Vanessa and Rachel come to stay (revised)


Vanessa and Rachel come to stay (revised)Jess and I had been cleaning up the spare room, which had become a store for anything we couldn’t be bothered to put away like books, clothes, empty and full boxes, cleaned washing etcetera. The reason being, we had Jess’s good friends coming to stay from down south for a week. But we had been half way through tidying when we both got horny and ended up having some impromptu sex on the newly made bed making it sweaty and sticky with only a few hours before our guests were due to arrive. Laying there in that calm glow you get after sex, my arm around Jess with her head on my chest I suggested we’d better get the bed changed and straighten ourselves up for her friends. So after a groan Jess got up and quickly ran into the shower while I stripped the bed of the soiled sheets and remade it with our other set from the airing cupboard. Then I moved some of our things into our room to make plenty of space for our guests and then went downstairs and put the kettle on. Jess came downstairs after her shower looking her usual stunning self wearing a lovely blue and green summer dress, my favourite and really sexy.“cuppa?” I asked“please babe” jess replied. “ they’ll be here soon, really excited to see them both it has been ages since we were last together”Jess had met Vanessa, or Vee to her friends and her partner Rachel back when she was first transitioning and they had become good friends and later great friends but when Vee had been given a job opportunity she couldn’t refuse, her and Rachel had moved further down south and they only saw each other on holidays. Vee and Rachel are also transgender and had fallen in love at school when they discovered each others urges to be feminine and had helped each other to become what they were now, and as I was to soon to discover, sexy sexy women who just oozed sensuality.“ ooo…they’re here” Jess squealed in delight, and skipped to the front door and down the drive as a camper van braked to a halt and switched off. A stunning brunette with short styled hair was waving excitedly to Jess and the driver, a beautiful redhead opened the door and stepped out and gave Jess a big hug shortly followed by another from the brunette. I had come to the front door and I could hear then giggling and talking excitedly before walking back up the drive towards me. The Brunette was about 5’6”, slim, her beautiful face has high cheek bones and small pointed chin with bright red lips and deep brown eyes wearing figure hugging tight jeans and off the shoulder top with small breast’s in 4” red heels, my cock twitched at the sight, and the redhead was slightly taller at about 5’10” her frame was slightly bigger than the brunettes with long long legs also in tight jeans and bright green 4” heels and a loose strappy top with a nice cleavage biggest of these three beauties, with full lips, bright green eyes and beautiful face very much like the actress Carla Gugino.“Dave, I would like you to meet Vee and Rachel” said Jess first pointing to the redhead then the brunette.“Hi Vanessa” i replied and kissed her on both cheeks. “Hi Rachel” and repeated the gesture.“call me Vee”“Nice to meet you at last, Jess has told us all about you” Rachel said in a sweet high sexy voice. “Everything” Vee put in with a sexy knowing smile. The three gurls all looked at each other and giggled a little leaving me blushing slightly.“Can I help you with you bags?” I said trying to divert away from the innuendos.“Yes please” replied Vee and handed me the keys to the camper.The Gurls went into the kitchen where Jess asked if the would like a cup of tea, to which Rachel replied “Hey this is a holiday time to relax, how about a glass of wine”“red or white?” Jess said a she pulled a bottle of red from the wine rack and opened the fridge for the white. Both friends replied white. So I went out to collect the bags from the camper malatya escort and proceeded to take them up the stairs to their room for the week. The rest of the evening was great, lots of wine and Jess and I cooked them diner consisting of goats cheese and caramelised onion tarts followed by Jess’s famous Lasagne, with a cheesecake and chocolate cake for dessert. We talked about their early friendships and life in general, asking each other about our lives and loves smothered in sexual innuendo throughout the conversations that I realised was where Jess got some of her humour in that regard.Around midnight Vee and Rachel went upstairs to bed and Jess and myself quickly cleared the worst of the mess we had made away before retiring ourselves.The next morning with a heavy head I popped out to the supermarket to stock up on more wine and get some more ingredients for lunch and diner. And Jess had to quickly take her Mum to a doctors appointment, so Rachel and Vee had the house to themselves for the majority of the morning. I returned about 11am and brought the shopping in through the garage and put the wine and ingredients away. There was still no sign of Vee or Rachel and I assumed they were sleeping off a hangover. I went into the lounge and put my feet up with a glass of water and scanned through the TV channels before switching it off. in the brief silence of switching of the TV I then heard the unmistakable creek of the spare room bed that only comes from sex, which made my cock hard instantly. I couldn’t help my self I had to see these two beauties fucking each other knowing that I shouldn’t but still I crept up the stairs hoping their bedroom door would be at least ajar. To my delight it was and I could see Vee standing at the end of the double bed, naked from behind ploughing Rachel in the missionary position, her big balls tight up in excitement holding Rachel’s legs by her calves. I started stroking my cock through my shorts, edging myself to Rachel’s moans of delight and Vee’s grunts and sighs of pleasure. After a few minutes of this amazing spectacle Rachel started moaning louder and louder until grunts of her orgasm almost made me fill my shorts, followed by a quickening of pace and then orgasm from Vee deep in Rachel’s ass, pushing deeper with legs trembling she finally collapsed onto Rachel and I heard her say “Love you sexy”. I quickly and as silently as possible went back down stairs and into the lounge and turned the TV back on and tried to get my cock to go soft before the awesome creatures upstairs came down.After about 20 minutes Jess returned home and came and joined me on the sofa with a little peck on the cheek and asked me if I got all the shopping done. I said that I had and then she asked if I had seen the girls yet. “I haven’t” I lied “but I think I heard them having sex”“Really? and you didn’t go look?” asked Jess suspiciously, eyeing me in that ‘I know your mind Dave’ look she was perfect at executing.Glowing red with guilt I nodded. Jess lovingly punched me on the arm and giggled.“You are so predictable my randy little man. I bet you want to get fucked by them don’t you?” she questioned. Again I sheepishly nodded yes. “ I bet you would”We heard one of the ladies descending the stairs and Rachel walked into the lounge wearing tiny jean shorts and baggy t-shirt with a “Morning. How are you both?”“Morning Rachel, been having fun?” asked Jess.Rachel grinned and then giggled “Did you hear us?” she asked unashamed.“I didn’t but Dave did” Jess replied to my embarrassment. “Did you hear us fucking Dave” asked Rachel, and before I could answer Jess interrupted and said “The randy bastard sneaked a look”“Jess said your insatiable” said Rachel with a sexy little smile as she sat down in the arm chair and crossed her legs while watching the TV.Jess whispered in my ear “ We can all fuck mardin escort tonight if you want to?”My cock sprung up again tenting my shorts as I looked into my lovers eyes with pure lust and excitement and nodded yes eagerly. “New you would” accused Jess as she kissed me on the cheek and offered to make a cup of tea.Rachel looked over and noticed my erection and giggled“Yes please” said Rachel, “Vee will have one too”.For the rest of the day I could not stop thinking about how it was going to be later that night, desperate for it to be happening. We all got dressed up and went out for lunch at Jess’s favourite restaurant. I put on a nice shirt and trousers. Jess was wearing a figure hugging knee length red dress with matching 6” heels, she looked stunning. Vee was wearing a similar dress but in emerald green also with matching heels and Rachel in a deep blue skirt and jacket in cream coloured heels, both looking fantastic.The looks these girls got while we were out were many and obvious, guys must of been think what a lucky guy I must be, little did they know just how true it was. In the cab back home, Jess revealed to my delight to Vee and Rachel that we wanted to fuck when we got back, to which the cab driver almost drove of the road to giggles and laughter from the 3 girls who both said they would love to and how it would be like old times. My heart skipped a beat and my mind racing with the desperate need to be fucked by these beautiful girls and the fact that they must of known this was going to end up in a fuck-festWe pulled up outside our house and the girls went indoors while I payed the cabby, who said as I gave him the money” You lucky bastard”.“You have no idea” I replied. By the time I shut the front door Jess and Rachel were already in a passionate embrace while taking of each others dresses eagerly. Vee walked up to me and kissed me forcefully as she lifted her dress with her hand and and pulled out her big cock, which was already getting hard before pushing me to my knees ready for sucking.I licked her head and then kissed the tip before taking her in my mouth to a long sigh from Vee. I started sucking her nice and slow, long deep sucking, drooling saliva all over her length. I started to play with her heavy balls with one hand and the other stroking at the base of her cock, when I heard Rachel say “ He doesn’t hang about does he?” “he’s pretty good too” said Jess proudly.I increased my suction and speed to Vee’s metal hard member while Jess and Rachel now both naked except for the heels lay on the couch and started to sixty-nine each other with big slurps and intense sucking, moaning and writhing. Their gorgeous bodies were a sight to behold making my cock so hard it ached, throbbing in time with my elevated heart beat.Vee started to fuck my face and I just took all I could trying not to gag as her monster hit the back of my throat repeatedly. After about thirty seconds of her frantic fucking of my mouth she removed her dick abruptly and proceeded to bend down and kiss me deeply, swirling her tongue around mine searching for her own taste of her cock. She broke our kiss, stood, pulled me to my feet and took me by the hand and walked over to Rachel and Jess. Her beautiful bum swaying at the hips with her thong still on and her dress bunched around her waist the sight making my cock ache all the more.“You have to get some of this honey” Vee said to Rachel who broke from sucking Jess’s cock and peered over towards us and as we approached they both sat up, glistening in a sheen of perspiration and their hard members also pulsing from the excitement. Vee persuaded me gently to my knees again but this time in front of Rachel who spread her legs and moved her tight little bum forward to the edge of the sofa stroking her dick slowly, her eyes bright and eager. I took her cock straight into my mouth elazığ escort and Rachel leaned back into the sofa pawing her own breasts with a deep sigh. Her cock was not as long but slightly thicker than Vee’s and I got it nice and slippery with my saliva, my head bobbing up and down sucking hard and swirling my tongue around her cock head. Jess who had been watching us while stroking her dick, pushed herself up off the sofa and embraced Vee in a passionate kiss, both gurls stroking each others members their free hands exploring each others slender bodies in desperate lustful movements. I had started to pump Rachel’s cock in time with my sucking and massaging her testicles firmly before Jess broke her kiss with Vee and moved behind me, lightly placing her hands on my hips pulling my bottom up making me get into doggy position. She couldn’t resist stroking her cock head vigorously over my hole, making me push back wantonly for some fucking, but she resisted my attempts and instead invited Vee to help herself to my ass which she duly did. Vee’s finger penetrated me first and wriggled around over my prostate making my cock twitch from the stimulation before adding a second finger, pumping them in and out of my arse. After shedding her dress but still with her thong on, but pulled to the side Vee knelt down behind me on one knee and with her cock in hand started to push the head of her monster into me with only my saliva for lube. She popped into my ass with a muffled grunt from my filled mouth and Rachel moaned from the vibration. Slowly Vee’s cock eased into me, rubbing me in just the right place making me moan onto Rachel’s engorged member causing her to moan all the more. Slowly, with deep strokes Vee increased her pace and the tip of my penis started to get that familiar sensation from a cock sawing over my prostate. Jess was standing stroking her cock to her friends using her man like a fuckdoll, egging them on, telling them to fuck me hard and fuck me good. My cock was on fire and Vee was now fucking me really hard, grunting with every stroke making my cock bounce, dripping pre-cum onto the carpet and my stomach. Rachel was now thrusting her hips up forcing her dick into my mouth. So I was now being spit roasted by two gorgeous gurls and I was desperate to cum, when suddenly Vee grunted loudly and I felt her cum start to fill me up with squirt after squirt of her seed, pushing as deep as she could into me her pelvis mashing my arse cheeks, which felt so good. Rachel peaked about 10 seconds later desperately stating “I’m FUCKING CUMmmmmming” and filled my mouth with her sweet sperm, thrusting her hips up while pushing my head down, making me gag an cough onto her engorged tool.I swallowed all I could of Rachel’s cum, slurping at her still rock hard cock as Vee pulled her monster out from my behind leaving it feeling really empty, to be replaced shortly after by my lovers big cock, hilt deep in one hard stroke making me grunt from the shock, and pleasure. I gripped the edge of the sofa as Jess roughly pounded me, her hands firmly holding my hips while she stoked her dick hard and deep in and out of my well used hole, she was on her feet in her red high heels forcing her whole weight down through her cock trying to push deeper but bottoming out at my bum cheeks. All this frantic hard fucking lasted for about 40 second before my cock erupted so hard, spurting all over to front of the sofa to deep guttural sighs of release as Jess came deep into my ass with loud moans of ecstasy, adding to all the seed from Vee’s orgasm. I had never known Jess to cum so quickly, she must of really liked seeing me fucked by her friends and it had made her need to release all her lust. Jess withdrew her beautiful cock shortly after and my ass felt so empty. I turned and sat on the floor leaning against the sofa between Rachel’s long legs, worn out and glowing with happiness. Vee and Jess were stood over me their cocks starting to soften glowing with sex. Rachel hugged me from behind her small tits pressing up against the back of my head, and whispered into my ear “thank you, I can’t wait to fuck your ass!” I grinned from ear to ear, I couldn’t wait!

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