Uncommon Family Ch. 03


This story is intended for mature audiences. Every character is over the age of 18. This story is not to be taken serious as it’s fun and sex heavy driven. Please enjoy and thanks for your support.


“How the hell could this have happen?” exclaimed Ariel pacing back and forth in front of her computer. “How can someone do this without my consent?

Ariel’s best friend Casey was sitting on her bed watching the buxom teen burn a hole in her carpet with her pacing.

“It’s not that big of a deal, Ariel. I think it’s kind of cool,” Casey replied to her nerve-racking best friend.

“That’s easy for you to say, Casey. It’s not your boobs posted up all over the freaking Internet!” Ariel upsettingly proclaimed.

Upon coming home from dinner with her family, Ariel received an email from an anonymous person with a link to a blog solely dedicated to her colossal H cup knockers. Every photograph of her gigantic adolescent breasts was fully clothed and shot from different angles. The pictures ranged from her being at school to the grocery store to the mall and most recently the gym. The gym photos were the provocative ones taken of Ariel’s extremely large chest in a tank top along with a 10 minute video of her jogging on the treadmill and pedaling on the bicycle machine.

“Stuff like this has been happening for years on other blogs and websites. It’s called voyeurism,” stated Casey.

“I know what voyeurism is but to me?” Ariel questioned.

“It was bound to happen sooner or later Ariel. I mean, your boobs are freaking massive and guys and I’m sure a few girls love admiring them and wish they could see what they look like without the shirts and bras… I bet they would love to get their hands on them and do a bunch of naughty and nasty things to them like bounce them up and down and slap them around and hold one of those bad boys up and suck on your areola and nipple trying to force milk to out of your huge soft bosom,” Casey passionately described in detail.

Ariel had unexpectedly been turned on by Casey’s filthy mouth as she stood in front of her full length mirror wearing black sweat pants, fuzzy yellow socks and a baggy tie-dye tee-shirt with no heavy wired, thick strap support bra to contain her humongous pendulous jugs. It was impossible to not notice them as they obtruded out from mid chest in the form of titanic globular spheres. They were firm but the inevitable strain of gravity pulled them towards her navel. Even Ariel’s custom made H cup bras did little to lift them. In fact, her overgrown flesh melons were beginning to spill over her H cup brassieres so she recently put in for a custom made order for a 30J.

“You are truly depriving the world of these gorgeous huge fat boobs, Ariel,” Casey softly whispered in her friend’s ear as she crept up behind Ariel unexpectedly and slipped one hand into Ariel’s sweat pants and panties and the other firmly grasp onto one of Ariel’s mammoth teen jugs. Obviously her hand was outmatch and Casey squeezed what her hand held on to.

“I know I’m the first person other than yourself to touch you in such a dirty way,” Casey teased Ariel. “I describing what guys and girls would do to these enormous breasts of yours got you a little wet down there.” Casey’s fingers probed Ariel’s wet pussy sending an overwhelming sensation through Ariel’s body. “Does that feel good? So very tight. I don’t understand why you haven’t had a dick break you loose yet.”

Casey was right. Ariel was a virgin but she frequently masturbated with the lewd fantasy of sex with a guy she has a crush on at school. Casey was the only person to have her hands invading her private intimate parts. She nibbled on Ariel’s neck as she withdrew her wet sticky hand from inside Ariel’s panties and it joined her other hand in molesting Ariel’s colossal mountains. Casey lifted up Ariel’s baggy tee-shirt to expose her gigantic teen breasts for the two of them to look at in the mirror.

“Holy fucking Christ!” a flabbergasted Casey blurred out, as this was the first time she had seen her friend’s enormous naked globes in all their remarkable, flesh hanging glory. Colossal and sphere-shaped, bahis firmaları her milky-white teardrops hung heavy, dominating her upper torso and bulging wider than her ribcage. Ariel’s small nipples throbbed in her center of her crimson areolas from the exposed cumbersome mass.

“Ohhhhh Casey. Ohhhh. We must… stop… please stop. Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” Ariel involuntarily moaned.

“Not until you cum, so you take over fingering your super tight vagina and I’ll attend to these babies,” instructed Casey, making mention of Ariel’s mammoth teen tits.

As Casey spread her clammy groping fingers all over the massively wide set of bulbous knockers, Ariel slipped both of her hands into her sweats and panties and continued to probe her hot wet cunt. She never watched herself masturbate let alone having someone standing behind her fondling her breasts. Casey’s hands were extremely small compare to the incredible mass of firm flesh she was molesting but that didn’t stop her from wobbling and swaying the titanic heavy bells in an exotic lewd behavior for both of their viewing pleasure in the mirror. Ariel’s pussy became wetter as she felt her best friend’s fingertips making circles around her areolas and nipples. Like the majority of women, her areolas and nipples were her most sensitive parts and the more Casey toyed with them, the further over the edge it drove her.

“You’re so close to cumming. I can feel your body trembling against mines. You want to cum so badly, don’t you? Well cum Ariel. Cum for me. Cum all over your hands because of those nasty dirty things you’re doing to your own pussy,” she spoke dirty in Ariel’s ear. “And these breasts, my god, the lucky bastard that’s going to defile these massive milk jugs with his hands, lips, and cock. I can’t wait until you describe to me your first titty fuck and the hot sticky cum that’s going to flood in between these juicy giant fucking milk jugs. Hmmmm, these enormous meaty fuck udders and their tiny hard nipples could break any man’s cock into surrendering a monster load of hot, gooey cum all over them.”

Casey pinched, pulled, and twisted Ariel’s throbbing responsive teats that propelled her into an immense climax of sexual enlightenment.

“uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Ariel cried as she came on her probing fingers. Casey quickly slipped one hand to join Ariel’s and felt the rush of her warm cum flooding from her tight bushy snatch.

Suddenly, a knock on Ariel’s door brought the girls back down to earth.

“Ariel, is everything alright in there? It’s getting kind of late. I think Casey should be getting home,” pronounced Ariel’s father.

“Okay dad!” Ariel shouted back, glowing and panting heavy as her orgasm started to subside. She pulled her hands out of her sweats and dropped her tee-shirt back over her chest.

“You taste really good,” Casey complimented, licking the evidence off her own fingers.

“Thanks… I guess,” Ariel responded with a less than thrilled tone.

“Hey. We’re still friends, right?” Casey asked just as she was about to leave Ariel’s bedroom.

“Yes, of course. We were just fooling around. No harm in that,” Ariel replied blushing.

“Okay. See you at school tomorrow.”

Casey walked out of Ariel’s bedroom leaving the gigantic breasted teen to process what just happen. As she was preparing for bed, she gave the blog about her mammoth breasts one last view before turning off her computer. She crawled into bed and reached over into a small drawer next to her bed pulling out a 7 inch pink vibrator. She wasn’t satisfied with the finger-fucking so she turned on the vibrator and reached another climax before finally falling to sleep.


Ed Lansing arrived at this job at the used car lot and was informed he had been promoted to Sales Manager. His boss was going out of town for a little bit and trusted Ed to oversee the business while he was gone. His first order of business was hiring a new Internet Sales Manager. Ed used up the majority of his day interviewing different people. His final interviewee was a beautiful, tall 24 year old woman with long kaçak iddaa deep-red hair named Farah Roberts. She was dressed to impressive in a nice navy-blue blazer over a white blouse that was tucked into a gray business skirt, long tan stockings, and black flats.

“So Mr. Lansing or can I call you Ed? Do I have the job?” Farah asked.

“Mr. Lansing is fine and I haven’t quite made a decision yet. You see,” before Ed could finish, he felt one of Farah’s stocking-covered feet pressed against his crotch. “You see…”

Her foot pressed harder into his crotch and moved around seeking out the length while it was in its flaccid stage.

“Oh my,” Farah said startled “Why Mr. Lansing. You have quite a big dick. Is the wife satisfying you well enough?”

“She does her best,” an uncomfortable yet aroused Ed managed to say.

“Mind if I try my best? And if you don’t like it, I’m gone. But if you do, then I get the job, deal?” she tried bargaining with him. Both of her small feet were in his crotch, feeling his cock swelling to full erection.

Ed took a few minutes to think about Farah’s proposal. His wife was hotter and curvier. Farah had large full lips that were currently mimicking her blowing his cock. Her big hazel eyes were quite sultry. Those two qualities make up for her gangly, small-breasted body that was underneath her fancy outfit.

“Deal,” he replied.

No sooner after he agreed was his black slacks off and Farah, astonished by his massive thick 12 inch, was behind his desk and between his dumpy hairy legs, wetly gorging down on his hard swollen cock. Her board tongue licked his vein-covered shaft while her mouth traveled up and down in a nice steady tempo.

“Ohhhhh,” Ed moaned.

Farah moaned over his thick dick while further sliding her mouth down his lengthy manhood until she felt the enormous fat mushroom head probing the back of her throat.

To Ed’s amazement, she didn’t gag or pull up for air immediately once her diamond-stub pierced nose touched his soft pot belly. She detained the freakishly large cock deep within her warm mouth for several seconds while her tongue slithered all over his meaty shaft. After a minute or so of being blue in the face, Farah lifted her mouth off his saliva-coated cock and dipped her head down to lick and suck his tremendously large fat balls in turn. She feverishly sucked each one of his huge cum-filled balls and coated them wetly in her saliva. She kept her eyes on Ed’s beet-red sweat-drenched face to see if she was accomplishing her end of the bargain.

“How’s it going, Mr. Lansing?” Farah teased, taking a break from devouring his ball sack.

“Call me Ed,” he moaned with his eyes glazed over. “Your mouth is terrific.” Farah chuckled and resumed sucking his bloated balls a little longer.

After she gave his fat scrotum a thorough long sucking, she moved her mouth back to his throbbing pole and sucked down half of it. She bobbed her ginger head furiously up and down his hard steel, putting her jaw muscles into extreme overtime. Farah sucked and slurped his mammoth tool with such intensity that Ed felt like she would suck the skin off it and it drove him insane.

“I want to fuck your pussy before I cum,” Ed requested, panting heavily from the furious severe blow job.

“I get overtime pay on my first paycheck.” Farah demanded, relinquishing his big soaked dick from her mouth. “And I get this dick anytime I want.”

“You can have the overtime pay. The dick thing we have to discuss,” Ed replied. “Now shut up and get undress so I can tear your little coochie up.”

Although she was exceedingly horny, Farah was taken aback by the short older white man’s vulgar language. She stood up front of him and quickly got undressed leaving on just her stockings.

“Face away from me for right now,” Ed instructed, slowly stroking his hard 12 inch.

Farah straddled over his lap pressing her bare back against his clothed chest and grabbed his huge slobbery cock and inserted it between her hairless cunt lips. She could feel his massive meat filling her up. She impaled her dripping wet pussy as much as possible with his dick. Farah kaçak bahis took hold of the handles of his office chair and started pouncing up and down his hard stiff member.

“Ohhh FUCK! You’re so big,” she moaned, as Ed’s enormous cock packed her slick cunt. A few inches of his dick was left outside of Farah’s dripping pussy as she moved down as far as she could go.

Ed grasp Farah’s tiny waist as she pounced and bounced wildly on his massive dick. He took control and started thrusting his thick man meat between the soft lips of her cunt. She leaned back pressing up against him as he violated her pussy with his veined monster. It’s been awhile since Ed felt another woman’s snug pussy over his cock. He loved his wife Nancy but as he got older, his overly large dick took control of his hormones and he yearned for more than one pussy to feast on his member.

“Ooohhhhhhh! How’s my pussy? Satisfying enough for your big fat cock?” Farah moaned.

“Get up and lean over the table,” Ed grunted.

Farah was hesitated to get off his thick cock as it was the biggest she ever felt stretching her pussy to its limits. She did as told and leaned over his desk. She spread her arms out knocking everything off his desk including his computer. Ed got up from his chair with his freakishly huge cock swaying and dripping in Farah’s cunt juices. He stood behind the 5’9 gangly woman and plunged his cock back into her wet snatch. Ed’s favorite position was doggy-style as it made the short man feel dominate and in control. He held onto Farah’s waist as he rammed her from behind.

“Uggghhhhhhhh! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!” Farah cried as she felt the largest, fattest dick she ever had, prying open in pistol swift motion her soggy cunt.

Ed seized both of Farah’s skinny arms and pulled them back as he fucked her hard in her pussy.

“You want this job, you filthy bitch? Huh? You really want this job, slut?” Ed taunted Farah, as he squeezed her waist tight and really drove his huge hard dick as balls-deep as he possibly could in her young wet snatch.

“UUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” Farah responded with a deep-throat grunt and came. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as mascara and other make-up ran down her face from her swollen pussy being pummeled hard.

Ed felt her cum drenching his cock and large flopping scrotum. He felt his big balls tighten up as he continued to fuck the hell out of Farah’s sweet soaking pussy. He released her arms and with ever strength he had left, flipped her over on her back and impaled his enormous fat cock back into her sore creamy pussy. He held her skinny stocking-covered legs up by the back of her knees and jack-hammered her into his desk. Her tits were non-existence but her nipples were big and pointed up like erasers towards the ceiling. Ed bended down and took each long juicy cherry nipple into his sucking mouth in turns. That lit an extreme inferno in Farah’s cock-filled pussy and she came again.

“OH YES, ED! OHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSSSS!” Farah cried loudly.

Ed got off a few more deep drillings inside her wide drenched pussy that was clamped tight around his massive member before feeling the urge to cum.

“Open wide bitch!” Ed instructed wheezing heavy.

Farah’s face was a mixture of runny make-up, tears, and sweat as she opened her big mouth as wide as she could. Ed pulled his big cock from her hot pussy and climbed up on the desk where he unloaded monstrous volleys of hot gooey cum sporadically all over her face and into her cum-thirsty mouth. He then plunged his dick into her wide-spread mouth and unloaded smaller but still huge buckets of his semen down her throat. Farah clamped her ruby-red mouth over his slippery cock and finished sucking the last drop of spunk from his large hanging testicles.

“Well, do I have the job?” Farah asked with her face drenched from forehead to chin in his cum.

“Not as an Internet Sales Managers. I’m looking for a fat, unattractive woman who I won’t be attempted to fuck,” Ed replied, as he straighten up his clothes and fell back into his chair.

“Jerk!” Farah angrily exclaimed, as she gathered her clothes and stormed out of his office.

“Have a nice day,” the short man shouted back, kicking his feet up on his desk and relaxed in his reclining chair, recuperating from a long exhausting interview…

To Be Continued.

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