Translesbian Experience; Spanking Liz


Translesbian Experience; Spanking LizLeanna was an older gurl, she said she was 40 in her personals ad, but she was just actually just over 50 which I found out when we finally got to her place. I met with an older person once before so I was actually looking forward to it, the more experience thing definitely plays out with older partners.She picked me up and brought me over to her place after we exchanged a few emails in response to a personals ad I had posted on craigslist. I debated if I should even go, I didn’t want to meet anyone so late on a week night, but it had been so long since I hooked up with anyone. I thought it was better to be spontaneous for once. Leanna said she had just started dressing a month or so prior around Halloween time. Yet for someone as attractive and knowledgeable she was about dressing and domineering, I had my doubts about how new she was to the scene. We shared a couple glasses of red wine and talked about dressing and our views on sexuality. After our conversation and glasses of wine we then separated to different bathrooms, put our make up on and got dressed. I had managed to get ready in less than an hour, and way sooner than expected (forgot my eye brow stuffs 🙁 I was starting to feel like I wasted the night, as I waited in a strangers living room for an additional hour. Leanna was taking forever and my bratty impatient self was sitting alone in Leanna’s living room trying to find things to entertain myself with on my phone.Waiting in the living room, I was dressed in a blue plaid mini skirt, with my frilly floral panties, a white lace bralette, and black stockings underneath. With the ever so cliche tied white button up to complete my school girl ensemble. Hair down and curly with simple make up, and red lipstick. Leanna finally came out wearing a black corset with garters attaching to her stockings underneath a lacey black dress. Leanna’s wig was blonde and her make up said “drag queen”, which was odd because she claimed güvenilir bahis to not know much about dressing and considered herself an inexperienced cross dresser; she even went as far as to put on fake eye lashes. She told me I looked amazing but could see on my bratty face that I wasn’t having such a good time and told me so. Rather than waiting Leanna told me I should have just went in the room and we could have played dress up; then one thing led to another and she was dressing me. Starting with having me lift my skirt and insulting the bulge in my panties (I was wearing my “sissy” panties I stupidly didn’t think about the bulge) Like an obedient slut I first tried on Leanna’s lacey black panties with the bow on the back as instructed, they looked sexy and tucked away the bulge, but then I was told to try on a pair of pink cheekinis that she said look best. She then had me try on a glittery silver skirt to go with my tied button up. To complete the outfit she had envisioned for me Leanna had me walk around the apartment in black pleather thigh high – heeled boots after that, I’ve never worn something that made me feel like such a hoe before. I really felt like such a slut while prancing around the apartment being told I walked like a natural in them. Leanna said she couldn’t even manage to stand up in them, and there I was. The at-least-four inch heels thudded on the hard wood floor all the while I was starting to drip cum through my panties under my skirt.That’s when we finally went into the bedroom. Leanna sat in her computer chair legs spread wide and obviously taunting me to do little else but stare at her pretty clit tucked behind her black lace panties. Wanting so badly to taste her cock since I saw her response to my personals ad I decided to be even more of a brat and sit cross legged and regal; playing hard – but easy to get on mistresses bed. She like had the perfect dick, good ratio of girth and length, she stuck straight out when erect combined türkçe bahis with a beautifully colored round shaped head. I was really starting to get impatient now and she could definitely tell… Looking back on this night I can see why the next events occurred and the brat in me got what it deserved. It’s a shame now but I had to make it clear that I had to leave for work at 5 that next morning. I should have just called in sick to work from their. It was midnight already, but that was when Leanna suddenly stopped playing her flirty games. Her hospitable drink-my-wine and try on my slutty clothes attitude took a stern and dominate turn. She said she would fuck me if I stayed, and was even talking to me about meeting with a dominate male daddy later, stupidly I declined that in the end. But, she still pursued. As always I kept a patch of pubic hair above my clitty when I shaved, I like my little mohawk, but Leanna did not like it and then told me she would have went down on me otherwise. Her teasing me like this through out the night about my panties and making me wear different clothes had me more and more stirred and put down. She said she then noticed the way I was looking at her clit and gave me some sort of hint to pursue what I wanted, so naturally I asked if I could go down on her. “If you want,” Leanna said ” I never got much pleasure out of oral”… I decided to take that as a challenge, and she started to moan and fuck my face with in a matter minutes of my lips going up and down on her eventually hard throbbing cock. She was then standing up and putting her hand onto my chest, gently guiding me to the bed. Suddenly my little mohawk didn’t matter as she was eating me out from clit to ass. “Get up. On your knees,” she said turning me over forcefully. Knees buckling as I got up, I did as instructed. “Yes you know just how to stick your ass out, you’re such a naughty bitch aren’t you, tell me you’re my bitch!” I did as instructed and proclaimed “I’m güvenilir bahis siteleri your little bitch,” it felt good to tell mistress I was her bitch. For being obedient I got rewarded with the hardest spanking I’ve ever received. With just one swing and a deafening clap my ass was left stinging, leaving behind a rush of fear and little doubt in my mind that her one slap was going to be felt at work later. “Tell me you’ll always do as I say” she said, “that is what a bitch does and you are my bitch, and of course I did as instructed and got spanked the same way again. This time she rubbed the area, massaging the pain while spreading around the endorphins. It felt humiliating, but in a way that made me feel like it was supposed to feel that way, I was in my place only a true sissy slut can feel this way. *SLAP!* ‘It felt like I was meant to be her bitch’ I thought, as she pulled my panties down to my thighs. “Promise me, your my slut, tell me “I’m your slut Mistress Leanna,” and proudly I did what I was told, I exclaimed “you are my mistress Leanna!” *SLAP!* “I am your sissy bitch” *SLAP!*. Again and again I was spanked this time. After a minute or two of non stop spanking I was again told who mistress was, who I was, and what to say: Obediently I obeyed my mistress. The spankings were so loud there was no way the neighbors weren’t hearing my ass being slapped to a stinging red. Precum was dripping onto my thighs and onto mistresses bed, and my clitty was dangling hard between my legs. Most of all, my ass cheeks were stinging and pulsating in ways that pleasured me in a nearly unexpected way… after all I’ve been spanked plenty before but never like this. Then, as if reading my mind Leanna used that moment to cap it all off with pulling my clitty into her mouth from behind me in while I was still in my on-all-fours position. She ate me so well she made me feel like I was born to enjoy being eaten out from behind. Having to work in a few hours was nagging at me still. That’s when she told me if I stayed she would definitely fuck me. I wish this story continued here, enjoying what would have been great sex and a promising mistress who wanted me to join her in exploring our sexuality.

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