Unexpected Circumstances


I sat down in a packed movie theatre about to view a picture I was really anticipating with my best friend on my right. I relaxed as I took a sip of my coke, a couple taking their seats next to me. A tall man sitting to my left and his girlfriend at his left.

I glanced at his features through the corner of my eye. The light from the screen occasionally allowing me to notice colours. White shirt, black blazer, a pair of jeans. I bit my lip. Not casual at all, a little too dressed up for a movie theatre. Maybe he had somewhere to attend after with his equally as groomed blonde girlfriend.

Meanwhile I was wearing my grey and white jumper, black leggings and black sparkly sneakers. My blonde locks spilling down around my neck as I sat with my legs crossed in the darkened movie theatre. My eyes continuing to dart to the sandy coloured haired, handsome man.

The movie was a “cover your eyes” at certain moments kind of thriller and it dared make me jump here and there. At one point, grabbing onto the man’s right arm bahis firmaları due to another heart attack from a frightening part of the movie. His eyes locked on mine as I looked up at him with embarrassment etched across my then completely red face. My softly mumbled “Sorry” as I quickly detached myself from his strong arm, hoping his girlfriend didn’t notice.

Shuffling in my seat, I suddenly jerked once again. Covering my eyes with my hands as my legs uncrossed themselves. I suddenly felt a hand place itself onto my left thigh. A gasp escaping my lips. I removed my hands from my eyes as I looked to my left. The man’s eyes locked on the screen. Didn’t he realise? I didn’t bother removing his hand. It felt rather safe, secure. His hand started to move further up my thigh, slowly starting to cover my pussy through my black leggings.

Should I tell him to stop? Should I publically humiliate him? Thoughts raced through my head, but were immediately taken over by the feel him palming my pussy. My hips bucking in response kaçak iddaa as I started to slowly grind myself against his palm.

I quickly gazed at his girlfriend and luckily she had her head resting against his left arm. I gazed at him again, but he didn’t look at me. The friction against my clit making my pussy become so wet. I did my best not to make a sound before he slipped his hand inside my leggings, inside my panties. His palm rested against my clit as he began to work a finger inside my now soaking little pussy. Pushing that finger softly in and out.

My walls started to swell and squeeze around his finger. My eyes becoming glazed. My breath hitching as I layed my head back against the black movie theatre chair. I was worried his girlfriend was going to see, that my friend was going to notice. That a scene was going to occur. One that wasn’t a part of the film I was supposed to be focused on. As if reading my thoughts, he began to work a second finger. I wanted to cry out, to moan, to whimper. The sensations kaçak bahis becoming too much as I grinded myself against his fingers. His palm applying pressure to my clit. His fingers fucking my pussy so well. Making me think just how good his cock would feel.

I could feel myself about to cum and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t make a sound. Again, as if reading my thoughts, as if purposely trying to drive me crazy, he started to pump his fingers faster, harder. Bringing his lips close to my ear as he uttered “Cum for me.” My pussy immediately responding as I did so, hard, all over his fingers. My head crushed back against the chair, my eyes clasped shut as I rode out my orgasm. My eyes opening to see his on mine. Even through the darkened theatre I could see a sparkle in them.

He retracted his hand away from me. I glanced back at the movie screen. Not having a clue what the story was about.

Before I knew it, it was over. The lights were turned back on and the credits roamed the screen. People rose from their seats and made their way to the exit. The man and his girlfriend shortly following. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he looked back at me, our eyes dancing together. Then suddenly, just like that, he was gone.

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