Truck Stop Experience


Truck Stop ExperienceI was driving and had to pee. I saw a rest area, I pulled off. The thought occurred to me that while I was there I could park in a dark corner of the lot, take out my penis, and masturbate to orgasm in the car. As I walked to the men’s room I decided that that was exactly what I was going to do. I was going to jack off. The idea of making myself cum in a public rest stop was kind of exciting.Then, as I was pissing, I saw this message scrawled on the wall of the urinal divider:My dick is hard.I want a jack-off buddy.You can rub your cock all over my body.Then we’ll get off together.Meet me here to jack-off with me.Then there was a time and date: 7-27, 11:00 pm. As I read it I realized that right at that moment it was 7-27, 10:50 pm. It suddenly dawned on me that this was my opportunity to actually do something I had only fantasized about before: have, in a way, sex with another man. I could be the “jack-off buddy”. As I thought of it my penis started getting hard. I wrote the make and color of my car under the message, then went back out to the parking lot. I got into my car, opened the window, and slid the seat all the way back.Then I unzipped my pants and took my very excited cock out. I had some hand lotion in the car that I had been lubricating my cock with when I was talking to my wife. I spread it on my hard prick and began to stroke and fondle myself while I waited. I didn’t have long to wait. A white utility van drove into the lot and parked. A slim, dark haired guy in his twenties, wearing a muscle shirt and shorts, got out and went into the restroom, then immediately came back out. He stood scanning the parking lot, then, when he saw my car, he walked right over to me.My heart was beating with excitement and anticipation as I watched him. I fondled my penis eagerly. The guy leaned over and looked in my window. I arched my hips up to show him my erect penis. I held it up and stroked the length of it for him, massaging and caressing bahis siteleri its swollen head. He stared at my cock, then straightened up and looked around. There was no one else in the parking lot.The guy unzipped his pants and took out his own erect cock. It was big and thick and delicious looking! The veins stood out on it and its red, bulbous head was shiny with erection. The guy pressed and pushed on that so tasty dick for a minute. Then he lubricated the head of it with spit and began to masturbate right in front of my face. It made me incredibly horny to watch him excite himself. I leaned over and rubbed my face against the head of his penis as he stroked it.I was so aroused! I was stroking myself hard. I could have made myself cum right there and then, but the guy asked, “You want to go to my van?”I certainly did want to go to his van! I stuffed my cock back in my pants, got out of my car, and followed the guy to his white utility van. He opened the back and climbed in. I climbed in right after him.The van was very bare, but very clean inside. The floor was covered with a mattress. Otherwise, it was empty. The dome light was on. I closed the door behind me. The guy already had his shirt off, and was squirming out of his shorts. As I stripped off my pants, the guy said: “This is strictly jacking off, you know. No sucking or fucking. I don’t want to catch a disease” That was fine with me. I didn’t want to catch a disease either.The guy had a big jar of Vaseline. He was lubricating his cock and testicles with it. He offered me the jar. I spread it all over my genitals, fondling the head of my dick as I smeared the lubricant on it. The guy laid down on his back and stroked his long, erect penis. I knelt down next to him, stroking the shaft of my cock, hungrily watching him stroke and fondle his throbbing dick. Then, just like in his message, I began to caress the head of my penis against his body.He moaned and stroked his cock harder. He was massaging his canlı bahis testicles as he masturbated. I rubbed my cock against his side, then kind of straddled him and stroked the head of my penis against his nipples. I moved my cock up his body and rubbed the head of it against his neck and face. He involuntarily opened his mouth to take my cock, but I didn’t put my dick in his mouth. I just rubbed the head of it against his lips. He stuck out his tongue, though, and I just couldn’t resist; I let him lick the sensitive, pulsing head of my dick.After licking my masturbating cock for a while, the guy rolled onto all fours, stuck his ass in the air, and pulled open his ass cheeks, opening his puckered little brown asshole.”Rub your cock on me,” he said, “Rub it on my asshole.”I didn’t need a second invitation. I put my penis against his ass and caressed his open anus with my dick-head, masturbating against him all the time. He moaned. I think I did too. Then he rolled back over on his back.I laid down on him and kissed him. It was really exciting to have my tongue in another man’s mouth! I worked my way down his body until my face was resting against his penis. I stroked the head of my cock rubbed against his calf, and kissed and licked the head of his penis as he massaged it. He was squirming with enjoyment.Then I had an idea. I got a handful of Vaseline, then spread the guy’s legs apart and kind of scrubbed his asshole with the lubricant. I wiped his anus carefully with the towel, then leaned over and licked his asshole, just the way my wife loves to lick mine! The guy squirmed with pleasure, and moaned louder. I licked him for a little while, massaging his twitching butt-hole with my tongue. It was really exciting, but I wanted more!So I greased up my hand again and pressed my finger against his anus. It slid right up inside his pulsing asshole!”Oh, God!” he moaned as he masturbated his cock as hard as he could, “Oh, God,yes!”I straightened up, and, as I güvenilir bahis stroked the head of my penis against his thigh, I finger fucked him as he jerked himself off. His cock looked so hard, so delicious! I wanted so much to touch his cock, to stroke his hot, pulsing dick.Then I thought, “Why not? It’s not like I’m putting my penis inside him. We won’t be fucking. We won’t exchange any fluids.” So I slid my hand right onto his penis and began masturbating him! He took the cue right away, grabbed my dick, and began to masturbate me right back! We hand fucked each other for a minute, then I knew what I really wanted to do. I lay down between his legs so my testicles were touching his, then took both of our cocks in both of my hands at the same time and began to masturbate my own hard penis against his dick!It felt so good! The head of his cock was so electrically sexual as it rubbed against mine! Our hands twined and slid against each other as both of us stroked and fondled and rubbed both of our cocks together! I could hardly tell if it was his hand masturbating our cocks or mine! But it didn’t matter, because after about a minute of this I couldn’t stand it anymore! I orgasmed! Pleasure shot right up my asshole and pulsed my testicles and my cock! The guy was fondling the head of my dick at the moment, and I squirted a fountain of sperm right into his hand! At almost the same second, he came too! I felt his cock and balls throb and spasm!Even though I was still orgasming, I suddenly wanted to feel his sperm! I grabbed the head of his cock! He was rubbing and pressing my cock wildly! I was cumming hard! His sperm spurted through my fingers and soaked my hand! It was so hot, so nasty, so delicious! Pulse after pulse of sperm flooded across my fingers!We lay there for a while, covered with cum, all tangled up in each other, our hands still on each others’ penises. Then, almost wordlessly, we got up, toweled off, and got dressed. We shook hands and hugged outside the van. Then I got in my car to drive home. As I drove and thought about the experience, after a while, my cock got hard again, and I pulled off to the side of the road, took out my dick, and masturbated myself to orgasm again.

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