Training My Cute And Conservative Indian Wife

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Training My Cute And Conservative Indian WifedeletedWe had been married for 2 years when this happened. She was a good wife but she used to hang out with her school and other friends a lot. Many of them were guys and I felt really insecure when she would go out with them. However, over the years I had learned to trust her and not worry much.One day when she was returning from one of her friend’s birthday parties and I saw through the window that one guy had come to drop her off in his car. As she was about to get out, he went ahead and kissed her on her lips.She immediately got out of the car and came towards the house. I was shocked and angry as hell after seeing this. As soon as she entered the house, she realized I had seen what just happened. She began saying that it wasn’t what I was thinking etc. But I couldn’t get over what I had just seen. My entire trust in her was betrayed.I told her I didn’t want to see her face and left the house. After 2 hours, I returned and Tanvi fell to my legs and begged me to forgive her and that it wasn’t her fault. She thought I would divorce her over this and leave her. She was scared and started begging me to stay and said that she will do anything bahis firmaları I want. Tanvi also said that she will never go out again and will listen to everything I say etc.I was still angry about the whole thing and didn’t know what to do. In a rush of anger, I slapped her across her face so that she would stop talking. I had never done this before and her reaction surprised me. She said she deserved it or more. She also said that I could take it all out on her but just stay with her and forgive her.To be honest, Tanvi was a very conservative Indian wife. She would never do any of the kinky things I would suggest in the bed and our sex life was very boring. I thought I could take this chance and take control. So, I made a plan.I went up to her and told her that I could no longer trust her and will be divorcing her. Hearing this, she began to cry and started pleading with me to reconsider my decision.After a while, I told her that if I should stay, then she would have to listen to everything I say and obey me for the rest of her life. She would be also punished for what she had done. She instantly agreed to everything and said that I can control every aspect of her life from that today kaçak iddaa and I can punish her any way that I wish.I lit up after hearing that. I told her to come to the bedroom and made her kneel on the ground. Well, I was still very angry and was going to release all my frustration for what she had done.As she was kneeling, I took her face in my hand and stroked her cheeks and without any warning, I swung my hand and gave a small slap on her face. Then I lifted her up and before she knew came one on her other cheek.Then I dragged her to the bed and leaned her against it. I tore her top and bra and removed her jeans so that she was completely naked in front of me. I placed her on the bed, head down and started spanking her tightly with a wooden ruler. She started moaning so I stuffed her panties in her mouth and told her not to make noise. I continued spanking her till marks were visible on her ass cheeks. I wanted her to feel the pain she caused me.In the last 2 years, she never agreed to give me a blowjob. So I was going to take advantage of this situation and get what I want. I climbed on top of her and placed my dick on her lips. She looked at me trying to avoid it but she knew she kaçak bahis had no control now.I pushed my dick inside her mouth and moved it inside her mouth. She was feeling disgusted but I didn’t care. Right when she thought that was it, I took hold of her head with both hands and shoved my entire dick down her throat, making her gag. The feeling was sensational, her warm mouth wrapped around my dick. She was trying to push me away but I was not going to let go.I reached my orgasm and shot my load of sperm inside her mouth and throat. It was unbearable for her, she was getting drowned in so much sperm and coughed it out over her face and body. She gasped for air after I let go and started breathing heavily.I told her that this was now going to be a regular task for her every day after I come home from work. I would use her mouth and body however and whenever I wished and she would willingly please her husband. She looked at me in defeat and nodded.From that day onward, she obeyed all my orders and pleasured me whenever I wanted. I would deep throat her every night and cum in her. She also accepted this as her duties as a wife and never rebelled against it. Since then we have performed anal, role-play, sex toys and everything. She was told not to wear any clothes in the house when I was there and any order refused would result in severe punishment. This is how I trained my Indian sex wife to submit to me

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