Weather for Two Ch. 02


This a the sequel to the previous story of similar title. Constructive criticism only. Thanks.


“When the cold seeps
Through your fur
And for my loneliness
There is no succor
We’re just two stones
And withered leaves
Although apart
Useless is all we seem
Still, when I grind on you
Our body heats
And leaves no clue
That we once were frigid
Lying parallel
Like forks and knives
And yet, together we can’t
But spark to life…”
– John Spurgeon

Chinwe stared out of the taxi window, not really seeing anything as the wet scenery flew past. Her mind was a blur of emotions, all stemming from a singular root – Sammy, the cute boy at the fruit shop. She had gone to the shop seeking warmth and shelter from the cold rain. She’d gotten her shelter, but a different kind of warmth had ignited itself deep inside her. He’d felt it too, she was sure. Too bad, they hadn’t had enough time to explore that spark.

She had taken his number before leaving, promising to call him. She hadn’t yet, not even as she was on her way back to the fruit shop. Would he be surprised to see her, Chinwe wondered. Will he be pleased she came back? Or did he already have someone on standby. He’s so cute he shouldn’t be single, she thought… and with this kind of weather, pairing off was almost a necessity.

However, it wasn’t for him that she was meeting him, but for her. She’d gone home and rolled from one end of her bed to the other and felt that spark build into an aching emptiness deep inside her, which she needed filled – a longing that steadily grew even more terrible as evening darkened to night, that all thoughts of spending another night alone seemed appalling. The cold winds blowing tonight seemed to be on a mission – to suck off all caution and modesty from her head. Tonight she’d be as carefree and alive as those other girls in her lodge – those slutty chicks she’d taught herself to detest.

She’d overheard them talk – Sammy and the customers who’d interrupted their brief sexcapade in the bakery. The shop closed at ten pm. Chinwe looked at her wristwatch – nine-twenty five. She hoped the rain won’t make them close earlier than usual today.

Sammy was as horny as a day-old initiate at the playboy mansion. He could still feel Sylvia’s warm, soft hand on his dick even though it’d been hours…no ages ago. It was still raining outside, and the cold had brought in numerous customers from the nearby school hostel and lodges looking to buy bread or warm snacks and ingredients for tea.

Most of them were females arriving in pairs and groups, their exquisite bodies hidden by wooly, over-sized sweaters. Still, that didn’t deter Sammy from undressing them with his eyes, wishing he could explore the soft warmth below the padding fabrics. His cousin, Jonah and Kemi, his girlfriend came out of the office where Sammy had found them in the middle of a heavy petting session, to help attend to the customers. Catching Jonah sucking an ebony-colored, soft, succulent orb didn’t help Sammy’s erection either. One girl bent to pick her money which had fallen out of her pocket. Sammy couldn’t help but gape at the perfect onion-shaped booty encased in tight denim trousers, and envy whoever was tapping that tonight. Kemi caught him staring and smirked. He quickly averted his gaze smiling to himself. Booty call… that was the only way to survive this night. Unless Sylvia called him like she promised.

There was an aphrodisiac in the air, carried by the windy rain, Sammy was sure. However, closing time was fast approaching, and Sammy was fast losing hope that his phone would ring. It was getting late, and Sylvia hadn’t come off as a night person to him.

Finally, it was ten o’clock on the dot. Jonah had gone to lock the front entrance. Sammy had buried his nose in the account book, counting proceeds and recording figures when his cousin’s voice got his attention.

“Sammy… last call…sharp-sharp so we can go.”

Sammy looked up and froze, then felt his body relax. He almost sighed in relief. She smiled at him as he approached, and the rest of the occupants of the shop ceased to exist. She was wearing a thin sweater with a hoodie, blue denim skirts that reached her knees and a pair of black sandals on her feet. She held an umbrella in one hand and a purse in the other. She wasn’t going to win any beauty contests, but her aura alone made him desire her so bad. And it wasn’t the aphrodisiac in the cold wind blowing outside, Sammy was sure. His pheromones had cross-pollinated with hers already. Her smile alone was enough to turn his wood into a rock.

God! He’s so handsome, Chinwe thought as she walked up to the counter.

“Hi!” He said in a gentle voice he didn’t recognize. She smelled god-awesome.

“Hi!” She replied. He was pleased to see her. Surprised too. The knowledge thrilled her. The thrill converted to something different within her…a primal urge to… she shook the thought out of her head and stretched to take his hand which was on the counter but stopped herself. Her cotton panties had güvenilir bahis gotten moist from thinking of him on the drive over. Seeing him was a different ball game. Soon she’d they’d be soaked and her want will coat the middle of her thighs. A wet spot on her skirt wouldn’t do.

Jonah cleared his throat. Sammy and Chinwe turned to see him standing at a corner with Kemi beside him. “I think we’d let you close up tonight. Kemi is tired. I’ll see the account books tomorrow.”

Chinwe looked away to hide the grateful blush creeping up her face, and missed the knowing smirk that appeared on Kemi’s face.

Tomorrow is Sunday, thought Sammy, but he didn’t care to mention that. He struggled to keep his expression straight. “Just help me with the mops outside, please,” he requested, and returned his attention to Chinwe when they agreed.

“Have you sold all the cookies?” Chinwe asked, sitting on one of the counter stools.

Sammy nodded. “All the snacks are finished…but I saved some pies for myself. Would you like?”


Sammy left for the adjourning door that led into the bakery. Chinwe would’ve followed suit, if Jonah and Kemi weren’t both still bringing in the goods hung outside. Sammy returned with a plate containing two pies. He got a sachet of serving papers from one of the drawers and walked around the counter to place the items beside her.

“Milk or yoghurt?” Sammy asked.

“Yoghurt. Nothing from the fridge though.”

Sammy went to a shelf to get a bottle of yoghurt off a rack. Jonah and Kemi brought in the last of the goods sampled outside, wished them both goodnight and left. Sammy locked the front entrance after them. He returned to the counter with the yoghurt which he opened with his teeth and handed to her.

Chinwe had already started with one pie. He took the second one with his bare fingers and bit in while he watched her take a swig of yoghurt. He pulled a counter stool and sat so close to her their knees were touching.

“You said you’d call,” Sammy began, “You showed up instead. I never expected you to show up.”

“Why? Is your girlfriend showing up?”

Sammy was surprised but chuckled. “I thought she already did?”

Chinwe smiled at that. “You assume too much,” she said.

“Well, that would make two of us.”

They were both smiling and eating their pies, never breaking eye contact. She finished her pie and took a large gulp of yoghurt to wash it down. She passed him the bottle still half-filled with yoghurt and dabbed at the corner of her lips with the paper serviette.

Sammy dropped a quarter of his pie on the plate. “This better remind me how sweet your lips taste,” he said. He raised the yoghurt bottle to his lips and swallowed gulp after gulp till the bottle was empty. He lowered the bottle to find Chinwe grinning at him. His breath caught in his nostrils and they flared like a horse’s sniffing an apple.

“Well?” Chinwe asked.

“As sweet as I remember.”

“The yoghurt, right?” She giggled.

Sammy placed both hands on her denim covered laps and leaned towards her. “You know there is only one way to find out?”

She met him halfway. Or rather, her lips met his, meshed and savored his taste. It was a short kiss. “Definitely yoghurt!” She mentioned with a smile when he pulled back.

Sammy laughed. “Are you sure? I tasted something different…”

“Yeah? Let’s try it again.”

They leaned into each other again. This time, Chinwe put an arm aaround his neck to stop him from moving away again. Sammy slid off his stool to get even closer to her, deepening the kiss. She opened her mouth to accept his tongue and met it with hers. She sucked on his tongue. Her breathing became heavy. Her eyes closed as she savored the pleasure coursing through her. The heat was up a notch warming her skin. She wanted to be touched. She felt her nipples harden. She wanted them touched…kneaded…sucked. She moaned into the kiss grabbing the hem of his sweater with her free hand, lifting the thick clothing and slipping her fingers underneath to touch his hard, hairy abdomen.

Chinwe ran her flat palm upward, feeling his hard body…reeling with feeling. She gasped when his teeth enclosed her lower lip and tugged. She slid off her stool and pressed herself to him. “Touch me,” she whispered fiercely, “love me, Sammy.”

Sammy’s put his arms around her waist crush her to him. His left hand squeezed an arse cheek while the right came up to grab a hand-filling breast and knead it. Chinwe ground herself on him. He released her, grabbed the hem of her sweater and lifted it up to her chest. Sammy felt the clothes underneath and broke the kiss to look.

She wore a pink yoga tank top that was tucked into her skirt. He looked at her – lips wet from their kisses, breathing heavily, face flushed, and with a hunger in her eyes. Both his big toes were digging into his shoes, he realized. He urged her hands up, took the sweater up over her head when she did and placed them on the counter. They were sheer a low-support bra and a trippled crossed strappy back. He türkçe bahis could see down her cleavage at her firm-looking breasts. He tugged the hem of the tank top out of her skirt and pulled it over her head.

Her breasts hung freely, higher on her chest without a hint of sag in them. They were almost C cups, not as big as she would’ve loved them to be in that moment. She arched her back to jut them out some more. The cold air had made the stiff nipples stiffen some more, but none of that prepared her for how pebbly they got when his hands cupped both breasts and his thumbs rubbed over them.

“Perfect!” Sammy muttered. “Your body is so perfect, Sylvia.”

I’m not Sylvia, she would’ve said, but his hands were doing wonderful things at her chests and his words… He thinks I’m perfect. I think I should tell him I lied. A perfect liar…that’s what I am. His next kiss blotted out the thoughts in her head. she sighed as he kissed down her neck trailing them down to her chest. She waited. The anticipation…she gasped when finally his warm mouth covered one areola and sucked. She stood on tip toe, grabbed his head and pressed herself into him. Pleasure was like shooting stars firing all over her brain. Her panties were soaked through and through and she could feel her moistness drip down her inner thighs. She squeezed them and felt her pussy squelch.

“Ohh!” Chinwe whispered when he latched on to the other tit to give it a similar doze of good loving. His thumb and fore finger pinched and pulled the tongue-wet nipple while he sucked on the other one. Chinwe kissed the top of his head and held on to his shoulders while rubbing her groin to his. She grabbed his head when he lifted off her breast and brought his head up to kiss him.

He tasted the hunger in her kiss, while he kneaded her breasts. When the kiss ended, the look in her eye confirmed it. He shook his head. “Not here,” he said, “come with me.” He took her hand and led her to make-shift office.

Her boobs swayed as she followed him into the office. It was small, one part wall, three part aluminum frame and opaque glass. There was a couch beside the door. There was also an office desk, a swivel chair behind it and two leather client chairs in front of it. Sammy pushed her gently to sit on the couch. He took off his sweater and then his polo to expose his hard, lean body. Chinwe leaned forward to run her hands over the taut muscles of his fit body, placing soft kisses on his abdomen. She reached for his belt to unbuckle it and pull his pants down. His briefs had a very prominent bulge. She ran her hand over it, caressing it through the fabric. She pulled it down, exposing his turgid cock and hairy crotch. She hadn’t been with too many guys, but his cock was big… at least seven inches and fat too that it filled her hand when she grabbed him. The smell of perspiration turned her on. She grabbed his ass with her free hand, squeezing as she pulled him closer to her face.

Her breath on Sammy’s dick made it jerk in her hand. She looked up at him and smiled at his stare. She kissed the tip and tasted salty pre-cum. She licked the underside and smiled when his eyes closed. He grabbed the back of her head but didn’t pressure her onto his dick. She ran her lips along the length of it, up and down, and up again, savoring the thickness and hardness of it, and imagining how it would feel deep inside her. She lowered her mouth over his cock and sucked while stroking the length of it. He sighed and grunted, then gasped as she took more of him into her mouth and choked on it.

Her mouth was wet and warm and tight, and it took all his control not to hold her head in place and fuck her cute face. She took him even deeper till he hit the back her throat before she pulled back. Sammy reached down to grab one breast and squeezed it as she bobbed her head up and down the length of him, sucking and licking the underside of his penis alternately. He’d had so many great blowjobs but couldn’t think of one in that moment. The pleasure in his head had switched off his thinking faculties, all he could do was feel. He groaned in disappointment when she popped him out of her mouth.

“What?” Chinwe asked, licking a string of pre-cum. “You want me to suck you all night?” She sucked the head into her mouth and popped it out. “I’ve got other uses for this dick. I want it inside me.” It jerked in her hand and she grinned.

“I guess he approves of that,” Sammy said smiling.

Chinwe leaned back, pulling her skirt up as she did and baring her thighs to him. “I’ve been wet all night Sammy. Don’t keep me waiting,” she said bunching her skirt to her waist and sliding her panties down.

Sammy stifled a groan at the sight of her shaved crotch. He bent to pull his trouser and brief off his feet and knelt in between her legs. The smell of her juices was in the air and his dick felt like steel. Her pink lips were open like a flower and her clit was prominent. Juices were smeared over her inner thighs close to her junction box. He ran his fingers over her sex and tickled her clit. She whimpered. The heat güvenilir bahis siteleri from it alone…like it was a blazing furnace within.

“Stop teasing and fuck me Sammy.” She whispered reaching to grab his granite cock and squeeze it. “Come on, baby. There’ll be time to play later. I want it.”

Sammy smiled at the promise of another round, but she made a face at him. He spread her chocolate, smooth thighs and knelt on the edge of the couch between them. She grabbed her penis and lined the tip with her entrance. She whimpered again. Her pussy was like a capped box of molten magma waiting to explode. She wanted her release. She begged for it with her eyes and squirmed for it with her hips. She whimpered again when he slid about a couple inches into her slick tunnel and stopped. She slapped his thighs to urge him on and he laughed.

“Take me,” she begged, rotating her hips to grind her clit on the little length she had inside her. She wrapped her legs around the small of his back and pulled him in with the strong muscles of her thighs. Three more inches got in. She gasped. Almost… she was almost there. But almost never killed a bird, definitely not this one. She looked at him and would have laughed if she wasn’t so lost in her own wonderland.

Sammy’s eyes were closed and his teeth so gritted, anymore he’d hurt his jaw. Her pussy was so tight and scalding, sucking for his cum with each heated pulse. It took more than all the how-to guidelines in the karma sutra to keep from shooting his load in that moment. He wondered if vapor was escaping at the place they were joined. No way. It was a snug fit, like a sword in the sheath the blacksmiths made for it. He pulled out till just the tip of his cock was inside, then opened them to look her in the eyes.

“How can someone so cute be so annoying?” she asked him.

“Sorry baby…i just needed a minute…to get a hold of myself.”

Chinwe smirked when she realized what he meant. “So, have you – gotten a hold of yourself?” Sammy nodded. She put an arm around her neck to pull him closer. “Then take me…take me Sammy. Take me and make me your woman tonight.” She whispered over his lips before kissing him wantonly.

Sammy drove his cock to the hilt into her hot, slick crevice. Chinwe moaned into the kiss. He pulled back to the tip and drove in again. He joined her moan this time and picked up speed like a leister generator pulled off choke.

“Yes…that’s it baby, right there,” Chinwe cried when he started rutting into her like a bunny in heat.

“Is this what you want, huh?” Sammy growled lost in his frenzied pace.

“Uh-huh! Oh shit! Yes baby!” Chinwe cried in rhythm as Sammy’s slammed into her even harder again and again and again, grunting each time he dug into that slick hole. She could feel her juices leak down her perineum and his balls spattered it with each slam. Smack! Smack! Smack! Their crotches hit each other. It was like music to her ears. Each movement inside her hit her spot so good she could feel the rapture coming. She mewed when he kissed her neck and sucked on a boob while squeezing the other one as he rammed into her. The lava was rising. She clung to him with each quick successive plunge, her sandaled heels digging in as her strong leg muscles pulled him in and reduced the length going out with each withdrawal. That way, she kept the fuck hard and deep, sliding past her g-spot with each movement.

Sammy kept going. Her lava kept rising. He never left her boobs alone. Boobs guy, definitely. He was either sucking on them, or kneading them, or pinching her nipples. He even slapped them as they jiggled to their movement. In all, only two things remained constant. Sammy kept pounding her, and her lava kept rising.

Sammy felt her pussy begin to clench tighter and she started muttering incoherently. Sammy realized she was about to come. His own orgasm wasn’t far behind. He slowed down a bit to pry her legs from around his waist and folded her into two, holding her legs together till her knees were touching her breasts. Her pussy got even tighter, that he wasn’t sure he would have moved if she wasn’t so lubricated. He resumed ramming into her juicy box from this new angle, her pussy sucking the life from his cock. But he was past caring. He banged into her with reckless abandon, seeking his own pleasure and knowing she would cum any moment now he was sure.

Only he wasn’t prepared for it when it happened…or how it happened. He had just spread her legs apart but still held them over her head and was giving her all he was worth. She suddenly stilled and her eyes screwed shut. Her thighs started trembling. Her hips jerked off the couch as she starts howling.

“Holy shit! Holy…! Oh fuck me! Don’t you dare stop, baby! I’m cuuummmmiiiinnnnggg…” her juice box started spasming so recklessly, he started dumping his load in her cunt before he realized it. He grunted with each spurt while she jerked like a bronco, trying to throw him off her and howling like a banshee bitch. He was still dumping his load when she stopped howling and she whimpered with each shot deep inside her. Her pussy worked him like she owned him, sucking it all out of him till there was no more. She was still muttering curses under her breath as her hot quim still quivered with aftershocks of pleasure.

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