What Kerri wants she gets


What Kerri wants she getsWell to start I’m Tony my wife and I have a good thing going see she loves to find women around 28-45 that are married have k**s and never had sex with another women and not only bed them but do it in a way that she has perfected over the years in which she controls them. Kerri is one of her ladys about three years back Kerri went to a dress store and while trying on a dress my wife Kat steped into the dressingroom and after some talking, rubing, and a little forceing had Kerri two fingers deep and panting hard Kat bought her the dress took her to her own home and licked, sucked fingered, and fuck like she had never been with a 91/2″ strap-on tearing up her puss and mouth plus Kerri got her ass fucked for the frist time. Kerri and myself have spented many nites fucking too she has been in Kats bed or mine about two time a week for the last 21/2 years. Kerri husband is Tom he works as a IT something and is away alot so he knows nothing (some bursa escort times he well call her and she will tlak to him while I am eating her)she has a boy 6 Tom jr. and a girl 14 Sammy they seem to have alot of money and she is a good mother. Now the story..Tom comes home after being gone 6 days Kerri has the k**s at grams dinner on the table and sexy short dress on for her man as he comes into the house she greets him with a hug and big kiss and says how much she missed him after dinner they relax and talk then she shows him just how much she missed him with a blow job like she hasn’t given him in years (she is real good at BJs too) taking him deep down then licking the tip just like he likes he truns to her and licks and nibbles his way to her smooth bare pussy and dives in as she weathers and monesOMG OMG OMG she takes control and rides him cowgirl till they both cum and lay there in each others arms. After all the great sex she looks into his eyes and ask bursa escort bayan how long are you home and waits for the answer he lowers his and says I leave tuseday for 10 days and she starts to cry Why can’t you stay here and let someone else go I need you here I want you here PLEASE PLEASE stay.. Alittle mad he speaks up come on honey I’m just starting to get the big jobs and respect that I have been working for Please understand my side of this ———- Your side I’m here just me and the k**s most of the time I didn’t ask for a big house and lots of money that is not why I married you I married you to spend a life TOGETHER not you there and me here… After a tearful nite the next day k**s came home and peace was restored Tom took the k**s out then the family went to dinner and all felt good and right so right when Kat called her to see how things were she says great and I love my man he makes me happy and is a good father and then thought for a second escort bursa ug Kat call you later.Later that nite she throws away her brithcontrol pills dresses sexy and makes love to Tom after words telling him about the pills and that she wants a baby again Tom jumps up are you crazy a baby I don’t want another baby I’m almost 40 and you’ll be 39 soon come on a baby No NO MORE SEX TILL YOUR BACK ON PILLS well then your lost cause I not going back like it or not I’m having a baby you’ll see. Two days later he leaves for ten days and she takes the k**s to her mothers for the week comes to are house and after some aaa III CAN look I want Tony to get me pergo please Kat I need to do this and her and Kat talk it all out for the next 6 days day and nite we go at it in bed the living room kitchen backyard car pool all over the place over and over. When the k**s come back things seem to clam down Tom comes home and they are great together he tells her that he’ll be able to stay home for a couple months and then the Doc call and says she is prego Tom gives in after alot of yelling and he doesn’t travel any more Kerri had a baby girl last week and both are fine she named it Toni LOL LOL

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