Training my daughter to be a bimbo


Training my daughter to be a bimboI have the house to myself. As ever that meant getting in front of my computer and jerking off. My wife left me five years now and I hadn’t really bothered with real women since then. I was well built and God had blessed me with a huge cock, but engaging with women didn’t do it for me. I hated my wife who had used me and left me penniless with her daughter to raise. No, I got my kicks jerking off every minute I could.Just as I was building up to cumming I heard the door slam. Stomp stomp stomp Cindy ran up the stairs into her bedroom and slammed the door. I looked down at my cock and thought I can return to this later, I better look after my fatherly duties.I pulled on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and knocked on Cindy’s door. “Go away, I don’t want to see anyone” she sobbed from the other side.”Let me in Cindy, I’m sure whatever is bothering you isn’t that bad.” I gently open the door and saw her lying face down on the bed sobbing. This had been a somewhat regular occurrence over the past number of months. She was coming up to sitting important exams, but frankly she really wasn’t that bright. Luckily for her she had been blessed with great looks. As I looked down at her skimpily clad body on the bed my cock jolted, not for the first time.Anyway, I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind and went in and sat beside her softly caressing her head and her back. “Now now Cindy, tell daddy what the problem is I’m sure we can make it better” Cindy, gradually stopped sobbing and then spoke “daddy I’m not very clever and I always get confused. I always seem to get lost in conversations, and making a fool out of myself””Tell me what happened” I asked.Cindy then revealed that she had been over at her boyfriend’s parents for dinner and the topic had turned to politics. Cindy had no interest at all in the subject and zoned out as the rest of the table contributed their views on a wide range of topics. Then she had a horrible feeling and looked around to see that everybody was looking at her, she panicked, not knowing why they were looking at her. Her boyfriend leaned into her saying “mum was just asking you whether you consider yourself a feminist?” Cindy had panicked not really understanding the question and blurted “well I am quite feminine, boys seem to think so anyway” the table had erupted in laughter and Cindy understanding she had said something stupid got up and ran home.Poor Cindy, the world really was a complicated place for her. What she lacked for in brains she made up for with a body to die for. At just 18 she had magnificent 34C breasts a beautiful thin waist and long lean legs. In truth, she reminded me of the beautiful bimbos I wanked over every night.I reassured her saying she would find her place in the world where she was happy and confident. She looked up into my eyes and implored “doing what daddy, doing what?” I decided to broach the subject which are being playing on my mind for some time.”Well Cindy not everyone is happy taking responsibility, studying, making decisions, working and trying to figure things out for themselves. Maybe you’re just one of those people. You have other strengths which maybe you should rely on more.”Do I daddy, what are they?” Cindy implored, looking into my eyes, while I couldn’t stop myself checking out her beautiful breasts.”Well Cindy why don’t you ask the line of boys who ask you out every week. You are stunningly beautiful with a body that every red-blooded man wants. Maybe you should just use that to find somebody who will look after you and take away all the difficult things in life” “Okay daddy I’ll think about that”I decided to go back to my room, and when I got back I realised that my time in Cindy’s bedroom had done nothing to reduce my erection. I took off my shorts and T-shirt and put my headphones over my ears. It seemed appropriate that I put on one of my favourite bimbo videos. A truly magnificent specimen, huge breasts, fake lips, washboard stomach, dressed like a total slut. I started to pound my cock and was just about to cum when I saw the door open. Oops I have been aksaray escort caught red-handed.Pulling the headphones off my ears I heard Cindy say “Daddy I have been calling out for a while, I want to…………………….” she paused mid sentence and looked at the scene before her, took in my nudity, and focused on my cock and balls. She then looked at the screen and saw the perfect bimbo giving a blowjob to a well hung dude. I let it run, knowing that the money shot was coming up. Cindy came over so she could see the video properly. Within seconds the guy started shooting all over the bimbos face, glazing her eyes, forehead and cheeks.This was make or break, I knew the bimbo was about to say “thank you so much Daddy for giving me a facial , I hope I have pleased you” with that the guy on screen used his finger to collect all the cum in her mouth which she then dutifully swallowed. “You have pleased daddy very much”Cindy didn’t speak for 30 seconds, I could almost see the cogs turning in her little brain.”Daddy, am I a Bimbo?” I got up and walked over to my bed patting beside me encouraging her to sit down”Well darling that depends if you want to me” you’ve got a body which certainly has all the ingredients of being a stunning bimbo, but really being a bimbo is a state of mind” remember what I told you earlier, a bimbo is really somebody who gives control of her life to her daddy and lets him make all the decisions.”To her daddy?” She asked.”Well Cindy the man in a Bimbo’s life is called her daddy, because he makes all the decisions just like her daddy did when she was a little girl, do you understand”God bless her Cindy’s brow furrowed (A look that did not suit her). ” I think so, maybe I should just be a bimbo, what do you think daddy””Don’t think of it like that Cindy, it’s not just being a bimbo, becoming a bimbo requires a lot of dedication and determination to please the man in your life by the way you look, the way you behave and your ability to do what you are told. It’s really the highest calling a woman can have.”really daddy, why didn’t they tell me about it in school then?””Well darling have you seen how your teachers look? None of them looks as hot as you, do they? Look at your body, it’s magnificent, none of your teachers could even dream of looking this good””I guess not daddy””So for these women being a bimbo is not attainable, it’s like being an astronaut for you, you will never be able to be an astronaut and they would never be able to be a man’s bimbo””Why don’t I give you some stories to read which will give you some insight into what’s involved so you can have a think about it, sort of like career guidance.””Would you daddy, that would be super awesome” with that she stood up and gave me a big hug, her beautiful tits pressing into my chest.I brought her over to my computer and showed her my ex hamster account. I showed her where I had written and saved my favourite bimbo stories as well as where she could look at bimbo videos and galleries. “All the information you need is right here honey, enjoy”” Oh daddy, would you like me to look after that” she said pointing at my c” boyf My boyfriend reckons I’m a really good cock sucker” I bet the bastard did.”No Cindy that wouldn’t be right, but what about we masturbate together, to release the tension”Cindy nodded enthusiastically and quickly stripped down so she was fully naked. I saw that she had shaved her pussy, it was all I could do not to bury my face between her thighs, but I resisted. I turned my computer around and put on my favourite bimbo video and then we both sat on the bed and started to masturbate. I looked over at Cindy as she played with her clit and then sunk three fingers into her cunt. For a moment I reflected on how appropriate and easy this was going to be. It was obvious that Cindy was a very sexual person, just like her mother. But unlike her mother Cindy needed and appreciated a Daddy in her life. For her being a bimbo slut would be the perfect role in life.I started beating my cock, my heart pounding as this stunning real life bimbo slut panted beside me, amasya escort for the first time in years I could smell cunt juice and it was driving me wild. Cindy looked over at me as I pounded on my cock. “Well daddy, you are huge” with that I yelled out and shot spunk all over myself. It felt like my whole body was releasing years of pent-up tension as rope after rope of spunk spattered on my chest.Just then Cindy squealed and I was awestruck as she rapidly rubbed her clit to see her squirt female cum all over my floor. This was astounding. There was a look of shock in Cindy’s face and when her lust subsided she said “sorry daddy I didn’t mean to pee on your carpet” I reassured her that while I really wouldn’t mind if she had peed on my carpet that actually she had ejaculated. I explained to her that this sometimes happened if the woman was especially turned on. Cindy listened intently and said “but it’s the first time it’s happened” “Well Cindy , you’ve obviously had a lot of sex in your life , something has been missing, maybe it’s the realisation that being a bimbo is your calling in life is what you needed to experience complete sexual satisfaction””yes Daddy, I realise that now ,” she cast her eyes downwards” and thank you daddy for opening my eyes my true potential””I see that daddy is a little bit messy, would you like me to clean him up?”I knew it, she was a 100% natural bimbo.”Daddy would very much like that” and with that I lay back on the bed and this gorgeous young woman proceeded to suck and lick my cum from my chest. I was ecstatic. She made her way down my chest licking gently, until she got to my cock which he took in her mouth, cleaning the head with great care and attention.When she was finished she sat back on the bed, again her eyes cast downwards and asked” may I swallow please daddy” I nodded approval, and she gulped her first load of my cum down her throat.With that she sauntered off to her own room leaving her underwear behind. I picked them up and sniffed them, lost in my own lust. I knew she would be on my X hamster account for the rest of the night, so I slipped her knickers on, loving their soft feeling and got into bed.The next morning I was woken by Cindy gently shaking my shoulder. “Daddy daddy you are so smart, a bimbo is exactly what I want to be, thank you for all of the information, that’s exactly what I want to be in life. The perfect woman who does whatever a man needs and wants”I turned towards her and said “you know it would require a lot of work, and at first you may not even realise how hard it will be” also you will have to find somebody who will accept you as a bimbo and train and nurture you and take care of you.”Don’t be silly daddy, I already know who that is, it’s you, you are my daddy and I want to please you I want to be your perfect little bimbo daddy if will you be my daddy, daddy?” she smiledMy plan had worked, the reality is being a bimbo was the absolute peak of attainment for Cindy, if I wasn’t her daddy she was probably going to end up as a stripper giving blowjobs for £10 before looking old before her age. Alternatively, she would marry some guy who was flattered by how awesome she looked on his arm, but whose expectations of her would be too high. She would be expected to run the house, balance the bank account, and provide him with c***dren. He would realise at some point what a disappointment she was and end up leaving her. As her father I knew I had to save her from these outcomes, Cindy was correct I was the best person to be her Daddy.”Okay Cindy, you’re training starts now. Go over to the bottom drawer in my desk and take out the black bag and bring it over here.”When she returned with the bag she opened it to reveal its contents of butt plugs of different sizes as well as a couple of different vibrators. My years on X hamster had encouraged me to experiment with my own sexuality.”Have you ever had anal sex?” I asked”No daddy, I have not””Well this morning, I am going to fuck you in the arse, and you are going to love it, but first we’re going to stretch you out a little”I escort bayan swung my legs over the side of the bed and indicated for Cindy to sit on the floor between my legs. “Okay Cindy, what we’re going to do is, as you give me my morning blowjob you’re going to squat down on the butt plugs, to stretch your ass so that when I decide to fuck you there, it won’t hurt too much”Cindy said nothing but immediately assumed the position. I took the smallest and slipped it into her mouth for lubrication. I handed it to her and she immediately placed it under her ass and looking me in the eye sat down on it, in one go. If I had had any doubt it would have disappeared them. Cindy was very eager to please.With that she started what would become my daily morning blowjob. I reached down to fondle her beautiful natural tickets wondering when I would invest in a bigger pair of bimbo tits for her. Over the next 10 minutes I gave her increasingly big plugs which with some pride she took in her ass in one go.This was going so well I decided to take it to the next level.”Okay Cindy I have to explain something to you, before daddy will be able to give you his spunk I need to urinate, do you understand?” Cindy looked up at me and made a movement to get out of the way to let me go to the toilet. I held her in place and looking into her eyes said “no Cindy what daddy likes is to be able to piss into his bimbo’s mouth and for her to swallow what she can, don’t worry if you can’t swallow it all, daddy will not be angry”I gave her a few moments to adjust to this new reality. When she took my cock back in her mouth I knew we were good to go. I released my bladder and proceeded to piss in her mouth. When her mouth was full she attempted to swallow but some fell down her chest, plastering her T-shirt to her beautiful breasts. I then took my cock out of her mouth and for the last 10 or 15 seconds pissed all over her face and hair.I had only ever done this to myself in real life come and had loved it. But this was the first time I had done it to somebody else and it felt awesome. Cindy was less sure. But to reassure I took her face in my hands and kissed her passionately. I then licked her face , driving myself crazy with the perversity of licking my own urine from my daughter’s face.This seemed to reassure Cindy. We both realised that her ass was now full of the very biggest butt plug I possessed. I encouraged her to stand up and using my phone took photographs of my gorgeous Bimbo daughter debasing herself for meI bent her over and took some more shots of the butt plug in her ass. I tugged it and at first her sphincter resisted. I then gently pulled it out and watched her anus stretch over the widest part of it. I held it there for a minute, taking more photographs, knowing the hours of pleasure they would give me in the future.Cindy was moaning gently and started to rock back, trying to take the butt plug inside her again. This was driving me crazy, I needed to bury myself in her. I pulled it out finally and gave it to her to suck on. after having photographed her gaping ass hole I could no longer wait. I put my cock into my daughters ass and continued to push myself inside her. She pushed back, greedy for my slab of cock to be inside her. In one go I was balls deep in her. I was astounded.Cindy turned her head and looked at me her eyes full of admiration and devotion. I nodded at her and started to pound her ass. Her mouth full of butt plug, all I can hear was her moaning. God it felt great to be back inside a woman again, but even better in was on my terms, I would dictate this relationship for my benefit, which coincidentally was exactly what Cindy wanted.With these thoughts running through my head I came closer and closer as my balls smacked against her ass. She grabbed a dildo from the bed and in one go pushed it into her cunt. She turned it on and I immediately felt it pulsating against my cock. That was it, I could hold back no longer. I buried myself one last time and screamed as I felt my spunk shoot into my daughters womb, I felt amazing. I shot and shot, and became aware of Cindy screaming and her cunt spewing all over my balls. This was too much , I closed my eyes and all I could see was stars. Next thing I knew I woke up lying on top of Cindy.”did I please daddy?””You did Cindy , now cleanup my cock while daddy has some sleep”to be continued.

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