Waitress of My Own

Asa Akira

“You know that I’ve always had a thing for waitresses…”

“And now you have one of your very own,” she chuckled, lying close, body snuggled tight to mine, head on my shoulder so that the moist warmth of her breath flowed along my neck. She seemed to realize the effect that this had on me because she snugged up even tighter, our bodies overlapping, and kissed where her breath lay dewy on my neck. Then she delicately licked that flesh, her tongue flat, moving up and down my throat slowly, just firmly enough not to tickle.

My attention was consumed by the tonguing, so that I did not notice at first that her hand slid over my hip, across my belly, and was wrapped around my increasingly hard cock.

“Ohhh, somebody really likes this!” she breathed into my ear.

Her fist pumped my erection.

“I love how I can make you so hard so soon after we fucked. I must really turn you on.”

All I could do in response was groan as she nibbled my earlobe.

“I can tell that you don’t even mind that I’m not one of those barely legal bunnies you lust after when you go in the restaurants – you find me just as sexy; you know that I keep myself in shape; and that my experience has taught me tricks the youngsters would blush over if they even knew they exist; and that I’m not afraid to try anything. Anything,” she repeated that last challenge just before biting the point of my shoulder.

I enjoyed the tingle of pain, which was odd because generally I’m a pretty dominant guy, quite capable of being the top in whatever games my mates wanted to play. She was just being playful now, though, I knew – not asserting dominance, more like a kitten asking the alpha for a rumble.

My cock was ready to rumble by then, but she was kissing her way across my chest and down my belly, so I just waited to see what might happen next. I stayed silent, my fingers twisting in her dense curls my only action.

“Of all the gin joints in all the world, you had to go walking into mine…” she did a bad Bogie. She also looked nothing like Ingrid Bergman, other than the dyed blonde hair – Bergman was all icy brittle beauty, this waitress was all intense heat.

“Not exactly a gin joint…” I managed to respond, but then groaned as she bit my left nipple.

While I was focussed on the pain, she shifted abruptly, her head bobbing down, her breath warm against my helmet, but not yet taking me in her mouth.

“While you ate your dinner, were you hard thinking about my wet mouth sucking you off? Did you imagine my tongue slowly running up and down your hard cock? Did you crave a chance to fuck my throat until you cum, great gobs of goo gushing into me, filling me up, until I can’t swallow any


“I wanted to take you into the back and bend you over and fuck you,” I replied as she swallowed my cock in one smooth slurp to the root. Only once my tip was bumping into the back of her throat did she tighten her lush full lips around the base of my shaft, her fingers toying with my balls.

We had met in a proper restaurant. I had been there a few times before, as always chatting up the staff to avoid boredom, and perhaps fuel a few fantasies. Restaurants secretly call single diners “losers” and I always tried to counter that feeling by acting right at home. Having spent many evenings in similar situations, I did feel that way, and had become adept at making temporary friends who I over-tipped. In my younger days, that often lead to partying, bedava bahis occasional random sex, and a pool of fun loving beauties handy when I needed a showy date for a wedding or office function. Wait staff always knew how to have a good time.

Perhaps if I had married a waitress, it would have worked out better. Though I had met my ex-wife in a bar, I quickly learned that did not count. The good times with her were short lived, and soon I was single again – eating alone in restaurants alternate nights, so I did not tire of my own good but plain cooking. I continued to admire and chat with the servers, but they stayed the same age as I got older. As I grew into understanding my sexual tastes, I recruited partners on fetish websites, where perversions were expected and did not shock. Though I imagined sex with waitresses as I jerked off on my solo mornings, I had not picked one up.

Until I met this one, who was busy licking my hard cock like a lollipop.

“I like to stroke and suck your big cock almost as much as I loved it in my cunt,” she moaned. I noticed that her free hand was tweaking her right nipple. My hand wandered down between our bodies until I found her wet creamy cunt. I finger fucked her slowly, knowing that she might be tender from our vigorous fuck. I was careful to graze her clit, but just a tease, barely a touch. Her hips twitched in response.

She ran her velvet tongue around the rim of my swollen purple cockhead. Precum was glistening on the slit. A tiny bubble formed, which she caught on her tongue, making a dramatic show of savouring my taste.

“I love how you suck cock.”

I was surprised to hear those words come out of my mouth. Normally, I preferred giving oral rather than receiving – I had munched her carpet before we had fucked. I figured that was because I masturbated so much that my own touch pleased me as much as a woman’s, even if it was her mouth. But this waitress was perhaps the best cocksucker that I had ever encountered so I decided to just lie back and enough it for a while.

The next few minutes dissolved without much thinking on my part, though I was far from just lying there. The more she slurped my cock, the more her hips ground against my fingers until she was using me like a dildo.

My balls began to fill until they felt ready to burst. I was really glad that I had deposited a load in her pussy already, because coming too soon would not show this blowjob the respect it deserved. As if reading my mind, she gripped my root tightly in her fingers, making a fleshy cock ring to restrain my seed from squirting up my shaft into her hungry mouth. She ran her flattened tongue up from my aching scrotum to my tip then paused, looking up at my face.

“Beg…” she instructed. And I did, as out of character as it was.

“Please, I want to fill your mouth with my seed…” I said as I began to fuck her mouth slowly, curling my fingers, grabbing tendrils of hair for leverage, pushing my hips upward. My thumb had somehow guided itself to her pearl, and was strumming a tune that might please her.

“More, you can do better…”

“Fuck my big cock with your mouth, you slut, you’re the one who really wants it,” I turned the tables. That earned me a quick nip from her teeth on the sensitive flap under my cockhead.

“Please, make me come. I need your soft mouth around my shaft.”

That earned me a healing kiss where she had just bitten. She took my bedava bonus thick shaft deep again into her soft mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she lowered her face over my cock, taking it deeper and deeper until once more I felt the back of her throat. Somehow, she then relaxed her muscles, and bobbed up and down, taking me deeper with each repetition. Each thrust elicited another groan from me, and that led to me thrusting my fist harder into her slit, her hips fucking me harder.

I lay there groaning with lust as she deep-throated my cock again and again just like a porn star. She teased the sensitive cap with teeth or tongue each time she pulled off my cock. I wondered if she could just go on forever, because I no longer wanted to come – I wanted this blow job to never end. My hand still rested against her cunt, but I was no longer doing my part of the fucking – only her hips kept moving so that in a sense I was still finger fucking her, but really, she was using my fist to masturbate.

Her breathing became more laboured, her entire body quivered. Still, she made love to my cock even as she moved from having a tingly clit to an orgasm which shook the bed.

“I would love to taste your come, to swallow it all, but there is something I think I’d like even better,” she moaned as the quaking subsided.

I took her in my arms and kissed her softly. I kissed her mouth, her eyes, her ears, and then all the way down the side of her throat, caressing her wonderful tits as I did so. Her nipples were hard before my mouth reached the first one. I took my time licking and sucking those rubbery treasures, while caressing down along her belly. She eased her thighs wide open, and my fingers invaded her sex as I tongued her navel. My waitress’ cunt was very wet indeed, her swollen lips loving the attention, growing all puffy.

“Let me taste you, my dear,” I moaned as my breath bathed her open cleft, while my fingers slide along her wet glistening labia. She was moaning a little, losing her control, writhing on the mattress. Her feet were wide apart, so I slid into the space all the better to touch her, to eat her.

“Ohhh, I like what you’re doing,” she sighed, “but it wasn’t exactly what I had…in…mind…”

“Maybe not, but let me finish what I started.”

I continued by dipping my finger into her honeypot and wiping it on my lips, making a show of my tongue darting out. Then I slowly licked her juices from her hips, my tongue travelling all around her flower without ever licking it. She was soaking the sheets with her excitement. Her nectar was running down her taint, lubricating her anal cleft so I licked it up, teasing her anus with the tip of my tongue I kept the fingers of one hand working her cunt, thumbing her clit while I used the middle finger of the other hand to slowly explore her rear entrance. She squirmed harder in response to this new sensation. I gently start pushing my finger in and out of her rear and licked back up to her cunt, using my tongue to torment her swollen clit.

Her entire body shook, bouncing off the bed, her head twisting back and forth on the pillow.

“Geez!” she hissed as she twisted beneath my face. Her feet continued to kick at the bed pushing her away from me like she might back up the headboard and then the walls. She grabbed my hair, making me think that she was trying to pull my face away from her overstimulated sex, but when I slowed, she pushed her slit up against deneme bonusu my mouth, and then I understood that she was making sure that I kept going.

“Ohhhh yessss…just like that…” she sighed, ” …ohhhh…please…please, more…al…most… there.”

I drove two fingers deep up her ass as I stabbed at her clit with my tongue and grazed it with my teeth. Her climax lifted her hips off the bed, grinding her pelvis against my chin, my mouth buried in her wet writhing flesh. I could feel her nerve ends exploding around my cheeks.

“Wow” she said after a moment, grabbing two fists full of my hair to drag my head from her womb. “You sure know how to show a girl a good time. But I’m still an old fashioned gal – I need a good hard fucking.”

As she spoke, she was still tugging my face up her body. I tried to capture a nipple in my mouth but she did not pause until our mouths met. Her tongue wasted no time invading my cheeks, rolling about enthusiastically. I felt her hips under mine rotating to the same unheard music.

I had been so focussed on her that I was scarcely aware that my cock was rock hard, firmer than it had been in decades probably, until she brushed one hip against it, making my tip tingle. As her fingers slid between us, guiding my tool towards her wetness, I grasped her buttocks. As soon as she had me lined up, I lifted her off the mattress and fucked her with all my strength, burying my fullness deep inside her cunt in a single stroke. She grunted in shock, but soon was thrusting in response, and her abdominals began clenching around my shaft. I was not able to move much inside that tightness, but I hoped that the throbbing of my flesh was enough to give her some pleasure.

To add to her experience, I slid a finger around her ass until I once again slid past her sphincter, fucking both of her holes at once. I also discovered that if I rotated my hips, I could fuck her using my cock like a corkscrew, moving inside of her despite her tightness. Next, I started rotating her hips in the opposite direction. We both became absorbed in the motion, which gradually loosened her up, until without even thinking about it, I began fucking her with long deep strokes while my fingers continued to explore her ass.

The rhythm was intoxicating, my brain in a fog, totally in the moment, my balls pulling up tight to my groin ready to gush a load of seed deep into her waitressly womb. I suppose I ought to have worn a condom, but at that moment, caution was abandoned for lust. I could tell by the way that her walls spasmed that she also was close to another climax. My left hand moved between our bodies, finding her clit, as my right hand stimulated her ass, fucking that hole deeper and faster. Our lips locked and our tongues danced as she hooked a leg behind me, holding me tight as her orgasm shook the bed. That triggered my eruption, semen shooting deep inside of her, our bodies locked together as I spurted repeatedly, flooding her cavity, but still she would not release me. I slipped off into sleep still buried deep inside of her, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me.

In the morning, I awoke to see her slipping her panties on up underneath the skirt of the waitress dress that hung open, her shoulders slipped through the sleeves.

“Oh, you’re awake,” she smiled, tossing her hair straight and then starting to do up buttons.

“Same time next month?” I asked.

“Can’t beat the tips,” she laughed, adjusting her tits under the deep cut of the uniform.

“And I have to keep going to a restaurant where I have a waitress of my own.”

As she disappeared, the hotel room door closing behind her, my mind turned to how I might make these trips more than monthly…

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