Weekend in the Mountains Ch. 04


Part 4 – A Dip in the Hot Tub.

When I returned to Olga’s with the shower parts, I was a little disappointed to see no visible progress on dinner preparation. Both Ruth and Olga were relaxing on the couch, giggling and sharing a young bottle of Muscat of Alexandria.

“Hey, save some wine for me.” I stole a sip from my wife’s glass, gave her a kiss and a quick squeeze on her heavy breast.

“Tease.” She chided me as she recovered her wineglass from my grasp.

“Don’t forget me,” Olga chimed in. I stole a drink from her glass, too, before kissing her lips and bushing my hand against the front of her hospital scrubs top, finding that her nipples were hard. Neither woman was wearing a bra, so their erect nipples were easily discernible through the fabric.

“That’s enough for now.” Olga grabbed her wineglass back. “Go fix my shower.”

Plumbing is not really my area of expertise, but I managed to get the shower control valve rebuilt and working in about an hour by following the instructions that came with the parts kit. I turned on the water and instantly got a soaking. Well, the shower certainly works, but I thought it was off when it was really on full. I had flung myself out of the stream and hit the tile floor pretty hard, dazing myself for a moment before I realized what was wrong. I had installed the valve handle backwards. I shut off the supply tap and quickly unscrewed and flipped the handle over so that it read properly, tested it one more time, washed my hands and headed back to the kitchen.

There were still no pots, pans or plates set up and the ladies were nowhere to be found. I wandered around the house for a bit, dripping and searching. I checked down the short hallway to the bathroom and the guest room, then across the way in Olga’s bedroom. Then I noticed a light outside in the darkness, just down the slope from the narrow deck that ran halfway around the house. I stepped out onto the deck through one of the living room’s sliding glass panels, my wet t-shirt getting a bit chilly in the evening mountain air.

The light was coming from an area just below the level of the deck and just off the edge. In a little area sheltered between the deck supports, the house and a projection of the foundation retaining wall was a small hot tub or a kind of spa. It was maybe large enough for four or five persons. The light was coming from its underwater floodlamp. Both my wife and our hostess were soaking neck-deep in the steaming water, wineglasses in hand and a couple of bottles perched on the tub’s wide edge. Ruth saw me first.

“Hi dear, done with the shower? It looks like you’ve tried it out, but you forgot to take off your clothes.” She was very giggly by now.

Olga set aside her wineglass and gestured. “Strip down and come on in, the water’s warm.”

“I don’t have my trunks with me, what about the neighbors?”

“The nearest neighbor is nearly half a mile away. Come on in.”

“Besides, we’re not wearing anything, either.”

“I couldn’t tell with all the bubbles.” I stripped off my wet T-shirt, letting it splat on the wooden deck, kicked off my shoes and started down the little flight of wooden stairs from the deck to the spa area.

“Not so fast, dance for us. Woo-woo.”

“Yeah, pretend you’re a Chippendale’s guy.” Ruth started clapping her hands slowly to set a rhythm.

Well, I’m not much of a dancer, but I didn’t think they were sober enough to be art critics right then. I tried moving my hips around in a circle, thrusting back and forth for them. Then I flexed what muscles I had in various bodybuilder poses. Then turning away from them, I undid my jeans and slid them down slowly, wiggling my butt while mooning them.

“Pretty good dear, I think we’ve embarrassed you enough.”

“Yeah, he’s got a tight enough ass, I think we should let him in the tub now.”

“Are ankara escort you two going to jump me as soon as I’m in the water?” I was lowering myself in slowly, trying to get used to the temperature.

“Naw,” Olga answered. “Hot tubs aren’t really that good for sex. Haven’t you ever heard of the ‘boiled noodle effect’?”

“Then I’ll try to stay al dente.” I grabbed an empty wineglass that seemed to be an extra and poured myself some Pinot Noir. Soon I was feeling very relaxed in the hot water. The spa was so small that our knees were touching and I played a bit of footsie with my two companions. We kept up the mildly sexy banter for a few minutes, then my stomach rumbled.

“Hey, what about dinner? Weren’t you two supposed to be fixing it?”

“We’ve got some chicken warming in the oven and some thawed veggies waiting in the microwave. We can eat out here in about ten minutes”

“As soon as that timer goes off, we’ll nuke the veggies one more time and bring out the plates.”

“This sounds like heaven, two nude beauties fixing me dinner.” I grinned.

“Don’t inflate your ego too big, ace. We expect a little action in return.”

“You mean besides me fixing the shower?” I teased. “I thought that’s why women keep men around: to fix things and kill spiders.”

Ruth splashed some water at me. Then climbed out of the spa to shut off the ringing timer and finish with dinner preparation. I used the opportunity to pat her bottom when she was climbing the pool steps. While I was distracted, Olga used my head to boost herself out of the tub, dunking me under the water in the process. They giggled at my sputtering while they toweled off a bit before going back inside.

I leaned back, took another sip of wine and thought about the events of this weekend. What were the chances that Ruth and I could keep up a long-term sexual relationship with Olga? Or was this weekend a one-time only event? Olga lived over three hours drive from our house, too far away to just drive over for an evening or the occasional casual fuck, but close enough that we could make a weekend of it, just as we had this weekend. Maybe my wife thought that distance would make for a safer relationship, I might not be tumbling Olga without her there. I found that I was growing rather fond of Olga and wanted her again, with or without my wife. But I didn’t want to jeopardize my long marriage to Ruth. This could be a problem when Olga and I were working one of the small Ren Faires where we had met. It would be an opportunity for Olga and I to get together without Ruth, unless Ruth started working Faire with me. Or would I have to give up Faire? This was a bit of a dilemma, one that I had no frame of reference to try and solve. My musings were interrupted by the ladies returning with three paper dinner plates piled with food along with a handful of flatware and napkins. I quit trying to philosophize myself out of a possible future problem and concentrated on the present.

We dug into the food, eating on the edge of the spa and amazed at how hungry the fresh mountain air made us. I cleaned up after dinner, walking the plates to the trashcan and rinsing the forks and knives, leaving them in the dishwasher. It somehow felt refreshing to do these chores nude, no clothes getting in the way and not worrying if I splashed myself.

I returned to the hot tub, sank into the warm, bubbly water and reached over to massage my wife’s neck. She responded by rolling her head around, loosening all the kinks. I felt Olga’s hand on my thigh so I reached over and started on her neck, too. Both women leaned in a bit, urging my hands to massage them where they needed it. After a while, Olga moved her hand up to my equipment and I started wondering if the ‘boiled noodle effect’ was just an old wives tale. It only took a moment of her warm hand groping me escort ankara to disprove that particular theory.

Olga felt me starting to get hard and leaned over for a deep kiss, her tongue invading my mouth. I kept massaging Ruth’s neck with my left hand and started fondling one of Olga’s firm little breasts with my right. Ruth slid over closer to me and took over on the kiss when Olga leaned back for a moment. I moved my left hand to one of her larger, pendulous breasts. Again I marveled at the differences between the two women, my wife with her softer, more curvy body and Olga with her firmer, more athletic frame. Both of them quite beautiful in their own unique way.

They traded off kissing me for a while and my hands moved down their bodies to caress the sex of each one. As if planned, they both moved their faces in and I felt two tongues at once, lapping at mine and at each other. Then Olga turned her back to me, stepped up on the seat of the spa and leaned down, bringing her backside just a bit higher than my face.

“I need some more attention.” She pleaded. I turned towards her and dipped my face into her pussy from behind, lapping at the chlorine scented wetness and trying to lick her as deep as possible. Ruth scooted over closer and kept fondling my cock and also started playing with one of Olga’s nipples. I put my free hand into Ruth’s brown muff, trying to keep her stimulated while I brought our blond friend pleasure. Olga started moaning and swiveled her hips, grinding her pussy into my face. I kept up as best as I could, licking her inner lips and clit for all I was worth and was finally rewarded with her shuddering orgasm.

Ruth didn’t want left out. “My turn.” She called, easing up onto the spa edge and leaning back with her cute, round bottom hanging off the edge and just over the water. I eased my face past her knees and dipped my tongue into her juices. Olga lowered herself back into the water and took over the job of keeping me manually stimulated. I kept one hand roaming over the taller woman, pinching her tall nipples and teasing her inner lips. Occasionally she would give a little squeal when I applied too much stimulation. In the meantime, my wife was starting to breathe heavy and make her little humming noise. I reached up with my free hand and started caressing her soft breasts and hard nipples. It wasn’t long before she too was letting her breath out in one long, shuddering gasp as she came on my tongue.

Olga gave a tug on my cock to get my attention. “See, I told you about the ‘boiled noodle’ effect.” She wagged my semi-erect cock around. My wife brought her hand down and also tested my hardness.

“You’re the medical expert, what can we do about it?” She shrugged at her blond friend.

“Let’s dry off and go inside, things should improve soon.” She turned me loose and stepped out of the hot tub to a waiting stack of towels. My wife quickly followed. It looks like I don’t get much say in things, the two women had their own agenda. There were worse ways to be treated so I hauled myself out of the spa and dried off before following the two beauties into Olga’s bedroom.

Once inside, they immediately pushed me down on the bed and started licking my semi-hard member at the same time, one on each side. I noticed that their tongues would often caress each other while still in contact with my cock. This intense stimulation soon had me very hard. The two women exchanged a knowing glance, as if they silently communicated their plans to each other. I found myself being helped up from my reclining position, flipped over and down towards the foot of the bed so Olga could slide under me. She guided my now-hard cock into her waiting pussy. At the same time my wife laid back on the bed closer to its head and, by throwing one leg across Olga’s chest, positioned her sweet pussy where my mouth could ankara escort bayan reach it while my cock was still deep in Olga. I got the idea immediately, twisted myself half-sideways and buried my face in Ruth’s muff again, working her favorite places with my tongue. At the same time I was thrusting deep into the taller woman’s wet hole.

Once more, Olga came first, clamping down on my cock and moaning onto my wife’s side. Ruth was the next to cum, squealing in pleasure and I followed almost immediately, emptying my cum into Olga’s sweet vagina. We fell asleep in a tangle of arms and legs on the large bed.

I felt someone moving, bringing me awake in the bright, late-morning light. It was Ruth, getting up to answer the call of nature. I needed to go also, so I followed along and waited my turn. Olga got up just a few minutes later for the same reason.

“We should pack up so we can get on the road home before noon.” As usual, Ruth was being the practical one.

“How much do you need to pack?” Olga teased, patting Ruth on the bottom. “We’ve been naked for most of the weekend.”

“Yeah, but I’m still horny. So far you’ve got Brian’s cock in you every time. I want a turn.” My wife’s grin showed that she wasn’t upset, just making an observation.

“I’m certain that with a little inspiration, I can fix that right away.” I leaned over and kissed my wife, running my hand over her left nipple. She reached down and gave my equipment a little squeeze.

“Let’s go back into my room, the bed’s larger.” Olga suggested as she ran a hand over my butt.

We fell into the bed, nearly repeating the same position as last night, but this time with Ruth under me and Olga at her side where my mouth could reach. Ruth was already wet and wanted me in her right away. This was rare for her; she usually needs a lot of foreplay. Olga spread her legs wide, but realized that she would have one leg in Ruth’s face. She quickly adjusted her position so that Ruth’s head was resting on her thigh, making Olga’s legs spread even wider. As soon as my cock was inside my wife, I twisted sideways and dived straight into that blond muff. Incredible, each woman tasted similar, but had their own unique character. Just like their height and the shape of their bodies. I don’t think I could tire of ether one, in fact I wasn’t at all tired of my curvy wife. This time I was the first to cum, but I continued to thrust as I came. Fortunately it only took a few more strokes to get Ruth to cum, with Olga following right away.

We lay there for a while, letting our breathing rate return to normal. Ruth was the first to get up, sliding out from under me.

“I’m going to get cleaned up so we can get on the road. Don’t forget your wet shirt outside.” She reminded me.

I gave Olga’s right breast a kiss and lick before I got up to help my wife. Olga shivered and got up to help, too. As my wife mentioned, it didn’t take us long to pack and we were soon dressed again, standing in Olga’s gravel driveway to say goodbye. Olga had tossed on a long t-shirt that looked like it was made for sleeping. It was rather thin and didn’t conceal much from close up, but I guess she didn’t want to give the neighbors an eyeful in the daylight. Even if they were a half-mile away. We both kissed Olga before getting into the car. I put a lot of tongue into our goodbye kiss and squeezed Olga’s bottom for good measure. I noticed that my wife also locked tongues with Olga and I wondered about that. I hadn’t yet heard the story about their adventure while I was getting the shower parts. Olga waved as we started to roll, but my wife motioned me to stop and she put down her window.

“I’ll call you next week,” She called to the blond, “I’ve got some more time off soon and we can get together again.”

Olga nodded and my wife signaled me to start driving again.

“So you two are starting to make your own plans, now?”

“Don’t worry,” my wife grinned at me, “no matter what plans we girls have, you can come along with both of us.” I noticed that she put just a little extra emphasis on the word “come.”

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