Wedding Weekend Ch. 01


The best weekend of my life. That’s the only way I can describe it. I mean, I hoped I’d get lucky while I was in Louisville for Rav and Lynne’s wedding, but I never expected to get this lucky. Who would have? I guess every once in a while, the planets come into alignment and these unexplainable things happen. And believe me, I’m NOT complaining.

I flew in on Thursday night, staying at Rav’s house that night but in a hotel for the rest of the weekend. The next morning, while Rav and Lynne would be taking care of last minute preparations, I would be picking people at the airport and getting them to the hotel. Rav picked me up at the airport and took me out for a few drinks before we went back to his place and turned in for the night. I was laying in the same bed in the same room I’d stayed in last time I’d visited him about a year and a half ago. It was a fun trip that ended in an unexpected fashion, which I recalled as I lay there.

It had been the morning I was to leave. Rav had gone into work for a couple of hours, allowing me to sleep in, then planned to come back and take me to the airport for my flight home. When I went to take my shower, I noticed that his housemate Kevin’s door was still closed. Knowing that he was at work because he and Rav worked together, I assumed that his girlfriend must have been still in there sleeping. After my shower, I closed the door to the bahis firmaları room I was staying in while I got dressed but heard Kevin’s door open and footsteps heading downstairs.

Once I was dressed and had packed all my stuff, I went down to the kitchen and had some coffee while looking through the newspaper. I could hear the shower running in the small bathroom adjacent to the kitchen and briefly considered trying to sneak a peek, but decided it wasn’t worth risking getting caught. I thought maybe if I was lucky she wouldn’t realize I was in the kitchen so I positioned myself to see her immediately when she came from the bathroom in case anything was exposed.

Kevin’s girlfriend is a tall girl and, glancing up as she entered the kitchen, I realized that the standard size towel wrapped around her barely covered everything it was supposed to. I felt my dick stirring so I said “Hi” and looked back down at the paper before I ended up gawking. She passed by me in such a way that, even with my head down looking at the paper, I was able to gaze at the long legs sticking out from beneath her towel without being obvious. I raised my head and my eyes followed her once she had passed figuring I could get away with it with her back to me, but I was surprised when she flipped up the back of the towel and showed me her bare ass. I looked from her ass up to her face just as she turned kaçak iddaa her head toward me and laughed.

“Did you like that?” she asked. I just nodded dumbly. “Well what do you think of this?” she asked as she turned completely toward me and held her towel open. I’m sure my eyes got very wide looking at her very fit body, her C-cup breasts and well groomed brown bush. I know for certain that the stirring in my pants became a full out erection. I figured I’d just show her what I thought instead of telling her, so I opened my jeans and pushed them down enough to allow my cock to spring out. This time her eyes got wide and she smiled seeing the effect she had on me.

She let the towel drop and took my hand, leading me to the rec room where she hopped up on the pool table and reached her arms out for me. I went to her and our lips met as her arms went around my neck and my hands went to her tits. I played with her hard nipples and one of her hands slipped down to find my hard cock still hanging out of my jeans. She broke our kiss and lay back on the table, her legs spread.

I positioned my cock and pushed into her and we both moaned with pleasure. Her pussy was hot and wet and I knew I wouldn’t have a chance of lasting very long, but I knew I’d enjoy it while I could. I hooked her legs over my arms and commenced fucking her. I was able to lean forward and play with her tits while kaçak bahis her hands ran up and down my arms. One of her hands moved between us and rubbed her clit while I was fucking her. When I moved my hands down from her tits to the green felt of the pool table for better leverage, her free hand took over playing with her nipples. I pumped harder and harder, loving the feeling of her pussy, and the harder I fucked her the more she moaned until she finally came with one long, continuous moan. I followed close behind, pumping my spunk into her pussy.

We were both breathing heavily, trying to catch our breath, when she asked me to help her off the pool table so she wouldn’t drip on the felt. She pressed her naked body against me once more and we made out again, then she was off, grabbing her towel and dashing up the stairs. I watched her naked ass until it was out of sight, then tucked my limp, sticky cock away and went back to my coffee. Rav soon arrived and I was off for home.

I was stroking my rigid cock as I lay in the dark reminiscing about my last visit. Luckily there was a box of tissues on the nightstand, which came in handy as I blew my load all over my hand and stomach. I’d considered whether I might be able to contact this girl again on this visit, since she was no longer Kevin’s girlfriend (he found out she was having trouble remaining faithful, imagine that) but I couldn’t even remember her first name, much less her last. Besides, I would be staying alone in a hotel room after the wedding so I figured my prospects for at least some kind of action were good. I soon fell asleep.

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