What do I do next?

What do I do next?In one of my previous stories here (Caught masturbating naked by neighbor lady) I told how putting on a couple masturbation exhibitions led to a weekly show in the senior village I finally ended up moving in with Sally, the neighbor lady who caught me. Well , as time went on, within a short while the old gals I was performing for wanted more in the show! The first thing I added was doing a number of different dildo tricks which eventually led to audience participation ! This wasn’t so bad, but my little routine got so popular that I ended up doing two shows a week to acomodate additional audience members and in a couple instances additional locations for those who couldn’t make it to our location. My fat ass actually drew 40 women at one show, which actually got rough!Along with the two a week shows, the neighbor lady that started this masturbation show thing also demanded what she considered to be her share of my attention! Since we had moved in together the frequency and intensity plus the shows was starting to get to me! One night after z particularly fantastic sex session, I confessed to güvenilir bahis siteleri her that this whole thing was getting the best of me and that we needed to cut back on the show activity or get me some help! Since she had started collecting 5 dollars a show and more when we went elsewhere plus the nice tips I usually received, the extra tax-free money had been a nice addition to our life style so we decided we needed to get me some help! Within a few days she had talked to some of her buddies and they had come up with 2 or 3 guys that might meet our needs and we interviewed them after letting them attend on of the shows to see what was expected. Neither of them felt that they could do what I was doing in front of a bunch of often times raunchy guys! Finally she came up with a perfect candidate! Her friend ‘d boyfriend seemed to fit the bill! He was chubby, had a tiny penis and loved showing it off and could use the extra money!We interviewed him the next day and Sally and her friend and I did the interview. We had him strip and do various things that would be expected of him. He was a perabet talented masturbator and quite good at most things but was not real good with a dildo and not real comfortable doing a dildo in front of others. Since he was eager to do better Sally decided that we should all 4 get together every evening for the following week and help Bill improve his act and get the dildo part right.The first evening we got together it was decided that Bill and I would be naked while the two gals would remain clothed, in keeping with the way the shows would be done. I had always performed my nude act totally shaved and the gals decided that Bill had to be smooth too! I was elected to be the groomer and I proceeded to clean up Bill’s body hair. By the time I was done shaving and putting lotion on Bill, I had developed quite an erection and so had he! The gals had us masturbate together and do the same things like a dance! When we had both sprayed cum all over each other, the gals had us practice with dildos and I helped Bill to do a pretty good job on his back. We met 2 more times and things improved. The perabet giriş morning after our third rehearsal Bill came over and told Sally and I, that he was having a hard time with the dildo thing and he thought maybe if he had a chance to have real anal sex, that he might do better! To my surprise, Sally took off her clothes and told us to both go in the bedroom and get naked cuz Bill’s curiosity of anal sex was going away!We both did as we were told and to our surprise Sally and her girl friend marched in naked and proceeded to make sure both Bill and I would be comfortable with anal sex forever more! After that session we began to do our duet as we called it and did quite well. We did so well that we soon bought a Motor home and Bill, Lou and the girls took our fat man masturbation show on the road! We played at or near retirement communities in Southern Colorado Northwest Texas all of New Mexico and southern Arizona. Our act included dildo play masturbation and socializing with the audience. We lived high on the hog and enjoyed the heck out of two fatties with tiny dicks making the old gals smile! We traveled the southwest as a naked foursome and shared the king size master bed every night on the road! Sometimes we provided transportation for members of our audience and friends all over the area and always made sure that they were included in the sexual activity!

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