Trimming the Tree


My family has always purchased a new tree for trimming from the Optimist Tree lot each year. We had never gone in for the artificial look. Since this would be my first Christmas tree I went to the local lot and picked one out. As I was trying to unload it my neighbor,Jack, came over to help. We managed to get it in the house with out too much of a mess. Jack helped me to put it in the stand and then said “If you wait till later I’ll help you trim it.” I knew from the look in his eyes he was after more than trimming my tree. I told him in an off handed way “Sure come on over and bring the wife as well.” I don’t think that is what he had in mine and I blew it off as a lark.

After I had a bite to eat I went to get out the decorations. A knock sounded on the door there stood Jack with my other neighbor Mike. In Mikes hand was a bottle of Hennessy Cognac and Jack held a bottle of Dewars White Label scotch. “We have come bearing gifts and to assist with the trimming of the tree.” Stated Jack. He seemed to have already been in the bottle.

“And where might your better halves be?” I inquired.”Surly they would not let you two out on your own.”

“Alas the darlings have gone to shop together for gifts for he and thee. We were not allowed to accompany them so we are here alone.’ Jack supplied.

I brought out glasses and ice and Mke went about fixing us a drink, I choose the brandy on ice they drank the scotch. I have heard scotch has an enlarging effect on men, I don’t know how true it is. I know the right amount of any drink will cause a mans brain to fall between his legs.

I have one of those bodies that tend to attract men a lean muscular 5′ 7″, long tanned legs and perky 34D’s. Tonight I had changed to lounging shorts and a satin top. I ‘d removed my bra and panties when I got home and took my shower. I never put them back on. I filled the clothes fully and didn’t leave much to the imagination, which I’m sure pleased both men.

After the second drink, I was beginning to feel the effects, Laughingly I said, ” If I don’t get started trimming the tree it will trim me.” Then I opened the box of decorations and pulled out the lights handing one string to each of them. While they busied themselves trying to figure the best way to circle the tree I brought out the bulbs and other ornaments. After watching the trouble they were having with the lights I decided I had better do the rest myself.

“Why don’t you boys have a seat an let me do the trimming? I want the tree done tonight and you two could be here all week.”

“That would be our pleasure, watching you hang things on the tree.” Said a smiling Mike.

“But the idea of being here a week is appealing too.” Said Jack with a sheepish grin.

I kept my back to them so I didn’t show the smile that crossed my face. So they want to look did they, well I was about to give them a show.

I moved the box of decorations close to the tree. I pulled out the individual boxes and placed them on the floor. Now as I leaned over to retrieve each ornament they got a good view down my loose fitting blouse, which I had conveniently undone the next button on. Then I would make a show of placing each piece in the right spot. Each time they got a good view of my ass and legs. My shorts outlined my ass well and my puy lips could be seen in outline as well

After a couple more drinks they were panting. I was getting concerned they would burst from their pants. Each in turn made sexual remarks concerning the condition of my anatomy, now they were even more braisen about looking at my tits when they could. The fourth drink had caught up with me as well. I had all the decorations on the tree and took a seat on the sofa. Jack and Mike moved to sit on either side of me. I knew things were about to begin happening and I wasn’t sure who was going to start me or them. The drinks had loosened my inobitions as well.

It was Jack who made the first move. “You trim a mighty fine tree little lady. Of course you couldn’t have done it with out us. What do you say to a little payment for our services?” as he said that his hand touched my thigh.

Then Mike chimed in,”It would be nice. Since you have been showing us your lovely body all night, why not let us show you our appreciation?” Then he took my hand and held it to his crotch.

They both had a large swelling in their pants. If I were to try to say no now they would probably do what they wanted anyway. Hell I guess I had asked for it what did I expect anyway?

I took my hand and began to rub over Mike’s pants. Feeling the throbbing cock inside. He moaned at my touch. He quickly reached for güvenilir bahis his belt to undo his pants and slide them down. His big cock stood tall and ready as I took it in my hand and stroked it. I leaned my head down and took the head in my mouth as I licked it with my hot tongue. Slowly I lowered my mouth down the length of his shaft as I began to give him a good blowjob.

Meanwhile Jack had gotten up from the sofa and removed his pants as well. Then he undid my button and as I squirmed he pulls my pants off and pulled my top off too. I got on my knees on the sofa and continued to lick and suck Mike’s big cock. Jack had his cock in his hand and was stoking it as he got behind me and guided his cock to my pussy. I heard him sigh as he entered my wetness. His big cock filled me up and he began to rock back and forth in and out as he held my hips and pulled me tight against him with each thrust.

Mike had my tits in his hands squeezing the globes and pinching my nipples that had become like rocks. ach time he would pinch the nibble hard I would let out a soft moan.

I reached under Mike’s scrotum and messaged his balls, and then took my finger and tickled his asshole. He jerked as I did. My other hand was still wrapped around his shaft and as I sucked his big cock I twisted and jerked him off, He could take it no longer and I felt him about to let go his load. He grabbed my head and shoved me down on his cock as he exploded his cum deep in my throat. I swallowed what I could and then forced my head up; I squeezed his cock and jerked the last of his cum out. Licking the droplets off as they appeared.

Jack was ready too; he had been pumping my pussy with his cock hard and fast. Seeing Mike let go he went at me even faster and soon I knew he was ready too.”You want to fill my mouth too?” I asked looking back. “Oh no baby I’m gonna fill your pussy full.” And he let go jerking and thrusting pulling me hard against him he exploded and I had a huge orgasm too enjoying the great fuck they had given me.

When he had finished and pulled out I took his cock and sucked the last droplets from him as I jerked his cock dry. They both collapsed on the sofa and I went to clean up. When I returned they were both fully dressed. “Can we do this again?” Mike asked.

“Well not tonight maybe for the New Year you can help me take the tree down.” I replied.

Part 2

The night before had been a welcome of sorts. I really didn’t want to be the other woman in a marriage, but something had to be wrong in those two’s marriage if they were cattin around my door.

Susan and Janet were very attractive surly these men would not be straying if they had what looked like a good meal at home. I will have to find out what the problem is before the New Year. Oh well it had happened, the tree was up and maybe the new year would bring more fun for all.

I went to get out of my work clothes and take a shower. As I dried off I was reminded of the previous night when I went put on my lounge clothes. The red outfit from the night before was laying over the back of the chair in my bedroom. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I put it back on, hell it hadn’t been worn for long anyway.

As I was preparing a drink from the bottles they had left behind I heard the doorbell ring. Since I wasn’t expecting anyone I checked the peephole to see who was there. Standing at my door were two ladies who did not look happy, Janet and Susan. Well too late to run and hide, I unlocked the door to let them in.

“We’ve come to see this wonderful tree.” Said Susan with a sarcastic smile. “We’ve heard how well you decorate and thought we might learn some pointers.”

“Yes. We seem to be doing ours wrong and our husbands tell us you do a great job of entertaining while you decorate.” Added Janet.

I wondered just how much the boys had told them. I wasn’t about to say anything until I knew just what was up. “Come in. Can I fix you a drink? I’m having brandy myself.” Maybe if they loosened up before they attacked me I’d know where I stood.

As they sat on the sofa, where all the action from the previous night had taken place, I went to fix them a drink. I listened to see if there were any comments about the sofa, but heard none. Well maybe they are suspicious and don’t know what went on after all.

I sat opposite of them in my recliner. ” It is nice to finally meet some of my neighbors. Jack and Mike were a great help last night. Now I get to meet you both, how was the shopping?” If they knew anything now would be the time for them to say.

“Thank you for asking, we had fun. Look there is no way of putting this türkçe bahis but to say it.’ Susan was leading the way, I hope I didn’t look as nervous as I felt. ” Just what went on over here last night?”

So they were just looking to feel me out, “Why what do you mean, Jack and Mike came by, we had a few drinks, I decorated my tree while they sat an watched.” Now I wondered what had happened when they got home to make them ask. ” What did the boys do when you got home that makes you ask?”

“When I got home I found Mike feeling his oats if you know what I mean and that’s not like him” Susan was saying. ” When I talked to Janet she said that Jack was the same way.”

” It has been a while since either of them has shown any interest.” Janet said. ” We’d like to know just what you did to peak their interest and if it went any further.”

Their drinks and mind were empty so I took the time to fill us up before I answered. While I set the drinks down I looked at them both and asked, ” Why has it been so long? Is there a problem? I mean you all look so young and vibrant?” I was trying to change the subject before I answered.

Before I sat back down I turned to the tree and leaned over to plug in the lights. I could have sworn I heard a collective sigh coming from the couch. When I turned around and sat down I noticed a wry smile cross between the two of them. I didn’t need to have an answer to my question I knew what the problem was.

They had seen the same view the guys had the night before, my ass and the outline of my pussy in my shorts. Perhaps it was time to make them feel a little uncomfortable.

“You know how men are, all sports and work. They never seem to have time for us anymore. It just seemed strange they would be that way last night after being over here.” Susan explained.

“I have to ask; what have you two done to alleviate the your urges while the men seem not to notice?” I asked. I knew the answer by the look in their eyes. I also knew that I had sparked their interest in me for more than the reason they had come for.

“We share a common interest in exersize and long walks” Janet explained. “We use the pool twice a week and the gym when we can.”

It was time to turn up the heat. I rose from my chair and undid my blouse. ” I work out as well, what do you think, do I need to lose some weight?” I said removing my blouse to give them a good view of my breast. The look on their face was priceless. They both stared and their mouth came open. “Let’s see what you look like under those clothes. I bet if you showed those boys a little more of you they would be more interested.”

Janet recovered first “You have a lovely body, I see why the men were excited. If they thought they could have you it must have been hard, I mean difficult to look and not touch.” She was almost licking her lips.

Susan chimed in ” I agree. You don’t need to lose weight.” As she rose from the sofa and began to remove here blouse as well, and then Janet followed. “You see my breast are big but they tend to droop a little.” As she held them in her hands.

“Mine are smaller but firm don’t you think?” asked Janet. She stood with her hands on hips jutting out her perky tits.

The game was on and I was not going to lose this one. I went to Susan and took her breast in my hands as if to weight them, then gave them a squeeze ” You have what men like, big tits to play with, and you Janet have what women like firm perky tits with nice nipples to suck on.” Then I leaned over and licked each of Susan’s nipples. With my teeth I nibbles each nipple as it grew firm. Her sigh of pleasure let me know it was all right.

Janet came to me and from behind pressed her self to my ass as she reached around to hold my tits in her hand. She kissed my shoulders and my back, her tongue tracing a line down my spine. The sensation was thrilling. Susan had arched her back and was holding my head to her breast. We were all having fun now.

“Shall we go to the bedroom where we can have room to play?” I suggested. With out a word we broke up and started up the hall, shedding the rest of our clothes along the way. These girls were as hungry for me and I was for them.

Once in the bedroom I showed them my drawer of toys. Their eyes lit up with joy as if it were Christmas morning. Susan took out a vibrator and Janet grabbed a big black dildo. I would get my favorite later.

On the bed now I wanted to taste them both but first I pushed Janet down and spread wide her soft thighs. I began kissing and licking both sides up to her shaved pussy. Then spreading her lips I probed her with my tongue. Her güvenilir bahis siteleri pink flesh so soft and tasty. I licked at her vigorously lapping and probing the sweet tasting pussy. My finger found her clit and pressed it and rolled over it, tantalizing her senses. As it swelled I licked at it and mumbled it with my lips. Gently biting her clit and then going back to licking and probing her soft insides. I kept my thumb on her clit as I licked her pussy her moans making me go deeper and harder at her.

Susan found my ass in the air and using the vibrator was probing me, which made me moan as well. She was licking on my ass, and biting as well. Then she moved the Vibrator to my wet pussy and slowly inserted it half way in, twisting and jerking it in and out. She was fucking me slowly and driving me mad. The feel of the humming on my clit and the feel of the hard shaft was like having two dicks penetrate me at the same time. I was enjoying every bit of it.

Janet began to buck and heave as I began to finger her pussy. I reached for the big black dildo and slowly drove it in her wet hot pussy. Twisting and turning as I slide it deep and drew it back in and out it went deep as I could. As she bucked I began to speed up faster and faster in and out Her moans and cries grew louder and as she raised up and stayed high I knew she had gone off with her first big orgasm. I withdrew the dildo and buried my face back in her pussy wanting to lick at her juices that now ran from her hot pussy.

Her excitement turned me on too, as now my own orgasm engulfed me as well. My ass bouncing told Susan as she knelt behind me licking at my pussy holding my lips spread apart. I was moaning into Janet’s pussy from the pleasure I was getting. My ass was swaying back and forth.

I came up for air and laid on Janet pressing my tits to hers, giving her a big tongue filled kiss. Susan curled behind me and kissed my neck and shoulders. We were all breathing rather hard and needed to relax. I broke free and went to fix us another drink.

When I returned, I found Janet and Susan embracing and kissing. “Hey break that up and let’s talk.” I said.

“I see you two are not strangers to each other. Maybe that is the problem at home?”

Reluctantly the girls sat up and took their drinks. ” We have been sharing each other when every the boys go out to watch their sports at the bar. They don’t have time for us when they come from work, and after the bar they are not in any kind of shape.” Janet said pouting.

“It’s time you made some changes at home if you really want to keep your men happy. They look like healthy males to me.” Not letting them know how well I knew that fact. ” You have to offer something that they will miss more than sports. And be willing to offer it when they want it. I know it sounds one sided, but believe me, it won’t be for long.”

Now finish your drinks, and lets have some more fun tonight, tomorrow will start on the men.

I went to the drawer full of toys and took out a big rubber cook strap on. The look of desire filled both their eyes. “Who shall be first? Susan I think it’s your turn.”

Susan lay back on the bed spreading her legs wide as I crawled between them. I spread her pink lips with one hand and guided the big cock in up to the head. I played with her clit as I rocked back and forth the head rubbing on her clit as well. She moaned and raised up wanting me to go deeper. I lifted her ass and drove the cock full length deep in her pussy as she cried out. I began a rhythm of fucking her long and slow.

Meanwhile Janet crawled up and straddled Susan’s face with her pussy. Susan was glad to accommodate and began to lick and nibble at Janet’s love nest. Together we fucked and sucked. I reached around Janet and pinched her nibbles as I drove the rubber cock in and out of Susan. I could hear the sound of out fucking as Susan had an orgasm and was now sloppy wet. But she wanted more and I gave her what she asked for.

I withdrew from Susan, the cock wet with her juices. Janet took hold and licked the sweet cum from it then turn up her ass. I had cum with Susan as I drove the cock hard at her now I was ready to go again. I position myself behind Janet and guided the cock to her raised pussy. It slid in with out effort, as she was wet and ready. Holding her hips I drove the cock deep pounding hard against her ass. Susan slid under her face and offered up her still hot wet pussy and Janet buried her face in. As I stoked deep and fast Janet’s moans grew louder and soon it was over she reached behind her to hold my ass as I pressed deep and hard she let loose her orgasm bucking back against me. Then she collapsed on Susan and I on to her, we were all spent.

It had been an interesting two nights; I could see lots of potential if I played my cards right. I’m glad I moved here, what a Christmas delight.

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