Uncle John

Anal Fucking

Uncle John(This story contains scenes of v******e and has been written to satisfy a particular fetish of a particular individual. Some of what is depicted is not indicative of either mine or the protagonist’s fetishes, but merely to convey the depravity and “perviness” of Uncle John. Reader discretion is advised)I was bored. It was always the same with these kind of things. Family weddings were ok for an hour or so, catching up with relatives you hadn’t seen for years was nice but the novelty soon wore off. The mutual platitudes and politeness to people, who in reality, you barely know soon becomes tiring. As wedding receptions go though this one wasn’t so bad and at least there was a free bar. As an added bonus one of the young barmen was actually rather fit, a few more drinks and I figured I would flirt with him, see what comes up, so to speak.I leaned over the bar, standing on tip toes trying to catch the eye of the guy I had singled out as a bit of alright. I was well aware that my short black, flared skirt would be lifting up behind me and showing off the backs of my finely toned thighs, maybe a glimpse of my bum cheeks too. Normally I was quite reserved but alcohol always emboldened me, I became something of an exhibitionist, a real tease, and it turned me on immensely. Having had a few already I felt a slight thrill at showing off a little flesh.”Oh my haven’t you grown into quite the young Lady!” A voice exclaimed from somewhere behind me.I turned to face the source just in time to catch my Uncle john checking out my legs. I was wearing my favourite pair of very high wedge heels, black suede, I love how they make my legs look so long and my calves so shapely and they went so well with the deep black over knee stockings I was wearing, so sexy! He looked a little unsteady, not drunk but he’d clearly been enjoying the free bar to it’s fullestI had always felt a little uncomfortable around my Uncle. I hadn’t seen him for years but some of my earliest memories of him were of how he would always be pawing at me as a young girl. Picking me up and his hands ending up in places that I was sure, even at that age, they shouldn’t go. The way he would take any opportunity for “a cuddle with your ol’ Uncle”, tickling me, always feeling the hardness in his trousers pressed against my bottom as I squirmed on his lap. Of course at the time I had no idea what that meant, but now I did. I shuddered a little at the memory.”You cold Samantha?” Uncle John asked, noticing me shiver.”No.. No.. Not at all, just someone walking over my grave.” I stammered, giggling nervously. Man! He still gave me the creeps.”Nice outfit! Really suits you..”I thought so too. In addition to my short skirt, “fuck me” heels and stockings I was wearing a tight red top that was simple but sexy. It clung to me in a way that made me feel good. It was one of my favourite outfits, guaranteed to get a few stares which in turn was guaranteed to get me a little wet. I love the thought of men perving over me, whether I fancied them or not. I like the idea of them going home and wanking while they think of me, or even better, while they are fucking their partner.”Thanks.” I couldn’t stop myself from looking down at Uncle John’s crotch as another memory came to me unbidden. An occasion in my early teens, I’d walked in on him showering when he’d stayed once at my parents home. At the time he apologised for “forgetting” to lock the door although he made no attempt to cover himself or pull the shower curtain over when I came in. Who showers with the curtain open? I always suspected he had wanted me to walk in. Probably didn’t help that I could not help staring at his manhood. It looked so big hanging against his leg all wet and slippery with soap, almost a third of way to his knee, and so fat. Even back then I was pretty sure this was a lot bigger than normal. I remembered the sensation and warmth I felt between my legs as I stared open mouthed, how wet I was when I tore myself away and went back to my bedroom. That was the first time I’d used my hairbrush to fuck myself. Before that I’d only rubbed myself and never gone inside, but that day I had made myself come pretending I had Uncle Johns big fat cock inside me, filling me with his meat, then filling me with his hot spunk. I never forgot how hard that made me climax. I had to change the sheets after and wash them while Mum was at work, I’d made such a mess. That was my first multiple orgasm and as much as the thought revulsed me, probably where I developed my fascination with huge cock.I could feel myself getting wet just thinking back to that. A little heat spreading between my legs, a subtle twinge here and there. Uncle John was wearing some rather skinny jeans for a man of his age. I could clearly see the length and girth of his cock squeezed between the tight denim and his thigh. I could almost reach out and stroke it, feel it and squeeze it through the rough material…”Want something?” Uncle John asked.”er.. sorry.. what?” I spluttered, snapping out of my reverie and quickly averting my gaze.”A drink?” Uncle John offered.”Oh.. right.. yeah, of course.. Vodka and coke.” I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks now as well as between my legs. How was it I could be so repulsed by this man but at the same time so turned on. Sometimes I hated my body, it could be so traitorous.I turned back to face the bar as Uncle John got the attention of the gorgeous barman. I eyed him surreptitiously as he prepared and placed our drinks on the bar. He smiled warmly at me and I couldn’t help wondering how his cock compared to my Uncle’s and whether he was a heavy cummer. I love to watch a guy cum. Love to see lashings of hot sticky spunk, squirt after squirt, thick and messy, especially when it was sprayed over my body. No one who knew me would ever suspect I was not only a size queen but a total cum slut too. But I love my secret side, I love how horny I get thinking about it. Like now. I needed to pee and a quick freshen up would be a good idea too, my pits were getting a bit sweaty in the hot and crowded bar. A great opportunity to shake off Uncle John at the same time.”Well it’s been really nice seeing you again Uncle John,” I said, reaching for my hand bag, “But I really need the little girls room..””Good luck with that.” Uncle John chuckled, tipping his head toward a long line of women standing by the door to the corridor that lead to the toilet.I was dismayed, but I didn’t need to go so badly that I’d wait in line. I’d just have to put up with Uncle John a little longer and find another excuse to get away.”Shit.” I said. “I guess I can wait.””Well, I have a room here for the night. You could always come up and use my loo..” Uncle John offered.”er.. No.. I’m ok.. But thanks anyway.” No way was I going with him to his room.”Well, lets have another drink..”Before I could reply Uncle John had turned and was ordering from one of the bar staff. Handing me my drink Uncle john reached around me, placing his hand on the small of my back, a little low for my liking, finger tips resting on the rise of my buttock. I supressed another shudder.”Let’s get a table.” He suggested, steering me away from the bar.Uncle John stood while I seated myself. So “gentlemanly” I thought, sure the old perv was just angling to get a look down my top.”So you didn’t bring your boyfriend?” Uncle John enquired.”Nope.. I’m single.” I replied brusquely, not really wanting to discuss my relationship status, or anything else for that matter. “Where’s your better half?” “She didn’t come.. Having one of her migraines.” Annoyingly he made the sign for quote marks with his hands when he said migraines. Living with this filthy prick would be enough to give anyone a permanent headache I thought to myself. “Must get awfully lonely, young girl like you with no boyfriend?””Nah. I like it this way.””Good girl.. Playing the field, eh?” He said, giving me a wink.Ignoring his last comment I looked again at the queue for the toilet, if anything it was longer. I was starting to need a pee real bad by now. “Man! Is that queue getting bigger?” I thought aloud.”I told you Samantha, use the loo in my room.” Uncle John rummaged in his back pocket producing a plastic key card that he placed on the table. “Second floor, turn left out the lift and it’s about halfway along.””Oh.. Ok.. Yeah, I’ll do that. Thanks.” I grabbed the card and made to go, picking up my bag and feeling a little silly for thinking earlier he had wanted to take me up there personally . I can be such a dork sometimes.”I’ll get some more drinks while you’re gone.” He said karşıyaka escort as I rose and started to walkaway. “Yeah.. no problem. Back in a mo’.” I said looking over my shoulder and smiling as I walked away. I had no intention of coming back to him, I’d give the key to reception or ask someone else to get it to him. I made a show of dropping the key card, bending down just enough to give a glimpse of my arse and thong as I picked it up, knowing he’d be checking me out. Fucking perv. Made me feel good though.In the lift I began thinking of the fit barman again, imagining him with a cock like Uncle John’s. I imagined him holding it, hard in his hand. I closed my eyes and felt a semblance of heat returning between my thighs. Mmmm.. I could picture it. Him stroking that thick todger, with me lying naked on my back. Wanking himself for me till he came. Thick hot spunk spurting onto my stomach, my tits splashed with his gloopy mess.I realised the lift had stopped and I opened my eyes to see an elderly couple stood gawping at me through the open doors. “Oh.. Sorry.” I mumbled as I pushed past them, turned left and headed for the room. Once inside I let the door close, dropped my bag on the floor and hurried into the bathroom. I didn’t bother to lock the door, suddenly I needed to pee so bad, funny how the nearer you get to the toilet the more desperate you get sometimes. Anyhow I was alone in the room and had the key card, so no bother. With my black lace thong around my ankles, my arse hit the seat and I unleashed a stream of piss so hard and long I thought I’d break the porcelain. It felt so satisfying. I heard a door open and shut quietly and my heart skipped a beat, but no it couldn’t be, the key card was still in my hand, it must have been one of the rooms either side. Still, it set me on edge a little, I sat for a few minutes just listening but heard nothing more, just the sound of people moving along the corridor occasionally. I tore off a few sheets of toilet paper and was just about to wipe when the door opened.”What the fuck! Get out.. GET OUT!.. What the fuck do you think you are doing?” I yelled at Uncle John as I quickly pulled up my knickers without wiping.”Woah calm down Sammy.” Uncle John said, grinning from ear to ear,”Just checking you’re Ok.””Not while I’m on the loo you’re not you disgusting perv.” I slung back at him, too furious to consider the situation I was in. “How’d you get in anyway? I’ve got the key.””Hey, we’re family babe, it’s not as if I haven’t seen you naked before.” He said taking a step closer. “And you forget, the missus was supposed to be coming, the hotel give me two keys.”I made to leave but Uncle John blocked the doorway. “What’s the rush? Stay a while and lets catch up on old times..” He said.”No thanks.. I remember the old times, how you used to paw over me when I was just a c***d, you give me the creeps!”That hit a nerve. He took hold of both my wrists forcing me back against the sink, pressing himself against me. The paunch of his middle aged spread, no doubt hairy and sweaty under his shirt, pinned me back. His thigh pushed between my legs, I could feel the fatness of his cock through our clothes, wedged against my pussy. I struggled to get free but I was way too weak.”You fucking loved it Sam.” He leered back, “What were you eight? nine? Even then you were a fucking prick tease. You used to love climbing up on my lap, wriggling and rubbing yourself on my cock.””What the fuck are you talking about? You are so twisted! I was a k**.. You disgusted me!””Yeah like that time you “accidentally” walked in on me in the shower, I saw how you looked at me, looked at my cock.. You wanted it Sammy, no doubt about it. Well here’s your chance, we’re both adults now..””Let me go!” I bawled, “You can’t do this!”He slapped me across the face, hard. It stunned me into silence and fear quickly replaced the anger I had felt. I began to whimper. “No.. no.. no.. Please, just let me go.”He forced both my arms behind my back, neatly capturing both my wrists in the strong grip of one of his large hands. The other he placed on my thigh, just above my stocking tops, and began to to drag it up my leg, slowly lifting my skirt.”Please no..” I begged.”You want it Sammy.. I know you do.. I saw you checking out my cock at the bar.. You’ve always wanted it.. Keep being coy though, it’s turning me on.” He leered, leaning toward me, his mouth closing in on mine. His breath stank of vodka and stale cigarettes, I almost gagged. He pressed his mouth against mine, I clamped my lips shut tight as he tried to kiss me, his tongue trying to force it’s way into my mouth. I shook my head form side to side as he slobbered all over me. It was repulsive, my stomach churned with disgust and fear. I screamed. Loud and shrill, I screamed as though my life depended on it.Quick as a flash his hand shot from my leg and grabbed my throat. His fingers curled around my tiny neck and squeezed hard, cutting off my scream. I tried to break free but I couldn’t. Arms held behind my back and pinned by his bulk against the sink all I could do was wriggle against his body. I think that just aroused him more. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t make a sound. My heart was pounding. I felt the palpitations in my chest, a throbbing in my neck. My face began to feel hot. Pressure was building gradually in my head. My mind was racing, panic and fear consumed my thoughts. I was helpless. Unable to move, to fight back. I couldn’t even talk back. My face was getting hotter, I felt like my whole head was swelling. My lungs burned, starving of oxygen. My chest heaved, gasping for air but none would come. I couldn’t swallow and spit began to drool from the side of my mouth. Uncle John’s grip tightened even more on my throat, he lifted me up higher and pushed back, making me rise up on my toes, tilting me back awkardly over the sink till the back of my head rested against the cool hard surface of the mirror. The pressure in my head was unbearable, my lungs burned so bad and my vision was beginning to blur. Uncle John’s face filled my field of view, smiling, leering. His face began to lean in toward me again as he let go of my hands. My arms dropped behind me, leaden. I couldn’t lift them no matter how hard I tried. I desperately wanted to fight back but deprived of oxygen my muscles just would not co-operate. Now with his free hand he lifted my skirt once more. I could feel his fingers roughly groping me through my knickers. Fat calloused fingers pulling them to one side and pawing me. I was going to die. Here in a hotel bathroom, with this disgusting, lecherous, i****tuous, paedo pervert mauling me.I did the only thing I could, it took all the strength and will I had left to muster but it was all I had left. I spat in his face.Suddenly my head lurched forward, at the same time Uncle John’s head was coming toward mine. It all happened so fast but the adrenaline coursing through me made it feel like slow motion, every detail was crystal clear. Pain seared through my forehead as he headbutted me. I literally saw red as my already blurred vision took on a scarlet tint. Then just as suddenly my head was whipping back, another searing pain, this time the back of my head, and I felt the mirror crack and give almost imperceptibly as Uncle John smashed it with the back of my skull. Then everything went black. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………For a moment Uncle John just stood and looked. A little in shock and not sure what he was seeing. Sam was sat on the floor, legs folded beneath her at unusual angles. Her skirt had ridden up over her hips, exposing her lace thong, pulled to one side uncovering her shaved snatch. Her arms hung limply, hands trailing on the floor. Her body, slumped to one side, resting against the vanity unit, her head lolled lifelessly on her shoulder. A long string of spit drooled from the corner of her open mouth. She looked like she was sleeping. So pretty and so peaceful.He looked again between her legs his hand stroking his cock through his jeans. He reached down and pulled her panties back in place, the back of a finger brushing her pussy. It felt so warm and a little wet. His cock twitched as he tasted his finger, just a tiny speck of grool and a drop of piss, but it tasted good. He stood for a moment thinking what to do. This was really bad, worse even than that time with his ex-wife. He’d been lucky to get away with just a divorce that time. The police escort karşıyaka got involved but she refused to press charges. But now he’d gone too far. He placed two fingers on the side of her delicate throat. Bruising was already starting to appear, just a faint discolouring but already noticeable. He felt a faint pulse, very faint, and he could see now that she was breathing. Very shallow, her chest was barely moving. Ok, Ok, could’ve been a lot worse. He put a hand behind her head, no blood. That’s good. Maybe this can all be explained as an accident. Maybe she won’t remember anything at all. This could work out alright, he’d have to pay the hotel for the mirror, but if Sam just woke up with no idea what happened… Maybe he could just wait till later when no one was around, dump her somewhere in the hotel so that when she woke up she thought she’d just passed out from drink and banged her head… That might work..He continued watching her chest rise and fall, noting how her small boobs looked so pert and perky. Wouldn’t hurt to have a feel he thought. At first he just placed his hands on them over her top, squeezing them gently. Proper little handfulls, quite firm. Then he reached a hand down inside her top, sliding it inside her bra and squeezing the firm naked flesh it held. His finger tips dug into the soft underside as he massaged her boob, her nipple pressed against his palm and he could feel something cold and metallic there too. Pierced nipples, how lovely. Her lip piercing and ear stretchers did nothing for him. But nipple piercings, that was hot. Slutty. Her nipple was getting hard against his palm as he squeezed her boob, his cock was so hard it was begiining to feel uncomfortable in the tightness of his jeans. He was horny as hell. Having Sam here, helpless, he could do whatever he wished. All the things he’d imagined doing watching her grow up. He’d always had a thing for her. She’d always been adorably pretty with her big, round dark eyes and her plump, cherry red lips. Now she had grown into a beautiful woman, but still so tiny and slight.He removed his hand from her bra, time to make Samantha more comfortable. He took hold of her hands and pulled her toward him. Her body folded over her splayed legs and he continued to pull, dragging her face down through the bathroom doorway and to the bed, legs trailing lifelessly behind her, head down with her shiny shoulder length jet black hair hanging and obscuring her pretty face. Uncle John manhandled her onto the bed. Dragging her had pulled her stockings down, her knees and upper thighs were red where they’d rubbed on the carpet and she’d lost a shoe on the way. He removed the other shoe, taking a moment to place it over his face and inhaling the faintly cheesy aroma. The shoe’s upper was of a soft suede, it felt nice in his hand, hard but velvety. Dropping the shoe he set about making Sam comfy. He laid her on her side with her knees up and her hands before her like she was praying. Smoothing her skirt and pulling her stockings up he made sure she was all neat and tidy before removing his jeans and climbing up on the bed. He snuggled up behind her, his massive erection pressed against her skirt as he spooned her. Stroking her hair and tenderly kissing the back of her head as he breathed in the scent of her hair. It smelled so clean and fresh with a hint of citrus, he liked the way she smelled, it made him harder.He knew this was how Sam slept. He remembered staying once overnight at her house when she was ten or eleven. He’d got up in the middle of the night to use the loo and as he passed her bedroom he saw her door was open a crack. Carefully he had stuck his head around the door to see her curled up under the covers fast asleep. He’d gone in then and stood by her bed for a moment, watching and listening to her breathing. He’d got hard and put his hand in his boxers, squeezing his cock. He’d reached out and took the corner of her duvet, then very carefully pulled it back to reveal her sleeping form. Her cotton night dress had ridden up a little and he could see all of her thigh and the curve of her tiny bottom. Her skin was so pale and flawless. He had began tugging harder imagining touching her soft fresh skin. Duvet fully pulled back, he had reached out again and took hold of the hem of her nightdress, delicately lifting it and slowly drawing it up to reveal more of her tiny body. She stirred then, and Uncle John had frozen, cock in one hand, the hem of her nightdress in the other. She rolled onto her back, legs parting slightly but she didn’t wake. He’d waited a few moments, terrified she would open her eyes and scream, but she didn’t and he continued to lift her nighty, desperate to see what it concealed. Sam wasn’t wearing panties and his cock throbbed so hard when he finally got to see her tiny bald slit. So tiny, so perfect. He wanted desperately to bend down and kiss her there. A creak on the landing had him hurrying out the room though and he’d rushed to the bathroom and wanked till he came, wishing he could shoot his load over Sam’s sleeping body, spraying her flat belly and smooth young pussy with his hot cum.The memory passed and Uncle John realised he was wanking furiously, close to coming while he spooned Sam. No, no. Not like this. He had her all to himself he didn’t want to come wanking. He stopped himself, squeezing hard on his cock, breathing heavily and letting the sensation fade. He placed his hand on her leg, just above the knee, and began to caress the side of her thigh as he pressed his erction against her bum. Working slowly up, stroking and squeezing, he moved his hand under her skirt till he reached her hip. Then his chubby, hairy fingers travelled down into the crease of her thigh following the edge of her tiny knickers. He worked to fingers inside and began to rub the mound of soft flesh he found there, his hips rocking as he dry humped her from behind. He pushed deeper, forcing two fat fingers into the tight gap between her thighs, pressingand rubbing hard on her lips. They were still a little wet, a mix of her arousal and a little piss from before and as he rubbed they parted around his fingers allowing him to press against the warm wet hole they concealed. He worked the tip of one finger inside. Unconcious and not fully aroused Sam’s body was reluctant to receive this violation but through concerted pressure he was able to force his finger all the way inside. He began to work his finger back and forth, at first it felt dry and chafing but soon her body relented and she became velvety smooth and slick inside.Soon grool was dribbling into his palm, Sam’s thighs were slick with it and his hand was gliding between them with ease. He slid in another finger and pumped her harder and faster, then a third stretching her tiny snatch while he rubbed himself against her arse. He slid his hand from between her legs as he rolled to the side then tugged on her shoulder, rolling her on her back. She lay there, arms limp by her sides, legs still bent and laying on their side. He pulled at one knee so that she lay with her legs open, knees bent with her stockinged feet resting sole to sole just inches from her beautifully firm and round bum. Her skirt was up over her waist and her thighs were shiny and wet with her juice, the gusset of her lace panties twisted and sticky in her thigh crease exposing her shaved snatch, her hole gaping.Drool covered her cheek, plastering her hair to the side of her face. He reached out and placed the palm of his hand there, smoothing the hair away with fingers sticky with grool, adding to the mess and matting her hair further. Hurriedly he removed his shirt, then his boxers and socks. His mammoth cock stood proud, fully erect. The massive purple head dripped pre-cum as he climbed on the bed. He took hold of her ankles, pushing them out and back, legs parted and knees up looking like she was ready for a gynaecology examination. Lowering himself between her legs he placed his cock against her hole, pressing firmly against it he felt a little resistance. Slowly he pushed feeling the wet lips separate and part around his shiny bell end. Stretching around him then closing around the meaty shaft as it entered her fully. His cock twitched as she enveloped his head, and slowly he began to fuck her, just the head, pulling back and forth and stretching her tiny wet hole. Pushing deeper he moaned with pleasure as her silky softness caressed and squeezed his cock. Then deeper still and faster as the sensual feeling intoxicated him, till his saggy hairy karşıyaka escort bayan balls were slapping against her arse.Laying between her legs, raised up on his hands and sweating profusely he continued to pump her lifeless body. Mesmerised by the way her tits bounced and swayed beneath her top he reached out, tugging each strap in turn down to an elbow uncovering her black, fine lace bra. Plump and pink her pierced nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her unpadded bra, he reached out again, this time tugging at the clear plastic straps that held it up, the cups unfurling as he pulled them down her arms. Freed of their restraints her small but perfectly round and pert tits bounced and quivered more freely. He took one of the small bars that punctured each nipple between finger and thumb and pulled on it. He marvelled at the elasticity of the sensitive flesh and began twisting it as he pulled, watching how the hole made by the piercing elongated and contorted as he did so. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he continued to fuck, pooling in the hollow at the base of her throat. His round belly, hairy and clammy, rubbed against her sexy top making it damp from his sweat. Once more he felt the onset of climax and once more he forced himself to hold back. Panting he collapsed on Sams body letting her bear his weight. He lay for a while still inside her, catching his breath with his face nestled against her neck, he could feel Sams juice cooling on his balls as they hung between her legs. Slowly he got his breath back and he lifted himself off her, his now limp cock slipping out of her with a squelch as more of her thick clear grool dribbled out and over her arse hole, making a damp dark patch on the bedspread. He crawled backwards, climbing off the bed then stood, his limp and clammy dick swaying between his slightly flabby legs. His thick mane of wiry pubic hair was matted with sweat and Sam’s sticky juice. He took one of her nylon clad feet in both hands. Lifting it to his face he sniffed at it while massaging it with his thumbs, again the aroma of her faint foot odour caused a stirring in his loins. He continued to sniff her foot as he ran a hand along the back of her calf enjoying the feel of the satin like smoothness beneath his rough fingers. Reaching the back of the knee he reached a finger beneath her stocking top and pulled it down. Then the other leg, sniffing and stroking her foot, then her calf and removing her stocking, all the while his cock was hardening once more. Stockings removed he took one bare ankle in each hand and pulled her toward him till her bum hung over the end of the bed. Next he pushed back again, folding her legs at the knee so that he stood with his knees almost touching her arse and her feet before his face. Again he started sniffing her feet, the delicate but slightly pungent aroma slightly more pronounced now that her stockings were removed. Again his cock twitched, testament to it’s growing hardness. He poked out his tongue and licked from her heel all the way up the sole to the base of her toes, slowly, savouring the salty taste. Then the same with the other foot. Then again and again, over and over he licked her soles in turn growing ever more aroused with each lick. He coated her soles with spit then moved to her toes, poking his tongue between each, wriggling it around in the gaps and sucking her tiny digits, so salty and a little gritty on his tongue. He worked his way along the toes of one foot and then the next, then back and forth, licking and slobbering more hungrily as he became more and more aroused.Fully hard once more and her soles soaked with his slobber he lowered them, wrapping them around his still slippery cock. Rocking back and forth sliding the whole length between her tiny arches he stared at her sloppy cunt, plump puffy flaps quivered around her gaping wet hole as he fucked her feet. He admired her pretty boobs hanging over her bra, jiggling beautifully as he slid between her feet. And then her face. So pretty. Plump rosy red lips and huge dark eyes. Mascara and eye shadow smudged and one side of her face smeared with her own spit, her beautiful raven black hair matted on one side, slimy and wet. He was aware she could wake at anytime and he wanted to come on her naked body just like he imagined all those years ago, so he let go her feet and moved to undress her.He reached underneath her, fumbling the zip on her skirt, then tugged it down and dropped it on the floor. Next her delicate knickers, knotted and damp, he lifted them to his face and inhaled her musky scent through his nose. Next he turned her body through 180 degrees on the bed and arranged her so that her head hung off the end, her limp arms spread wide from her body,legs together. Hurriedly he pulled at her top, stripping it and uncovering her taught stomach marvelling at the paleness and her flawless complexion. Lastly he groped beneath her unhooking her bra, then pulling the flimsy lace garment over her arms. Finally she lay naked before him, Her tiny body so perfectly formed and toned, head hanging over the edge of the bed with her lips slightly parted. He squatted over her face, holding his erection, angling it down and pressing it against her mouth.He bore down pushing himself inside her mouth. Her teeth sc****d against his fat head a little but then he was pushing on her tongue, cock sliding in and opening her mouth. He pulled back and pushed again, enjoying the feeling of her wet warm tongue sliding against his helmet. Then further inside till he could feel his bell end pressing against the top of her throat, still only half way in. He pushed harder against the resistance feeling his head squeezing into the narrow channel. Then back and in again, pressing harder each time until he could slide the whole of his fat throbbing head inside the tightness of her throat. She gagged a few times, each time she did he pulled back, and thick spit filled her mouth, warm and wet around his shaft until it began to ooze out over her cheeks and eyes, thick and gloopy strings running over her forehead and soaking her hair. He began to fuck her more forcefully now, pushing deeper with each stroke, watching her throat swell each time he pushed inside. Harder and faster he began to fuck her throat, pulling forth ever increasing globs of thick clear mucus that trailed over her face and hair. Deeper he pushed until his balls were slapping her nose and her throat was contorting like something out of a bizarre horror movie. She gagged almost continuosly on his thick meat, the contractions of her throat spurring him to skull fuck her more ferociously. The sound of her gagging and gurgling, his cock squelching in and out of her tiny throat spurred him even further and soon he was close to shooting his load. Sweating profusely, legs trembling he felt his cock begin to pulse and twitch inside her. Leaning forward he placed his hands on her tits and squeezed and mashed them with his fingers as he drove his cock harder and harder, ramming it, forcing it down her throat. Grunting he came. Two enormous twitches and he shot deep inside her throat, then quickly standing and grasping his cock he sprayed four or five strong spurts of thick milky cum over her naked torso. Sweating and panting he stood over her, cock rapidly deflating, dripping cum and spit onto her already ruined face. He wrapped a thumb and forefinger around his shaft, encircling it, and drew it down his length squeezing the sticky mixture from his now flaccid prick. With a flick of his wrist he splattered her naked breasts.Stepping back, breathing hard and weak in the legs, he admired his work. Sam lay on the bed naked, legs together and arms spread wide, her head hangin down. It looked like an inverted crucifixion. Masses of thick, sticky cum plastered her belly and chest. Several gloopy pools formed a long stream of it from the top of her snatch, over her stomach and up between her tits to the base of her throat. He didn’t think he’d ever come so hard or so much. “It had certainly been worth the wait Sammy.” he thought out loud. Her tits were soaked with a viscous mix of spit and cum but her face was the real masterpiece. Almost entirely glazed in thick stringy drool that bubbled slightly around her nostrils as she breathed and continued to ooze from her now wide open mouth. Her entire face was glazed and he could see her eyes wide open beneath the sticky film. Thick black mascara clumped in her lashes and ran down in long black streaks over her temples and into her hair. Her beautiful dark locks hung down almost touching the floor, stiff with spit that hung in long strings and pooled on the carpet.Still she looked so pretty.. But now he had a problem and he should really think about how he would address it.. But it could wait a little longer, he needed to shower and have a smoke first..

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