Vacation Surprise (Part 2)


Vacation Surprise (Part 2)As we walk into the bathroom, I notice it has a modern design to it. She opens the door to a large standing shower and turns on the shower. I can see how wet our bodies have become and she beckons me in with a sly smile on her face. She pours water all over my body, giggling as she does and I chuckle and tell her that she had better be careful lest I jump her. “Oh my! Wonder what will happen if I don’t stop?” I lean in and give her a passionate french kiss, catching her slightly off guard. While kissing her, I slowly move my hands down her body till I feel her large breasts in my hands. Her nipples have become hard and I pinch them gently. She shudders a bit and giggles. “You like to tease don’t you?” She says. “Only when I can.” I reply smiling. She moves her hands down to my dick and begins to play with the head. She grabs onto the shaft with one hand, and the other she rubs the head. I twitch a bit as I’m still a bit sensitive. “Now look who’s teasing!” I say. She laughs a bit and says it’s only fair. I move my hand down her body until I reach her pussy. It’s wet but it feels a different wet to the water. Slightly sticky and gooey. I rub the clit gently and slowly as she reacts by letting out little gasps. I play and tease her clit as she plays with my dick. I slide two fingers in and she spreads her legs a little bracing herself and leaning onto me. I can feel her pussy twitch as I tease her and she moans into my ear making me tease her even more. “Oh God! Don’t stop! Just don’t stop!” She moaned quietly in my ear. I play with her even more and she stops stroking my dick and holds onto me. I can see that she is close to cumming, she can barely look at me as I intensify playing with her pussy. She groans and tightens her grip on me as I feel her orgasm. She shudders making her breasts jiggle and her legs stiffen. “Oh God I’m cumming!” She moans loudly. I tease her clit more making her shudder even more. She grabs me and gives me a long passionate kiss moans as she does. I hold her close and kiss her back. I can still feel her twitching and breathing heavily. “I really need to be careful with you.” She says as she backs up a bit. “You’re figuring out my buttons too quick” She adds. I look at her laughing and watch her pour water over her face and body. Just looking at her makes my dick twitch, which she notices. “My turn!” She says as she grabs my dick and crouches down. She licks the tip and kisses it gently. Each kiss making it throb she then opens her mouth and slides in my dick. Her mouth feels hot and wet. Her tongue licks the head and then the shaft as she starts to suck. Still being sensitive, I gasp a little each time her tongue caresses the head. I place my hands on the walls of the shower to brace myself. She notices and sucks a bit more harder and faster. One hand fondles my balls while the other holds onto my ass, pushing me towards her. She sucks my cock deeper and I bahis firmaları can feel that I’m getting close to orgasm. I let out a moan and Linda picks up on it and sucks harder yet again. My mind is stirring and find it hard to focus. I’m barely able to catch my breath as she uses her tongue on my head to make it that much more harder to focus. I stiffen up as I orgasm hard, Linda shoves my dick deeper into her mouth and swallows. I’m shaking and shuddering as my dick throbs in her mouth and she carries on sucking. I can feel my legs trembling and she pulls out my cock and gasps for air. “Wow you really know how to get me back! I exclaim as I try to compose myself. She stands up laughing and winks at me. “You’re not the only one who can play that game.” She says. She looks down at my dick seeing it throb and sees a little bit of cum oozing out. She grabs my dick and bends down and sucks the tip, I jump a little. “Don’t want to waste even one drop.” She says as she stands back up and gulps down. I’m a bit frozen as I look at her. “And I thought I was full of surprises!” I say to her. She giggles as she turns and walks under the shower head and lets the water run down her head and back. I step up behind her and grab her breasts. She puts her hands over mine and leans her head back into me. I kiss her on the cheek and neck as she sighs. My dick by now is rock hard and is sandwiched between her big ass cheeks. She giggles and she feels my hard dick pulsating between her cheeks and she wiggles her ass. “Looks like you’re still not ready to call it quits.” She says. “Not by a long shot!” I reply. I move my hands down her belly and down to her pussy. As I begin to play with her clit again, she gasps and moves her hands behind me, pulling me closer. “No more teasing hun. Give me that hard dick.” She says as she wiggles her ass. She leans forward and I see the my dick poking out between her cheeks. I slide it down between her cheeks till it reaches her pussy. I tease the tip in a little and Linda moans gently. She moves back but I pull out the tip. I tease her for a little bit. “Don’t be a tease and give me the dick!” She says. I chuckle and then she suddenly pushes back catching me off guard. My dick slides into her pussy and we both moan. “Oh yes!” She gasps loudly. I grab her hips and slowly begin to thrust my dick into her pussy. Her breasts sway like bells, water dripping down them. She tells me to fuck her hard. I pull out my dick to then quickly thrust it deep into her pussy. She lets out a little scream. “Oh God!” She screams. I can see her ass jiggle as I fuck her hard. I thrust harder and harder. Linda is not concerned with being quiet as she moans loudly each time my dick is shoved deeper and deeper. She orgasms again but I don’t give her time to rest. I can feel her trying to run but I hold on tight to her and keep on fucking. She calls out my name and holds onto the walls to brace herself. As she is kaçak iddaa orgasming again, I can feel her pussy getting tighter. This makes my dick even harder and I also feel that I’m close to climaxing. She can hear my breathing getting heavier. I groan to her that I’m gonna cum. “Yes baby! Cum for me!” She tells me. I thrust harder into her pussy and as I do, my dick stiffens and I cum deep into her pussy. Linda shudders as she feels my dick throbbing inside her and she pushes back onto me. “That’s it! Don’t pull out, just cum deep inside me!” She exclaims.I hold onto tightly her as we both orgasm intensely. I lean onto her and try to catch my breathe as she leans back and does the same. I grab her breasts and squeeze them as she turns her head and kisses me passionately. My dick is still inside her pussy throbbing and I feel her pussy twitching. “Oh my God that was intense!” She says. “It was!” I reply. She turns around and kisses me again. We kiss holding each other for a while. “So much for freshening up.” She says as I laugh and agree. “I doubt we would have done anything else but.” I reply. She laughs and turns to clean herself up a bit. I walk under the shower and clean up myself as well. She turns off the shower and we get out. She grabs a towel and starts to dry me off. I can see her smiling as she looks back at me and I smile back. “Now don’t you get me started again!” I tell her as she tries to give off an innocent look on her face while she’s drying off my dick. “Hun, now why would you say such a thing!” She says with a sly grin on her face. I laugh and grab the towel and start to dry her off. I can’t help but take my time with her breasts and she gives me a look and says “Are you sure you’re not the one who isn’t playing?” I laugh and tell her that I don’t know what she is talking about. We are both dry and I put the towel on the rack to dry.Linda reaches out and takes my dick in her hand. “Can’t help myself.” She says. I look at her and she doesn’t notice as she is too busy looking down at my dick. “I don’t think we will be getting much sleep tonight.” I say laughing. “It doesn’t look like we will.” She replies. We head back into the bedroom and proceed to have a crazy night of intense sex. In the morning, James walks into the bedroom to find Linda and I passed out naked. He heads down to the kitchen and makes breakfast. We awake to the smell of bacon and pancakes and Linda turns to me and kisses me. “Good morning hun.” She says. “Good morning.” I reply. “Seems like we got a little bit of a rest.” I add. “Yes, it seems so. And look who is also saying hello.”She says as I look to see her hand on my dick which has become hard. I smile and shake my head.She gets up and sits on my dick and says that she wants one more ride. “You’re insatiable!” I say to her as she starts to move up and down on my dick. “Not often I come across someone who can keep up.” She replies. I grab her and begin to thrust my kaçak bahis dick deep into her. Her breasts are pink and her nipples are hard. I lean up and suck on them making her moan. She holds me close as she rides me. Her pussy is wet as I fuck her hard and can hear my balls slapping up against her. Linda moans loudly as she feels my dick slide in and out of her pussy. “I’m going to cum!” She moans. I hold onto her even tighter and fuck her harder making her cum hard. I can feel her squirting a bit as my belly becomes soaked. “Oh God, you just don’t stop!” She groans. I slow down a bit to let her catch her breathe and mine. She looks down to me and kisses me. “I wish you lived here!” She says while kissing me. “So do I!” I respond back. “Definitely need to come back as soon as I can.” I add. I begin to fuck her hard again. She lets out a loud moan again as I fuck her. She leans back and I hold her hips and keep fucking her hard and deep. Her wet tightening pussy swallows my dick. I let her know that I’m about to cum and she grinds down on my dick harder. I explode in her as she orgasms again. She feels my dick throbbing as cum shoots out deep into her pussy. “Oh my God!” She screams. I thrust my dick deeper into her while still cumming hard. I can feel her shuddering from the intense orgasm she is having. Her breasts bounce as she climaxes. She leans back down to me and gives me a long deep kiss. She lays on top of me for a bit as my dick throbs gently inside her. We are both breathing quite heavily as we kiss. After catching our breathe, Linda slowly gets up and slowly gets off of me. She feels me slide out of her slowly and she moans a little. My dick is soaked from her pussy and I can see little white droplets drip out of her pussy. We kiss again and freshen up and head down for breakfast. James greets us as we come into the kitchen. “Well you both look content. Must have been quite the night.” He said. “And morning!” Linda chirps in. He raises his eyebrows in surprise and looks at me. “What a surprise you are indeed!” He says. I laugh as I take a sip of orange juice. Linda kisses me on the cheek and then kisses James. “What a fantastic surprise this has turned out to be.” She says with a smile on her face. We finish up breakfast and have a long chat while doing so. I tell them that I still have a week and few days still to my vacation and Linda’s eyes light up. James smiles and says that he’s happy to hear that. Being that they know the place better than I do, I ask if they don’t mind showing me around and Linda says that they are more than happy to. In the time remaining, they both show me the hidden gems and places that wouldn’t be known by tourists. In the evenings we head back to their home and carry on with the fun. As the vacation nears the end, I tell them to visit London and to let me know when they do. We swap details and on the final day, I say goodbye to them and thank them for showing me around and taking care of me. I shake James’ hand and Linda gives me a long deep kiss and we say our goodbyes. I head off to the airport knowing that this vacation will be one that I shall soon not be forgetting at all.

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