Under the Moonlight..


Under the Moonlight..* based on a true story.i am Jessica woman 30 yrs I was siting home when aunt kim Came in the house. Of course she doesn’t knock. I was reading in bed when she came siting by me. Whispered..’ hi,,’ softly rubbing me between m legs. Kissing me softly. I gave her a hug. And a kiss. She was happy to see me. We talked about the past and future. A good talk.She was really emotional. I a favourite neice.I hugged her tight., kissing her on her breast, leaving cool breaths on her nipple. She got rock hard. As I kissed her by her breast and breathed gently on her nipple laying my head on her ‘ sleep angel.. she moaned.’ My dress lifting up. I hearing her growl. She grinned devilish. And became hard.Her fingers found my vagina and tugged. Tugging high up my wall.. twisting. ‘ I want u..’ I hugged her tight. Staring.. I stroked her nipple gently, stroking her vagina curls. Giving her cool hot kisses on her vagina and breasts. As I fell into a slumber.She whispered softly ‘ mine..’as she growled, gently. Caressing my nipple tenderly. Squeezing it . Pulling my nipple and licking around my nipple.she bit my nipple. ‘ Kim. .’ ..I moaned.’ Silence.’ As her lips devoured my nipple gently .*rubbing between my thighs. ..kissing me softly between my thighs. Rubbing slowly.. up my vagina.licking..‘ u are perfect.’ ‘ u have always gotten me hot..’ Kim thought. ‘ today…..’I kissed her forehead. Breathing cool kisses on her breast. As I fell to a slumber. ‘ ‘ she whispered.’ Angel…’I felt her hand massage my vagina slow. Rubbing rough in and out. Up and down.Massaging my vagina gently. Kissing around my breasts,my hips. Stroking my hair.I assured her she wlll always have a place in my heart.’ Your intoxecating…’ She whispered. As I felt her slide slowly instinctively inside me. Lunging.lunging. Lunging.‘ open..’ she whispered. I opened my legs wide … feeling her lips kissing my vagina. Plunging her lips on my vagina suckling..suckling.. suckling… softly.She deepthroated me deeply.( oral sex became hot wicked.with sinister kisses on my vagina.)i swivled to her mouth and kissed her. Squeezing her nipple, gently licking around her nipple. Kissing her nipple. Pulling,squeezing it, she orgasmed.rubbing bursa escort me between my thighs.i contd kissing her breast. Caressing her breasts. Kissing her nipple.’mmmm…aunt..Kim…”my fingers moved to her vagina. I twisted my finger up her vagina swirling her sweetness. Licking … up and down. In and out.in. Circles.bouncing up her vagina.swivling my toungue high up her vagina wall in circles. I was circling up her wall with hot wet kisses .aunt Kim growled. Grinned.’Good my angel.’as I opened my legs and kissed her vagina.Staring spellbound between my legs, she whispered softly ‘ Angel..’rubbing me between my legs, gently .suckling my vagina softly.aunt Kim deepthroated me hard.twice.her toungue twisting my vagina curls, teasing my nipple..suckling my vagina..suckling..suckling,suckling… mmmm…soft.having oral sex with me for hours.i sat on her lap and began twirling…. twirling twirling..my hips int her. ‘Ahhh..’she moaned. Her hands caressing my hips and kissing my vagina. Biting my nipple and vagina. She ginger herself gently deeply in me.growling. Kissing my breasts. Rubbing my vagina slowly. ‘ good girl..’ biting my vagina.hard. Licking me around my vagina. As I stroked her vagina slowly. Fucking her slow.twirling around on her hips. As she orgasmed.opening my legs wide. Gazing.. deep and licking my vagina tenderly..biting my vagina curls softly.’ Mmmm innocence…’ she whispered. As we fucked. I felt her hands squeezing my nipple, pushing herself deeper inside me. Swivling….nipples squeezes..pulls tugging… tuned…on her hips as she orgasmed hard inside me twice. I twisted myself deeper into her as we intertwined. And she kissed my wet vagina with hot wicked kisses. She growled. i played with her vagina.caressing her nipple with soft kisses.my face fell to her vagina and stroking her softly on her vagina. Blew soft hot wet kisses on her vagina. Licking her vagina gently with circles..cool breaths. Whispered softly nothings on her vagina. I bit her vagina softly.gently.kissing her vagina. Leaving her wett.Caressing her nipple. Pulling hernipple.tight. She tugged between my Legs.. growling.‘ fuck me.’i obeyed.‘ spread.’ I spread me legs as she slid herself gentlyinside bursa escort bayan me . stroking my vagina. Fucking Me deep. Long.deepthroating me.We fucked hard. 69 ‘ I love your innocence..’ she whispered.. sliding deeper into me. Orgasming in waves.i. Played with her hair as we kissed passionately, stroking herself against my breasts. I caressed her nipple softly, as the oral sex grew like fire.opening to her lap, grinding..I fell back to her hands massaging me.she massaged my bottom.. bit my breast and vagina. Circling her toungue high up my vagina twirling around.stroking me between my legs softly…deepthroating me twice. A hot wicked kiss became a oral sex of wicked devilish deliciousness.her breasts pressed against my body. As she lunged herself deeper into me.’ Your intoxecating..’ she whispered.fucking me hard.deep .rough.aunt Kim came behind me hugging me tight.caressing my breasts. Kissing them tenderly. As I layed on her breasts licking …i felt her get hard. next to my body. Kisding my wet nipple. Her hand up my vagina twirling..as she suckled me deeply slowly on my vagina…suckling..suckling..suckling… wet hot kiss on my vagina biting my vagina gently.tugging…me slowly.i lifted to see her perfect glaring at me.my hands found her vagina and tugging her nipple softly, stroking her vagina. Kissed her gently on her vagina. Grazing her vagina with my lips, kissing her nipple softly.tenderly. Caressing her vagina..kissing her between her legs. Pecking her vagina gently stroking her beteeen her legs. Rubbing her softly. Pecking her vagina with soft wet cool kisses . Cool breath left o. Her nipple.as i moaneed.I felt her graze me,as how hard she was.Pinning me to the bed bed to Fuck me in doggie style * edge of the bed* in chair In waterfall. Stroking…….* tug pull squeeze twist.‘ turn.’ As I turned.opening my legs to her tugging me gently. Licking me betymy legs deep ‘ delicious ‘ she .Her hot kisses left on my vagina as she Fuck me mercilessly.wickedly.i moaned, she swivled, and went harder. Faster. Deeper. Deepthroating me darker twice more.. her toungue twirling high up my wall… ‘ delicious…’she moaned. Her breasts were soft wet delight ful in my mouth.circling escort bursa her mouth with soft kisses. Stroking her vagina. Putting my kiss to her nipple. Envelope her nipple suckling…she orgasmed hard between my legs in waves.Pulling to her vagina and licking. Kissing her vagina passionately. Giving her oral sex for hours.’ Good girl..’suckling my vagina slowly.as I fell into a slumber.her finger twisting up my legs. Pushing her fingers,twisting high deeper up my legsI melted to her body, and squeezing my breast ,tugging my nipple.. kissing my vagina.. softly. She fucked me.slowly.. deeply…’ Turn.’ ‘ Fuck me.’ She commanded. I obeyed.her mouth suckled mr slowly.deeply. Hot wicked kisses on my vagina. Kissing me in a hot wicked kiss.orgasming hard in me.kissing me in a hot sinfil kiss.grazing my vagina with her lips. My vagina now wide open. She gazed. Rubbing it deeply.pulling tugging.her hands planted on my breasts squeezing.growning, licking my vagina.tugging. Her fingers goiing higher up my vagina wall. Hard. Stroking me deep. A hot sinfil kiss left on my vagina. I arched my back and grinded between her lap.circling on her lap.growling, biting my bottom. And my vagina as I twisted around her vagina.gliding…in circles up her vagina.I turned,stroking her vagina. Tugging her nipple. And swivling on her lap. Blew her.’ Your intoxecating….’ she moaned.Opening my mouth, I came in her mouth.hard. She whispered,stroking my vagina and nipple tenderly.69 suckling my vagina deep she dove gently into my breasts and vagina. Kissing my nipple. Nuzzling my vagina with hot wicked breaths. Suckling spellbound in my vagina. Tracing my curls with her fingers,,she gave me oral sex.Grazing her hips I kissed her breasts and hips. Falling to her breasts I fell into a slumber. Kissing her nipple and stroking her vagina. With soft keet kisses. She moaned. Lifted. I nuzzled my nose into her vagina…whispered softly.kissed her passionately on her vagina. As she caressed my nipple.I turned,and she slid herself gently intside me. Over and over.’ I love how soft u are.’ She moaned.stroking my vagina softly. Moaning.Entering me slow.gliding slowly inside me. Instinctively.growling,caressing my nipple kissing my vagina.tenderly.Fucking mr slowly as I slept on her breasts.* fucking me all night.** deepthroating me tenderly twicewe lay in69 for hours her orgasm boiling deep between my legs.As I nibbled her vagina gently…’ Good angel..’ she whispered.

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