Trying Out Jeff


Robyn sat quietly with her family near the front of the church. Two rows behind her sat her best friend, Amy, and her family. She turned around and smiled at Amy and then she saw Amy’s older brother of two years, Jeff. Jeff was tall, silent, and strong. He worked daily on his father’s farm, and he had built muscle from many years of labour. He had just turned twenty and was visiting his family after moving out a few weeks earlier. He caught Robyn’s eye and smiled. Robyn blushed; she had always had a crush on Jeff. She turned back and silently thought about what he looked like underneath those clothes. He was about 6 ft. and had short black hair. He had somewhat pale skin and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a blue sweater and cargos. He looked good.

Robyn smiled as she thought about something that had happened the summer earlier, when she was at Amy’s house. She had been staying for the night and had gotten up to go to the washroom. It was quite a shock for her to meet Jeff coming out of the washroom, naked. Robyn knew that he had been working late in the barn and had showered, but she thought he had pyjamas with him. He had quickly tried to cover himself but not before Robyn had gotten a good look at his nice cock. She had blushed and ran into the washroom. Little did she know that Jeff had gotten off when he went back to his room, jerking off to the thought of what was under her nightgown…

Robyn knew she had a nice figure. She had wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and had a chest size of 36B. Over the summer, she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, Steve, because he had wanted too much from her and she didn’t want to give him everything too quickly. She wasn’t a virgin, because her first boyfriend, Jason, had taken that from her, but she didn’t fuck Steve. It was as if she was saving herself again…

After the mass had ended, Robyn walked over to where Amy and her brother sat. Amy’s parents and other siblings were talking to various friends outside the church, and so it was only the three of them.

“Hey Amy! Wow! You look good! How was camp? Did you like being a counsellor?” Robyn enthusiastically asked her best friend, after giving her a hug.

“Yeah. I have a lot of things to tell you about,” Amy laughed, with a twinkle in her eye.

Robyn remembered some of the stories Amy had written about in her letters and couldn’t wait to hear güvenilir bahis all about them. She realized she was zoning out, and so focused back on what Amy was saying.

“So you want to come over then? Jeff said his apartment is big enough.”

“Sorry, I zoned out there for a sec. Where do you want me to go?”

“You spacehead, Robyn,” Amy laughed, “to Jeff’s apartment. I’m staying there for the week while my mom converts my old room into an office. I already packed all my stuff for University anyways. So you want to come?”

“Uh…Yeah, sure. Just let me ask my mom.”

“Ahem.” Someone coughed.

“Sorry Jeff. You can say hi to Robyn now. Rob, I’m going to go persuade your Dad to let you stay over at Jeff’s. I’ll let you to talk.” Amy said and then left.

“Hey Robyn. You look nice.”

She didn’t look nice, Jeff thought, she looked hot. Very hot. She was wearing a cute tank top and a short jean mini. He wondered what kind of panties she was wearing underneath…

“You too, Jeff. So long time, no see. How have you been?”

“Good. Just work and stuff. You know. Are you going to York with Amy?”


“Maybe you’ll be able to stay with me then also. Well, don’t tell Amy, but this weekend is actually a trial weekend. Mom wants me to see if maybe Amy can live with me while she goes to York.”

“Wait…Don’t you have an apartment?”

“Well, it’s more like a penthouse and I have three bedrooms. One could maybe be yours, if you want, or it could just stay a guest bedroom…”

“We’ll see.”

At that moment, Amy came running back towards them.

“Guess what Rob? Your dad said you could go.”

Robyn smiled.

“Great,” she said, feeling Jeff’s eyes on her.

“Let’s go back to your house and we can pack.”

After they had packed up all Robyn’s stuff, Amy and Robyn drove to Jeff’s home. He opened the door, ushering the girls inside.

“Wow!” Amy exclaimed. “You liar, Jeff! This is no apartment!”

Robyn couldn’t agree more, as she stared at the size and exquisite beauty of the penthouse.

“Let me take you two on a tour.”

He showed them the usual things downstairs; bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, and then he led the girls upstairs. They reached the first bedroom and Jeff opened the door.

“Ames, this’ll be your room. You like?”

It was decorated in a light türkçe bahis mauve colour and had a nice, flowery bedspread.

“Wow! Thanks Jeff. I’m going to unpack and then take a nap. You guys finish the tour and I’ll meet up with you later.”

Robyn and Jeff laughed. They knew Amy was a very heavy sleeper, and would probably pass out for a couple hours from the long drive. They continued the tour and passed a bathroom, a linen closet, and another bedroom. Jeff stopped and told Robyn she could stay there if she wanted, but he had something better for her. He led Robyn up another flight of stairs and he opened a door at the top. It opened up into the master bedroom, which had a small bathroom leading off of it.

“You could always sleep here, if you want.”

“Wait? Where are you going to sleep?”

“Well…I thought that maybe we’d share.”

He leant forward and kissed her. She stepped back, shocked.

“Jeff! Your sister…”

“She’ll be fine. C’mon, Robyn, you and I both know that we want each other so badly. Especially since that night. After I saw you in the hallway, I jacked off for an hour thinking of you.”

“Jeff, I…I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t.”

He kissed her again, this time, his lips parting. His tongue played against her closed lips, trying to get through, and she parted her mouth slightly. His tongue slithered in and started to dance with hers. One hand reached the small of her back, while the other slid up the back of her skirt, cupping her ass. He could feel the heat coming from her pussy, and slipping his finger underneath her thong, slid his finger along her slit.

She moaned into his mouth and said, “Onto the bed. Now.”

He didn’t hesitate, pulling her on with him. She slipped her tank above her head, revealing her luscious breasts. He bent his head forward and began to lick the left nipple. His tongue was replaced by his teeth, lightly biting. He then switched, and did the same thing to the right. He moved his head up and Robyn helped him out of his T-Shirt. His bare chest had a very nice pair of abs, and Robyn laid him onto his back. She kissed his mouth, working her tongue with his. She then began to kiss down his body, and slid her tongue into his belly button, undoing his pants, before working her way down to his thighs.

His thighs parted and she began working her tongue along güvenilir bahis siteleri the crevices, avoiding his 8-inch cock. He moved her head so it was right above it and then he gently pushed her mouth onto his hard cock. She licked the tip, swirling her tongue over his salty precum. She then licked the shaft from top to bottom, like a dripping ice cream cone. She took his ball sac into her mouth, tonguing the testicles. He moaned and gripped her hair tightly. She sucked the whole of the cock into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, sometimes using her hand to cup and squeeze his ball sac gently. After she had done this awhile, Jeff started to thrust into her mouth and then shot his hot, sticky, load down her throat. Robyn swallowed hungrily, like it was the best thing ever.

He pulled her up, kissing her and tasting his own cum in her mouth. He ran his hands along her back and pushed her gently onto the bed, with her body facing upwards like a feast. He licked his lips and began to kiss down her neck sucking gently, and then moved back towards her breasts. After devouring them, he played with her cute belly button for awhile, and then moved his head down to her nether regions. He licked along the slit, breathing in her musky scent and she raised her hips towards his face. He laughed into her pussy, his hot breath tickling her, and she laughed. The laugh was quickly replaced by a moan because he had begun to suck her clitoris like a mini-cock. He alternated by swirling his tongue around her clit and sucking it, and began to plunge two fingers into her hot depths. She moaned and pulled him up by his hair and growled, “Take me now!”

He positioned himself so his once again hard cock was just pushing the tip into her pussy. She moved her hips up and enveloped his cock completely and he began to slowly thrust into her. She moaned and bit his shoulder, drawing some blood. He smiled and began to thrust faster, moaning loudly. Robyn was worried that he’d wake up Amy, even if she was a heavy sleeper, so she placed her mouth over his. His tongue played tug of war with hers as his thrusts became harder and faster. Suddenly, he stopped and his whole body jerked, and he came, shooting his hot load into her. He rubbed his finger over her clitoris and that was enough for Robyn and she climaxed, milking his cock for all it was worth.

After she calmed down she smiled up at him and kissed him gently. He withdrew his now limp cock and lay down beside her, and slowly stroked her stomach.

“So you think you’ll stay?” he said. She laughed and kissed him, mounting him for another turn…

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