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Too late, far too late. You had no way of turning back You had gone too far with the teasing in the warehouse.

As you showered, your mind slipped back to the afternoon. The afternoon when your teasing had been turned on you. The hot water cascaded over your naked body, your breasts ached, your nipples ached. The brutality of the afternoon, the enjoyment of it all. As you stood in the shower, your fingers brushed your sore nipples on their way down to your trimmed pussy. Your finger stroked your clitoris. That too ached as did your pussy and your ass.

Slipping two fingers into your pussy as you closed your eyes. The water streaming down your body, over your breasts, creating a tingle on your nipples. You sighed, two fingers plunged in deeper as you recalled the events.

The midday delivery was due. It was late. You glanced at the clock, already a quarter after 12. The coffee had long gone cold.

You couldn’t understand why, but you felt excited. Maybe it was the touch of his fingers on your thigh as you sat in the office?

You certainly teased him, the flash of thigh as you crossed your legs. You knew it was a dangerous play, but none the less, you still continued to tease and yes, allow your legs to be touched. It certainly sent tingles down your spine.

Your fingers pumped in and out of your pussy as the hot water hit your body. Your nipples taking the force of the jets of water, hitting them, making them tingle. You felt the orgasm building inside you. Unable to hold back, you came with such a force you thought you would scream the house down. Muffling the scream as you came, the force unbounding. ‘ Oh my fuckkkkk’ your moaned as you felt the cum trickle out of your pussy.

During the day, the air had an electrical charge, glances between the two of you told a story, a story that you needed him, he needed you. Slyly you undid a button to the top of the dress, allowing a little more cleavage to be on show. This task done, you went over to his desk, armed with the delivery note earlier. Leaning over the desk, you allowed the dress to part, allowed your breasts to be visible. You smiled as you saw his eyes fall there. Your eyes met. Smile met smile. His hand met your knee. You looked. You smiled. His hand crept higher, you didn’t flinch, even when his fingers stroked the inner thigh nor when his fingers reached the edge of your panties. Feeling his fingers creep underneath your panties, you sighed as they came into contact with your already damp pussy. You sighed louder canlı bahis as they stroked your pussy lips and moaned as two slipped inside your now wet pussy.

Enjoying his fingers inside your pussy, you moaned as he thrust in deep. The telephone rang. He swore, you swore. The delivery was here.

Sighing, you went to the warehouse area, he in pursuit. You talked, you both agreed to meet after the delivery, agreed to have his cock into your pussy, in your mouth, in your ass. You just wanted his thick shaft. Stroking it as the van pulled up. He felt big and thick. You wanted it, now. You needed that cock now. You needed to fuck, now.

The 4 guys unloaded the contents of the truck, boxes everywhere, scattered but in order, an order you dictated they should be in. Leaning over one box, you were unaware that your dress parted, unaware that your breasts were visible. The concentration as you checked in the delivery took you mind off of the sexual tension. Then you heard on guy, the southern drawl. ‘Man look at those tits’ was what you heard. Only then, did you realise. Your nipples tingled, your pussy wet. The thrill of exposing your breasts sent that tingle to your nipples. You pretended to ignore the comment. Bending lower, the top opening more.

You flinched as you felt a hand touched you ass. Words were spoken.

‘Guys, she is such a fucking teaser, she needs teaching a lesson’. You skin crawled, tingled. Was it fear? Was it excitement? Either way, your body tingled.

You felt arms grabbing you. You heard laughter, deep throated laughter. Male deep throated laughter. Laughter that scared you but also excited you.

The strong arms held you. Unable to move, struggling, swearing, cussing, kicking. All to no avail, trapped, arms held tight behind your back.

They approached, four of them, all big, shirts opened to the waist, all four hairy chests, strong arms, all that lifting.

Your eyes opened wide, arms held tight. You struggled in vain. They reached you, you kicked out. Strong arms grabbed your legs. Held in the air, at their mercy. Two held you, three commenced unbuttoning your dress. You felt your nipples stiffen as the dress was opened, your white brassiere exposed, the lacy cups not hiding your hard nipples. The dress lay totally open, exposing your tiny underpants, again lace, see through. Your pussy leaked, showing your excitement, showing your fear.

‘Get her on the boxes’ one voice said. They did, they also ripped your panties off of you, baring your bahis siteleri pussy, the brassiere came next, not unclipped, torn off, ripped off. Your breasts, your pussy, your body, naked, exposed. You kicked. Hands grabbed your breasts, twisted your nipples, hurting you, exciting you. Legs pulled apart, wide open. Your pussy lips parted, a finger slammed deep inside, no finesse, just hard, straight to his knuckle. You screamed, in pain. Fingers twisted your nipples, fingers plunged into you pussy. Your screams of pain, turned into screams of ecstasy. ‘Oh fuck me’ you cried. ‘Someone fuck my pussy’ You writhed, you moaned. Opening your eyes, the pressure upon your arms and legs gone. You lay there, writhing, wanting, needing.

You looked, 5 zippers came down, 5 cocks came out. ‘Ohhhhhhh, yesss’ you moaned as you saw those 5 cocks, so hard, so big, so thick. ‘Fill my holes you bastards’ you cried as you parted your pussy lips for them. The first one came to you as you parted your lips, his cock nudged your pussy, one thrust, deep inside he sank his full length.. You moaned in pleasure. Another moved to the side of your. Your felt your hair being pulled, your head being turned. Forcefully, hard. You saw a monstrous cock. ‘Suck it bitch’ was the order. You complied, allowed your mouth to open, taking it inside your mouth, you sucked greedily. Growling as you swallowed his cock, taking him deep as the other pounded in and out of your pussy. You tried to speak, the thick cock stifled your words. ‘Ohhhhhhhhh’ you moaned as the cock pounded inside you. Hands, fingers over your body, nipples being pinched, twisted, tugged. Breasts being slapped. You bucked, met his thrusting. The cock soon exploded, bringing you to your first delightful orgasm. You felt his warm seed hitting into you as you came, long and hard.

The cock in your mouth soon followed, gagging you as he held your head, pumping his cock into your mouth. You cupped his balls, squeezing every drop out of him as you swallowed all of his cum, spilling down the sides of your lips, over your chin.

The cock left your pussy, another one took it’s place. You moaned, your growled as you swallowed his cum. ‘Yes, fuck me harder’ The cock in your mouth went limp, you licked it, sucked it clean, not wanting to let it go. He slapped your hand, it stung. Another hand grabbed yours, brought it to his cock. You stroked it as the cock in your pussy slammed so hard into you. The rape, the delightful gang bang, another orgasm. ‘Ohhhh, yes, cummmming bahis şirketleri again, fuckkkkkk me harder, yessss.’ A growl escaped your throat as you body writhed, as your pussy oozed out your cum. Oh goddd’ you growled just as the cock entered your mouth. Hungrily, greedily you sucked it, cupping his balls, feeling for his ass. Fingering his hole. ‘Yes bitch’ you heard him say as you forced your finger into his ass. The cock in your pussy fucked you hard, relentless, pounding, thrusting, slamming harder, deeper , faster. He growled, he bucked, his hips thrusting, your too, meeting his thrusts as the cock in your mouth throbbed, exploded, sending a stream of hot cum into your throat as you finger sank deep into his ass. The cock in your pussy slammed deeper and harder as he growled. He exploded. You cried out as you felt the incredible stream hitting the back of your pussy. Oh fuck’ you cried out as you came again.

‘Turn her over’ the voice of the man you knew ordered. Rough, strong hands turned you. Your head hanging off of the side of the box. A hand came crashing down on your ass. You squealed. ‘More, slap me harder’ you cried, wriggling your ass, taunting them. Slaps rained down on your ass as you squeezed your breasts.

‘Open her legs’ that voice said again. You knew he was going to ass fuck you. You moaned. ‘Please, please, fuck me in the ass’ Raising your ass, you squealed in pain, in pleasure as he pulled you back onto his cock, sinking the full length inside you tight hole. Relentlessly, slamming into your ass. You held pulled upwards. A cock, hard again, wanted your mouth. You wanted that cock. Opening your mouth as it was fed to you, the cock in your ass pumping, hands slapping your cheeks, tingling, stinging. Sucking harder on that cock in your mouth. Ass being fucked, mouth being fucked. You came again, the fourth orgasm racking through your body. The fifth followed as the cock in your ass exploded. It burnt, it hurt, it was exciting. You orgasmed, your cum dribbling from your pussy over the box. The cock in your mouth exploded. Not so much force as you swallowed.

Soon, you were empty, all the cocks had finished, they looked at you, writhing naked, on the box. You needed more. You needed to cum again. You were hungry.

Turning over, you lay down, spread your legs. Your wet, sore pussy staring them in the face. You parted your pussy lips, slipped three fingers inside yourself, masturbated yourself to another orgasm. The squelch of juices, theirs and yours, inter mingling. You groaned as you came.

They laughed and left.

Turning off the shower, you dried you aching body. The evidence of their hands still there. Your nipples sore, your pussy sore. You smiled. Contented and happy.

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