WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ELLIEI recently told you about the lovely Ellie, daughter of a very prominent man in the small South Dakota Town I was raised in and how we drifted apart, hardly surprising as I was from a struggling financially family and Ellie,s father owned a thriving business, but sometimes having everything on a sliver platter isn’t,t so fabulous. I,d never had the nerve to ask Ellie for a date as I was terrified she,d turn me down though as long time friends she usually rang me up and had long chats about her many dates, even her steady boyfriend Gene who I personally did not like, bit of course Didn,t tell her that. She said she wanted to study music at Northern State College in Aberdeen, but I wanted to have nothing to do with colleges, but more interested in travel and the easiest way to do that was to join the military. The summer after I graduated I was offered a job for a few months with my late Uncle who,lived near a small town about ten miles away till harvest time that paid the princely sum of a dollar an hour plus a comfortable room all my own and all meals, weekends free. It was damned hard work driving güvenilir bahis a heavy old tractor in large fields ploughing, cultivating, dragging, etc, feeding the a****ls. Milking the cows using machines though I knew how to do it by hand, and shovelling cow and pig shit, a dirty necessary job. Digging and installing fence posts, baking and stacking hundred pound hay/alfalfa bales had built me up to the best physical shape of my life so when I left for Basic Infantry Training with the Army in California Training was much easier though still demanding. Switching to the Air Force later on the training there was easier. Ellie was more or less forgotten when I got stationed overseas and lost my virginity in Japan though in a way I wish Ellie would have taken it. Even after I married wife Sarah in 1969 I still Didn,t think of Ellie and when I travelled to visit my sister and grandfather for the last time before being transferred to Washington State I was alone with Sarah. back in England being treated for various health problems having suffered poor health all her life and it,s now caught up with her so much her mobility türkçe bahis suffers and sex is out of the question. I stayed with my sister the first night of my visit and drove to the town Imised to live in the next day to see who was around. A few old friends were not in or had moved away so I stopped at a restaurant I used to frequent as a k** for a piece of banana cream pie and cup of coffee for a breather. I had just finished my pie and was drinking the coffee to wash it down when a classy looking woman walked in and sat down across from me at the table. This woman had blonde hair and was dressed elegantly in a light blue dress. “You look fabulous Ellie. How are you?” “Fine. Thought it was you. Mom told me you were stationed at Grand Forks with the Air Force and Tony said he saw you when you came last fall with your English wife!” she answered. “Yes. Sarah Didn,t like it here and is back in England getting treatment and hopefully she,ll rejoin me at my new base in Washington State!” I told her. I took a current photo of Sarahh to show her. “She,s pretty. How long has she been back in England then.?” “ Two months ago güvenilir bahis siteleri and hopefully she,ll join me in early June.” “You must be very lonely.” We reminisced over our old times and she nursed her coffee as I nursed a refill. She told me she fell in love with a guy when at college, dropped out much to her parent,s disgust and managed to get pregnant by him. He married her, but despite the birth of daughter Bwendoline the marriage only lasted four years and she,d been living back with her Mom Helen since her Dad died of a hheart art attack in 1968. Her Mom helped look after her daughter. “When I look at you now Joe I,m amazed of the man you, e become. You were just a boy when John, Tony you and I used to mess round in my tree house. You know the tree house got burnt down last year when it was struck by lightning!” “ That,s a shame. Lots of happy memories made there.” “Yes I still remember how shy you were and when I first sucked your lovely cock. Does your wife do it for you?” “Oh yes she Loves to suck my cock!” I boasted. “Well I still enjoy it and remember how your semen tastes! But I also wonder what it would feel like to have it in my pussy.” “There,s an easy way to find out.” I challenged. “I have my car with me and still know lots of secluded places we won,t be disturbed.” “Just let me call Mom and let her know I,ll be a bit later!.” TBC

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