What Happens In Vegas (etc.)

Female Ejaculation

I realized when my marriage of 15 years ended that I didn’t want to do that again. It’s not that I have anything against marriage, it’s just that there are some creatures that simply don’t thrive in captivity. I’m one of them. Instead, I took my show on the road. Taking my lead from those Travel Channel programs, where the host samples the cuisine from various stops along the road, I decided to do the same with sex. Do women in Dallas taste the same as those in Boston? Does a California girl give head like a Georgia peach? These are my journeys. This is my odyssey.


It smelled like a boring seminar.

I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it except for two things: 1) it was taking place in Vegas and offered up a chance to sample some desert women (I’m not talking professionals here – any collector will tell you the true joy is in the searching, not the easy finding) and 2) it was fucking tax deductible.

I’m not a gambler by any measure but I am a people watcher. After checking into my room, I headed down to the casino. It was four o’clock in the afternoon – too early to start hunting for night time company. I fed $20 into a slot machine and played slowly, watching the crowd around me. The cocktail waitress was cute but she let me know quickly that – though she was a local – she was all business.

There was a banquet scheduled for that night – a kind of “getting to know you” mixer that in the past had proven about as exciting as an autopsy. After wasting a couple of hours walking through the casino, I decided to head back to my room to get ready. As I came through the lobby heading for the elevators, I heard a familiar voice giving the desk clerk royal hell.

“Cathy?” I said, stepping up behind her.

“Richard,” she said, wrapping me in a hug that lasted a New York minute. “The fucking bastards lost my reservation!”

The desk clerk looked embarrassed, not only because of the tone of her voice but its volume. “We’ll have it resolved in just a moment if you’ll…”

“Where’s Jim?” I asked. I’d met Cathy and her husband, Jim at a seminar in Clearwater Beach some two years earlier. Since then we’d kept in touch by infrequent e-mails and an occasional phone conversation. We were by no means good friends but we were grand acquaintances.

“Stayed home. Go figure. Guess he’s losing interest in the old broad. Gail here?”

I held up my left hand, now devoid of a wedding band, and waved my fingers. “Quoth the raven…”

The smile quickly disappeared from Cathy’s face. “No,” she said. “I’m so sorry.” She gripped my arm with both hands and I could see her emotion was genuine.

“I’m not,” I told her.

“Mrs. DeCarlo, the management apologizes for the error and would like to extend you a complementary suite for the duration of your visit.” The desk clerk was all but bowing.

“You bet your ass, you will,” Cathy said.

It was a good time to make my exit. I told Cathy I’d see her at the mixer and strolled off to catch the elevator.

The banquet was all I expected. Aside from the fact that I hate wearing a suit and tie, collegiate types tend not to make the most exciting conversation. They were all wrapped up in their own projects and grant applications. I have to admit, I really didn’t give a rat’s fuck.

When I saw Cathy, I nearly spilled my drink. She was wearing a little black cocktail dress and every man and a few of the women were watching her every move. I remembered Gail commenting on Cathy’s breasts back on Clearwater Beach. Gail said they couldn’t be real, then told me I’d better never find out. Her cleavage in the dress was quite pronounced and stunning on her slender frame. She had to be in her mid to late 40s, yet she had the ass and legs of a teenager. Only the smile lines around her eyes gave away her age. But they were hardly unattractive.

Why had I never taken a closer look at her before? Oh yeah…I was married.

Cathy picked up a glass of champagne and walked over to me. She was obviously experienced in walking in heels. I was trying not to stare.

“You clean up real nice,” she said, gesturing to my suit with the champagne glass.

“You are…” I paused searching for the appropriate word.

She smiled. “Yes?”

“Simply incredible,” I finally managed.

Cathy laughed. She had a somewhat deep, husky voice. From years of smoking I assumed. When she laughed it vibrated in my libido. “You’re good for my ego,” she said. “Did you get a nap in? Looks like we’re in for a boring night.”

I took a sip of my Scotch. “Tell you what. If you start to feel yourself falling asleep, give me a sign and I’ll meet you at the bar.”

“How about this?” she asked, holding up the pinky on her left hand.

I chuckled. “Perfect.”

Seating was assigned. Given my choice, I wouldn’t have left Cathy’s side for the rest of the night. The banquet started with the customary prayer and opening remarks. Cathy was sitting about four tables away. After the maltepe escort first speaker, I looked over at her to find she was looking at me. She pointed at her champagne glass, then held up three fingers and smiled a dazzling smile.

I got through the salad and chicken-something-or-other, making the smallest of small talk with my fellow academians. When the program finally started, I found myself yawning uncontrollably and flagged down a server to get a cup of coffee. I glanced over at Cathy. She sat her champaign glass on the table in front of her and extended the pinkie of her left hand until it touched her lips. I excused myself from the table and made my way to the bar set up in the rear of the spacious dining room. Cathy waited a couple minutes, then did the same.

“I swear, it gets worse every year,” she whispered as we pretended to order from the bar.

“I’ve got half a notion to blow this off and – in the words of Willie Nelson – go find me a Keno girl who can suck chrome off a trailer hitch.”

I thought she’d laugh. She didn’t. “I think I’m offended,” Cathy said.

“Too crude?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “I’m just wondering what the fuck’s wrong with me.”

I looked slowly down her body – from her hair to her lips to her neck to her breasts to her tight stomach and firm legs – and said, “Not a thing. Not a goddam thing.”

Cathy leaned in close. I could smell her perfume and feel her breath on my neck as she whispered, “I don’t have much experience with chrome but I’m very enthusiastic.”

“What about our friendship?” I whispered to her, my lips so close to her ear that they brushed her skin. “Should we risk it?”

She looked at me, face to face, eye to eye, lips almost touching lips. “Let’s,” she whispered.

We walked out of the banquet hall together, not caring if anyone noticed. Once in the elevator, I took her in my arms and kissed her. Her lips parted and we both realized at the same time how hungry we were for each other.

“Give me 30 minutes,” she said, and gave me the suite number.

I was several floors below her so I slipped out of the elevator hoping she wouldn’t change her mind. My cock was already hard from the kisses and her scent and I got to my room as quickly as possible for a quick shower. Then I put on a clean pair of boxers, a pair of jeans and a henley shirt.

I found her room at almost 30 minutes on the dot. Cathy opened the door just a crack when I knocked, making sure it was me. Then the door swung open allowing me inside.

If Cathy was beautiful in her little black dress, she was even more stunning in a sheer black halter babydoll. I could see the outline of her aureoles and the thin wisp of a black thong panty. She was breathing hard but her eyes were searching for approval for her rash move.

“My God, Cathy,” I told her, a bit breathlessly myself, “you are beautiful.”

I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. It was hard to keep our mouths together when we were both nearly panting in excitement. She took my hand and led me across the expansive suite to the bed. I took off my watch and put it on the nightstand next to her cell phone. Then I pulled my shirt over my head.

I lowered Cathy to the bed, kissing her lips, her neck, the swell of her breasts. She arched her back and buried her fingers in my hair. I could tell she had showered and reapplied her perfume, not overpowering but soft and fragrant in the valley of her breasts. Her nipples were hard against the lace of the halter and I covered one with my mouth and exhaled against the material.

“Oh fuck,” she said in that husky voice. “Oh fuck, Richard, we’re really going to do this.”

I raised up and looked in her eyes without saying a word.

“I used to fantasize about this,” she confessed, pushing my hair back behind my ears. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve orgasmed to visions of you fucking me.”

“Really?” I asked. It was all I could think of to say under the circumstances.

She smiled and patted my cheek. “Do you think I’d pack this if I’d planned on sleeping alone?”

I kissed her nose. I let my lips brush the nape of her neck, her ear lobe. My hand slid the strap of the babydoll over her shoulder and down her arm, freeing her left breast. I caressed it, then brushed my palm in a circular motion over the nipple.

Gail was wrong.

As full and beautiful as it was, her breast was soft and supple and natural and I couldn’t wait to lower my mouth to it. Her back arched and the full and throaty moan that escaped her lips was something I regret not having on tape. She loved the attention. I sucked the nipple between my lips. I flicked it with my tongue. I ran the tip of my tongue around and around her incredibly smooth pink aureole. She was turning her head from side to side. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

I slid the other strap down. She pulled her arms free and both breasts were revealed. I must have been staring. She looked so beautiful. I heard a buzzing in my mamak escort head and wondered if I should have had that last drink.

Then I realized the buzzing was coming from the night stand.

Cathy’s eyes snapped open. She grabbed her cell phone and looked at the incoming number. “Oh shit,” she said, “it’s Jim.”

She slid the cell phone open and held it to her ear. “Hi honey,” she said. “No…I just…I had to run to get the phone. Guess I’m out of shape.”

I mouthed the words, “Tell him I said hello.” She flipped me off.

“No. You know those banquets. Fuckin’ nightmares. They lost my fuckin’ reservation! Of course I did. Comp. Yeah. Chicken something. No. Actually, I thought I’d turn in early. No, I haven’t pawned my ring, asshole. I haven’t even been to a casino.”

Cathy made a nodding gesture and crossed her eyes as if Jim was driving her crazy. I wet my finger and rubbed it over her nipple. She caught my hand and glared playfully at me.

“You what? Yes. I know. I miss you too, honey. You what? WHAT? I haven’t even been gone a day, Jim.”

She shook her head and gave me an unbelieving look. Then she motioned with her fist at crotch level. Obviously, Jim was wanting more than just a friendly conversation.

“You are? Really?” She scrunched her face. “Mmmmm, is that all for me?”

I tried not to laugh. It was getting strange fast.

‘Yes, Jim, honey. Stroke it for me.” The words were mechanical. Cathy wasn’t into phone sex. At least, not at the moment. I decided to help her out. I unbuckled my belt and started unbuttoning my fly. Cathy’s eyes went wide. It was like she couldn’t decide whether to panic or be aroused.

I stood at the end of the bed and lowered my jeans and boxers all at once. My cock popped free and slapped against my belly.

“Oh my God,” Cathy said. “It’s so big.”

Cathy was silent, watching my cock. I could hear Jim huffing and puffing and chattering on the other end.

“Honestly, Jim, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that big.”

I wrapped my hand around my cock and started stroking. Cathy was transfixed. “Oh God yes, stroke that hard cock for me,” she said. “It’s so beautiful. Do you have any idea how much I want that in my mouth?”

I tend to be loud and it was taking all my self control not to moan. I can’t begin to describe how turned on I was to be stroking my cock in front of a half-naked woman who was talking to her husband who was also stroking his cock somewhere back in New York.

“Oh fuck,” Cathy moaned. “You…what? Oh honey, you know I’m no good at that. Let’s just take care of you. I know. Yes, I’d like for you to hear me too, but…”

I let go of my cock. Kneeling on the bed, I reached under Cathy’s babydoll and grasped the sides of her thong. I was pretty sure I knew what Jim was asking for.

Cathy shook her head but I wouldn’t let go. Finally she raised her hips and let me slip the tiny bit of fabric off.

“Ok,” she said into the phone, “I’m taking off my panties. Yes. T-shirt and panties,” she lied. “Ok, they’re on the floor.”

Actually they were in my hand. And they were damp.

“I’m going to try, Jim. For you. Ok? Yes, I’m touching myself.”

I parted Cathy’s legs and blew softly on her clit. She inhaled sharply.

“Oh Christ,” she said. “Yes, I’m wet. Oh dear God…”

I lowered my mouth to her pussy. She wasn’t lying now. I pressed my face against her mound and licked slowly around her clit, not touching it.

“Oh fuck,” she said into the phone. “Yes, yes, yes…”

I sucked her clit between my lips and pressed it with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh my God, what are you doing to me?!” I could hear Jim moaning on the other end. He was loving it.

I pressed my tongue deep inside her pussy. She was so tight I started wondering how I’d ever get my cock in her. With her thighs over my shoulders, I began to tongue fuck her in earnest.

“Ugnnn…oh…oh…no Jim. NO! Not yet!”

I pressed a finger inside her velvety cunt and began rubbing her G Spot. I stole a glance at Cathy’s face and saw she was lost between reality and fantasy. I let my tongue trace lower.

When she felt the tip of my tongue on her ass, Cathy lost it. She began bucking her hips against my finger. It was hard to keep my tongue on her ass but I did my best. Cathy was screaming unintelligible things into the phone and I could only assume Jim was joining her on the other end. I eased off and gently began tickling her swollen clit until she reached down with her free hand to stop me.

Cathy was panting into the phone. I could hear Jim saying her name. She swallowed. Her throat was obviously dry. “Y-y-yes,” she finally managed. “Oh God yes, that was the best ever.”

I went to the honor bar in the suite and got Cathy a bottle of cold water. When I returned to the bed, she was wrapping things up with Jim.

“Yes, I miss you too honey. Yes. I should sleep much better now. I love you, too. Good night, honey.”

I unscrewed ankara escort the top from the bottle of water and handed it to her. She took a deep refreshing drink and then swallowed. She frowned at me. “You bastard,” she said.

I laughed and took the bottle from her. Then I held her against me and kissed her. She wrapped both arms around my neck and began rubbing one leg against my naked body.

Cathy licked her juice from my chin. “I’m clean,” she said, softly. I understood what she meant.

“Me too,” I told her, laying her on her back and placing my cock where my mouth had been.

I was right. She was tight. But so wet that I slid in easily. Cathy still had the babydoll wrapped around her waist, so I reached down and tried to pull it over her head. With a little help from her, I soon felt her naked body against mine, her legs wrapped tightly around me.

“That was incredible,” she whispered in my ear as I thrust into her. “I never came like that before.”

“That’s because you’re a naughty girl,” I told her, slapping her butt playfully.

She held my face in both her hands and looked at me. With gritted teeth she said, “God, yes. I want to be your dirty girl.”

I felt my cock lurch. She must have felt it too because she moaned and started moving her hips harder. Every thrust was met with an equal return thrust from her.

I could feel her breasts rubbing against the hair on my chest. We were both getting slicker and slicker with sweat. Her arms were tight around my neck and her legs had me in a death grip. She could barely get any words out, but she was trying.

“Tell me,” she said. “I’m a…I’m a…”

“Yessss, Cathy…you’re my fucking dirty girl,” I told her. “God, you’re a sexy piece of ass.”

I could tell this was reacting on a deep fantasy within her. All her life, lauded for her brain…sometimes a smart woman just wants to be a sex object.

“Your cunt is like wet velvet,” I told her. “I’ve been trying since I’ve known you to get a glimpse of those gorgeous tits. God, I want to fuck your tits.”

I could tell the way her pussy was tightening around me that she was about to cum again. I pounded my cock deep inside her.

“Cum for me, you sexy bitch. And you’d better cum loud or I’ll fuck you ’til you do!”

She dug her nails into my shoulder blades and thrust high, her head tilted back toward the headboard. She came hard. And loud. She bucked against my hips until I almost lost it inside her.

We were both panting when I rolled off of her. This time, I needed a drink. After a healthy swallow, I handed the plastic bottle to her. We passed it back and forth like a joint.

I held her until we both caught our breath. She kissed my neck. Then, taking my cock in both hands, she started stroking me. “Do you really want to fuck my tits?” she asked.

“More than anything.”

She smiled. “Ok,” she said. “But I need to get it wet first.”

With that, Cathy kissed her way down my body until she was kneeling, ass up, with her mouth on my cock. I propped a pillow under my head and watched.

Cathy was amazing. She licked the underside of the shaft from just under the head down to my balls. I think she liked that I kept myself groomed down there. She pressed the head to her cheek and said, “Mmmm, it’s so hot.” Then, eyes on mine, she opened her mouth and took as much of me as she could. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned on my cock and I could feel the vibrations all the way up my spine.

Like I said, I’m not quiet. I arched and moaned and she grabbed my ass in both hands and started mouth fucking me. I was going crazy.

She popped me out of her mouth, breathing hard, and said, “Are you sure you want to fuck my tits?” Then she put me back in her mouth, wrapping one hand around the bottom of my shaft and twisting as she sucked.

I couldn’t hold still. The best part of it all was that she genuinely enjoyed giving me head.

She leaned forward, sliding her tits around my wet cock and fucking me with them. “Is that what you want, you nasty boy?”

Ok, sometimes all eggheads like to be treated like sex objects. I’m no different.

I was thrusting, watching my cock disappear between the softness of her breasts, then crowning with the head reappearing as she licked at the slit. Then I noticed she was rocking her ass, side to side, her hands holding her breasts together.

“Oh God, you’re so hard…” she didn’t even get to finish saying the word “hard” before I shot my first clip. It burst out and splashed like lava on my stomach. Cathy immediately put her mouth over my cock and caught the next three clips, her tongue dancing on the bottom of my now sensitive cock.

I couldn’t handle it. I pulled her mouth off my cock causing her to spill a little cum on her chin. The rest she swallowed. When she started to wipe the cum from her chin, I caught her hand. Pulling her to me, I kissed her, tasting my cum on her lips and tongue.

Cathy collapsed in my arms and began to run her finger through the pool of cum on my belly. “Wow,” she whispered. “And to think, I almost didn’t come this year.”

“This has got to be the best one I’ve attended so far,” I agreed.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed. “Vegas.”

I laughed. “You know what they say. What happens in Vegas…”

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