Ture story of what happened to a friend

Ture story of what happened to a friendI was in College in a small town in northern California when I started to go to the gym and workout with weights. I had been small in high school and was determined to put on some muscle so I didn’t have to spend my life being too self conscious to take my shirt off at the beach.I took weight training for physical education, some easy units and learned the basics. I quickly realized that I liked it and also that there was the added perk of having a reason to use the locker room to change and even shower sometimes depending on what my class schedule was if I didn’t have time to go home to get cleaned up after working out.I stayed in town for the summer when the vast majority of the student population left and the weight room had reduced hours and was locked up for the most part.I started going during the limited hours and there were only a few guys there and I just kept to myself and lifted in addition to swimming and riding my bike around and taking a few summer school classes.There was a big guy who was seriously muscled and probably in his mid thirties named Bruce.He had the keys to the weight room and sometimes I’d be waiting when he came and unlocked the gym. It turned out he worked in the admissions office, was married and a very nice guy. He even gave me a few tips and spots here and there and sometimes I’d see him changing in the locker room.The locker room was huge with long aisles of lockers and a long corridor of showers at one end. I’d usually use the same area near the showers and Bruce usually was at the other end of the aisle of lockers in the same row.It wasn’t uncommon for us to be the only guys in the locker room and even when there were other guys around they were usually spread out around the place so it never seemed crowded unlike during the school year when it was usually pretty busy.The showers were white tile and always very clean in rows of about five on each side facing each other along the end of the room with a long hallway connecting internet casino them all.I was starting to pack on some muscle and feeling a lot more comfortable in my own skin and realized that the scenery in the locker room was pretty fun, sometimes guys would even get semi hard, probably just from being young and full of testosterone but I liked the vibe and the way some guys joked around and seemed totally comfortable being naked which was sort of a revelation to me since I’d had a pretty conservative upbringing.I noticed Bruce in the locker room, he was at the other end of the row of lockers and he took his time changing out of his sweaty workout gear and sat on the bench naked with one leg on either side of the bench while he looked through his gym bag for something. He was a very big guy and had obviously been lifting for a long time in addition to being genetically big. He had massive slab pec’s and quad’s and a big uncut dick that was laid out on the bench in front of him as he looked in his bag. I had seen him walk to the showers before with his towel over his shoulder and his big dick swinging heavily and I was a little nervous about trying to not be too obvious about watching him. He seemed completely unselfconscious and I later realized that many big guys are used to having other guys watch them in general admiration and don’t mind it or even get off on it a bit.I would always wear my towel wrapped around my waist on the way to the shower though and as finished getting undressed Bruce looked up and smiled as he stood up. It seemed like his dick was bigger than usual and I could see the foreskin pulling back form the head as it arced out in front of him instead of hanging down.He casually put his gym bag in his locker and threw his towel over his shoulder as he turned and walked toward me and the empty showers. By the time I had my gear stowed he was a few feet form me and stopped to ask how my summer was going. I told him it was good and it was sort of nice for town to be so quiet güvenilir casino and he agreed that he liked it too compared to how busy everything was during the school year. As he stood in front of me he was looking me up and down and commented that I was starting to show good results form lifting. He casually reached down and adjusted his balls as he spoke and asked me how long I’d been lifting. I told him and he said he’d been training for a while and used to compete but now he just liked it mainly for relaxing form work and to stay in shape.I was trying hard not to look at his big dick but he put his leg out and flexed his quad and as he did he reached down to pull his balls forward and I instinctively looked down and as I raised my eyes he was looking right at me with sort of a smile. I had my towel on but my dick was getting hard despite myself and I nervously tried to adjust to the side by pulling my towel over it but he suddenly reached out and pulled it off me.He laughed and said it was cool, and my dick surged to it’s full length as his thickened and stood out between his huge thighs.I was scared to death that he was going to make fun of me but instead he said he was really horny and that his wife had been out of town visiting her family on the east coast for a couple weeks.His dick was fat and veined and the head was big and smooth and as it got hard the foreskin was pulling back to expose it as it stood out further in front of him. He reached out and took my cock in his hand and gave it a squeeze and it felt so good I thought I would shoot but I didn’t pull back even though I was shocked.He smiled and said I had a nice one and then he asked me if I’d ever played around with another guy before.I could feel myself turning red as I stammered and nervously replied that I never had but inside I knew I was dying to since I was just starting to accept that I was gay.He said it was no big deal, that he’d had buddies ever since he was a k** and that it was just natural for guys to play casino firmalari around sometimes, that it just felt good sometimes.As he spoke his dick was huge and standing straight up almost against his belly, the head fully exposed with the foreskin pulled back tightly around the head of his cock and his balls seemed to be pulled up tighter.He gently put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down so I was seated on the bench with his cock right in front of my face. I looked up at him, I couldn’t believe this was happening but he looked down and nodded as he stepped forward and his cock brushed my face. He put his hand on my head and pushed his cock against my lips and I could feel my dick straining up between my thighs and I felt the head of his dick on my lips. I instinctively opened my mouth and carefully put my tongue under the head of his dick and looked up at his face. He was looking down at me with a little smile and nodded yes again and I opened my mouth and took the head of his dick in my mouth.He held my head and I could hear him let out a breath as he slid his fat cock into my mouth and said “relax your throat and swallow.”I did as he told me and his dick pushed down my throat as I could feel my own dick start to throb. He pulled back out with just the head in my mouth and told me to take a deep breath. He held the base of his dick as he guided it back down my throat and I was mortified as my cock started to shoot cum all over my thighs as I sucked his dick.I could feel his dick getting bigger and starting to pulse in my mouth as he slid it in and out and he told me to swallow again as his load started to spurt out of the piss slit. I gagged and pulled back and a shot of cum splattered across my face as he grunted and shoved his spurting cock back down my throat.He bucked his hips and held my head in a vice grip with his big hands as he finished pumping his load.Finally his dick stopped throbbing and he pulled it back out and wiped the cum off my face with his hand before pushing his cum covered fingers into my mouth.His cock was still drooling cum as he caught his breath and said “you’re a natural at that.”I was red faced and sweating as he walked away to the shower as I tried to get my head around what had just happened.

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