We Finally Meet Ch. 03

Big Dicks

As much as I am ready to go back to our hideaway in the forest, I am terribly curious about the Nepenthe hot tub experience you once described to me. Timidly and with a hint of a blush on my cheeks, I ask you to please take me down through there. Your eyes light up as you grab my hand and lead the way.

My eyes widen as we near the hot tubs. I have never in my life witnessed so many people in the throes of passion. It’s exciting to me, the thrill of voyeurism…yet another fantasy of mine you have brought to fruition. I can feel the wetness between my legs increase as we walk among the many couples having sex in the hot tubs. I know you are watching me, enjoying the fact that I am so turned on by the whole picture. I turn to look at you and you raise an eyebrow as if to ask me what I think. Without a word, I shrug out of my dress and let it pool around my feet. Your sharp intake of breath only encourages me to step toward you and reach for the waistband of your pants.

Animalistic lust has been unleashed in my now and I want, no I need to be among the many couples being fucked here tonight. I slide your pants over your hips and tear at your shirt while your hands unhook my bra and inch my thong down over my hips. I slide out of my heels and you pick me up and carry me to the nearest open hot tub. The excitement is building in me and it makes me shiver with delicious anticipation.

The water instantly reddens my canlı bahis skin and you pull me close to kiss my pouty lips. Your tongue slides between my teeth and begins it’s slow dance with mine.

Your hands roam my body under the water, making my body temperature rise even higher and the heat and extra wetness between my legs intensifies.

“Go ahead Kiki, grab my cock, it’s waiting for you,” you growl into my ear.

I reach for you and cannot hardly believe the fact that you are more hard now than I have had the pleasure to experience with you yet. The guttural groan that escapes your lips is music to my ears and I lean over to suck your earlobe into my hot mouth. You are tugging on my hard nipples and your mouth is on my neck, I can hardly catch my breath.

Another couple approaches us and you wink at me and nod to them and they climb into our hot tub with us. They skip any foreplay as she climbs into his lap and begins riding him like a thoroughbred. Their moans and cries of pleasure are an aphrodisiac to me and I can hardly contain myself anymore and move to straddle you.

My large breasts bob up and down in the water and with each upward swell, you capture them one by one into your mouth. Your hands have moved to caress my ass and guide my hips closer to you. As you capture my right nipple in between your teeth, your hands spread my ass cheeks and you slide one finger into my tight hole. Ahh, sweet jesus, bahis siteleri that feels so good. So damn good in fact that when you slide it in past your second knuckle, it quickly brings me to orgasm.

The other couple’s grunts and groans are getting louder as they journey toward their mutual orgasm and I can’t help thinking to myself how lucky I am to be here with you, experiencing so much and having the time of my life. As they climax together, I lean in for a long, passionate kiss and whisper to you how turned on I am.

With one finger still manipulating my ass, your other fingers spread the lips of my pussy and you slide your enormous cock deep into me; pushing me again to the brink of orgasm.

“Fuck me Mac,” I growl against your ear, “Fuck me hard and fuck me long!”

“Good gawd Kiki, it would be my pleasure. Can you feel how hard you make me honey? I am so damn hard, I ache for you.”

“Hell yes I can feel you Mac, and my pussy aches for you as well, now FUCK ME!”

With that said, those admissions made, we become frenzied in our lovemaking. By now I am sure we are just fucking…not making love. Our bodies pump and gyrate as one until sweet release beckons for both of us to let go. I can feel you swelling to the breaking point inside of me and I wrap my legs tighter around your waist, pulling you as close to me as possible.

Our breathing is labored as we struggle to come down from the heights bahis şirketleri we just soared to. Each time with you seems more intense than the last. You now know my body better than my husband, better than I, myself, know it.

“Time to go lover,” you purr into my ear.

I am still just savoring the feel of your big cock buried inside my pussy. Flaccid, yes, but nonetheless exciting. You playfully slap my ass and lift me off you. Exaggerating a pout, I grudgingly climb out of the hot tub and bend over to gather my clothes.

“Just carry them! I want you naked on the drive back to the cabin,” you demand. And as you have been told before, your wish is my command.

One thing you know excites me is the placement of a strong, sure hand on the small of my back. It’s almost as if it shows a type of erotic ownership. And this is how you lead me back to your car. Excitement is once again bubbling inside of me like hot lava. I remember the bottle of champagne chilling back at the cabin and also know that there is an abundance of fresh fruit and whipped cream for our oral delights.

You open the car door for me and as I turn to get in, you slap my bare ass, sending shivers straight through me.

“Keep it up love and you won’t be driving us anywhere for a while,” I tell you honestly and huskily.

“Okay, okay, I desperately want to get you alone back at our wooded hideaway so I will behave,”…”for now.” Your eyes twinkle devilishly in the moonlight.

You close my door and walk around to slide into the driver’s side. I notice your pants are undone and it makes me grin. I believe we are both in for the ride of our lives.

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