What got me started with anal play?

What got me started with anal play?I’m a married man with the same woman for the last 15 years. She’s awesome! Truly the Queen of my castle.My wife “Lori” give the most amazing blow jobs. When she goes down, she’s all business, but fun. She’s there to lick, tease, stroke and massage everything. One minute she’s holding the tip of my cock in her sweet wet mouth while she’s kneading my balls, then she’s off to lick my taint while she’s jerking my cock. Twisting it and stroking at the same time while she’s making mouth love to my bag, taint pubic area and everywhere in between.One night while she’s performing her magic, she goes further south of the taint and starts licking my ass. It was bahis şirketleri pretty strange at first but I was totally amazed at how fucking incredible it felt. She paused long enough to gauge my reaction and once she was satisfied that I was happy, she went to town! I almost came immediately it was so good!!! She’s an expert at dialing it down so that I cum when she’s ready. Once she knows that I am backed away from exploding, she ramps it up again. Fuck me she is good! Now she’s using her finger to play with my asshole and I am thinking all kinds of shit. This feels wonderful. Is this ok or will she think I might be gay if I like it. Am I going to be able to hold off youwin from cumming so damned fast? If I do cum, does that mean I AM gay or have latent gay tendencies that I will probably feel ashamed of with her? Now she’s got her finger worked into my asshole and I mean it’s in there and that’s it for me. I am done! I cum like never before. I mean I am shooting ropes that feel like they are starting at my shoulders and running straight down my spine and out my cock!! The most INTENSE orgasm I have ever felt in my life. I am laying there stunned, I can’t move, I can still feel the orgasm shooting down my back and my cock is throbbing so hard I could break up rocks with youwin giriş it. She is still there slowly kneading my balls and using her mouth to clean everything up and all I can think now is what the FUCK just happened?!?!? I lay there waiting for her to say something and eventually she does. “Mmmm that was pretty good eh babe?” What to say what to say???? “Umm, yeah that was unbelievable!” So she says to me, “Wait till next time, you wont last 30 seconds!”I can tell you, I did not last 30 seconds. Since then Lori has dominated my ass with her mouth, her fingers, her dildos and pretty soon, she will with a strap on. I am not gay. I don’t wonder what it would be like to have sex with a man. I have no problem with gay men, It’s just not my thing. But for any of you straight dudes out there who are wondering about it, I say “Hell yeah, give it a go! You will be a fan if she takes her time and does it right.” I guarantee that!!

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