What Happens In Vegas


What Happens In VegasFrom the bed I watched my wife of twenty years step into her deep blue lace panties and ease them over the curves over shapely brown thighs. She adjusted the elastic around them to ensure that no stray pubic curls were visible, then ran a finger between her thighs and sighed deeply.”Shit G, I’ve just had a shower and I’m all wet already again.” she commented more for her own benefit than mine.D turned, picked up the matching bra from the bed and slipped her arms into it. Her dark nipples were firmly erect confirming just how aroused she actually was. She was simply stunning in her blue underwear, and looked years younger than I knew her to be. Next a jade top slipped over her head and then she stepped into a short black skirt. A pair of slinky high heeled shoes completed her attire for the night. Standing to attention, she did a little twirl and then looked over at me and smiled. “How do I look, do you think Leo will like me?” she asked.”You look lovely; Leo won’t be able to keep his hands off you.” I replied truthfully.D grinned lecherously, “It’s not his hands I’m worried about; I’m worried about that great big dick of his.”Having already seen it, I knew she had very good reason to be worried. I was anxious, but also excited with the thought that she was finally about to see it through. For the first time in her life D was going to give her body to a younger man, a little taboo fantasy of ours. The fact that Leo was very good looking and had a great body helped her make that decision, and the fact that he was well endowed and had a reputation of being a fine lover also was an influence. Sure, maybe it was all wrong, but D wanted to do it. But at the end of the day, it was her body to do whatever she wanted with, and her happiness was the most important thing to me.”You won’t leave me with him will you, you will stay and look after me?” she asked nervously.”Sure, I’ll hang around.”D stepped to and gave me a little peck on the lips as to not smear her make up.She felt my half erection against her and looked down, “I’ll blow you or give you a handjob if you like.””Nah, I’ll wait till later.” I suggested looking at my watch. “Anyway, its time to go.”A smiling D took my hand in hers and escorted me towards the door.D had been in her early twenties when we met and she honestly hasn?t changed much since. Now in her mid forties, D is independent, strong willed, and a real handful for the unsuspecting. She is five foot two with cinnamon skin, dark hair and big black eyes. She has a smile that could light the world, and an infectious joy for life. She loves to socialize and have fun. In bed she is a real demon. She is a passionate lover who loves to fuck for hours in every position imaginable. She?s a wonderful companion and fun to be with, and life with her has been amazing.About five years ago, I suffered a heart attack and a year after that, I had to get another procedure. The second procedure took something out of me. Since then my cock just doesn?t get hard enough to fuck my wife the way she needs it. We tried the little blue pill, the little pink pill, toys and fantasy. At the end of the day, I was reduced to pleasing her orally and masturbating my semi-hard cock. D has been wonderful. She has always been supportive, and has never complained that her needs weren?t being met. But I knew.Eventually, I proposed to her that she date other people who could give her what I no longer can. At first she was vehemently opposed to the notion. Eventually she acknowledged that our marriage is strong enough and that she does miss getting fucked properly. But she remained ambivalent about actually taking the final step. Then we went to Vegas We stayed at a spa resort. The sun was hot, the pool was cool, the food great and the alcohol free flowing. Our room was right next to the pool and entertainment area. Over the years, D has put on a few pounds, but she was still very fit and attractive. Her breasts are medium size, but very full, her butt is round and firm and her legs are shapely and muscular. The first day at the pool she looked amazing. Her high cut yellow bathing suit looked fantastic and accentuated beautiful legs, and the many lingering male eyes supported my theory. She enjoyed the lecherous looks that the men gave her, and then took it out on me in the confines of our bedroom. Afternoon sex was the order of the day ? I licked her pussy and pleased her with toys, then drank ourselves stupid and fell asleep. That was our vacation until Leo turned up on the scene a few days after our arrival.Leo was a senior member of the resort staff, and a major part of his job was to ensure paying guests were happy and stayed that way. He seemed to spend a lot of his time fraternizing with the ladies, his outgoing personality and sense of humor ensuring his popularity. Leo was well over six feet tall with dark hair and green eyes. He was wide shouldered and tapering down into a narrow waist; the uniformed white shirt did nothing to hide the deep chest and powerful arms. His thick thighs and toned calf muscles rippled with energy as he walked. His hair was cropped short in a buzz cut, below was a handsome face that seemed to smile forever. D whistled in my ear the first time she laid eyes on Leo, she grinned and licked her lips suggestively when I realized what had attracted her attention. Like many ladies, D had a thing for hunky good looking young men, and Leo certainly fitted the bill. Until now, they had only been a taboo fantasy for her. We had been married for twenty years, and she had never seriously thought of giving herself to another man. Fantasies about being seduced by a hung young man were harmless, though and, as she often told me, and there was no harm in looking.It wasn’t long before Leo noticed D, and a friendly banter soon developed between the two. Leo was a natural comedian and had the ability to entertain people at whim; he was one of those people that made fun of himself as much as others, which certainly endeared himself. He was always seeking an angle to exploit and make people laugh. I could tell that D was quite smitten with him, but most of the females young and old at the resort were too. Leo seemed to enjoy D’s company and he lingered often in her presence, and therefore it wasn’t too long before his name popped up while D and I were in bed. She suggested more than once that he might have been in grave danger if she weren?t so happily married, and that she would have trouble keeping her hands off that spectacular body of his. It was all innocent fun until late one night when D was visiting the restaurant restroom at the same time as a rather intoxicated redhead. The redhead looked over at D and grinned as they washed their hands at the vanity, “You want to watch out for Leo, he’s got his eye on you.””Why’s that?” D asked as she glanced across at the redhead in the vanity mirror.Redhead laughed, “Cause he’s a player that’s why. He’ll be in your bed before you know it if you give him half a chance.””Are you talking from experience?” D asked disbelievingly.”Hell yes, Leo’s been in my bed more than a few times.” Redhead answered. “He’s one of the main reasons I keep coming back here. Leave the husband at home because he doesn’t like the sun too much. So I come here with a wife and have a little fun on the side. And you know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. ” “Really?” D replied unconvinced.Redhead turned, leaned on the vanity and looked over at D, “Don’t believe me if you don’t want to. I’m going home tomorrow and I don’t care if you do or don’t. But I’m telling you, if you get a chance to get Leo in your bed, go for it girl. You won’t be sorry. He’s got a big hard cock and sure knows how to use it. I’ve had a few men in my time, but none have done me better than Leo does.”D laughed, “That good eh?”Redhead smiled as she headed for the bathroom door, “Honey, he’s better than good, much better. Do yourself a big favor. Leo likes you, so let him into your bed and you’ll see what I mean.”I don’t think my husband would like it.” D replied.Redhead turned and grinned mischievously, “Then don’t tell him.”But D did tell me, later that night in bed she recounted Redhead’s story. I’d never seen D so aroused, she ground her hot, wet sex against my mouth and had me use the largest toy on her, finally taking it from me and used it to give herself a massive orgasm, leaving the bed a sweaty pit. The next day it seemed to be all forgotten and we got on with enjoying the sun and surf. A couple of days later D was sun bathing while I went to the golf course to hit some balls. Leo was doing his usual rounds and eventually found my D sprawled under her umbrella.”How goes it?” he asked while making his way over to her.D opened her eyes and smiled, “Hi Leo, I just love it out here, I never want to go home.” “It’s too hot.” he replied moving in beside her under the umbrella seeking a bit of shade. D moved over a little to make room. “Where’s your husband?””Out hitting a little white ball. You know, boys and their toys and all that.”They chatted aimlessly for a while. D soon became aware of his wandering eyes sliding over her legs and found herself becoming kind of excited. She sneaked the odd glance and admired his physique. This close, his chiseled body was intoxicating. She could smell his aftershave mingled his light, manly sweat. She just hoped he couldn’t sense her nervous excitement.”I’ve been hearing stories about you.” D offered.Leo chuckled, “What sort of stories?””About you seducing married women.” “Oh, is that all. I thought it was something serious.””So, seducing married women isn’t serious?” D asked.Leo grinned, “Depends who’s doing the chasing. Anyway, not all of them are married, and what happens between consenting adults is good clean fun.””What about their husbands?”Leo grinned wickedly, “Sometimes their husbands like to watch. They get a kick out of seeing how a real man pleases their woman. You should ask your old man. I’d be happy to show him with you.”A shiver of excitement rippled through her body at the audacity of his lurid suggestion, “Thanks, but I don’t think my husband would like that.””What about you?” Leo asked, looking over her body. “Would you like it?””You’re so fresh! What makes you think I?d do something like that?”Leo chuckled loudly, “Male intuition ? and I know you’d enjoy it.?”How can you be so sure?” From his sitting position Leo raised one knee and turned slightly towards her, his hand slipped down to the front of his shorts and caressed the large bulge, “Because of this.””So?” she commented.Leo licked his lips and looked across the white sand, while they weren’t exactly alone, there was no one close.”Turn and face me” he suggested.D rolled onto her side leaving herself only a few inches away from him.”Lift your right leg so I can see between them.”D did so as Leo stroked his crotch.”How about giving me a little peek at your pussy?””No.” D replied with a shaky voice.”C’mon, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” he whispered.”Okay, you go first.” D said after a few seconds.Leo looked around to ensure no one could see, then unzipped his shorts and eased his cock out. He stroked it a few times and then lay it across the palm of his hand for D to see. Its size surprised her. While not quite erect, its length and girth was substantial. It looked so heavy she thought to herself, only the almost purple glands beneath the bulbous circumcised head broke its vastness. Leo grinned as he closed his hand around it and began to slowly stroke it, the thick veins bulging as they were massaged.”Wouldn’t you like to play with this?” he asked as it became more erect.D felt herself flush. Yes she did want to play with it, but what of the consequences.”Show me yours.” he asked.D looked around, “No, there are too many people around.””They won’t see.””Sorry Leo, but no.” she said firmly.”How about we go up to your place and you can show me in private.” he suggested.”No, I’m not doing that. I’m married. It wouldn’t be right.” she responded weakly.The disappointment was obvious on his face. As he struggled to squeeze his erection back into his shorts, D smiled at the task in hand. “Don’t forget to ask your old man if you can play.” Leo suggested as he got to his feet.He looked down at D and grinned, “You’ve got a beautiful body, and I’d sure like to fuck you the way you deserve. I won’t hassle you anymore, but if you want to play just give me the word.”D watched Leo walk away as her heart was pounded with excitement. She realized how wet her pussy was and squeezed her thighs together tightly sending a flurry of tingles through her. Picking up her things, she retired back to the unit and removed her swim suit. Lying on the bed, she took her largest toy out of the suitcase and lay on the bed. Fantasizing about Leo, she worked the dildo deep into her pussy until she came to a shuddering climax. I eventually arrived back at the resort to find D on the small veranda reading a book. She smiled at me and stretched her arms high in the air as she yawned.”Have fun?” she asked.”Absolutely. How about you, what have you been up to?””Well, I got propositioned by Leo if you must know.””WHAT?” I asked.D placed her book on her stomach and then gave me a blow by blow account of what happened. She told me about her ?play time? and her fantasy with the big toy. D admitted she izmir escort didn’t exactly discourage him and, I found myself thinking my wife might finally take the final step to cuckolding me. According to her, it was all just a bit of harmless flirting. Later that night, we lay side by side after I pleased her orally and she masturbated my semi-erect member to orgasm. My mind drifted back to Leo, and I wanted to know what D was thinking about him.”Would you like to do it with Leo?” I asked.”Yeah, probably.” she answered after a few seconds. “If I weren?t married I’d be tempted. He’s real sexy, and it’s the naughtiness of it all, you know, a young man and all that.””And what about his big dick?”D chuckled, “I dunno, it’s pretty damn big. I’m not sure I could handle it inside me, I mean I haven?t had a real cock inside me for so long. And you know my pussy has always been tight.”I laughed as the tightness of her pussy was a standard joke between us. “So, do you think you’d like a big dick?” I asked.D turned towards me and cuddled in, “Dunno, I’d probably give it a go under the right circumstances.””You know how I feel about it, right?”D lifted her head onto her hand and looked into my eyes, “What do you mean?””Well, if you really want to, I want you to fuck him?””Don?t be silly.” she replied and cuddled into me.”You can if you want.” I suggested a few seconds later.”Don’t tempt me. I might just take you up on it.” We lay in silence for a while.”What would you do?” she asked. “Would you go for a walk somewhere while we did it, or would you stay and watch?””Dunno. What would you want me to do, would you want me to stay and watch?””Mmmm, probably stay and watch I think. Then maybe join in at the end if you can get hard enough. I’ve never had a threesome or such big cock, might as well kill two birds with one stone while I’m at it. Anyway, I’m tired and want to go to sleep. Let’s talk about it in the morning.”We rose early the next morning and walked around the resort for a bit of exercise before it became too hot. Last night?s subject wasn’t mentioned as we were both a little unsure of ourselves. D was wearing a bikini top and a pair of skimpy shorts showing off her nice body. My eyes focused on her shapely legs, and I pictured her spreading them wide for Leo. How would I feel about Leo sliding his dick between my wife?s beautiful pussy lips? What would it be like to watch her wrap her legs around him grip him tightly. D loved to kiss while making love. Could I watch her kissing his handsome face. When she wasn’t kissing him, she would be making her loving sounds, the little moans and coos and the deep sighs of pleasure. How would it feel, I asked myself? I felt myself begin to harden and shame fluttered through brain, I punished myself by plunging deep into the cool water.Later that morning we sat on the deck outside our unit with a fresh fruit breakfast. We were both a little nervous as it was obvious what was on our minds. “Are you thinking about Leo?” she asked with a slight tremor in her voice.”Sort of.” I lied not wanting to fully confess to my thoughts.”Me too. Well, shall I do it?” she asked. “What do you think?”D toyed with the fruit in the bowl with her spoon, “I’m getting used to the idea, and excited too. The good thing is that I’d never see him again, it’s not like I’ll run into him in the supermarket in a few weeks time or anything. And you know; it’ll be like acting out one of my fantasies. But there’s a downside too.””It would be exciting for me too, just sit back and watch you have fun with someone else. I must have a voyeuristic streak in me I didn’t know about.”D laughed, “You do like watching porn. But then, so do I. Maybe you could do it with him and I could watch.”I spat a piece of strawberry across the table in mock horror, and we both laughed. “So shall I?” D asked taking my hand in hers.I looked over and smiled, “It’s up to you.””I’ll think about it.””Don’t wait too long, we’ve only got three nights left before we head home.” I reminded her.We distracted ourselves by being real tourists going shopping for the day, D seemed a bit more affectionate and wanted to hold my hand all the time which was quite nice. When we returned we lay in the hot afternoon sun and swam to cool down. It was late when we finally arrived back in the unit. D stepped close and took my hands in hers; she smiled up at me and gave me a peck.”I’ve decided to do it.” she whispered. “I was thinking we could bring him back here later. What do you think?”I kissed her, “Whatever you’re comfortable with.”For the next few minutes we discussed what D should wear. It was all very exciting as D matched different outfits and asked for my opinion. For a woman, she had packed lightly and there wasn’t too much to choose from. We settled on matching underwear, and the shortest skirt she had with her which was quite revealing for a lady of her vintage. Once that was sorted, we decided on a snooze before we went out for a meal. I looked adoringly over her nude body as we lay on the bed, but my wandering hand was forcibly removed from between her lovely brown thighs, even though we were both nearly too excited to sleep. We awakened a couple of hours later and after a shower, D asked if I wanted to trim her pussy. With her legs spread wide on the bed, I carefully trimmed her dark curls at the sides and thinned out the mass in the middle just above her lips. It was hard to think that Leo’s big cock might be parting those fine lips in the not too distant future. I attempted to slip my tongue between them but D wriggled away up the bed.”Don’t get me started.” she pleaded rolling off the bed to escape. “I want to save myself for later.”Not wanting to socialize with other guests, we ate alone at the restaurant at a small table letting the excitement of what might happen engulf us. We then headed for the nightclub where we knew Leo would be working. It dark inside with colored strobe lights highlighting people dancing to a live band, others were socializing at the bar. Leo eventually found us on the dance floor and D’s hand found mine and gave it a squeeze. He just smiled and waved, there was little point in trying to talk to us over the band. D and I had worked a proposition plan for Leo. We waited until there was an opportunity to get him alone, and I would excuse myself by going to the bathroom leaving D free to offer herself. It worked out fine. She simply started up a conversation with him and causally leaned over and suggested our place later. That was all it took. D told me the look of lust on his face made her panties wet. It was after midnight when D and I headed back to our unit. We showered and dressed again, then settled in to wait for Leo. It was a nervous wait and at one time D wondered whether he would show up. I knew he would, just call it male intuition. It was a little after one when there was a tap at the door. I opened it and invited a grinning Leo inside. His hair was damp and he’d changed into a grey tee shirt and knee length young cargo shorts.”Sorry I’m a bit late.” he said while handing over a bottle of chilled wine. “Couldn’t get away and then I shot home for a quick shower.”There wasn’t much room to sit in our small unit. Leo sat on the loveseat while D and I settled on the edge of the bed. With shaking hands I opened the wine and poured three glasses. The conversation was nervous at first, we all knew what was going to happen, but no one was prepared to make the first move. Leo couldn’t help but cast his eyes over D as she sat on the bed with her legs drawn up beside her. Her skirt had ridden upwards displaying her fine thighs. Eventually Leo brought up the subject of sex.”So, are you okay with me and D getting it on?”I shrugged my shoulders trying to appear calmer than I actually was; hopefully he couldn’t hear my pounding heart. “Sure, so long as it’s alright with D.””And what about you D, you okay too?”D smiled and nodded her head, “Yeah; as long as you wear a condom.”I noticed a flicker of disappointment on Leo’s face; he obviously hoped to go bare back.”I got condoms; need to bring my own as regulars don’t fit.””You don’t mind that G stays and watches.” D stated. “I might ask him to join in later. I’ve never done a threesome.”Leo chuckled” Sounds good, wanna get started?”When D didn’t respond, Leo smiled and patted his lap, “C’mon over here.”D slowly unfolded herself from the bed and took the five nervous steps to where Leo was seated. He reached for D’s hands and eased her onto his lap, her short skirt riding high as she straddled him. Her hands settled on his shoulders and she hesitated unsure what to do next. Leo leaned forward and nuzzled her neck gently kissing his way upwards until their lips met. What started as a little peck quickly dissolved into a passionate kiss, their heads tilting slightly allowing tongues to play. D’s arms embraced Leo tightly as his hands began to explore her curves. As the long seconds turned into minutes, I noticed D gently rolling her buttocks back and forth against him as they kissed and licked. Between kisses, I could hear D’s deep breathing and the little sighs of her arousal. I reached down and rubbed my cock which was now straining under my jeans. I was briefly tempted to release it so I could stroke it, but it seemed inappropriate and I resisted, for the time being.D leaned back and lifted Leo’s shirt over his head, her hands soon running over his muscular body and tweaking his nipples. He responded by removing D’s top and running his tongue teasingly over her bra. An impatient D slipped her arm straps down and freed her breasts for him to play with; she cooed as he kissed them in turn and then suckled on her erect nipples. Reaching around, she unclasped her bra and let it drop into her lap.Leo lifted D effortlessly with his big strong arms and rolled her sideways onto the chair beside him. During a flurry of little kisses D leaned into him and made herself comfortable. Leo turned his attention to her breasts and again began to suckle on them. His big hand slid downwards to her legs, and with a pounding heart I watched D lift her skirt and part her thighs wide in absolute submission. His fingers slid high to D’s panties and she sighed loudly as he gently caressed the little triangle of blue material. She began pushing against his hand, and parting her thighs wider as his hand disappeared down under them. From where I sat, I could see his fingers working under her panties as they kissed. D broke the kiss and sighed and whimpered as his finger slid deep inside her. For the next minute or two, D moved urgently against Leo’s hard working finger, the noisy slurping of her wetness reaching my ears. She moved her hand over to his cargo shorts and began rubbing the substantial bulge beneath. Between kisses she began fumbling one handed with the belt buckle, Leo rolled from the chair and stood before my D offering himself to her. Sliding forward, she grinned and licked her lips as her fingers released the button and zip of his cargo shorts. His shorts hit the carpet leaving only a pair of grey briefs which were stretched horribly at the front.”Oh, my my.” whispered D as she ran her hand across the bulge.She eased the front of Leo’s briefs down freeing his erection which sprung out heavily before her. D hadn’t been exaggerating about Leo’s size, she turned her face towards me and smiled with a told you so gaze. As D took it in hand, I compared her wrist to the thick shaft which seemed equal in size. Leaning forward she rubbed both sides her cheeks over the shaft before placing it vertically up her face. With his dark balls resting on her chin, the head reached beyond her forehead. D leaned back slightly allowing his heavy shaft to slide down her face until the head perched on her lips, the tip of her tongue then flicked back and forth under the head. Leo took himself in hand and directed the head between her lips, her mouth slowly easing allowing him entry. He sighed and removed his hand as D wide stretched mouth suckled upon the head. Leo stood still as D lovingly kissed and sucked his cock. It seemed to grow firmer as the seconds passed by, the thick veins more pronounced. It was particularly thick at the base and I wonder how D might cope with his size, I was certainly going to find out, that’s for sure. D seemed to enjoy caressing Leo’s powerful thighs while she sucked, by this time she had worked out that it was impossible take much more than the head into her mouth. My girl was an accomplished cock sucker and she worked Leo with some finesse, the pleasure evident on his grinning face. Every now and then she would kiss her way down his shaft before taking him back into her mouth. Leo took himself in hand again and slowly stroked his shaft as D suckled. She dropped one hand between her thighs and slowly caressed her pussy through her panties.Then without warning, Leo moaned and eased his cock from D’s mouth firing a thick line of cum across her lips and left cheek. She swiftly lowered her mouth, taking the next spurt and swallowing it. D held still as Leo slowly stroked his cock empty. I smiled as D sucked and licked the giant member clean of all traces of cum.”I didn’t expect that.” D commented after wiping her lips and cheek clean with her fingers and licking them. ?Mmmm tastes good!?”Sorry, couldn’t help myself. You were so good I couldn’t stop myself.” Leo wheezed escort izmir with an apologetic smile on his face. “Don’t worry, I can keep going.”D looked over at me and grinned sheepishly. She still had more cum spattered on her face neck and breasts than I could have produced in a week. “Can you get something for this please darling.”Leo crashed onto the chair as I went into the bathroom, returning with a towel and a warm face cloth. Leo and I watched as D wiped his cum from herself with the towel and then washed herself with the face cloth. She then knelt between Leo’s legs and dutifully cleaned his cock before sliding her mouth over it once again. By this time I would be thinking of sleep, but it was obvious Leo’s cock still wanted to play. Leo lifted D onto the chair and rolled himself into a kneeling position in front of her. Without hesitation, she lifted her skirt and spread her thighs wide leaving her panties in view. I watched as Leo seductively kissed his way up each thigh until he reached her panties. I could tell D was aroused, her thighs trembling with anticipation, her head thrown backwards and her eyes closed. She cried out as Leo began licking the front of her panties, and quickly reached down and slid them aside exposing her pussy unashamedly for him. With her other hand, she pulled Leo’s face into her mass of curls. She sat still for a few seconds as he explored her with his tongue; then began writhing back against him. Placing her lovely legs across his shoulders she settled back on the chair whimpering with pleasure. Leo pushed her skirt high over her waist and dragged her panties downwards. D raised her buttocks and then her legs high in the air so that they could be discarded, and then dropped her legs back over his shoulders. Leo quickly began demonstrating his fine pussy licking skills. He positioned D’s long legs back against her chest fully exposing her pussy. I moved closer to get a better view. He started with long slow licks up and down her gapping slit, her finger reaching down and spreading them further. He suckled on each lip before burying his face firmly between them. D whimpered as Leo mashed his face round and round before settling on her clitoris. One long finger slid easily inside her and was joined by another. Leo then settled into a nice rhythm of stroking and sucking, he held D’s legs high giving me a nice clear view of proceedings. D loved being licked and Leo’s expertise was being well received. Her head was lying back on the headrest of the chair, her eyes closed and her lips slightly apart. She was clearly in another world. I began to recognize the tell tale signs of an orgasm approaching, the little sighs and whimpered and the faint trembling of her body. Leo too picked up on it and picked up his tempo. The trembling of her body became more rigorous as her orgasm arrived, and Leo did well to meet her erratic writhing. Her hands reached around his neck hand held him tight as the first shudder raked her body. She cried out loudly as her body arched high into the air, but Leo continued to torment her with his skilled tongue and swift moving fingers.”Don’t stop.” I said to Leo. “She’ll cum a few times if you keep going.”D’s movements became less frantic as her first big orgasm waned, she allowed herself to fall back onto the chair as her subsequent smaller orgasms arrived as I knew they would. She ran her fingers through his hair as she welcomed the each little shudder though her body until she slowly relaxed. Leo sat back and looked at D’s pussy. Her curls were sopping wet and flat against her skin. Her lips below were dark and swollen, her clitoris peeking out at us. Leo took himself in hand and stroked his long thick shaft in anticipation. “Time to fuck me.” D suggested in a seductive purr.”Do I need to wear a condom?” he asked hopefully.”Yes.” D answered after a few seconds of deliberation.Leo reached for his cargo shorts and removed three condom packets all joined together. He tore one off and looked over at me.”Want to put it on for me?” he asked.I shook my head. While I was excited at what was happening, his suggestion went beyond the call of duty.Leo shrugged his shoulders, “Some guys do.”He placed the condom in D’s hand, “You can do the honors.”D sat up as Leo got to his feet and stood before her. Without hesitation she opened her mouth to accept his swinging shaft, her fingers tore the packet open and removed the pink coloured condom. She continued to suck on the bulbous glistening head for a few seconds before dropping him from her mouth. After checking she had it the right way round, she placed the condom at the tip of the head and attempted to roll it over it. Unfortunately, the bulbous girth made it impossible.”Open it wide with your fingers; then put it over.” Leo suggested.D stretched the condom wide and placed right over the head before releasing it; then she rolled it down as far as she could, but it rolled back down his shaft a little.”It always happens.” Leo reassured D as she again attempted to it roll right down to the base.The problem was an obvious one, his thick shaft tapered widely outwards at the base resulting in the condom rolling backwards each time D tried get it right to the end. It seemed to settle naturally in the same place leaving a good inch and a half bare which D wasn’t happy with.”That’s as good as it gets.” Leo suggested taking himself in hand. D settled back in the chair, eased her buttocks forward and parted her thighs wide for him. Leo placed a cushion on the floor and knelt on it. I moved closer for a better view as Leo lifted his cock and guided it between D’s wide spread thighs.Leo looked over at me, “Some guys wanna put it in for their lady; you wanna do it for her?”I again shook my head, “Nah.”D reached down impatiently and rubbed her clitoris as the latex covered head penetrated her outer lips. D’s fingers left her clitoris and positioned the head at her opening; she sat up to see what was happening as Leo applied a little pressure. His girth failed to penetrate her and his cock bent upwards at the base as a little more pressure was applied.”Oh, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” D muttered with a grimace.Leo grinned, “Its okay pretty lady. Just need a little lube on the condom and we’ll be fine.”D looked over at me, Lube please darling.”I retrieved a bottle of Gun Oil, our lube of choice from the bedside cabinet and handed it to Leo. He poured a little onto his hands and rubbed them together before massaging the condom.”Hey, this is good stuff.” he commented as he again pointed his cock at D’s pussy.With a simple little push, the head of Leo’s cock slipped easily into D’s pussy. She sighed loudly as Leo held still for a few seconds giving her time to get used to his girth. Then with gentle little movements, his cock began its journey inside D’s pussy. Her hand lay flat against his navel ensuring that he didn’t go too deep too fast. When she felt she could trust Leo to be gentle, she leaned back in the chair making herself comfortable. But half way in, D began to whimper quietly and Leo slowed his pace. “Christ, its fucking huge.” she whispered for my benefit.From where I was sitting, I could see how stretched D was. Her glistening inner lips stretched tight around his shaft hugging every little contour, her outer lips were gapping exposing her engorged clitoris. Leo continued his assault easing deeper and deeper into D until the ring of the condom began touching her outer lips. A little frown on her face told of her discomfort and wasn’t lost on Leo. He reached down and pulled the rim of the condom hard against him and eased his last inches into D.Leo lifted D’s knees and placed her legs around his buttocks which seemed to make his penetration a little more comfortable. At first D lay still as Leo settled into a nice slow rhythm. I could see she was taking his full length; he would then pull back until her lips began to taper over the head before sliding deep back inside again. Her eyes were closed and her head hung backwards, a position indicating her enjoyment. Then Leo began to pick up the tempo and his thrusts became more vigorous, the hollow slapping of bodies meeting becoming louder and louder. D began to whimper as she arched her back under his assault, her legs held him tightly. For the next few minutes Leo rode D with long solid strokes, his thick thighs bristling with muscle as he plunged deep into her. Again the condom rolling down his thick shaft became an irritant and D eventually pulled away from him. She looked over at me as her hand reached down to the condom, with a quick flick she rolled it from his shaft and dropped it to the floor. Leo grinned lustfully as D reached for his cock and slipped it back into her waiting pussy, it slid easily and noisily into the hilt causing D to sigh deeply.”Mmmm, that’s much better.” Leo reassured D as he began to ride her with long strokes.She didn’t reply, just closed her eyes and drifted into another world. I was surprised that she disposed of the condom as it had been one of the conditions that she went ahead with getting it on with Leo. I could only put it down to the irritation of the rim sliding down his shaft being too much to put up with. After a while, Leo took D by the arms and pulled her close. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, he lifted her effortlessly from the chair. With his cock fully impaled inside her, he turned towards the bed and slowly let her slide downwards. His cock slipped from her and hung heavily as she wriggled up the bed. He followed and dropped his face between her widely parted thighs. “Ohhhhhhhhh, that’s nice, really nice.” she muttered as Leo’s tongue lapped at her clitoris.As Leo slid upwards, D reached for his cock and guided it back inside her. I was now only inches from them, and with D’s thighs spread wide, I had a perfect view of Leo’s cock sliding back and forth. It was shiny and slick from her juices, her stretched lips hugging every little contour of his shaft. D’s lips were now puffy and pink as she pushed upwards to meet his every thrust.”Having fun?” I asked when she opened her eyes and looked up at me. Reaching over, she took my hand in hers and gave it a squeeze, “Sure am. Don’t worry, you’ll get yours later.”D then closed her eyes and let my hand go; she placed her arms around Leo’s neck and hugged him tightly. He moved his lips to hers and I watched as they kissed passionately, their cheeks moving as tongues played. I felt a strange emotion flow through me. While I found the sex between D and Leo exciting to watch, the intimate kissing bothered me. I knew it was irrational, but it was humbling that D could kiss Leo with such passion when it was really only sex. I averted my eyes to D’s wide spread thighs as they rolled up against Leo. Between their bodies, I caught glimpse of his thick shaft sliding back and forth between her pussy lips. Leo raised D’s legs over his shoulders, his height lifting her buttocks from the bed. She moaned loudly as his cock slid into the hilt and then back out again. He placed his big hands under her buttocks, as his following long slow strokes slid effortlessly within her. Her pussy glistened with damp arousal and the aroma of her sex was now strong. “No, no,” D muttered lifting her legs from her shoulders and dropping then to the bed. “You’re too big for that.”Leo again made himself comfortable between her thighs and began to stroke her, she wrapped her legs tightly around him and sighed as he began to pick up his pace. Her hand slipped downwards and I could see by her movements that she was preparing her clitoris for another orgasm. Leo took his weight on his elbows and raised himself to give her a little room to play. She dropped her legs flat on the bed but still managed to roll her buttocks up against him. They settled into a lot of kissing and nuzzling as D’s hand movements became more frantic. She stopped kissing as I again recognized the little signs of an approaching orgasm, the little sighs and the pursing of lips told the story. And then with a loud moan, D arched her back as her orgasm arrived. She hooked one leg around Leo’s thighs to ensure he didn’t drop from her. For the next few seconds, her little whimpers of ecstasy filled the room, and then she settled back on the bed.Leo rolled from between her thighs and a noisy squelch was heard as his cock fell from her special place. D lay back in post orgasmic splendour, her eyes closed and a contented little smile on her face. Her slightly spread thighs lay flat on the bed, her dark pubes gooey and Ged. “Fuck that was good.” she muttered.Leo looked over at me, “Hell man, she sure can fuck. You’re one lucky man.” He grinned over at me as he rolled from the bed. He picked up their wine glasses from the floor and offered one to D. She raised herself and propped herself up onto the pillows before taking the glass and taking a sip. Her eyes were drawn to Leo’s erection as he stood next to the bed. It hung just below horizontal, the shaft glistening with her juices. She reached up and took him in hand, her hand sliding easily over the slick skin, “Don’t worry, I haven’t finished with you yet.”Leo climbed onto the bed beside D, he placed his hand on her thigh and I noticed that she lifted one leg a little to make her pussy a little more available. Her hand again moved over to his cock and gave it a little squeeze. izmir escort bayan Then she looked over at me, “Why don’t you strip off and join us.”I felt kind of embarrassed as I removed my clothes and slipped in next to D. She rolled towards me and offered her lips to kiss, her tongue plunging into my mouth. I felt her hand slide over my cock, and I savored the pleasure as she gave it a little squeeze and a stroke. Her lips moved away and moving downwards over my nipples and then to my cock. She teased me a little with her tongue flicking over the head and then took me deep inside her warm mouth. Her sucking was slow and deliberate, enjoyable but not so much that I would cum. I just lay back and let her do her good work. My cock, surprisingly, was harder than it had been in years. D determined to take advantage of it. She then lifted a leg over me and straddled me, then guided my cock straight inside her sliding down to the hilt and then began rolling her buttocks on me. Even though Leo’s cock must have stretched her wide, her pussy still felt warm, tight and inviting. She turned to Leo and grinned, “Bring that over here.”Leo stood next to our side of the bed with his cock hanging pendulously in front of him. All D had to do was turn her head and open her mouth; Leo leaned forward and sighed as D began to suckle greedily on the head. D began to move up and down on me while sucking on Leo. She held his shaft firmly with hand to ensure it didn’t get rammed down her throat.I caressed D’s sweat covered thighs and breasts as she slowly rode me; her pussy felt just lovely. I gazed up to watch her cheeks bulging each time she took him into her mouth. From below, Leo’s heavily veined shaft appeared hard as a rock, a wet tide mark showing how much D could take in her mouth. We stayed that way until Leo suggested that he and I change places. Without waiting for an answer, D willingly lifted herself from my cock and moved to the head of the bed so that Leo could lie down. She giggled trying to line up Leo’s cock while sliding astride him. “Stand up and crouch down.” Leo suggested after a couple of feeble attempts.D stood astride Leo and began lowering her buttocks into Leos waiting hands, reaching down she took hold of his cock and guided it between her gapping lips. A deep sigh came from my wife as, inch by inch, his shaft disappeared slowly inside her. She leaned forward a little before sitting down completely, taking his full length. Placing her hands on Leo’s chest and looking down between her thighs, D began to lift herself from his cock and then slide down again.”Mmmm, that feels good,” she whispered while watching her pussy stretch to accept his length. With a loud moan, she managed to get it all inside her leaving her lips spread flat against his navel, then slowly lifted herself then slowly ground down onto her lover. D lowered her face to his and began kissing him passionately. Again, jealousy flooded my brain to mingle with the excitement. As D began to break into a bit of a rhythm, she lifted herself from Leo’s chest and began to ride him more vigorously. Her hand slipped down to her clitoris and began to work it, her index finger moving faster and faster. Her eyes closed as the pleasure mounted. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, shit, I’m gonna cum.” she muttered. Now used to his size, her body was soon slapping hard down on Leo’s cock faster and faster. And then with a little cry, her body began to shudder uncontrollably. Leo placed his big hands around her waist to support her as she rocked from side to side. Her face was now in a deep frown, her top teeth exposed over her bottom lip as her orgasm engulfed her. I knew from experience that this meant she was having one of her powerful orgasms ? the kind that usually left her drained. She eventually collapsed forward onto Leo’s chest and lay contently still as he nuzzled her neck and ears. After a while, Leo began working his cock inside D, she sat up and began to ride slowly.”You okay?” he asked wiping her brow.She grinned, “I won’t be able to walk straight for a week after this. You’d better cum quick before you wear me out too much.””Just keep going like this and I’ll do the business.” Leo replied.D began moving up and down on him, not fast, but just a steady speed. She watched his face as the excitement increased. His hands were busy fondling her swinging breasts as he closed in on his orgasm. I wondered whether she would let Leo cum inside her as the act would be considered taboo; it was going to be interesting to see how she handled him. She continued to ride him watching his anticipation grow his breathing and erratic movements showing his end was near. At the very last moment, D slipped sideways from him and took his pulsating cock in hand. Her mouth slipped eagerly over the head as her hand moved swiftly over the slippery shaft. Her lips bulged her throat worked frantically as she swallowed the young man?s copious load. His orgasm ebbed slowly and his long body began to relax in her most capable hands. My wife sat up and looked over at me with her big eyes as cum dribbled from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. My eyes were drawn to Leo as he lay comatose on the bed; his eyes closed as his hand found his cock and stroked it devotedly as it wilted. D knelt beside me on the bed. She took my hand in mine and squeezed it. Then she reached for my cock and held it.Leo opened his eyes and grinned up at D, “So, how was that?” She smiled, “Great. I don’t want to be rude, but now G and I would like some privacy.””Sure thing.” he replied knowingly rolling from the bed and gathering his clothes.He quickly climbed into them and gave D a peck on the cheek. Then, after a quick thank you he was gone.D looked over at me with a nervous smile on her face. She was comimg to terms with what she’d just done. She placed her arms around me as she slid back on the bed pulling me with her. Her legs were spread wide as she guided my cock into her wetness. Her arms and legs gripped me tightly. Amazingly, I was pretty hard again.”Please don’t say anything, just fuck me and cum inside.” she whispered. She avoided my attempts to kiss her which was unusual. Then I realized that it was because Leo had cum in her mouth a few minutes earlier. My mind floated back to D’s seduction, how she willingly opened her legs for his big young cock. It excited me and I quickly reached an exquisite orgasm cumming inside my wife. She waited until I had finished and then rolled out from under me, her lips finding my cock and she began sucking me as her tongue tormented the head just how I liked it. She continued sucking long after she had drained me, loving my flaccid penis as if it were the most wonderful thing in the world.Looking up at me she whispered, “Oh G, what have I done?” Her finger slipped over my lips as if to hush me, there was nothing I could say to make her feel better. Eventually, she rolled from me and cuddled in and we lay deep in our thoughts until an exhausted sleep took us. The early morning sun woke us and we lay with our bodies just touching. “How are you this morning?” I asked.”Feeling guilty.” she replied after a few seconds.”You enjoyed Leo didn’t you?””Yes, but it was naughty and I shouldn’t have done it.” I turned towards her.”Don?t be silly. You are a beautiful, sexy woman. You deserve every satisfaction you can get. You’ve just managed to live out a fantasy most women would only dream of. And I love you more than ever. You should not feel guilty.”Her hand found mine, “But what’s it done to us, our relationship? Don’t you hate me, or think less of me?””I enjoyed watching you do it.” I confessed. “The look on your face when he first put it inside you was awesome. It was really exciting watching you get stretched.”D grinned, “It sure was big, didn’t think I could take it all.””Well, you took it okay and you had no problems after a few minutes of fucking. So do you like big cock now?””It was amazing. I don’t know whether I’d like it all the time. My pussy feels numb and my jaw is sore from sucking him.” We discussed the previous night’s activities before heading down to the pool for an early morning swim. Leo wasn’t around. We rented a car and spent the rest of the day doing tourist things. Later that night, we talked about the previous evening and D got excited, and asked me to lick her pussy. She was too sore for toys, so I took her to two orgasms with my mouth while she fantasized about her young lover. We both became a little more accepting and comfortable of our session with Leo, and things seemed to return normal.We didn?t see Leo again until our last night in Vegas. Our flight out was at nine pm leaving us the day to relax. Around five, we were mostly packed and sitting on the patio enjoying the cooling sun when Leo wandered over to our unit wearing his resort uniform and a large smile.”Hey guys, hope you had a good time.” he said.”Hi Leo, we had a great time.” D replied with a knowing smile.He leaned over the patio deck as we chatted. Even though he was wearing dark sunglasses, I knew his eyes were upon D’s legs under her see through wrap. As the minutes passed by, D too became aware of his lustful looks and I noticed that her hands were shaking. The air around us became almost electric with anticipation. Then Leo asked the big question,” Fancy a quickie before you leave?”D grinned and looked down at her watch, “Do we have enough time?”Leo matched her grin, “Just.”D was silent for a few seconds as she considered his indecent proposition.”Hang on a sec. I want to talk to G first.” D replied as she took me by the hand and led me inside our unit.She looked up at me, “I want to, but I won’t if you don’t want me to.””Are you k**ding? I have absolutely no problem with it. You are beautiful and you deserve it. If you want to, do it!””If I do it with him, you have to stay.” I nodded. D smiled nervously and walked to the door where a hopeful Leo was waiting outside. She invited him inside.What happened next was all about lust. There was no seduction as D undid her wrap, pushed her bikini bottoms down and shrugged off her bra. She sat on the bed as Leo removed his clothes, her mouth open invitingly when his cock was close enough to suck. A few seconds later, Leo pushed her flat on the bed and ran his tongue through her puffy wet pussy lips a few times; then raised his body over hers. Her hand reached down and guided his unsheathed cock to her opening, and inch by inch he slid into her. D moaned loudly with each stroke as her legs held him tight in the missionary position. It was a brutal bout of lustful sex, their sweaty bodies writhing across the bed amongst D’s whimpers of pleasure. Her wet arousal was evident from the noisy sloppiness of her pussy juices that lubricated his cock. Her fingers soon reached for her clitoris and two quick orgasms arrived. D’s hand reached for me, her fingers freeing my cock from my shorts. She eased Leo from the missionary position and onto his side at a right angle to her body. She lifted a leg and guided him deep inside her, then pulled my cock into her mouth. Again I watched Leo’s thick young cock plunder D’s pussy lips, a voyeuristic streak in me exciting me quickly to an intense orgasm. She accepted my cum willingly, swallowing and sucking me dry before turning her head away towards Leo. Leo quickly mounted her in the missionary position and began to ride her unmercifully. She whimpered and writhed beneath him meeting his every lustful thrust.”Cum in me.” she whispered as his time neared.Leo drove deep into my wife, eliciting a howl as he emptied himself into her. Then he eased himself out and raised up to a kneeling position. He gazed down at D’s sweaty body, his thumb sliding up and down and her dripping slit. “A pity you haven’t got more time.” he declared lustfully. “I’d have another go.””Greedy bastard.” D laughed as she rolled fromm the bed and headed for the bathroom.Leo laughed as he rolled from the bed and climbed into his uniform, he followed D into the bathroom and gave her a goodbye thank you kiss and then shook my hand. After wishing us well he made his departure for the last time.Twenty four hours later we were home and life began to return to normal, unfortunately it was back to work for both of us. Over the next few nights we freely discussed D’s romp, and usually it led to sex. The memory of her romp seemed to excite D more and more, and I began to hope it meant she had come to terms with the change in our marriage. Would D now be more tempted to date other people?A few weeks after our return, D cuddled into me after we got into bed. She took my hand in hers and gave it a kiss.”I?ve been thinking about what we did. I don’t regret it, but I’m feeling guilty too. Now that I?ve had a lover, I find myself looking at other men differently, wondering what it would be like to touch them, kiss them, feel their bodies against mine. But I worry that it will hurt you. You are the man I love, but I don?t know what to do about these a****l lusts I?m starting to feel.”I kissed my beautiful wife?s hand in return and smiled at her. ?I?m not going anywhere. I love you and I only want for you to be happy. If other people ? men or women ? can give you what I can?t, it would be incredibly selfish of me to ask you to miss that. Plus ? honestly ? I find the thought of watching you cum, watching you fuck another man, incredibly exciting. So, when you feel these lusts, satisfy them!?My loving wife and partner of twenty years smiled and whispered in my ear. ?Well?.I met a cute young guy at the coffee shop yesterday. He gave me his number and asked me to call him.??

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