Video and Story of 3/12/15 XHamster married black

Video and Story of 3/12/15 XHamster married blackThis is the true story of my XHAMSTER meet and fuck last Thursday 3/12/15. The young lady is a XHAMSTER member and married and DID NOT want to be on video. She was cheating with me. I snuck a quick video for you guys. PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHO SHE IS AS I AM NOT GOING TO TELL. I ALWAYS protect my ladies.Last Thursday I was having a hella bad day at work. I normally would just bend my intern over in a conference room, or have my new cuckold couple meet me but I had that craving for “new meat”. So I changed my XHAMSTER status to “Looking 4 A fuck today in Houston message me 3/12/15” to see whats up. I was curious as to if I could find a quick fuck in two hours. I got about 8 replies in the two hour window between then and getting off work. Of course you get the bullshit from somebody 4000 miles away but I had 3 replies from locals. I exchange two or three messages with each making it clear that Im not interested in chatting or telling you “what I want to do to you”, I want to fuck, and right now. One lets call her D says ‘I love your vids and play with myself at work sometimes watching them. She then describes her favorite video of mine and how she was rubbing herself out when she saw my status change. Of course I’m like “come get it”. Twenty minutes or so go past while we are messaging and I hit that bored moment and let her know Im about to sign off the computer but tell her where Im headed for a drink. She says she wants to meet me and I tell her im not messaging anymore send a number for me to text. She sends me a number to text her and explains she is married and has to be discreet. Now my dick is rock hard. I love fucking OPP (other peoples pussy). We quickly establish contact protocol and decide to meet up for a drink as she hasn’t committed to the fuck yet. We meet at location X and right away im happy with her appearance she is 5-6 127lbs (small for me) but pretty face w nice lips and big C cup. Her ass is small but maxed out for her thin frame and sporting a HUGE rock on her finger. I instantly wanted her. ***(as a note I will meet with any decent women, but if your not a 7 or better you better be giving me some good head (blowjob) and down to fuck. Again I’m not on here to date and I meet many many women who I am interested in dating when I’m out. Im only looking for fuck partners on this site who are freaks)***Back to güvenilir bahis şirketleri the story. We sit in the semi secluded area of the bar where anything we are doing below our stomachs cant be seen. Im sipping on my Scotch and water and she orders a martini. Here is basically how our convo wentD: staring at me “oh my god your so handsome why don’t you have your face on your profileme: so I guess you didn’t read my profile I have high profile job and this could effect that, your not so bad yourself, I love your smile and lipsD: Thank you I told you you would love my lipsme: I like them but I cant love them till they are on meShe smiles and gives me a kiss on the cheek, I immediately put my hand on her little thigh. We chat for a 5min and I put her left hand on my right thigh. She is obviously nervous so I tell herme: You know Im hard right nowD: sliding her hand up and tracing the outline of my dick through my pants she says “im married I cant fuck with you, I don’t know why I am even here”me: cause you want that dick, grab it and rub itD: gives me that I cant believe Im doing this look and grabs and really starts rubbing it “Damn Derek, I cant believe Im with you playing w the dick I’ve always watched on my computer”me: laughing “you making me out to be a star or something, this must be how movie stars feel when they meet fans” we both laughD: I’m a fanme: “your about to be my groupie”D: now rubbing my shit hard and its kinda obvious to anybody who would be looking that she is playing with my dick “I know but we are going to a hotel”me: “nah Ima take u in the bathroom and fuck the shit outta u”D: “stop” with a joking lookme: “Im serious too bad you didn’t wear a skirt” she is wearing jeansD: Smiling “you are a mess”Im thinking Ima mess her face up with my nut all over it lol. me: I’m going to check the bathroom be right backI go to the bathroom and realize its going to be hard to take her into the bathroom, fuck her, and get back out without somebody coming to the single stall bathroom. Its not going to work, too many people in the bar. So I go back and we finish our drinks and we go to my car. We start kissing and little foreplay, she pulls out my dick and compliments it but wont suck it she is reluctant. She is kissing me deep and I now have her pulled over leaning in the passenger seat. I start palming and smacking her little ass. With every slap youwin güvenilir mi she gives a lustfull yell. I pull her jeans down a little pull her ass out of her jeans and am damn near spanking her lol. She is loving this shit. Smacking her ass with my right hand I push her head down on my dick with my left hand as she has still been playing with it. She wraps them juicy Lauryn Hill lips around my dick and starts giving me some good head. Its 8 oclock and dark outside and I have tented windows so nobody can see inside. She is sucking me for like 6 minutes and Im about to bust in her mouth and she stops and insists on riding me. Now head in the parking lot next to cars is cool, But if we fuck in the car people will notice I’m sure. So I back out and drive down the street to a empty office building. As I park it starts raining very slightly and she starts sucking my dick again. I pull out my phone to record. THIS BITCH GOES CRAZYD: what the fuck are you doing, Im getting out, I cant believe you OMG OMG I’m married etc etc etcShe was bitching so much I was shocked. My mouth was probably wide open in amazement. I aint say shit I was just shocked looking at her and she is likeD: Why you aint saying nothingme: so you don’t want to be filmedD “Hell nah’me: “that’s all you had to say, now get this dick back in your mouth” pulling her back over to me and with a hard smack on her assShe goes back down and is giving me some serious head now. That shit was so good I wanted to fuck her immediately. I pull her head up from my dick give her a kiss and get out and walk around to the passenger door, open it and pull her out. I turn her around bend her over and push her down in the front passenger seat. So she is standing outside with me but bent over the seat. She is shocked liked: “wait, what…… right here”me: “bend ya ass over bitch” I pull her little panties down, throwh on the condom and I start working my dick in her. Mannnnn that pussy was so tight and good I just stood there w my dick in it for a minute. Then I scanned the surroundings we are in a parking lot and cars are going past on the street 100yds in front of us. We are blocked from view by my car BUT if somebody walks out the building they will see us. Im like fuck that and go HAM on that pussy. It starts to rain lightly and wouldn’t you know two guys run out the building. The crazy thing perabet is they just kept going, they had to have seen us lol. Anyway the distraction was enough for my dick to go down to 60% hard and now I know I gotta bust fast. So I start stroking that shit deep she comes 2x back to back and Im getting ready to bust. And for some fucking reason instead of thinking about the nut I’m about to bust I start thinking about my Xhamster buddies. Despite her earlier protesting I pull out my phone and video a little of my fucking her. This is where the video starts and you can see its raining and she is bent over and we are in a empty parking lot with cars going past I not too far from us. I only can video for a minute then she notices that I am filming and pulls away and pulls up her pants. That’s why in the video I abruptly stop fucking she pulled away pulled her pants up and got in the car. So now im semi laughing but still wanting to bust the nut. I get in the car is she is heated. Im like me: “D you know I got to get some footage”D: Fuck you! I told you not to film I cant have my husband find outI show her the video and the sight of her getting fucked turns her on. Im not mad I tell herme: “D its not that serious I will delete it I didn’t get your face or anything that is identifiable”She is now looking at it again, I tell her to lean over near me and Im watching with herme: See baby imagine how good the video would be if I filmed when we first started fucking before the rain and when you was cumming” and smack her ass real hardI then take the phone and push her head down on my dick me: “get that nut bitch” as she tries to tell me what must have been “you better not film this”You guys know what that sounds like w a 10inch dick in your mouth lol. I end up nutting all in her mouth and she catches every drop then spits it out the car door. I drive her back to her car and I tell her I’m going to post the story with the video. Do you know that she got wide eyed and was Again im shocked, was this the same women that went off on me, stopped fucking and was so mad about being filmed, now giddy at the prospect of having her uploaded to the world wide web? Crazy. Anyway I told her she had to post a comment or course anonymously lol. D texted me Saturday and we tried to get together that night, I was on a date with a Asian chick and tried to have her meet me in Midtown. She was going out with her husband and I planned on doing some devilish shit. But her husband took her to a hotspot and didn’t want to come to Midtown. If they did I would have had a better story for you lol. Anyway shout out to my girl D lets make a better video soon.DLACKNHOU@XHAMSTER

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