Water you waiting for (Fetlife repost)


Water you waiting for (Fetlife repost)THE FOLLOWING TAKES PLACE IN SUMMER OF 2015A cool splash on my face as i am hit with the after effect of the cannon ball some k** has done near my spot at the water park, a quick glance to see who did it and got my iPad wet yielded no results. I quickly get up and walk to the bathrooms away from the families and wildness of the outdoor pool to the more secluded indoor pool. The water park was pretty packed as expected and i was having none of the bullshit today when it came to being doused with water. Upon entering i found a spot next to a lush, full bodied BBW wearing a two piece. At the time i had done the same thing anyone would have done, a fast glance with a fast fuck fantasy to fill my mind. However i didn’t realize that it would come true. Upon placing my things next to her i simply stated Hey mind if you watch my stuff really fast? I need to clean off my iPad it got wet. She gave me a glance and responded with a Oh don’t worry i was already watching. Not thinking much of it at the time i placed my towel, bag of snacks and water and of course backpack of clothing next to her. Off i was to the bathroom to get paper towels to wipe the screen off (My towel was too soaked hatay escort to use) The last of the male water park attendees left the bathroom and i was all alone to use the paper towel descender as needed. That’s when the door opened and in walked my BBW, i had just gotten the water off the iPad when she pushed me into the stall and began to make out with me. Slowly she dug into my pants and pulled out my cock. She stopped and showed me what she found in my back pack. Found this cock ring in your bag, it fell over and i went to put everything back for you but curiosity killed the cat. She knelt down and began to suck as fast and hard as possible getting it nice and slobbery wet. The slurping was so loud and noticeable i was surprised we didn’t get caught and that no one entered back into the restroom. She swirled her tongue around the head over and over going down and back up faster and faster to the point she was mouth fucking it. She had me fully erect and throbbing harder then i had ever been, my cock twitched in her hands as she stroked. Oh you’re a big boy huh? Fucking thick damn. She reached for the cock ring and placed it on me. Come one, you’re fucking me in the hot tub. she ığdır escort grabbed my cock and was stroking it as she walked me over to a secluded hot tub that i hadn’t noticed. No one noticed it really, it was out of the way in the corner. We sat down and she took her thong off (yes thong this woman had the biggest ass and wore a thong vs a bikini bottom) she spread her legs and began to rub her pussy as the bubbles started to engulf our privates God gimme that cock. she was teasing herself so good i decided to return the favor. I went under the water and began to lick and suck her pussy. I would get hints of fruit and water with each lick. She must eat fruit a lot i thought (yes apparently it is true. Eating fruit makes your pussy taste like a fruit salad) I could tell she was getting more and more cock hungry with each lick, her hips twitched and her pussy throbbed. I came back up for air and with out letting her get a word in i was in her. I began to violently pound her deep, i could feel her big amazing ass smash against the hot tub walls. I was in her balls deep and pound so violent that she was making the hot tub creek and the panels were shifting. I began to nibble her neck and escort bayan leave behind hickies as i slipped her bikini top off letting her DDDs fall out. I pounded faster and faster as i took her breast in my mouth sucking hard on her nipple, she couldn’t hold back she let out a loud moan which almost gave us away. She began to moan and speak Fuck i’m gonna cum. Give it yes please. God i want your cock to explode in me god yes! I could feel her pussy pulsing and get warmer and warmer, then finally, it was over for her. She orgasimed so hard i could feel her pussy squirt and pump on my cock. I looked at her, my cock still full. Get out of the tub. I commanded. She did that, totally naked in public she got out. Now suck. She went back on her knees her nude body on display for anyone and began to slobber and suck hard. Work the balls now. she began to stroke me faster and faster and she licked my balls and taint. Fuck i’m gonna cum i’m gonna cum i thought to myself. I couldn’t hold back any longer Lay down now! i commanded. She went on her back and i pushed her tits together. I began to fuck her tits fast until i exploded all over her face. My warm thick cum oozing down her head and off her eye. She licked it off her lips and wiped it off her eye, she ate every last drop.The water park is always a fun place to visit. Especially when locals know good fuck spots. If you enjoyed the story drop me a line and if you have fucked in a public water park before let me know below.

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