a big smile on her face, walked up to me and clutched my face in each of her hands.“Oh Honey,” she said, as she kissed my lips. “You’re so adorable and I love you SOO much. Call him Officer Nightstick. He’ll LOVE that.”“Really?” I replied to an empty room, since my wife had disappeared back into the bathroom.I went down to hall and into the kitchen. There he was, the man from last night… the man who had scared the shit out of me as he made me think that I was going to jail AND the same man who had fucked my wife in our marriage bed AND the same man who made me eat his cum from my wife’s well-fucked pussy. One side of me wanted to sucker-punch him! Yet, the evening’s erotic activity was still fresh in my mind. “Good morning” I said, as I gestured for him to have a seat, “Sorry, we overslept. Guess that we were a bit exhausted after, well, you know… last night”“Good times” he said, smiling at me.He had obviously changed and was wearing street clothes. His personal car was also now in our driveway, since both of our cars were in the garage. “My wife will be right in.” I added as he smiled and shook my hand. He really did have a commanding presence. “Your wife is truly amazing” he added. “Are you sure that you’re okay with this?” he asked.‘OKAY WITH THIS?’ I thought. ‘Now I need to have a discussion with HIM about HIM fucking my wife.’Several thoughts of how to answer his question rolled through my mind and just as I was about to say something, he added smiled really broadly and clarified his question…“You know” he said, “are you sure that you’re okay with me joining you both for Brunch this morning? You know… so soon after last night?”I breathed a huge sigh of relief, but then it occurred to me. Did he not wonder if I was okay with him fucking my wife…Or did he simply not care what I thought?Just as I was about to ask him how he came to fuck my wife, and for how long he’s been doing it, my wife suddenly emerged, wearing a sheer nightshirt, a fresh, albeit light application of makeup and her hair neatly brushed. She smiled a bit nervously, at first, trying to grasp the fact that her husband and her erotic lover were both in the kitchen after an unbridled night or torrid sex. Both he and I glanced at her, then toward each other and then back to her. We both instinctively aksaray escort moved toward her and stood on each side of her petit body. He confidently reached out to her first and I followed. We both had our hands on her, trying to make her feel special. While my hands were on her ribcage and lower back, he turned her slightly toward him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and they both kissed, his tongue snaking its way into my wife’s open mouth as his big hands felt for her erect nipples. Actually, tenderly holding her body as they kissed…. I have to admit that it was very exciting to be a part of this tender, passionate moment… right in my own kitchen. As she stood on her tippy toes to reach him, it was obvious that she was without panties. I seized the opportunity to tenderly cup her ass cheeks as the two of them kissed. I made the decision that if this was really happening, that it should be done so with maturity, dignity and respect. Once they broke the kiss, she smiled at me, and then looked back up at him.“Did he tell you” she said, while looking up at him, “what he nicknamed you last night?”“No” he replied, “I just got here.”“Tell Him” my wife said, now focused on me. “It’s really cute.”“CUTE” was not what I was going for, but I used all of my courage and smiled. I then spoke.“Officer Nightstick” I said, as I felt my face blush.“Thanks for the compliment, Man” he said to me and then turned to my wife. “Your wife speaks very fondly of you too.”‘Fondly?’ I thought to myself. ‘Well, at least my name came up!’“Thanks for inviting me over for Brunch” he said, now looking at my wife, “But I could really use a shower, if you don’t mind.”“Not at all” my wife replied. “You know where it is.”‘You know where it is?’ I thought to myself. ‘How many showers has he had over here?’He smiled, turned to leave but slapped my wife on her ass just before leaving the kitchen.My wife began grabbing some food and coffee. We both began preparing Brunch in silence, that is, until she turned to me.“Honey?” she asked, “I’m going to put the bacon in the oven, but would you mind making coffee… and perhaps your amazing French toast. I’d like to go talk to him and tell him what you and I talked about. I want him to know that you and I are really okay with this.”“You’re coming back soon” I said, a bit concerned that I was making breakfast all for myself. “Of course we are, Honey” she said, “Just as soon as we shower.”“WE shower?” I shot back.“Oh” my wife replied, a bit rattled, “Well, I do need a shower too” she added, “After everything, .. you know…. so…. If you don’t mind?” and then she gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek.“Sure” I said, reaching down and once again grabbing her bare ass-cheeks under her nightshirt, “But hey…” I blurted out, in a more serious tone, “are we really doing this?”My wife then gave me the most passionate kiss that we’ve shared in a long time.“You are an AMAZING Husband” she said, as she took my hand and dipped my finger into her steamy, dripping cunt, and then added, “and I love you SOO much…. “ As she used her hand to guide my finger around the wet opening of her wanton pussy, and then DEEP inside of her, she added, with her beautiful smile: “And Yes, Honey… and thanks to you, we really STIIL doing this.” She then turned and headed down the hall to join our new friend in the shower. I got the coffee on and could hear the amasya escort shower running. OUR shower in OUR bathroom. I was curious, so I quietly slipped down the hall and as I got closer to our bedroom, I could hear a thudding sound. It then seemed to have a steady rhythm and I imagined that he was most likely pressing her body up against the wall of the shower with HIS body as he was thrusting up and into her. Yes, it was the unmistakable sounds of the two of them fucking in the shower! One part of me was not very happy that they were fucking so soon after she kissed me and professed her love to me, … but then I noticed the boner in my shorts. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do…. I wanted to watch, because the idea of watching definitely turned me on. I wanted to see his strong, muscular black body pressed up against my petit wife’s white skin… and water running all over them both. Plus, my wife confessed that it excited her when she knew that I was watching. But then I heard the smoke alarm and remembered the bacon! So, I returned to the kitchen and continued with the Brunch prep.About 15 minutes later, Officer Nightstick and my wife appeared. Him freshly showered and wrapped in only a white towel, from the waist-down. Yep, a white towel. That only amplified the contrast of his skin and the white towel. It also showed off his buff physique. My wife was wrapped in a very sheer robe and had nothing beneath. Her still damp hair hung sexily on her shoulders. “Mmmm” my wife said, “Smells good!”He helped himself to coffee, just like he helped himself to my wife, and my wife helped me set the table and serve the food. As she and I were grabbing plates, my wife whispered in my ear:“Did you peek at us?” she asked.“No” I said, “I wanted too, but I didn’t.”“Oh” she responded, “Because I saw the wet spot on your shorts and, well, I just assumed that…..”We finished plating the Brunch and both joined our new friend at the breakfast table. After the first bite, he spoke up.“Listen Tom” he said, “Your wife told me that you and her both talked last night, after I left.” “Yes” I admitted and looked up at him, “we did.”“And she tells me” he continued, “that she’d really appreciate you welcoming me into your home….““Yes” I agreed, “She would…”“And do you, Tom” he asked, “Do you welcome me into your home?”“Yes” I admitted as I made direct eye contact with this man, “Yes, I do… on occasion, that is. We still need and want some privacy, but yes, I do welcome you.”“Good” he said with a smile and then got serious again. “And do you welcome me into your bed, Tom?”I’m sure that I blushed a bit, yet I found the needed strength.“Yes” I also admitted, “Yes, I do. Again, on occasion.”“Tom? I told him that you were really excited too” my wife added, “Tell him how you liked it too… that you’re OKAY with sharing our bed with him.”“Yes” I added, “my wife is correct. What happened last night was exciting and I’d like the three of us to share our bed, on a somewhat regular basis.”“Wonderful” he said, flashing his big smile. “So am I to assume then…. That you also welcome me into all of your wife’s holes?”“HOLES?” I instinctively said outload. I looked at my wife and she was slowly turning a bright shade of red.“Yes Tom” he replied, “after all, you did see me fuck your wife’s mouth last night, correct?”“Yes” I slowly replied, still processing the plural use of the word escort bayan HOLES.“And you definitely saw me fuck your wife’s sexy little cunt last night,” he continued, “correct?”“yes” I admitted.“So, we all agree” he continued with his big mile, “There’s only one hole left to welcome me into! Your wife’s tight little asshole.”I swallowed hard and looked at my wife. She was still blushing and looking down at her plate. I didn’t respond but my silence must have equated to my compliance. “Thank you, Tom” he added, “for welcoming me.” He kept his hand on my wife’s thigh and with the other, he devoured the food on his plate.I didn’t actually see it happen, but at some point, he must have opened his towel. Through the glass-top kitchen table, I could clearly see his thick cock laying between his powerful thighs and extending almost to his knees.“You’re not eating much, Tom” he said, “Are you done?”“I think that I am” I replied. “Then hey” he said, “How about passing your bacon over to me?” he added, “I’m staved.”I wondered, as I passed him my plate, that if giving him my bacon was symbolic for me agreeing to him helping himself to my wife. He smiled at me and then sucked down my bacon in one big bite. Meanwhile his big hand never left my wife’s thigh.“You know, Tom” he said, while still chewing, “Your wife tells me that she really enjoyed you licking her after I fucked her.”“Yes” I admitted, “she told me the same.”“Well, Tom” he added, adding a big laugh, “I fucked her in the shower…. So, I’m just sayin’”There was a very serious tone at that moment… my eyes met my wife’s and darted between Officer Nightstick and my wife. She looked at me and at him and then, suddenly, he laughed and then we all started to laugh. It was a real ice-breaker.With that, he looked at my wife, let go of her thigh and wrapped his hand around his cock. My wife, as if knowing what to do, opened her robe, slid out of her chair and got on her knees to pay homage to his cock. He then looked at me.“I’d enjoy taking your wife back into the bedroom, Tom” he said, “and she and I talked… we’d like it very much if you joined us. You good with that?”Truth be known, my cock was rock-hard! I got up, walked around to their side of the table, knelt and leaned over my wife’s back, kissing her neck and upper back as she sucked his monster cock. I then got on my back and slid under my wife’s hips. As I expected, she was dripping so I got right to it. I lapped at her slowly, but my wife must have cleaned herself after their shower-fuck because noting was there. I heard my wife moaning as she sucked his cock, and her hips began to grind down on my face…. And then:Her orgasm hit her hard and she was actually bouncing up and down on my face. Her juices flooded my face and I enjoyed the wonderful flavor of her creamy cum… just HER cum… this time, anyway. Once she calmed, she lifted off of me, signaling that she was sensitive, and knelt beside our new friend, still gripping his thick manhood. I was still on the floor looking up at them both.“Your wife tells me,” he said, “that you find it very pleasurable to fuck your wife…. immediately after I’m done. Is that as I understand it, Tom?”His hard cock, all covered with my wife’s spittle, was clearly visible as I lay prone on the floor below, my hard cock straining inside my running shorts.“Yes” I said, “that is true. A real pleasure for us both.”“Well then” he said, “Let’s all go back into the bedroom… because I’m not done yet!”He and my wife both stood, and he slapped her HARD on the ass, sending her ahead and down the hall. I got to my feet and watched them giggle as they turned into our bedroom. I quickly followed.To Be Continued…

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