Wet Wrestling 02 – Meg


I am sure that Al doesn’t want to leave Sue, but I’m not sure why. Last Nude day, she admitted to all of us how much she craves a variety of cock, even Dan’s, my husband’s, tiny excuse for one. But what do I want? Before last National Nude day, I was private and conservative. However, all it took was a few drinks and meeting my ex boyfriend and his wife before we all got randy and I ended up wrestling her naked in oil. I love Al’s erotic story, Wet Wrestling, about that day and am still embarrassed, yet get dripping wet thinking about how Sue stripped me in front of him, his friends, and neighbors. Oh, that wonderful night with him, and all the play dates since, make me glow. I never get that with my Dan. I have to wonder. . . .

“Honey, are you thinking about your lover ex boyfriend again? I hear the abrupt silence and see your eyes gloss over. I know you don’t regret fucking him last year or every month since. Are you having second thoughts about joining them for National Nude Day again this year? We’ll probably meet and fuck more of their friends.” He posited with far too much glee.

“Dan, you know I was never even tempted to cheat on you before meeting him again and how tense I was though I had no inkling that I, WE, would go so far. You hurt me by constantly raising my skirt in front of them, reaching for Sue’s pussy and putting my hand on your, your little thing solely for your pleasure while they watched. We could have left or just watched them play, but no. You helped Al oil me up and down and watched him feel my ass and pussy instead of protecting me or checking how I felt about it. You watched me silently as he nearly made me cum with the slightest contact. When he wrapped my hand around his stiffness, you smiled.”

I realize my voice is getting shrill, but it’s turning me on all over again. Calm yourself, bitch! “When Al oiled my tits inside my bra, I saw you sniff Sue’s panties. That confirmed that I wasn’t enough for you and made me wonder if you were enough for me even before I saw and felt Al’s big cock. After Sue pulled down my panties in anger and whipped off my dress, I didn’t blame you for cheering with the rest, but then you so casually fingered her while watching Al oil my pussy. By the time I was naked, I could ignore the other strangers fucking across the yards; I wanted revenge so bad on Sue that we ended up tumbling into sixty-nine and made each other cum. I was pretty much over my nudity by then and I wanted Al naked. As Reggie and I stripped him, I saw you rubbing Sue’s clit and stripping.”Why am I so breathless reliving this? “So, no more second thoughts. I’m looking forward to our anniversary Nude Day with him . . . them.”

“Meg, I was overwhelmed with lust and seeing you let him touch you, then you stripping and touching him made me lose all control. By then, I needed to taste Sue and fuck her face if not her pussy. You upset me when I heard you offer him your pussy and ask if Len could fuck you too, so all restraints came off. Watching you examine and admire his big dick enraged me further. I never wanted to admit that to you. But watching you both kiss passionately, with love beyond lust, crushed my heart. If there was any doubt you still loved each other, that settled it. Sue was also distressed, but refused to show it.

“I heard you tell Al you wanted him in at least one hole and then watched his balls flatten your thick muff. I hated it, yet the vision of his fucking you as we all watched made me cum in and on Sue’s face. That’s when Len got on his back and in Sue’s snug snatch as I easily pushed my cock into her ass, something you never let me do. When you went to his bed, Reggie rimmed me; that felt wonderful. I’m grateful you finally did both with me this past year. Last year’s Nude day has greatly helped us with our sex lives. But is that enough for you? Two hours of playful sex with the others can’t compare to the two hours you and Al spent making deep love. Watching your abandon as you whipped your sweaty hair around; your tits flailing in his face; your thrilled and shuddering orgasms over and under him; that’s what I was jealous of.”

“Yes, I thought so. I realized later that during those hours, I never thought once of Len or letting him fuck me. Just being with a man who genuinely loved and respected me while leaving me space to grow was fulfilling, lusty and invigorating. Every one of my, or our, trips back there felt like a continuation of our love and I can’t wait to see him, them, again despite the near three-hour drive.”

“Meg, I love fucking Sue and her friends, but you must know if you weren’t still in love with Al, we wouldn’t be going there every month. If I didn’t still love you, I’d leave you and let you be with him or them. Now liberated, we can find strange to fuck much closer. I’d feel threatened I’d lose you if I didn’t know he also loves Sue and I doubt he will leave her. It’s much more likely she will leave him. But I don’t büyükesat escort want to suggest that. If you’re ready to face whatever comes with this year’s National Nude Day, let’s get there early. OK?”

After once again having Dan confirm that my bush, down to my clit, was well trimmed and under control and my waxed labia were perfectly smooth, we left at dawn with one small, red suitcase between us. Nearly three hours later, we pulled up to Al’s home. They greeted us with a small bag in hand. We didn’t expect to need clothing changes on Nude Day. Al kissed me deeply and made my knees weaken as Sue kissed Dan with much less intensity, but still in a French way. She then kissed me passionately like I’d never been kissed by a woman or any man other than Al. That was different even from out monthly sex dates. After fifteen sexually intense visits, was she finally accepting me?

As I hugged Al, I daringly exposed his dick in his driveway without objection; I can’t even imagine being so forward and bold twelve months ago. Sue smiled. Now I was preparing myself to take part in a Nude day! Honestly, we six, with Reggie and Len, had been getting more daring with each monthly visit, but only in the house or the yard where only the neighbors who had seen me naked last year could see me — as far as I knew.

Al told us the plan was to meet with a work friend of Sue’s they had “connected” with recently. As I transformed his dick into a cock by pumping it, Dan took on the dare, pushed Sue’s shorts to her knees, and exposed her waxed, commando pussy. We tried to listen to the tale of the new friend as Dan fingered her and pushed her shorts to her ankles, I jerked Al until he was about to cum, then sucked him completely down my throat and savored his cum as at least one neighbor watched. Al’s is the only cum I have ever enjoyed tasting and feeling on and in me.

He lifted off my tank top and exposed my braless tits, but kept talking as he pinched and twisted my nipples. Last year I would have screamed, slapped him and ran; this year I groaned as I watched Dan do the same with Sue’s bare titties. Her perfect nipples are so dense and tasty, I must lean in for a nibble. She moaned then stripped Dan. I immediately stripped Al and removed my own shorts so all four of use were naked in front of his home.

“I love what you did with your bush and waxed labia,” Al said. I glared at Dan. A police car slowly passed, flashed their lights and waved at us. The naked cops pushed out their tits and smiled to confirm that the one-day town ordinance permitting public nudity was in effect. Al finished his story as best as he could with a mouth full of my wet pussy. Climaxing on a public street felt powerful.

Al said they would have met us nude if they thought we were so ready to expose all, then said we’d have time on the ride to read his story about the new friends who insisted we join them for National Nude Day. It was named welcome-surprised-friends, and was both surprising and hot. Dan read the story aloud from my tablet. It confirmed they were disease free and insisted all their, ummm, conquests were too. I felt safer and damper.

We drove naked to the friends’ home — with the top down and waving to all. Sue climbed into the back with us and we shared kisses, groping, and fingering each other to several climaxes as she also jerked Dan. What a thrill, cumming at seventy miles per hour as we were also going. When I stretched to lick Al’s ear, I saw his cock was stiffly rubbing the steering wheel.

Dick and Redd met us outside in daring outfits, yet still clothed. Dan and I were suddenly embarrassed being naked, Al and Sue were not. Dick was buff and Redd was as beautiful and hot as in their story. Staring through her tight, daring shorts didn’t help me see the deep red bush I suddenly craved. I could see through the thin Speedo that Dick’s dick was impressive, even semi hard. But Redd’s camel toe made my heart skip. Wait! Why is a pussy exciting me?

They used the hedonistic handshake as each grabbed our groins and skillfully fondled us, melting us into groans. Each even shook Dan’s dick and cupped my pussy with gentle fingering. They placed our hands on their covered groins and promised more at noon. Somehow that made us feel better.

Redd explained that they didn’t begin their nude day until noon so they continued until noon the day after National Nude Day ended. Flouting the reinstated taboo extended the thrill of risky behavior. Before we went inside, we saw several neighbors enter the rear gate with minimal clothing — some were in obvious bras and panties or shear teddies.

“So should we cover up with something?” I asked. “We have our minuscule swim suits with us.” Redd said that was a good choice until noon. I bent over the side of the car and “struggled” with my tiny suitcase knowing full well that they were all staring at my swollen pussy. I shouldn’t be enjoying çankaya escort this exposure so much. Yet, I am. I tossed Dan his blue Speedo which only advertised his stiff pencil dick. Odd how that tiny thing used to be enough. Al retrieved their shorts and tanks. I pulled out my strapless, tiny bikini and put it on as they watched my tits wobble. It’s good this isn’t a thong. Wait! What am I thinking? I was just completely naked, flaunting my bare pussy at them, and expecting to be naked again in a short time. Sigh. If only I had been this daring with Al in college.

We grabbed cool drinks then walked to the pool in the back. Someone lit the charred grill. At least twenty people were already there swimming and sunning with very little hidden. Stiff cocks of all sizes paraded proudly in loose or revealing suits. Despite some as massive as Dick’s dick, the only one I want is Al’s. I wonder if I can fuck him with all these strangers around. That’s an exciting thought. I’m sure Dan won’t have any hesitation with fucking Sue and maybe some other of these hotties. More friends arriving?

Just before noon a female cop barged into the yard wearing only a navy blue cap and her duty belt — with gun, badge and cuffs. She charged to the edge of the pool, big bare tits bouncing, and blew her shrill whistle before yelling at the crowd. “What is wrong with you people? It’s noon. Do you need me to arrest all of you for violation of town ordinance relief act NND? Get naked NOW. Last one nude gets cuffed.”

Looking like a 1920 Keystone Cops flicker, all stood up leaving their suit bottoms behind. Women took another two seconds to shuck their tops and suddenly thirty good-looking couples were naked. I turned and saw Redd, Dick, Dan, Al and Sue all naked while I was still in my tiny bikini. My oh my, but Dick’s impressive dick is huge. I wonder. . . .

The cop looked around the sunny pool deck then rushed to me and blew her whistle in my face. “Well, well. Looks like we have a loser here — beautiful, but still a loser. Strip, honey, then you get the cuffs.” All eyes were on me, thanks to that damn whistle. When I silently set my tits free, the cop tossed my top aside. I blushed a little as I slowly slid my suit bottom off and exposed my neat bush again. She tossed it away also. “Spread them, sweet tits.” She circled me and swirled my ass then my pussy. “I’m going to enjoy this eating snack.”

“Just a minute, officer. If you are really a cop, you are missing the last person wearing anything. YOU. That hat and belt are your uniform so you are still dressed. STRIP and spread um!” She gulped and looked at me askance. I was right. She tossed aside her hat and let her belt drop, toy gun and all. With all eyes on us, I boldly reached out and cupped her pussy then entered her damp chasm before cuffing her behind her back. “I’m making a citizen’s arrest.” I knew I really couldn’t for this minor charge, but I pulled her by her pussy to the crowd and told them, “Do as you will with her. You choose her punishment.”

They swarmed her and groped all of her. In seconds she was on her back with someone holding her legs up and apart, two fingers in her ass and up to six in her wet pussy. Someone offered her a cock to suck and she did until it spurted on her face and tits. Then, still cuffed, she didn’t resist another wet pussy on her face. The crowd seemed happy to watch the women choose sixty-nine until a big dick filled the top woman’s pussy as the cop licked them both.

Another cock filled the cop’s pussy as the top woman sucked the cop’s clit and licked the stiff cock. A line formed at each end as people rimmed the person in front of them. When the pussy fuckers filled their targets and grunted loud enough to echo, two other men stepped in. They began in the flooded pussies, but each shifted to the tighter ass holes and filled them with hot cum.

“I’m not doing any of that,” I said. “This kind of orgy is what I was afraid of. If we stay, I want to feel safe and that no crowd will pin me down like that and rape me.”

Redd smiled and explained. “That ‘cop’ does this every year. If you hadn’t pointed out her uniform, she would have and asked you to arrest and cuff her. This isn’t rape, it’s her well-known fantasy. If anyone is assaulted, the rest of us will break it up. We are all safe. Let’s grab a lounger and watch the assorted fucking. There are baby wipes on each table for whatever. The cop is right about how beautiful you are. Maybe you’ll let me and Dick taste you later?”

Looking up at the much taller red head, I daringly cupped her gaping pussy and pushed a finger inside her. “We owed you a proper greeting from before.” I blushed as I felt her wet warmth throb on my finger. “I trust you since Al trusts you and I believe his story about you.” She cupped and fingered my pussy as she cupped my tit and kissed me softly. “Mmm, so good.” Do I dare feast on her juices? Yes, I ankara escort dare. She’s more tangy and sweeter than Sue or I am, yet so delicious.

Al joined us and kissed her passionately. I’d be jealous if I hadn’t just wrestled her tongue. She stroked his cock and he deeply fingered her until both were breathing deeply. Now I’m jealous. Sue dragged Dick by his huge dick to join us. As she repeatedly kissed me and stroked my ass gently, I didn’t notice that she had moved Dick’s dick between my legs. I felt a finger circle my puckered hole and assumed it was Sue so I relaxed it and didn’t object since she had been in there too so many times. When I felt a thick, stiff cock split my labia open, I pulled away and grabbed his cock harshly.

Angry at her presumption and action against my will, “I said NO to all cocks, including this monster, though I can see the attraction. You have all fucked each other?” They all nodded and said each man has been in each hole. Redd and Dick said they had also filled most of the couples there. I looked around and saw that not all were fucking. Several were there just for the nude sun or maybe to watch the orgy. If I’m honest, I realize I too may have come for a bit more than sun.

Sue said, “You should at least taste Dick’s clear Cowper’s. It’s even sweeter than Al’s and certainly Dan’s. Oral isn’t fucking and his taste is safest and purest before he dips into any of these women, or men. He is bi, you know?” Dan was already off fucking people in the orgy — I need to disinfect his cock before he touches me again.

Al nodded his head in approval, but I refused the offered cock. Al’s still stiff cock swayed just for me. With a lustful and loving smile, he drew me to a sturdy Adirondack chair. Though I knew it was time to again show him my love, I looked around and saw so many staring at us, knowing we were about to make love as they watched, I blushed. But his shameless cock was pulsing and calling for me; I had to, needed to go to him. Sue turned me and so guided me to slowly sit on my true lover’s cock in reverse cowgirl — Al had to explain some of those positions to me.

Redd and Dick sat in front of us and watched my wet pussy gape. While several people watched, my slippery pussy slowly swallowed Al’s stiffness and I gasped at my brazen exhibitionism and bold public fucking. His dense cock filled me perfectly. Eyes closed, I felt a long, stiff cock fill my hand. It could only be Dick. As I paused, eyes still closed in joy, someone took my hand and put it against a warm, wet pussy. My fingers automatically pushed inside the warm chasm and nudged a stiff clit. This was not Sue — by then I knew exactly what her pussy and clit felt like. It had to be Redd. I smiled and found her G-spot. Her special gasp confirmed it was gorgeous Redd. Dick’s groan reminded me that I had been firmly, mindlessly stroking him too.

Al kissed my spine with the reverence he’d always shown. When he caressed and lifted my ass again and again, I felt the sparks in my pussy which he always gave me when we made love. Ignoring all the spectators became easy. Leaning forward and twisting helped him rub my clit and G-spot with his loving cock. Forgetting my restraints, I licked the Redd juices off my fingers — delicious — and gasped from Al’s skillful cock. When my hand found Redd’s pussy again, I did my best to help her cum. Someone moved my other hand to a familiar pussy and I smiled as I helped Sue cum on my hand. Enraptured by this impromptu four-way, I began to notice a sweet and slippery taste on my lips without contact. Licking my lips told me it was someone’s honeyed Cowper’s. That had to be Dick joining the action.

When I leaned farther to feel Al fill me, I bumped into something incredibly dense and warm. My eyes shot open and saw Dick’s cock touch my lip. Though he was tasty, I would have pulled away were it not for hands pinching my nipples hard and sending electric jolts to my clit. My mouth opened wider to moan and Dick slipped his bishop onto my tongue.

Sue smiled at me and Redd as I held her husband’s cock still. Then I heard Al whisper, “It’s OK, my love. Suck him; swallow him deep into your belly and feel him fill it with his hot cum. I don’t mind if you don’t mind. But, now is the time.” After a moment’s hesitation, my lips sealed around the tan monster and I licked it, sucked it and finally swallowed it. “Hum any long note when you want him to cum.”

Seconds after humming, Dick began thrusting hard. When I wrapped my hand around the rest of his thick shaft, I felt his cream charge up his pulsing tube and warm my belly. Needing air, I moved his bishop onto my tongue, but he kept cumming and filled my mouth with his unusually sweet, sticky cum. This is an extraordinary treat I may want to sample again. Redd took Dick away and swallowed his still flowing, fresh cream as Sue bent to kiss me passionately, breathlessly sharing the cup of cum in my mouth. Al resumed fucking me until I shuddered and orgasmed loudly. Redd fed me Dick’s big cock again and ordered me to lick him clean from his big balls up. Without hesitation, I deep throated him again and licked as Al filled my pussy with his loving cream. My breathless collapse surprised no one.

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