train ride home


train ride homeThis is as true as I can remember.We were on our way home from military camp by train, we were all happy and having fun real young man type stuff. The staff on the train had their hands full, as the day progressed one of the staff from the dining car and I got talking and eventually when all was closed up and every one was heading to their compartments he invited me for a to join him for a few more drinks.when we got there we settled in and he removed his work clothes left in shorts and a tee, he offered me a beer, and I noticed he may be a bit swollen down below.We got sat down and drank and chatted and he kept rubbing his crotch and adjusting his package.I was still a virgin at this point, had been with a few girls but never got passed fondling, kissing and a bit of boob play and sucking.I had never looked at guys in anyway sexually halkalı escort at all, but felt my own cock swelling, could have been the beer, or just our conversation, I must admit I have no recollection of what we were talking about, As usual when drinking beer regular trips down the passage to the toilet are required, which we both had to do, and on returning from one of these trips when I walked in my new friend had his hands in his shorts and was stroking slowly, my own cock got a bit more life, although I did not want him to know. he apologised and said he was just really horny, I am not sure what came over me, my reply was simply, do not worry about me carry on if you like. he smirked and as I passed him to sit down again he brushed by crotch, and said oh horny too are we.I blushed he put me at ease and said şişli escort he understood, 3 months out at camp not much freedom, he is sure I was really looking forward to releasing a load, saying I should join him.Next thing I knew I was sitting next to him watching him play with his cock, so turned on that I did infect join him.Once I had my hands in my pants it was all he was waiting for he stood up and dropped his pants and stroked, my eyes were glued. before long he had me without my shorts and we were watching each other play.I think if I had not had so may beers I would have blown my load within 30 seconds, on the other hand had I not been drinking I would not have been there either.It was so hot in the cabin we are both sweating and the smell of a young horny military boy, and this sarıyer escort sweaty older waiter, filled the room, driving the sexual desires to the point where he could no longer resist and he grabbed my cock, it was electric and instinct had be reaching for his, as we played he lowered his mouth and started blowing me, wow it felt so good. he rubbed sucked nibbled and kissed my body as I caressed his cock playing with his balls and ass, I felt him tense up and his cock twitch and swell, before he shot hit first salvo of cum. this triggered a return of fire straight down his throat, he moaned as swallowed and shot load after load, while I filled him with my hot thick creamy cum. by now I was massaging the cum into his body, as my cock slowly started shrinking in his mouth as it plopped out I gave him my hand to lick so he could taste his own sticky we sat in the after glow. and I finished my beer a reality hit me, and Was not sure wether to be happy or scared, we parted ways and I headed to my cabin, as he said see you tomorrow……..this was 35 years ago and the first time I have ever told this story, but it is how I remember it today

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