Violation of Regulations


PFC Anthony Barresi stood up. “What the fuck did you call me?”

The band stopped playing and the patrons stopped what they were doing. The attention of everyone in the club was drawn to the two men that had stood up and faced each other.

Pvt. Noland apologized even as he stood up, “Your right, I shouldn’t have called you an idiot.” He saw the smug look on Tony’s face and could feel the gaze of everyone in the room. “I should have called you a FUCKING IDIOT!”

The two men attacked each other! Fists connected, insults were thrown and nearby table and chairs were knocked over or pushed away! Women screamed and the men with them just tried to get themselves and their dates out of the way!


The bartender immediately grabbed his cell phone and speed dialed the shore patrol.

“Shore patrol, petty officer Kegler,” the voice at the other end proclaimed that the bartender had reached the help he needed.

“This is Richard Colton, the bartender at the Empire Club. I’m going to need help!”

“We’re on the way.”


Anthony threw Noland onto a table. With a loud groan, it immediately collapsed. Hurt but hardly out of the fight Noland kicked at Anthony’s legs.

Anthony wasn’t prepared for the other man to have recovered so quickly. He lost his balance hitting the floor hard.

Noland jumped on top and started flailing his fists at every part of Anthony that he could!

After being hit several times Anthony pushed the little jerk off of him. He got to his feet, grabbed Noland’s shirt, threw him onto the floor and started beating him!


Dan and James were two of the shore patrol on duty that night and raced to the Empire Club. They would check out what was happening and call in if they needed help. They entered just as the big marine jumped on top of the smaller one. It was obvious that they were both marines, their haircuts were a dead giveaway.

“Jim, you take the one on the bottom, I’ll get the one on top!” They both raced in to break up the fight. Dan circled around and approached the man on top from the back. As he got nearer, Dan sized him up. The marine was a big burley man with plenty of muscles showing. Why on earth would the other guy, who was much smaller, antagonize him? The larger marine was a good 6′ 5″ and probably weighed in at 250 pounds while the other one was probably less than 6′ and only about 180 pounds soaking wet.

Dan whipped out his baton. Coming from the back he put it under the big marine’s neck. With his baton under his man’s chin, he gently pulled up and back. They were trained to never hit someone in the head with the baton, it could kill them. If you had to use it, you would poke them with the end of it into their stomach. That would make them bend over and you could grab them by the head. His placing the baton under the marine’s neck had the same affect. If you controlled their head you controlled their body.

Anthony was so intent on kicking the shit out of Noland that he hadn’t realized the shore patrol was in the fight with them. Unable to resist the force of the baton, he got to his feet.

As the man stood, Dan immediately removed the baton and backed off.

Anthony whipped around still wanting to kick someone’s butt.

Dan had recognized the marine and not because of his size, big marines were not that uncommon. “Tony, what the hell are you doing?”

Tony looked into the face of the sailor that had pulled his butt out of trouble many times, and not once had him arrested. He immediately calmed down, “Sorry Petty Officer Grodin.”

He looked over and saw that Jim had the other one taken care of. The two marines didn’t look to bad considering they had just tried to beat the crap out of each other.

Dan pointed to some chairs, “Sit down you two.” He then used his phone to take pictures of the damage to the club. He walked over to the bartender and sat his cell phone on the bar, “He stated his name and rank using his identification as Shore Patrol. He had the bartender give his name and the nightclubs name and address, then had him tell what had happened.

While this was being done, Jim held out his hand to both men, “Come on, you know the drill.” Both marines surrendered their identification. Jim then led them out to their car placing them in the back seat. “You two be nice and I won’t put the cuffs on you. He stood outside of the car to wait for Dan.

Having gotten everything he needed for his report, Dan shook the bartender’s hand. “I’ll have the marines contact you about the damage.”

Richard was used to it. Being in walking distance of a naval base with a large number of sailors and marines as your number one customer, there was hardly a night when there wasn’t some sort of problem. He always tried to have the shore patrol handle these things if he could. Everyone lost if he had to call the cops. The men went to jail and the club got bad publicity.

Dan and Jim drove the two marines to the Marine Officer on duty, Second Lieutenant illegal bahis Jackie Woodridge.

Jackie looked up from her training manual. She had been studying to further her career by getting into nursing. She recognized one of the sailors but not the Marines.

Jim stayed with the prisoners while Dan addressed the Marine Officer. He stood at attention and snapped off a salute. “STG1 Danial Grodin, shore patrol, Lieutenant Woodridge.” He couldn’t help but notice that her breasts were pushing against her uniform shirt making the material strain to keep them contained. She had her hair tucked under her hat but that only seemed to accent her hazel eyes.

Returning the salute, she glanced over at the marines and exploded! “Get to attention marines!” Both PFC Anthony Barresi and PVT Noland Risdon went rigid, staring straight ahead. She turned back toward the petty officer. “What are the charges this time petty officer Grodin?”

“Article 134, disorderly conduct,” Dan turned over the marine’s I.D. cards, “Fighting in public. Minor damage to the Empire Club which they are willing to have handled out of court so long as the damages are paid for.” Taking his cell phone out, he laid it on the desk in front of the officer showing the damage and then played the interview with the club bartender. “I’ll file a report on this when I get back to headquarters. I’ll make sure a copy is sent here.”

“These two didn’t seem to need any medical attention except maybe a Band-Aid or two, so we brought them here.”

The lieutenant sighed and nodded. “Private First Class Barresi, Private Risdon you are lucky that it was Petty officer Grodin doing this, but that just puts you on a long list. I’d say a large portion of the marines on this base owe him for their rank still being attached. Is there anything you would like to say to the petty officer?”

Both marines said thank you to him.

Dan just smiled, “Not a problem guys, we’re all on the same team.”


That one run had been the total of his problems he’d had. The rest of his watch was uneventful. Calm was always a good thing when you were on shore patrol duty. Each ship was required to send two men for shore patrol duty. Dan always volunteered to take it for his section. With five duty sections he would have shore patrol about once a week. Plus, it got him off of the ship.

The next day he was on normal working hours. When that was done, his time was his own. Wearing civilian clothes he left the ship. He thought he would go and see his girlfriend. It had taken some time for him to meet someone that he actually wanted to be with. Now that he had, he looked forward to being with her. Heading into town, he pulled up at the apartment she rented. When he knocked on the door, it opened and there still in her uniform was Lieutenant Jackie Woodridge.

Jackie jerked him inside, slammed the door and pressed her lips against his. Their kiss went on and on as neither wanted it to end. The first time Jackie had seen Dan she had gotten light headed. It was against military regulations for an enlisted and officer to fraternize like this.

They had both been in civilian clothes and had never met before. It wasn’t until they had been together for most of the night that they had found out. Both of them should have put an end to it right then and there, but neither of them could bring themselves to do it.

Even after being with him for over a year, Jackie still got a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach each time they embraced.

They knew the risk they were taking. If they were found out, both of them could be facing severe penalties for breaking numerous military regulations.

Dan let his lips ease away from hers, “I’ve wanted to do that ever since I saw you last night.”

Jackie was having a hard time of it. She kissed him, her tongue finding his. Slowly turning him around, she waltzed him backwards down the hall to the bedroom. Stopping when their legs bumped against the bed, she pushed.

Dan felt himself falling only to land on the bed. Her hazel eyes held his. Her soft full lips were slightly parted and she was licking them. He had already wanted her really bad, now she had a yearning look on her face that was making him go crazy.

Taking a deep breath, strictly by the book Lieutenant Woodridge needed to become has some fun Jackie. She had just gotten home right before he had shown up and hadn’t had a chance to change. Her hat came off, her blonde hair falling loose.

Dan watched her give her head a shake and her hair flailed about. The light caught the varying shades of darker and lighter blonde.

Jackie pursed her lips and looked right into his eyes. She slowly undid the buttons of her uniform shirt. Needing him to desire her, she slipped it off of first one shoulder and then the other.

Dan watched her top fall away from her, she caught it and placed it on her dresser. Her breasts pushed against her bra wanting to be let loose.

Jackie slipped her shoes off, undid her illegal bahis siteleri belt and opened her pants. As she took her clothes off, that odd feeling she always got when she hungered for him started. Beginning in her stomach it flowed to every part of her. Looking deeply into his eyes, she slowly peeled her pants off.

Climbing onto the bed, Jackie kneeled next to him, her breasts near his face. Opening the clasp of her bra, she let them fall.

Dan wanted her in the worst way. Her magnificent breasts with their light pink nipples called to him. He licked the nearest one and closed his lips around it. The nipple got hard.

She softly moaned as he started sucking. Jackie had sensitive nipples and she’d had other men actually hurt her by sucking too hard. Some had even caused bruises getting carried away as they gotten more and more turned on. Dan’s gentle foreplay was exactly what her body required.

Withdrawing her nipple from his mouth, she gave him the other one. As he stared sucking again, she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them off.

Dan could see the light glistening off of her pubic hair. They would make love all night long, but the first time was very special to her and he always let her have her way.

She moved her body away from him. Anticipation of what was about to happen to her making her light headed. Lifting his shirt she pulled it off of his arms and over his head. This was followed by his shoes, socks, pants and underwear.

Dan watched Jackie climb on top, straddling his legs. She wrapped her fingers around his cock; they felt cool and soft against his skin.

Allowing only limited foreplay this first time, they would do much more of that later. There was only enough touching for her body to be ready to accept him inside of her and for him to be hard enough for penetration.

Jackie panted in anticipation. Rubbing his cockhead against her vagina, she lubricated him with her own body fluid.

…she lowered herself…

…his cockhead pushed her lips apart…

…the shaft slid across her clitoris as it forced itself inside of her body…

…Jackie sucked in her breath, agonizingly keeping herself so that his hard cock was barely inside of her.

…time seemed to stand still…her leg muscles bunched, her arms were ready to help balance her.

Suddenly! Violently! She pushed herself down as hard as she could! “A-H-H-H” Her body exploded! This orgasm always started deeper than a normal climax. The muscles of her vagina were actually pulsating! Intense surges pushed through her!

Dan did not move, this was all about her. He felt her start rocking, knowing it was her way of making the sensations reach their greatest intensity.

It was overpowering! Concentrated and deeply forceful! Taking her breath away. Jackie fell off, landing beside him. Dan was the only man she had ever experienced an orgasm with just from penetration. It was incredible and it happened each first time.

Dan wrapped his arms around her holding her close.

Jackie just concentrated on breathing, still feeling the muscles of her vagina constricting in response to the force exploding though her. She was grateful for the support of his arms around her.

They discovered what had just happened to her the first time they’d had sex. It didn’t happen anymore that night. Even though she still had another orgasm, it wasn’t the same.

A week later they had gotten together and she was a shocked to find it happening to her again. Like before, the rest of their night was really good but as with their first time it didn’t repeat. Whatever the reason, each time they got together and had sex, she would have this experience with him every first time.

Jackie slowly raised herself up so that she could lay across him. Letting her lips close around his now soft penis, she took all of him in her mouth.

She loved to taste herself on him and knew that he liked to see his cock sliding past her lips. Licking all of her juices off of him as he got harder and bigger was an amazing experience. As he got hard, she would let a little out of her mouth. She wasn’t going to finish him off that way, not now anyway but maybe later.

Knowing that she was the one that made his cock hard and the one that made him cum was good for her ego. She liked to be in change for what they did, and right now she was in the mood for her nipples to be sucked some more.

Dan felt her hands pulling him on top of her. Her breasts were calling to him, but first he wanted to kiss her pink lips. He watched her big eyes as she followed him. Pressing his lips to hers, he felt her arms embrace him.

“Um,” a soft moan escaped her. He slid his tongue down her lips, chin and throat, across her breast and placed her nipple in his mouth.

Dan was smart enough to know that some women liked having their nipples sucked on and some did not. Even if she liked it, there might be some days she might not. He had always thought he should find out, canlı bahis siteleri not just continue because he wanted to do it. “You okay?”

Jackie held his head to her breast. Dan was the only man she had been with that wanted to know if she was enjoying what they were doing. The others had always been about their own pleasure. That difference was what she couldn’t get enough of.

The feeling of what he was doing wasn’t what would drive her crazy. It was watching him do it. She had orgasmed through just nipple play. “Mm hmm,” she liked the idea of him encouraging her to be honest about what she wanted.

His lips on her nipples felt so good. Dan used a lot of licking all over her breasts as well as sucking her nipples. He made wet trails on her skin as he moved between them and back again.

Dan could play with her breasts for hours. The soft untanned flesh, the delicate pink of her Areola’s surrounding the darker nipples that were now hard as a rock. He would often see her playing with them as his cock slammed in and out of her.

Imagining his hard cock sliding inside of her hot pussy made him want it there.

Jackie felt his tongue slide off of her breast and down her stomach. Her breathing grew faster waiting for it to happen.

Dan paused with his face just barely above her pubic hair. He used his fingers he spread her pussy.

“UMM!” She clawed the sheet in response to his licking her. It felt amazing. He had gotten her off that way many times.

The more he licked the more she squirmed. He started rubbing his finger across her clit as he continued licking.

“Oh yeah …oh yeah…I want you.” She felt him stop and move beside her. He placed his now semi-hard cock near her face. Jackie opened her mouth for him.

He placed the head of his cock to her lips. Dan was hypnotized by the site of it disappearing past those lips. It didn’t take her long to get him hard again.

She felt Dan’s hands under her butt and helped him turn her over on her stomach. When he moved to position himself behind her she raised her butt up by getting on her knees. She needed him in the worst way and she loved doggy style. It was so intense, so animalistic.

He took his hard cock, guided it to her pussy and rubbed the head against her. Her moist pussy soon had his cock head slick.

“Put it in me!”

Dan put his cock in her and pushed it all the way in a little at a time.

“A-h-h…a-h-h…a-h-h,” his hard cock felt so-o-o good inside of her! Placing her hands on the headboard of the bed for balance, she started pushing herself back against him.

Dan started thrusting his cock hard! His pubic hair mashing against her butt.

Jackie shoved herself back at him for each of his thrusts! She wanted him as deep as he could get.

He reached around her and played with her jiggling breasts as he continued to slam his hard cock into her! He was giving her everything he had!

His balls were hitting her clit and it felt unreal! They didn’t do any particular way, just whatever they felt like. It kept their sex life fresh.

She started rocking back and forth with more force, making his cock thrust a little harder and a little deeper. Jackie wanted it as deep as he could go!

Dan was still playing with her breasts as they fucked but he was finally just holding on so they could go at it as hard as she demanded. The heat in her pussy grew hotter…and hotter.

She didn’t know if he was hitting her G-spot or if he was just at an angle that she really liked. It felt terrific! Each thrust of his hard cock into her sent luxurious sensations through her. The next thrust would do the same but that pleasure would collide into the previous.

Pleasure grew and grew and grew. He was slamming himself in her so hard she was being lifted up off of the bed! She screamed as her body exploded in another orgasm!

“AAGGGHHH!!!” Pleasure rocketed all through her! Each of his thrusts continued to create another wave and another!

It was all Dan could do just to keep himself inside of her! She was bucking and moving everywhere!

Slowly, her actions became less violent as the pleasure became less and less. Finally she buried her face in her pillow with her butt still raised up so his cock would stay inside of her. Her breathing was erratic as she let herself calm down.

Dan hadn’t cum yet. He didn’t want to hurt her but he needed to cum! He moved his still hard cock slowly in and out of her steaming hot pussy, waiting for her.

Jackie now felt a pleasant warmth from his cock. She could tell that he was close to getting off. He could have already cum if he hadn’t stopped to make sure she was all right.

Still on her knees, she raised up putting her hands on the headboard. “Don’t move.”

Dan put his hands on her hips to steady himself.

Jackie was in control, a feeling she enjoyed. Besides, when he would hold still so she could do whatever she wanted, it was really sexy.

Dan could feel her pussy muscles grabbing as she moved back and forth ever so slowly. Every single bit of skin on his cock was being milked by her hot body.

His cock slid out all shinny from her body fluids, only to ease back inside of her. It was slow. It was easy. It was amazing!

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