Watching Young Newlyweds Fuck

Watching Young Newlyweds FuckSometimes things happen that you know you’re very lucky to experience and will likely never experience again. This is one of those events (although something kind of similar happened to me again only a year ago. But that’s a story for another time.)I love to watch people fuck. Straight couples, gay couples, groups, doesn’t matter to me, as long as I can sit with a clear line of vision and jack off while they do it. Finding a couple into being watched is a lot harder than you might imagine. Finding a couple who are both smokin’ hot who WANT you to watch is nearly impossible.A few years ago business took me on a two week trip to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The company put up at a charming bed-and-breakfast that had been converted from an 100 year old schoolhouse. It only had, I would guess, six or seven guest rooms, and I rarely saw any of the other guests. I liked it because of the privacy, but also because of the large hot tub in a very private pavilion, behind the main building. No one ever used it except me, and, as the two weeks went on, I got very comfortable taking my swimsuit off and enjoying the warm water alone in the nude late at night.On my last full day at the B&B, I ran into a young couple checking in, Andrew and Megan. They were both very hot, extremely good-looking, in their very early 20s. The owner informed me they were on their honeymoon. Even though it was a very quick how’d-you-do, I remember thinking, they’re both very lucky to be fucking such hot people as each other.That night around midnight, after a very long last day at work, I went out to the hot tub pavilion for one last evening. I got in the tub, turned the bubbles on, and, as I had done for the previous two weeks, took my suit off. The bubbling hot tub was noisy, and my mind was drifting, so I didn’t hear the door behind me open and close. Suddenly I realized Andrew and Megan were climbing into the other side of the tub. Luckily, the bubbles filled the water with frothing foam, so they had no idea I was naked.Seeing her in her bikini, and him and his board shorts, was a revelation. They were even hotter than I first thought. They were both athletic, with tight, defined bodies. Megan had medium sized breasts, and a heart shaped ass. Andrew was muscular, but not in the gym built sort of way, much more natural, but still completely ripped. His chest was covered in hair that trailed down to the top of his shorts, which was (and is) a huge turn on for me. They were both blonde, her’s a bit more reddish than his dishwater color, but Andrew’s chest hair, interestingly enough, was considerably darker. Very sexy.They started chatting with me, saying they hoped they weren’t interrupting my privacy. I told them of course they were welcome. Fairly soon the conversation dwindled and we all started quietly relaxing in the warm water. I was concerned that I had to figure out a way to get my swimsuit, which I had thrown onto a chair next to the door with my towel. They hadn’t noticed it was there, I hoped.As I was trying to figure out how to retrieve it, I realized I couldn’t see their hands under the bubbles. Clearly they were starting to play with each other a little bit, and they stared into each others eyes, kissed, and giggled. The fact that this very hot couple was playing pinch-and-giggle didn’t help my swimsuit problem, since I was starting to get an erection imagining what was going on under the water.My plan was to just out wait them, wait until they went back to their room and then I could get up and get my swimsuit. But they were clearly having a pretty good time, kissing, and playing under the water. I started to feel slightly uncomfortable, like I should leave and give them some privacy, but I couldn’t stand up and expose my now rock-hard cock.Andrew kissed Megan quite deeply, and while he did so, his right hand came up and cupped one of her breasts. She laughed and turned and smiled at me. “Hope you don’t mind,” she said. I made some joke about them being on their honeymoon, and so anything was acceptable. “Besides,” I explained, “I’m no prude. And we’re in a hot tub. Do whatever you feel like.” We all laughed. She kissed him again, ödemiş escort and then cryptically said to him, “Ask him.” He smiled, and said, “In a bit.”I had no idea what they were talking about, but as they chatted and kissed, and played under the water, they were clearly getting more and more comfortable and settled in. This could be a long wait. I tried not to stare as their hands were clearly becoming more and more active under the water. I couldn’t see anything through the bubbles, but they were obviously enjoying themselves immensely, and their kisses went from quick pecks to long, lingering lip-locks. Occasionally I could detect a flicker of tongue moving in and out of each others’ mouths.After 10 minutes or so, Megan turned to me and asked, “Do you mind if we turn the bubbles off?”I froze! I was suddenly in a very difficult position. I made some joke about bubbles making the experience more exciting. They both laughed. And then she said, “No, is it really okay? The bubbles are kind of bothering me.”Trapped! I had no choice. “Okay,” I sheepishly admitted, “Here’s the deal. I’ve been staying here for a couple weeks, and I’ve come out to the hot tub every night and nobody else was ever here. So, the truth is … ” I hesitated and they looked at me with sly smiles on their faces. Andrew broke the silence. “So what you’re saying is you’re naked right now.” He laughed.I laughed as well. “That, in fact, would be the case, yes.”Megan leaned forward. “Well, why didn’t you say so?” she enthusiastically shouted, and immediately untied her bikini top and pulled it off over her head.Andrew laughed, pulled his trunks off under the water, wrung them out, and threw them on the deck next to the hot tub. Megan took her bottom off as well and threw them over the side. Now all three of us were naked, though our genitals were still obscured by the bubbles. Megan’s nipples were rock hard, and it was hard to miss Andrew’s appreciative glance at them. They both sat back in the hot water and looked expectantly at me.I laughed. “Still want to turn the bubbles off?” I jokingly asked. “Sure,” said Megan. “Sorry,” I said, “I was just joking.” “I’m not,” smiled Megan.I was getting a little uncomfortable, not sure what was happening. Megan turned to Andrew, and once again said, “Ask him.” Andrew sighed comically, and told me that he and Megan had a major fantasy, one that they had promised each other they would carry out on their honeymoon. Their fantasy was to make love while someone watched them. Since watching a couple fuck is one of MY major fantasies, his statement nearly took my breath away. But what he said next really shocked me. “Want to watch us fuck?”I honestly don’t remember what I said, but it was clearly in the affirmative. Andrew nodded, and looked at Megan. She smiled the biggest smile of the evening. He looked back at me and said, “Sounds like a good time. But I have to tell you a couple rules. You can’t touch us, you can only watch. We don’t want someone to participate with us, just observe our experience.” I told him I understood and was just great with that. “I do have one question though,” I said. “Is it alright if I jack off while I watch you?”They both nodded. “I’d love it. That would be a huge turn on,” said Megan.”I’m down with that if you are,” I said, already stroking my stiff cock under the water. I reached over and hit the button on the side of the hot tub. The bubbles immediately stopped. The water wasn’t clear yet, but it would be within a couple of minutes.Andrew and Megan looked at each other and kissed a long, passionate, romantic kiss. Then Andrew hoisted himself up out of the water and sat on the edge of the hot tub. His rock hard, cut cock was beautiful. I would guess it was a little over 8 inches, and very thick. He had extremely large balls, that were hanging low under his dick. I didn’t know if it was from the hot water or if they were always like that. He had a full thatch of dark pubic hair, and even though it was soaking wet, I could tell it was full and only rarely trimmed.Megan looked at his cock, then looked at me, and smiled. She reached over with her right hand and gently ran it up the length of his cock. ödemiş escort bayan Then she leaned forward, and licked up the side of it, stopping to kiss the mushroom head before taking it into her mouth. Andrew’s head fell back in pleasure. Megan began to work her mouth up-and-down on the thick shaft. With her left hand, she cupped Andrew’s low hanging balls. With her other hand she began stroking his cock into her mouth. I was, of course, furiously stroking my dick by this time. It was so hot seeing this beautiful young bride blow her young, hung new husband.Andrew grabbed her by the hair, pulled her mouth off of his cock, and leaned down and kissed her full on the mouth. Then he looked over at me and said, “Why don’t we take this to someplace a little more private? Let’s go up to our room.”We got out of the hot tub. Megan’s young pussy was completely shaved. I was surprised, since Andrew clearly kept his pubic hair full. We didn’t bother to put our swimming suits back on. We just wrapped the towels around our waists, left the pavilion, and went into the bed-and-breakfast, up the stairs, and into their bedroom.We all three instantly dropped our towels. Megan lay back on the bed, and spread her legs. Her pink pussy was soaking wet, either from the hot tub or from being turned on, I couldn’t tell which. Andrew dropped to his hands and knees next to the bed, and began licking her cunt. His ass was pointed directly at me. It was covered with dark fuzz, and his asshole was particularly hairy. I sat in an armchair, next to the bed, and began stroking my cock, up and down.Andrew ate Megan’s cunt slowly at first. His tongue made long, loving lapping movements to the glistening pink lips, and then he would suck her clit for long periods. Her eyes almost never left me, watching me stroke my cock while watching her getting her pussy eaten. Andrew took two fingers and slid them up inside of her. He began to finger bang her as he licked and sucked her clit until she climaxed, her head thrown back, her hips bucking her pussy up against his mouth. Andrew’s cock was rock hard, and oozing precum, which had puddled on the carpet where had had been kneeling. He stood up and stepped back from the bed, as Megan reversed directions, lying with her head hanging over the edge of the bed.Andrew looked over at me, and said, “This is how she really likes it.” He stepped forward and put the mushroom head of his cock against her waiting mouth, as the pre-come drizzled over her left cheek and her moist lips. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked the head slowly, then he began to push forward, and his cock slid deeply into her mouth. But he wasn’t done yet. He stepped back, pulling out his cock. She looked up at him apprehensively. He only smiled, and gave his cock two strokes with his right hand. She looked at him, with pleading in her eyes. “Please,” she said. “Please, baby, fuck my throat. Fuck it hard.”Andrew, somewhat arrogantly, said, “You sure you want that? You sure want my cock deep down your slut throat? You want me to fuck your whore throat while he watches?” He indicated me. “Yes,” she breathlessly nodded. “Please, fuck my whore throat! Please.”He stepped forward and put his cock against her lips once again. She opened her mouth very wide, and he lunged forward, his cock brutally sliding down her throat, as his hairy, low-hanging balls banging against her nose. She gagged slightly, and he began to slowly pump his hips back-and-forth, his cock working its way in and out of her mouth, and deeper and deeper into her throat. I could see the outline of his cock in her neck.His hip thrusts became faster and he began to brutally fuck her mouth. His low hangers repeatedly slapped against her nose and eyes, and I could see drool coming from the corners of her mouth and dripping down onto the floor. Needless to say, I was furiously jacking my cock! As Andrew fucked her throat he said, “You like that, slut? Do you like that cock in your throat? You like when I fuck your whore mouth?” Of course Megan was unable to answer, but from her gagging moans, and the way she was furiously playing with her pussy, I could tell she was loving it.Without any warning escort ödemiş Andrew stepped back away from his wife, his cock pulling from her mouth with a slurping sound. “Watch this,” he said to me. He climbed over the top of her, his knees on either side of her torso, and slowly lowered his hairy ass towards her face and her mouth. Her tongue darted out, and hungrily found its way into the crack of his hairy ass. She began to tongue his asshole back-and-forth, in and out, faster and faster. She rimmed him hungrily, pushing her face forward, burying her face in his hairy ass crack. He moaned, and leaned forward and licked her pussy a few times. She couldn’t get enough of eating his hairy asshole, looking at it, loving it, occasionally pulling away, and then thrusting forward again, tongue first. Kissing his puckered asshole, worshiping it.Andrew suddenly stood up, looked over at me, and smiled. “Now for the main event,” he said slyly.Megan repositioned herself on the bed, her head on the pillow. She arched her back, and put her legs up in the air, but her eyes never left me and my rock hard, pre-cum seeping cock.”Which of you do you prefer?” Andrew asked. “Side view, or from below where you can see all the action?””From below,” I whimpered jacking my cock even harder.Megan adjusted positions slightly, and Andrew straddled between her legs, his hairy ass, still damp from her saliva, now pointed at me. He leaned forward. By slumping slightly in the chair I got a better view, and watched his large, engorged cock slowly slip into her wet pussy. She bucked her hips and forced him inside her, until he was balls deep in her dampness. Megan moaned and put her arms around his neck. Andrew began to rock his hips, his cock moving slowly in and out of his new wife’s stretched cunt.I didn’t know how much longer I could hold off until I came, especially as Andrew began to fuck her harder and harder. He was pounding her pussy, both of them moaning uncontrollably, the sweat making both their bodies shiny and their muscles even more defined. Periodically, Andrew would say something like, “You like that, you slut? You like being fucked by my big, hard cock? Do you like strangers watching me use your whore cunt?” She never answered, but would moan incoherently. He fucked her even harder, as I stroked my cock even harder. He was pounding her with perfectly controlled, but brutal, thrusts. Just when I thought I couldn’t hold off cumming any longer, Andrew pulled out of Megan’s pussy and pulled her head over towards the side of the bed where I was sitting. He climbed on top of her sitting on her chest and began to stroke his cock into her face. She licked his low hanging balls, sucking each into her mouth, and trying, unsuccessfully, to suck both together. He was stroking harder and harder and suddenly produced a guttural moan. Salvo after salvo of hot, creamy jizz squirted out of his huge mushroom cock head, spraying her face. The first squirt hit her left cheek and forehead. Her mouth opened and her tongue came out, catching nearly all of the second salty spurt. Andrew was a voluminous cummer, there were five or six large spurts of hot cum and three or four small ones. When he finished shooting, her face was glazed, covered in his thick juice.Needless to say, I shot as well, hitting my chest and stomach with hot sperm. It was an intense orgasm, and I shuddered and moaned at exactly the same time Andrew did.Andrew’s sweaty body slid down over her’s, until he was lying fully on top of her, face-to-face. The cum was dripping off her face, out of her mouth, into her hair, onto the sheets of the bed. Andrew didn’t seem to mind. He leaned forward and gave her a long, lingering, passionate, romantic kiss. Clearly she was snowballing some of his own cum back into his mouth, and he seemed to love it. There was cum all over his face, as well, when he looked up and smiled at me.I used my towel from the hot tub to clean my cum off my chest and stomach, as they returned to kissing. I stood up, put the towel around my waist look down at them. I smiled and said, “Congratulations on your wedding. I know, for a fact, you two are going to be very happy.”They both looked up at me, smeared cum covering both their faces and lips. “Yeah,” said Andrew, “We think so too.” I left the room, and left the B&B the next day. I never saw Andrew and Megan again. But they were one hot fucking couple I’ll never forget.

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