What happened?


What happened?It was in 1964 or 65 (I was 10 or 11) on vacation we always took 3 or 4 weeks in summer for them. Dad would close his office have another professional friend on call for clients. It was just dad with us k**s, heading to places unknown, actually it seemed our vacations were dictated by dad’s appetite. Seafood was a coastal visit, steak or pork was south or west to cattle and livestock ranches or farms. You get the picture how are vacations got planned! Also you will find no mention of mom, she had left us some years ago. I don’t remember where on vacation we were, do not remember whether we were headed away from home or headed back. I know the traffic was bad! Dad was complaining about the other drivers loudly! Finally I felt the car slowing, going off the exit ramp. I started looking out the car windows seeing the neon signs of motels, restaurants, gas stations, and bill board advertising. Generally at the motels, we k**s would get our swim trunks on to go play in the pools. Dad would sit in the room for a while, watch the news, read a paper calming down from driving. Then we would get dressed go find a place to eat. My brothers, and my sister saw a movie on TV that caught their attention. So alone I got ready for a swim and left with a towel for the pool. The noise from the nearby interstate droned away in the back ground, the smell of the chlorine wafted in the air. I remember the layout of the place, the pool was in back of the office, which was a house with the wings of the motel built on either side. The back of the house had a tall fence around the whole pool which you could only get to by walking past the house office. Families with other c***dren left the pool randomly or someone would walk through the gate and call other k**s back, leaving me eventually alone and bored. So being alone eventually I got out of the pool starting back to our room. Going past the back of the house, a man called to me out of a back door, asked if I wanted to see some fun pictures? Not sure who the guy was maybe father or grandfather of the motel owners? I asked, pictures of what, he said oh pictures of some really fun, exciting things. He held open the door I followed him through it, I remember it was the equipment room for the pool smelling strong of chlorine, with a drone of the pumps. Off that room a small office with a desk, couple of chairs, and small couch. He opened a desk drawer got out a box of pictures, and a Polaroid. The pictures showing k**s changing into or out of swim suits in different states of dress or undress, some in this same room. He pulled out a bunch saying these are special pictures, a big secret! Please do not tell you saw them or that you were here! He had a stack of pictures with a big red rubber band on them. He started laying them on the desk, I saw boys about my age dressed in girl’s things mostly panties, knee high or higher socks or stockings, some fully dressed in complete outfits. The pictures again some here in this room, others in a wooded area with lots of trees. I remember I had a boner going, asking why they were dressed in girl’s clothes. Oh, young boys do that sort of thing all the time, it is really fun, then asked would you like to try? He held up some stockings and opened a drawer full of other silky lacy things. As I looked, he dropped the stockings over my shoulder, pulling them back across sending chills through me. He helped me off with my suit, put a lacy white belt around me that had straps to hold up the stockings he pulled up my legs. Then he picked out a pair of lacy white panties asking me to step in them. He took some pictures of me touched and tickled me making me squirm some. Here is where it gets sketchy all of the sudden my father and others come into the room, people are yelling, someone grabs me pulls the blanket off the back of the couch wrapping it around me, dad carried me out of the office, outside past the motel office into our room. He leaves me there with my brothers and sister, storming out of the door with a blood red face!My dad comes back with some policemen, I was still wrapped in the blanket, crying. Dad and the one of the policemen take me in a police car to a doctor’s office where he has me lay on the table, the doctor pushes and pulls on me, rolls me over then back several times. He chokes me with a tongue depressor, rolls me back over puts something in my butt rubs it around which burns terrible making me cry again, then saying that I am OK. They have some shorts, t-shirt, and shoes of mine telling me to dress. While waiting my dad and the policemen are in the room, dad saying something about, wanting to kill that guy, the policeman nodding his head yes. I was so glad to leave the doctors office. We get back to the motel our bags are packed and we go to another bigger hotel in the city close to the police station. We go into the police station a lot over the next 4 or 5 days talking to other policemen, I remember my dad lost his temper a lot, we stayed there about a week, then came home. Jump forward 4 or 5 years making me around 15, 16 or so, I have my first girlfriend. It was spring and we were doing our annual house cleaning, the brothers, sister on their bedrooms, a couple of my friends and I had cleaned out the basement area two weekends ago, where the us k**s and friends hung out, to avoid being around the adults. The furniture and things moved out in the first bay in the garage so a painter could repaint the basement. Now the bedrooms, old clothes, and rest of the house. I went to see if dad needed anything else? Dad was cleaning out his home office. He had the file cabinet open, stacks piled here and there, with a box of files and brown envelopes set on the floor by the door marked destroy. He told me to take it to the burn barrel in the back yard put it in the pile of things to burn. I took it outside to the backyard setting it down with other things to burn later that night. As I set the box down I saw a fat envelope with, “Vacation” written on it thinking it was something that got into box by mistake, I pulled it out opened it there inside were wadded up stockings, a white lacy belt, and a pair of white panties, 20 or so pictures, a file of court documents, and a sentencing page of the court case. My heart stopped as I looked at the pictures, it was me younger, dressed in the stockings & panties, some where I was holding a man’s cock, some where I was on the man’s lap, and a few where I had the man’s cock in my mouth. All the pictures taken from his vantage point showing the lower part of him and all of me, my heart thrumming in my chest as all those memories came flooding back, I had sort of thought it was a dream that it had never bahis siteleri happened! I took the stuff out of the envelope putting other papers into it so it still looked stuffed. I hid the papers and pictures in the garage to look at later. After dinner my next oldest brother a bully to me and my friends, and a friend who had come over to see what I was doing tonight, went out with us to burn the stuff that was stacked in the backyard. We tossed things in the fire watching it flare up and die down so we could put more in. We sat on the swing watching the things burn tossing other things in till the last of it flared to non-existence then burned down where there was no danger of catching anything else on fire. Then my older brother said see you two twerps, left to go into the house. The friend and I stayed in the garage where the furniture still was. Same friend who had watched me get my first BJ from my girlfriend. (See, “My First Real Sexual Experience”) He made mention of gotten anything else from Jenny? I said she had been by a couple of times that I had finally gotten her pants off, fingering her pussy, but she was dead set against us fucking. But I had gotten another BJ from her while I licked her pussy. Really, what did it taste like, I said it was really wet but sort of had a salty sweaty taste to it. He went back to how he had been so turned on by watching her give me a BJ that he had almost pulled out his dick and jacked off. Why didn’t you just open you pants and jack off? He and I had jacked off in front of each other at times looking at Playboys. I don’t know he replied I was just afraid I guess. I saw the lump in his pants, and felt mine too, but left it alone, I had other things on my mind. Later after my friend went home I went up into the garage attic which has two rooms over the garage area where the k**s in our family sort of had fortress of solitude area away from the adults, which no adults came up there just stood below and yelled to us to come down. It had the 2 rooms mostly storage shelves, electric lights an old air conditioner installed in one wall if it got to hot. No water no bathroom so if you needed that into the house you would go. There were two beds that got used for sleep overs if you wanted to stay up late and not get yelled at by the dad for being to loud. An old TV would get a fair B&W picture on 3 or 4 of the local stations.There I sat with these pictures of me dressed in the stockings and panties with this guy, I didn’t know. Although his face sort of flooded into my mind’s eye, I saw him smiling at me, saying that feels good little girl, doesn’t that feel good? There were pictures of the motel bringing back more memories. I came out of the trance of thought putting down the pictures. I was rock hard, why? I read the case file found he had been convicted of k**napping, ****, and sex with a minor c***d. My head throbbed with my heart beat, and unbelievably why was I so turned on? I picked up the stockings, panties, and the lacy belt my heart raced, my breathing burned my throat it came so fast. I found the medical report, most all of it was a long explanation of an exam performed by the Dr., findings, bleeding of the anal canal due to penetration by ****, blood tests negative of diseases, no lasting physical damage. I looked at the pictures of me dressed in the stockings and panties again, then back to the file and the sentencing page where the man age of 68 known as a repeat offender he was sentenced to 10 years in a State Penitentiary. As I sat, bits and pieces of my memories came back looking at the pictures. I put the stuff away and went in the house to watch some TV and headed to bed a bit later with all this running through my head. I began to remember more how exciting the man made it sound to my younger self, I remembered that it had sounded so fun. He had said this is how grownups act you want to be a grown up right? I answered “YES” in my thoughts as I fell asleep. It had been several weeks since I had found the file and hiding it, my dad thinking it had been destroyed. I did eventually burn the file papers keeping the pictures, stockings, belt and panties, for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. I had brought it into the house hiding the stuff in my room with a few Playboys pilfered from the box in dad’s closet. At the back of my closet was a place in the wall that could be lifted up then out. It was a plumbing maintenance access, but back under the floor was a perfect place to hide my little stash of erotica. The schedules after school were, my next oldest brother at swim team training, the oldest brother taking some time off before college had a job with an electrician friend of ours, the oldest my sister was taking classes at the community college then off to the YMCA to swim. My grades not good enough for sports so I walked home from school just a couple of blocks. I spent most of my afternoons alone or with a few neighborhood friends. My dad stayed downtown in his office until dinner around 6:30 to 7 about when everyone else was wandering home. Dad had hired a lady (Mrs. House keeper) to do light cleaning and cook our evening meals during the week, but we were on our own on weekends. None of my friends were around at 4ish when I got home. Knowing I was going to be alone for several hours, I went to my room opened cover in my closet pulled out the things I had hidden there. I looked at the Playboys, the models with stockings kept catching my eye. I thought about the stockings, panties, and belt, with the pictures. Already turned on so much a thought hit me to strip and put the stockings and panties on. Who would know? Our house keeper was in the kitchen, everyone else gone for several hours yet, why not? I went, getting a towel knowing I was going to dress in those things and jack off then take a shower and clean up after. So I stripped, pulling up the stockings all I can say is the feeling was so ELECTRIC put on the belt a bit tight but it stretched it was elastic, then connected the straps to the stockings pulling on the panties last. There I was on my bed lying face down dressed in those things, my stocking covered legs rubbing on each other it felt so good, so erotic, my hard on throbbed buried in the bed. I was propped up on my elbows looking at playboys. I was so turned on, lost in my mind of all sorts of fantasies. My heart pounding in my chest from the excitement I felt, when it stopped abruptly when I heard, “WHAT THE FUCK?” I turned around there was my 2 year older brother standing in the door, his practice called off due his coach was sick. Talk about sick, my stomach flipped, my heart pounding so hard I swear he could hear it, I broke canlı bahis down and cried so hard asking him not to tell. He was the brother that you hear about, The Master Torturer, Terrorist, and Extortionist, all rolled into one! I had bruises all over my body at times from his punches. He was smiling what do you have, to bargain with? What do you want I said through teary eyes? Then he asked where I got the stuff, I told him actually and unwittingly giving him more ammo to blackmail me with. I showed him the pictures. He looked at them saying he remember that, that dad had been insanely mad, Told everyone to just let it rest, let it be over and forgotten, we all just sort of left it alone to the point of almost forgetting it. He looked back at me asking if I remembered anything of it. I said some is coming back, some things about the pictures mostly, and the guys face was haunting me, I remember feeling his cock both in my hands and in my ass. I remember the guy taking these pictures the flash going off in my face, the things he said getting me to think I wanted the pictures taken, that it was all my idea!He sat there looking at me then got up and told me not to leave or get dressed or anything leaving the room. He came back naked except wrapped in his towel from the swim team, in front his cock stood proud almost pushing the towel open in front. He looked at me saying rub it, I was on the verge of tears again when he said you want me not to tell, you took dad’s files, your hiding this stuff, wearing it, with stolen Playboys from his collection! I whimpering and teary eyes reached out and started rubbing his cock. He was standing by the side of the bed almost growling has I pushed and pulled on his cock through the towel. He eventually got tired of standing and laid down on the bed dropping the towel on the floor as he got on the bed. He laid on the bed his cock an inch, inch and a half longer than my penis standing up hard and reddish purple. Maybe 7 or more inches tall. He told me to wrap my hand around it and stroke it, he wrapped his hand around mine to show me what he wanted, then let go of my hand. I stroked his cock, as he closed his eyes moaning, Feels so good!After a while he said he wanted me to lick and suck it, I said NO! He got off the bed and said fine picking up the towel looking at me, then I will tell everyone at dinner tonight what I found you doing, I told him that I would tell what you are trying to make me do, he said prove it! I said it will be your word against mine. Then he said something that struck like a bolt of lightning! Yeah how will you explain how I knew about the stockings and pictures you have, that dad told you to burn. I started crying again begging him not to tell. He walked up to the edge of the bed sticking his cock out towards my face, I opened my mouth let him put his cock in, sliding back and forth. It wasn’t as bad as I thought I figured it would taste of pee but it didn’t really have any taste at all, and the smell of his cologne sort of eased everything I was feeling. He pulled me off his cock, laid back down on the bed then pulled my head back towards his cock, sinking my mouth back over it pulling my head down until I choked. He moaned and bucked his hips on occasion sinking his cock deeper into my mouth making me choke and gag more.He asked me about the other stuff I had found besides what I had here? I told him about the Drs. Report and the penetration of a penis in my butt, he jumped out of bed running into the bathroom retrieving a jar of petroleum jelly coming back telling me to roll over. I did, as he pulled off the panties rubbing my butt softly sort of tickling it. It felt really good then he had a finger of jelly running it up my butt crack sort of circling my asshole. Which also felt good, then he sort of pushed a bit his finger dipping into me, I recoiled from his finger pushing into me, I thrust into the bed his finger followed dipping in a bit deeper. I jumped again and he said to stop moving, I said it hurts a bit he said to stop moving that it wouldn’t hurt if I let him use more jelly. I held my breath and he dipped more out and rubbed it around my asshole pushing his finger in a bit deeper each time. Eventually he had put his finger in all the way backed out then slowly pushed in two fingers by dipping more and more jelly into and on to my butt. His fingers stopped hurting me, actually it generated a really awesome feeling after I got over the feeling I had to poop. Then I told him it is really starting to feel good, I am feeling all tingly and my cock was is so hard it almost hurts! After a while of fingering me he got over me like he was going to do pushups, slowly he lowered himself down on me, I felt his cock sliding around and across my butt. I knew what was coming, knowing now there was nothing I could say or do to stop it. He was holding and guiding his cock towards my ass, I felt the tip of his cock pop inside my asshole, it hurt and felt good at the same time. He pulled back a little and pushed forward some more, I felt more tingle, the room seemed to be getting warmer, I felt hot my heart raced! He pulled back, I raised up trying to follow his cock not letting him leave me. He pushed back down burying himself deeper in me. I was beginning to pant. He leaned his head down towards my ear and whispered you like this don’t you little pussy? I said it feels really good I thought wouldn’t like it but it feels really good! He pulled back and pushed even deeper into me eventually I felt his whole body lying on my back. Then he was just raising his hips and thrusting them back down on me each time he raised them I was afraid his cock was going to come out, I didn’t want that to happen I wanted him to stay there and continue doing what he was doing to me It dawned on me he was fucking me, I was a pussy now after all the times he called me that, I was his pussy now!. I was starting to think I liked my brother more now than I ever had! I thought I might have a bit of an inside channel to control him and make him stop picking on me if I let him fuck me?We had been fucking for about 20 or 30 minutes sometimes fast and then not at all then slowly ever so slowly. Me I liked it when he was fast and a bit hard it felt good like he was touching something in me! He started breathing heavy, his body became jerky, he held his breath and slammed down onto me his arms around me pulling me as tight to him as he could. He pulled back and thrust a couple of short hard thrusts to me letting out a long deep growling groan. He pulled back again a time or two as I felt sweat dripping down on my back. I felt a rush, all warm, hot even, my stomach felt like I was riding a roller güvenilir bahis coaster that thrilled weightless feeling, the colors in the room became very intense, I was very tingly myself as he pulled his cock out of my butt and getting off of me. I turned over moving to the side of the bed sitting up, still red faced and all hot, he told me to look, I turned to where he pointed where I had laid just a second before. There was a big wet spot on the bed where I had left a puddle of my cum. He had given me an orgasm as he had fucked me leaving his cum in me. I was still very warm and very confused, he said to take a shower and clean up and remember “Don’t tell anyone!” I showered washing my body thinking over what had happened the last couple of hours. The strange feelings with a whole new set of urges towards my brother who had just blackmailed me into fucking me. I dressed brushed my teeth to go downstairs watch some TV and wait for dinner. I had a strange feeling as I walked even though I washed the petroleum jelly out of the crack of my ass it felt as my cheeks were still slipping on each other. It actually felt good sort of silky, I thought back on my brother’s cock sliding in and out of me how warm it had felt, how hot I got and how I had an orgasm from being fucked. I was sitting in a lounge chair with my feet up on a huge foot stool with the TV on, but not watching anything. My cock was just as hard as it could be, me wishing we were doing it again. My brother came down walked into where I was watching TV walked over and threatened me about telling anyone! I looked at him and was a little teary eyed telling him I wouldn’t, that and told him how I had been sitting there with a hard on wishing we were doing it again right now. He got a strange look on his face, smiled saying I am sure I can help you out with that.I sat at dinner pretty quiet not having much to say about anything. Dad finally asked why so quiet, which startled me back out of my day dreaming how and where I could be alone with my brother. I said no reason really, just thinking about school and Jenny my girlfriend. Dad laughed a bit and said sure it’s always a woman the k** is in love. I thought yeah I am but between the BJ I had received from Jenny a couple of weekends ago and what had just happened with my brother and I, it was my brother’s cock sliding in my butt that I was in love with. I stole a sideways glance at my brother, blushing brightly. I am sure dad thinking because I was embarrassed over being called out on being in love. Sitting there still blushing as my ass cheeks and asshole seemed to slide back and forth on the dining room chair. I swear I could feel my brother’s cock in me right at that moment. The worse thought, was I wanted his cock in me! Is there something wrong with me is this right to feel this way wanting a cock in me. No I still like Jenny, but I like my brother fucking me too, it is just two brothers being close is all.I got up from the table cleared my dishes away from the table rinsed them, leaving them in the sink. I ran upstairs to my room got my clothes from school a few other things took them to the laundry in the basement. I went outside climbed up in the garage sitting on the couch just staring out into space. I heard the back door shut, a noise in the garage a creak on the steps so steep no one can sneak up, who was coming. I stood up went to the stairs, it was my brother. He asked why I had come out here, I told him all I could think about was how good it felt earlier and how horny I had been all evening and that I was afraid if I stayed inside that someone would pick up on my hard on! He sort of laughed saying that I was the best fuck he had ever had so far! He stared at me for a moment or three, then asked what should we do about you being so horny? I stood up looking at him for a moment, walked over to one of the beds pulled off my shirt then dropped my jeans revealing the panties and stockings underneath! He smiled even bigger as he reached out smacked my ass, reached up pinched one of my nipples hard, making me suck a hard breath! He then unbutton his jeans making me blush as I saw his hard cock in his underwear, then I smiled myself. He started to pull up his pants, I asked why he was dressing, where was he going? He said going to sneak in the house and get the petroleum jelly! I snapped wait, he turned looking at me I reached under the pillows pulled out the jar tossing it to him. He looked at me saying I am going to have so much fun with my new slut of a girlfriend as he pushed me over on the bed. I turned around on the bed facing my brother’s cock reaching out pulling him towards my mouth sliding him in as far as I could. He was holding my head fucking my mouth, my thought, Yeah I am his slut of a girlfriend!To my dismay we got to play around that summer a bit here and there, but he was looking at colleges picking one several states away. The times we did find he was different towards me almost tender in his actions to me. After he started college, when he came home he would come with a male friend from school, at times different girls that he had picked up at college, some of them truly SLUTS in the first degree. One I even got to fuck several times, while he was out with his local friends from here at home. She was in the down stairs guest room, I heard a thump and her mutter OUCH and a fuck that hurt. I looked into the room her suitcase had fallen off the bed hit her leg then slid down landing on her foot falling open. There was all sorts of lingerie with all sorts of fashion stockings in the case too. I asked if she was okay bent over to pick up the case putting it back on the bed. I said beautiful stuff! She looked at me asking you like it? I said sure looks awesome bet it looks better filled out with body in it. She picked up some items asking would you like to see it on, I was like sure! She smiled tossing at me and said go ahead put it on. I thought what the heck we were the only two here all she could do was grab it away and say GET OUT! I took off my shirt, dropped my pants underwear starting to put it on. She was now blushing, when I asked am I the only one getting dressed, she stripped off picking up another outfit stripped putting it on. There we both were dressed like sluts, I don’t know who made the first move but I learned that day that stockings rubbing on stockings was the fastest way to start a fire. But when it came to the girls he brought home, I was never really nice to any of them, Jealous I suppose? He got jobs in summers when home and was always at odds with our schedules, later in his college career, he got internships and never really did come home much anymore in the summer. Then he married now with a grown family with c***dren of his c***dren, still several states away. But I always smile thinking of some of the times we had, I wonder if he thinks about his little slut of a girlfriend little brother?

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