Watching Jessie (glory hole)


Watching Jessie (glory hole)This story follows “Watching Jessie “Jessie was so out of it I had to help her get her pants on. I guided Jessie to her car but it was obvious that I would have to drive us to her house. I suggested that we go to the hospital where Jessie could get the morning after pill. Jessie didn’t talk to me on the ride home, other than to say that she didn’t want to go to the hospital. My suggestion of the hospital had only made her colder to me. I could have stopped the guy from fucking Jessie in the parking lot and possibly getting her pregnant. Instead I chose to watch mesmerized, as the stranger did as he pleased with my girlfriend, Jessie.My cock was still hard as I drove Jessie’s car towards her home. I wanted to feel Jessie’s freshly used pussy but I couldn’t think of anything to say that would make that happen. I stopped at a gas station and got a couple of energy drinks for us. Jessie seemed like she was drunk even though she had only been drinking soda at the club. By the time we got to Jessie’s house she seemed a little more alert. After I parked the car Jessie took the keys and told me goodnight. I got in my car and drove home wondering if Jessie would ever want to see me again.I tried calling Jessie on Sunday, but she didn’t answer. I tried again this time leaving Jessie a voice mail that I wanted to make sure that she was alright. I got a text from Jessie shortly, I’m fine. At least Jessie was still acknowledging me.I had another text from Jessie while I was at work Sunday night. By the time I checked my phone it was early Monday morning. Jessie asked why I let it happen. I spent the rest of my shift trying to figure out how to explain myself. I played out scenarios in my head but the only hope I had was to be honest. So I sat in my car after work Monday morning and texted; I would have expected to be angry but instead when I saw you being pleasured by the guy licking you and heard you moaning I was turned on. I know I should have stopped him when he went to fuck you but you seemed okay with it. When I heard you say no I was going to try and stop him but you only said it once then you were moaning again and he was already pumping into you. I’m sorry please forgive me. By the time I got home Jessie had texted me back unbelievable! Thanks for being honest. I responded asking can you forgive me? Jessie sent I need to get my head around this.I went to bed exhausted but couldn’t sleep. Later that afternoon Jessie called me. Jessie wanted to know if I wanted her to sleep with other guys. I said I had never thought about it. Jessie said but you must have enjoyed it. I explained that I only wanted to be with her. Jessie was insistent on finding out why I had been turned on watching her getting fucked. I finally admitted that reading stories about wives having sex with other men while there husbands watched was my favorite porn. Jessie was silent for a moment then asked where can I find such stories. I gave her a couple of websites. Jessie said she’d have to check it out. Jessie ended the call simply by saying have a good night at work. I was still up in the air obviously.I had a text from Jessie when I went on break. Where do you watch porn? I responded that’s rather presumptuous….I told her the website.I got more texts from Jessie Tuesday evening as I got ready to go to work. Jessie wanted to know exactly what porn I watched. I finally sent her my username so she could check out my favorites. Jessie was either going to accept me or reject me and there was nothing I could do about it now.I didn’t hear anything more from Jessie except for a good morning or good night text until Saturday. Jessie called me late Saturday afternoon wanting to know what I was doing. I wasn’t doing anything. Jessie said I should come over. I tried to find out what Jessie wanted to do but she wouldn’t say. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I drove to her house.Jessie opened the door and my eyes about popped out of my head. Jessie was wearing a tight little nurses outfit her breasts were pushing well out over the top of. Jessie invited me in informing me that she was home all alone. Jessie walked away from me towards the couch then stopped and bent over as if to pick something up. I could see Jessie had no panties on as the short skirt exposed her bare ass to me. I had never thought that Jessie could be so sexually adventurous.Jessie instructed me to come with her. I followed Jessie as she headed upstairs. I reached my hand to Jessie’s leg and let it roam up her inner thigh. Jessie seemed to be enjoying showing off and my attention. Jessie led me into her bedroom. Jessie undid my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down as she pushed me onto her bed. Jessie ran her hand over my hard cock and kissed my neck. I was ready to blow my load. Jessie seemed to sense that. Jessie had me scoot back and knelt straddling me. I wondered outloud about a condom. Jessie suggested that it was safe this once since her period just ended. I came almost instantly as Jessie’s hot wet pussy engulfed my cock. Jessie rode my cock for several minutes cumming twice herself.Jessie laid down bahis firmaları next to me and said that she forgave me and was sorry. For what I inquired. Jessie said for being boring when it came to sex. Jessie said after talking with her older sister about me she realized that I must really love her. I confirmed Jessie’s realization. Jessie said she had loved me since our second date. Jessie discussed what I had revealed to her about my turn ons. Jessie was not interested in having sex with other guys. Jessie said I hope you can love me anyway. Jessie though might like to flirt and tease others if I wanted her to. I told Jessie she didn’t have to, I loved and respected her too much to ask her to be anyone but herself. Jessie said she didn’t mind teasing others but for now that was as far as she was willing to go.We ordered a pizza and had sex in every position that we could think of that night. My favorite though was Jessie kneeling on the bed as I took her from behind. The way she rocked back and forth on my cock was amazing. I finally left early Sunday morning not wanting her folks to find me there when they came home Sunday.Jessie moved in with me a couple of weeks after that. When we went out Jessie now dressed to show off her body. Jessie seemed to enjoy guys checking her out. Jessie on occasion would go so far as to bump into a guy who she caught staring at her. Jessie would either back into them as if by accident or if it was in a crowded place squeeze by pressing her breasts against them. At first Jessie was put off when a guy would inadvertently touch her or more than likely on purpose. Jessie though now would smile when a guy couldn’t help but touch her. Several times Jessie had to slip away from a guy who thought he was going to have her. Jessie would laugh after she gave a guy the tease and then the slip.Jessie had gotten very bold in only two months. My Birthday was coming up and Jessie said she had an idea. Jessie was going to take me to a strip club in the city 35 miles away. We packed an overnight bag in case we got too much to drink, we’d get a room. Jessie wore a very short skirt with only a thong underneath, a pushup bra and v neck top that exposed all of her cleavage. Jessie seemed a bit nervous as she drove us to our destination.When we got to the strip club we were informed that there was a $5 cover charge. The man at the door decided Jessie didn’t have to pay the cover. I was getting out my wallet. Jessie then started flirting with the man at the door to let me go into without paying since it was my Birthday. Jessie was not getting anywhere with getting me in for free, until she dropped her keys. Jessie bent over in front of the bouncer showing him her bare ass. And for good measure Jessie pushed it back against him. The bouncer man grabbed Jessie’s hips and thrust against her. Jessie straighten up the man waved us in. Jessie gave him a peck on the cheek as we went inside.We got a couple of seats at the bar. There was an older man standing at the bar watching the dancer. As soon as Jessie walked by he followed her to the bar. He bought us both a drink. He wanted Jessie to give him a lap dance but she declined. The rest of the guys were watching the naked girls on stage. Jessie was starting to feel a little disappointed, other than the old man who bought us drinks and the bouncer outside Jessie was almost unnoticed.I suggested we leave and find some place else to go. Jessie agreed when we finished out drinks we’d go. No sooner than Jessie said this in came a group of young men. They were all 21-23 in age having a bachelor party. They were all watching the girl on stage except for one who was staring at Jessie. Jessie turned toward him and uncrossed and recrossed her legs. He immediately tapped the guy next to him and Jessie repeated flashing him a glimpse up her short little skirt. Eventually all eight of them in the group got a peak up Jessie’s skirt. One of the young men began suggesting to Jessie that she spread her legs apart. Jessie acknowledged him and uncrossed her legs then slowly spread them apart. I was sure that he had a clear view of everything except what the narrow strip of pantie covering Jessie’s pussy. He was now suggesting she slide that to the side. Jessie wiggled in the seat a little then with an apologetic look shook her head.Finally he got up and pulled another chair up then came over and asked Jessie to come sit with them. Jessie looked at me for an opinion. I shrugged to suggest she go ahead. Jessie got up and went to the ladies room I followed to the men’s room. Jessie asked if I was sure. I said it’s still only flirting right. Jessie said I don’t know if they think that. I returned to my barstool and a few moments later Jessie took her seat with the group of young men. It didn’t take long before the guy sitting next to Jessie had his hand on her thigh. He was talking to Jessie who was trying to act amused. After several minutes Jessie went around the table and turned one young man, the groom to be, around. Jessie sat on his lap. Jessie stayed there for a while eventually he started exploring Jessie’s body kaçak iddaa with his hands. He cupped Jessie’s breasts in his hands. When he moved his hands down and started to pull Jessie’s skirt up to rub her pussy Jessie stood up. Jessie turned around and sat on his lap facing him. I couldn’t see exactly what was happening. But had a pretty good idea that his hands were diddling Jessie’s pussy. I could see her lips parting as he must have been hitting Jessie’s button. Jessie leaned over and gave him a kiss. Jessie then came over to me and said that we needed to leave.We left immediately confirmed that she had to get up or he was going to have her cumming. Jessie said that they wanted to get a hotel room. Jessie could have done it if it had been just one but not all of them. Jessie told me she was soaking wet. I told her that I liked knowing that she was turned on.We came to the car but Jessie kept walking. I asked what she was doing. Jessie said she had seen something on the way in she wanted to check out. I hurried to catch back up to Jessie. Jessie pointed across the street. It was an adult novelty store. The sign in the window said toys magazines vids peep show. I was curious about what Jessie was looking for.There was only one employee and one customer in the store when Jessie and I entered. We both surveyed the store and Jessie made her way towards the toys. Not unnoticed by myself or Jessie was the row of doors in the back of the store. The clerk had made his way over to Jessie in case she wanted to buy a toy. Jessie asked him how that worked back there, gesturing towards the row of doors. The clerk said you go in put quarters in the machine it plays you a video clip. Then he stammered a little as he added but you would want to go in the doors on the backside. Just then a guy came out of one of the booths. I noticed then that a little green light lite up above the door. I asked what the light was for. The clerk continued telling Jessie that there were holes in both sides of the booths. So if you go in the booths on the other side there’s a good chance you get to see a man stick his junk through to ya. A green light means that both is empty. That meant there were a lot more people in this place than meets the eye.Jessie pulled me to the back of the store and around the backside of the booths. The doors from this side were pink. However there were no green lights. Two of the doors had red lights. A change machine hung on the wall in case you needed quarters. Jessie part way down slowly pulled open a door. Jessie went in pulling me to come too. Jessie started kissing me and saying she needed me to fuck her now. I pulled the door closed and it got pitch dark in the little room. As soon as I turned the knob to latch the door a dim light came on.There on the back wall was a pay to view video screen and a condom dispenser. Jessie was getting my cock out as I worked my hands on her breasts. Jessie then turned to get her purse. That’s when Jessie saw the long cock poked through the hole. Jessie touched it with her hand and began to pet it. The cock became instantly more rigid. Jessie was stroking this long thin white cock. Jessie crouched down in front of it and took the cock into her mouth. Jessie quickly removed her mouth from the cock but continued to stroke it. Jessie stuck her tongue out and ran her finger in and out of her mouth. Jessie whispered for me to get her a condom. I pulled two quarters out of my pocket. Jessie seeing I was short handed me her purse.I got a condom from the machine. Jessie took the condom from me and rolled it onto this cock, just as she had done with my cock on numerous occasions. Jessie stroked the condom fully on then sucked on the head of the long cock. Jessie then stood up slipping her thong off. Jessie whispered happy Birthday as she backed her pussy towards the cock. Jessie bent over as I watched the tip of the eight inches of cock sticking through the hole touching Jessie’s pussy. Slowly at first the cock began be pushed inside of Jessie’s pussy. After the first couple of inches of cock were inside Jessie’s pussy, Jessie pushed back hard and the cock almost completely disappeared into her. Jessie was riding her pussy back and forth on this long cock and was pushing her ass against the wall. Jessie grabbed me to hang onto as she picked up her pace. My cock was rock hard as Jessie fucked herself on that long cock. It didn’t take long for both Jessie and this stranger to cum. Although Jessie was breathing heavily. Jessie leaned back against the wall resting for several minutes with the cock buried in her. Jessie started to moan as the guy must have been sliding in and out of her pussy. Jessie let out a disappointed sigh as the cock withdrew from her pussy.Jessie stood up leaning against the wall. The guy then asked what Jessie’s name was. Jessie turned around letting her short skirt fall back down over her ass and said Jessie. There was a knock on the opposite wall and a short chubby cock appeared through the hole. Jessie reached out to hold this new cock. The first guy was sticking a piece of paper through the hole. Jessie didn’t kaçak bahis notice until he knocked on the wall. Jessie took the paper which had Rex and a phone number written on it. Rex said call or text me. Jessie said I will. I had a sudden knot in my stomach hearing Jessie saying that.Jessie stuck the note in her purse then knelt in front of the new cock. Jessie stroked at the cock then began sucking on it. It must’ve tasted good because Jessie was getting all of this stubby cock in her mouth. Jessie bobbed her head up and down on this cock for several minutes. I heard Rex leave the booth on the other side. Jessie was sucking on this guy’s cock like it was candy. All of a sudden Jessie pulled her mouth off of the cock sensing he was going to cum. Jessie wasn’t ready to swallow. It didn’t stop him from cumming. The first spurt of cum hit Jessie in the nose and mouth. Jessie continued to stroke the cock with her hand. More cum came out and landed on Jessie’s breasts. The guy then pulled his cock out of the hole.Jessie got back to her feet and showed me the spunk running down her chin and her cleavage. I grabbed some of the paper towels and helped her wipe the cum off. Jessie said shhhh. I stopped moving, Jessie had heard the door close on the booth Rex had been in.I was ready to go. I couldn’t wait to fuck Jessie after the show with Rex. Jessie picked up her thong and stuffed it in her purse. Then however a fat black uncut cock appeared through the hole. Then came a knock. I wasn’t sure how Jessie felt. I did know that a lot of my favorite porn videos were of black guys fucking white wives. I got my answer. Jesus grabbed the cock and whispered I’m going to need another condom. That meant we needed more quarters.I opened the door and went out to get the quarters. Jessie had the fat black cock in her hand. It took a bit to find a dollar that the machine would take. When I opened the door back up I could see Jessie was on her knees. Once I latched the door and the light turned on I could see a lot more. I had seen that this cock was thick but. Jessie had both hands wrapped around the thick shaft and was sucking what she could. He was at least as long as Rex and twice as thick. I really didn’t think Jessie could or even would try to fuck this cock. Jessie held out her hand for the condom so I went ahead and put the quarters in and turned the handle. I handed Jessie the condom. Jessie continued bobbing her head up and down sucking on his big black cock as she opened the condom. Jessie took her mouth off the cock and said I want you in my pussy. I saw the cock twitch as Jessie said this. Jessie tried to get the condom on his cock but couldn’t. Jessie asked if he minded putting it on. He said sure, I’m Frank. Jessie was Jessie’s response.Frank pushed his cock back through the hole. The condom only covered about two thirds Frank’s large cock. Jessie ran her hands up and down Frank’s cock a little more. Jessie slipped her skirt off and turned around. Taking a deep breath Jessie leaned forward and inched her self back to Frank’s waiting cock. Jessie then whispered to me to help her get it started in. I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to grab Frank’s cock. So I pulled Jessie’s pussy lips open and guided her to Frank’s cock. Jessie’s pussy was in contact with Frank’s cock now but the angle was not right. Frank’s cock slipped down across Jessie’s clitorus as she moved back. Jessie moved forward and I lined up her pussy with Frank’s cock. This time I picked up on Frank’s cock. It didn’t slip by. Jessie let out a groan as the head of Frank’s cock pushed into her pussy. Jessie didn’t seem to be able to take anymore. Jessie held still. Then I could see Jessie was wiggling trying to get Frank’s cock deeper. Jessie gradually got more of Frank’s cock into her. Jessie was orgasming by the time she got 3 inches of Frank’s cock inside her. At the height of her orgasm Jessie pushed back hard. Frank’s cock pushed deep inside of Jessie’s pussy. Frank let out a groan. Jessie then made me get in front of her so she could hang onto me. Jessie finally pushed her ass against the wall and stayed there. Frank was shoving his cock deep into Jessie’s pussy over and over again. I reached my hands down and put them on Jessie’s belly. I could feel Frank’s cock as it slammed into Jessie’s belly repeatedly. Jessie was going out of her mind as she came nonstop. After a couple of minutes Frank started to grunt and his pace slowed. Jessie shrieked and dug her nails into me when Frank shoved his cock into her as he came.Jessie stayed bent over hanging onto me for a long time. Frank continued sliding his cock into Jessie’s pussy for close to 15 more minutes. Jessie asked if I had a piece of paper. I didn’t. Jessie took a dollar out of her purse. Jessie took out her lipstick and wrote her name on one side and her number on the other side of that dollar. Frank’s cock had disappeared back through the hole. Jessie asked him not to go yet as she wrote out her number. Jessie said here as she stuck the dollar through the hole. Jessie said I love your cock. My cock loves your pussy Frank said.Jessie could hardly stand up straight. I had to help Jessie get her skirt on. I told Jessie I couldn’t wait to feel her pussy now. Jessie suggested that we go ahead and get a room.The night was not over but that’s another story…

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