Whispering Willows Masquerade


Okay folks, I’ll be straight up with you right now and let you know that this isn’t a short stroke story. Those of you who enjoy something closer to a novel length story, this one is for you. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and I hope you enjoy it!


“Mr. Foster, you wanted to see me Sir?”

“Come in and have a seat Hayley.”

She knew this meeting was inevitable but she had been dreading it all the same. For more than three years, she had been working for Devin Foster whenever he needed her, day or night. He had even joked on several occasions that he would be a complete mess if she weren’t there to take care of him. So, why she wondered, had it taken him four days before he finally called her in about the letter of resignation she had left on his desk Monday morning? Oh, they had both been in the office every day, running from various meetings and appointments, trying to get errands taken care of in between it all. Normally, at some point every day, they found the time to sit down together and go over his schedule, problems that needed to be taken care of, and any other items that needed to be addressed. Since she had left her resignation for him though, he had just kept telling her that he didn’t have the time. Now, it was almost eight o’clock at night, all of the other employees had gone home long ago, and she herself was just about to leave, tired after having been working since seven that morning.

“Hayley, please explain this to me.” He said sliding a sheet of paper across his desk to her.

“It’s my two week notice Sir.”

“That was clear to me. I want you to explain to me why you are quitting.”

“As I stated in the letter, it’s for personal reasons.”

“Are you unhappy working for me?”

“No Sir, I love my job.”

“Do I not pay you well enough then?”

“No, my salary is more than fair.”

“Is there some kind of problem with a family member?”

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Why was he being so nosy? She didn’t want to discuss her reasons for quitting, she just wanted to go home, and then finish the rest of her days working for him in peace.

“Mr. Foster, my family is fine. It’s just time for a change in my life.”

Tugging his tie loose, Devin unbuttoned his collar and leaned back in his chair.

“Hayley, does this have anything to do with that little incident a couple of weeks ago?”

He watched her carefully, noting how her cheeks flushed and her nipples tightened, pressing against her thin blouse.

“Sir, I’m sorry I just walked in that evening. I hadn’t realized you were in your office or I would have knocked.”

“So, is that the reason why you are quitting?”

“No, just time for me to move on is all.” She said, looking not at him but down at the carpet, her fingers plucking at the hem of her skirt.

Leaning forward, Devin ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed the stiff muscles in his neck.

“You’re a terrible liar Hayley. I guess there’s nothing more to talk about then. Go ahead and go home.”

* * * * * * * * * *

He sat there at his desk, long after he heard her leave the office, remembering the night two weeks before.

Devin had gone out to dinner with an old friend of his, Cindy, who needed some advice with a problem she was having with her business. He had taken her back to his office to get some forms and phone numbers that she needed and the next thing he knew, her hands were all over him.

“Once again, you really saved my butt.” She had told him. “So, let me return the favor.”

Pushing his chair back, she knelt between him and his desk. Her hands skimmed up his thighs and unbuttoned his pants.

“You don’t have to do that Cindy.”

“Devin, I want to. We both know you need some relief. No strings attached, you know that. Just relax and enjoy my thank you.”

It might have been Cindy’s mouth bobbing up and down his length, but it was a different woman’s mouth he was thinking of. His office door opened and the very woman he had been imagining walked in, her head down as she searched through a bag. When she finally pulled the receipt out and looked up, she was only a couple of steps away from his desk. Hayley had stared at Cindy’s bobbing head for a moment, as if she couldn’t really believe what she was seeing, and then her eyes flicked up to his.

He swore he could still feel the marks in the arms of his chair from where his fingers had gripped when Hayley’s tongue came out to wet her lips, her wide eyes staring at him. Losing all control, Devin’s eyes were locked with Hayley’s as he came into Cindy’s mouth. As the last of him cum was sucked from him, Hayley turned and ran from his office; the sound of the door clicking shut was drowned out by Cindy’s heavy breathing. For the last two weeks, they had both pretended like the incident had never taken place.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day, Devin handed Hayley an invitation to a Halloween masquerade ball.

“Mr. Foster, what’s this for?”

“It’s from a client. And I need you to büyükesat escort go with me.”

“But this is for tomorrow! Honestly, I already had plans to go to a Halloween party with some friends.”

“I really need you to go with me to this. It’s kind of a thing for couples and I can’t really show up without a date. Come on, just one more client’s party before you bail out on me…for old time’s sake.”

She never was able to say no to him. Her friends would be upset but it wouldn’t be the first time she had to cancel on them last minute in order to do something for her boss. But uppermost in her mind, the invitation said it was a ball, so that meant there would be dancing. She loved dancing with him. They had both been forced to take dancing lessons when they were teenagers and for the first time in either of their lives, dancing was actually fun. Not many people knew how to Tango after all. They fit together perfectly and when they danced, it felt like magic. She would have one more chance to be held in his arms, pressed tight against him. Memories, she could keep close to her heart once next week was over and she tried to move on with her life.

“Is this a new client? I don’t recognize the name or address.”

“They have been a client of mine for a while but I don’t keep them on the books here at the office.”

“Ah…confidentiality issues?” she asked knowing he had a few clients who insisted on absolute privacy since Devin had access to their list of customers. Those accounts, he only worked on at home and the files were kept locked in a safe.

“Yeah, it’s a really exclusive club. So you’ll go won’t you?”

“Of course, have I ever said no to you?”

“That’s my girl. Now, I’m going to have a car pick you up at your house around eight. There is also a bit of a dress code so I’ve taken the liberty of getting a costume for you. It’s in my office closet so be sure to grab it before you leave tonight.”

“Won’t you be driving there with me?”

“Unfortunately, I’ve got some stuff to take care of so I’ll just meet you there. Don’t forget the invitation either or they won’t let you in.”

* * * * * * * * * *

It was almost nine before the driver finally stopped and opened the car door for Hayley. Sliding out, she looked up at the huge mansion in front of her. After climbing up the wide staircase, one of the two men guarding the ornate doors stepped forward and asked for her invitation.

“Thank you ma’am. Enjoy your evening and happy Halloween.”

Nodding to the other guard, they opened the doors, waving her through with a flourish.

Devin watched from the top of the grand staircase as she stood in the entrance looking around, The tight corset of her steel blue dress pushed her breasts up to swell above the top. A smile tugged the corners of his lips up when he noticed her dark blond hair was wrapped up in its usual bun, the white gold and pave’ diamond chop-sticks he had gotten her last Christmas holding it anchored in place. Sparkling in her ears, were the diamond studs he had gotten her just last month for her birthday. From the distance, he couldn’t see her eyes but he knew the mask which perfectly matched her dress would bring out her grey eyes. As she turned towards the bar, the skirt of her dress made with yards and yards of sheer chiffon, swirled around her revealing where it pressed against her, concealing where it did not.

Following her, Devin went to where Hayley stood at the bar ordering a drink. Placing a kiss to the back of her neck, he slid his palms along her hips when she jumped.

“You look amazing tonight Hayley.”

Goosebumps raced across her skin at the sound of her boss’s deep voice and his lips brushing against the small hairs at the nape of her neck.

“Thank you Sir. I feel a bit…um…exposed though. I’m not sure the dress you got me is quite appropriate.”

“We aren’t here for business so stop with the Sir stuff. And your dress is absolutely perfect for you.”

Gripping her hips tighter, he brushed his erection against her backside. A small gasp escaped her but she didn’t try to pull away from him so he pushed himself more firmly against her.

“Like I already said, you look amazing.”

With a trembling hand, she took a sip from her drink, trying to wet her mouth which had gone dry.

“That smells nice. Do you mind if I try some?”

As she turned towards him, his hand slid from her hip to rest on the top of her backside. His other hand took the glass from her shaking hand and set it back onto the bar-top. Cupping her face with his palm, he leaned down and ran the tip of his tongue over her lips.

“Mm…tastes fruity and…something else. I’ll need another taste I think.”

His lips pressed against hers and when his tongue traced the seam of her lips, she opened her mouth and Devin’s tongue swept inside. He tasted every recess of her mouth and coaxed her tongue until she tentatively touched it to his. He moaned, pushing his straining erection against her çankaya escort hip, and lifted his head from hers.

“Sweet Hayley, God you taste so sweet.”


“Let’s go dance.” Taking her hand, he pulled her away from the bar.

He led her into the ballroom, pulled her against him, and started moving to the slow music.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Devin, I’m a bit confused. What’s going on?” She asked.

“I was too. For so long I’ve wanted you but you never seemed interested in me so I didn’t try anything. Then when we had out talk about your resignation, I knew you were lying about why you wanted to quit. If you weren’t interested in me sexually, seeing Cindy and I wouldn’t have bothered you. It might have embarrassed you, but you wouldn’t have quit.”

When Hayley started to pull away from him, Devin just tugged her even tighter against his body and pushed her head onto his shoulder, just swaying to the music.

“We have to talk about what happened when you saw Cindy and me that night. It was nothing Hayley. A one-time thing between two old friends.”

“That wasn’t nothing I saw.”

“But it was you he was thinking of. Until you walked in the door, he was barely hard and within seconds, he was cumming.” A soft feminine voice said behind Hayley.

Hayley spun around in Devin’s arms, coming face to face with Cindy.

“Devin and I have been friends since grade school. Nothing more. That night, I was just offering him a release for all of his sexual tension. You are all he ever talks to me about Hayley. I’m so happy to see you here with him tonight. Although I’m sorry you were hurt by what you saw because it meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, if it ultimately led to you two and that smoking kiss I saw in the bar earlier, I’m not sorry it happened. Now, if you two will excuse me, I have to go set up for the performance. Oh, and Hayley, one more thing…” Cindy pressed herself up against Hayley to whisper in her ear. “If things don’t work out with you and Devin, give me a call beautiful. You look good enough to eat tonight.” She lightly tugged on Hayley’s ear with her teeth before stepping away from them.

Devin’s laughter rumbled as he turned her back around to face him once again.

“So, she’s…um…bisexual then?”

“No love, she only likes women.”

“Oh. But in your office…I saw her…”

“Yes you did. But hopefully now, you understand that it didn’t really mean anything to either of us. It was you standing there, watching me, which had me cumming. Not what Cindy was doing.”

Devin leaned down and captured her lips with his when Hayley went to ask another question. Kissing along her jaw and down her neck, his tongue traced her collarbone making her giggle.

“What do you have on your skin?”

“Huh?” Hayley’s brain was fuzzy with lust and couldn’t figure out what he meant.

“Your skin tastes sweet. What do you have on?”

“Oh, its honey dust. It leaves a nice shimmer and feels silky.”

Devin’s blue eyes darkened behind his mask. His fingertips skimmed across the swell of her breasts as he thickened, the swell of his erection pressing against her belly.

“And where exactly have you dusted yourself with the stuff my love?”

Her mind spun with the endearment. It was the second time he had called her that. She had fallen in love with her boss long ago. Not the serious executive, but the man he was when they weren’t at the office or surrounded by his employees. The more time she had spent alone with him, once they had become good friends, the more she had fallen for him. Now, after all this time, he seemed to be offering her everything she had desired for so long. She would never know unless she let go of her fears and insecurities though. Until tonight, she would never have imagined a man like him being interested in a woman like her. He was perfect. Over six feet tall, jet black hair, and the most amazing blue eyes she had ever seen. Although he didn’t work out often, he liked to swim almost every day, and go hiking whenever he got a chance so his body was trim and strong. She always felt like he was in another league. Although she wasn’t fat, she was definitely soft and cushy around her butt and thighs. She didn’t have large breasts to balance her large bottom out either. At just five foot five, she would never be gracing a runway or magazine cover.

All of these things whirled through her mind as he stared down at her. She only had one more week to work for him so for the first time in her life, she decided to be bold. If things didn’t work out, she had nothing to lose anyway. Pushing her fingers into his hair, she pulled his head down until their lips were almost touching.

“Everywhere Devin. Head to toe. There’s extra across my nipples because I love the feel of the soft brush bristles as I apply it. Because I couldn’t wear stockings with this dress, I also have a lot in between my thighs so they glide smoothly when I walk.”

“What about here Hayley?” ankara escort Devin asked lifting her against him so that his throbbing shaft pressed against her center.

“Yes, there too. The lace tanga underwear you provided with the dress felt a little scratchy on my freshly shaved skin. Plus, like with my nipples, the brush feels good on the sensitive skin down there.”

The music in the ballroom changed to a faster Latin beat. Devin let Hayley’s toes touch the ground and then spun her away from him. The two danced to the sensual music, touching and grinding against each other much more than they usually did. When she leaned back over his arm, his fingers trailed between her breasts. Normally, his hands stayed on her hips but this time, he let his fingers drift further back, caressing the curve of her ass. When she raised her knee to his hip, he pulled her closer and up higher than normal, their pelvises rocking against each other.

The two were completely lost in the music until it ended and applause erupted from the other couples ringing the dance floor. Hayley’s face turned red with embarrassment. Cindy walked over; leaning close so only they could hear.

“Maybe I should have hired you two to be the entertainment tonight. Maybe another night you’ll dance like that again hmm? Let me know after you watch the couple I hired what you think.”

Cindy turned towards the crowd and invited everyone to go to the bar for refreshments so the ballroom could be set up for the performance.

* * * * * * * * * *

Devin found the two of them a booth in the bar where they sat sipping their drinks.

“So, Cindy owns this place?”


“The invitation said this place is called Whispering Willows. I looked up the name and address up online but the only thing I came up with was a cigar club and a spa. This doesn’t look like either.”

“No, it’s not either of those. I think I mentioned before, it’s a private club…VERY private. It’s hard to explain it all but basically; it’s a place where people can come to be together, intimately. All kinds of people are welcome here and Cindy has rooms that cater to every flavor of kink there is. Certain nights of the week cater to specific lifestyles as well. She has private cars that have blacked out windows, private entrances into the house, and strict codes of conduct for her employees. The club members all respect each other’s privacy and if anyone were to break any of the club rules, they would be expelled immediately. For most members, this is the only place they don’t have to worry about prying eyes and the media. Yearly membership dues are charged like you saw on the Internet, as either a cigar club, or a spa.”

“What about when people bring guests here? Isn’t that a risk?”

“There are policies in place to prevent any risk to the other members. If you bring someone here more than three times, they must be vetted and become members themselves if they want to continue coming in. Tonight is a special night because it is a masquerade ball. Some of the normal rules for guests are a bit more lax. Plus, all guests will be asked to leave shortly so that members can enjoy themselves…fully for the rest of the evening.”

“Oh…so that means we have to leave?” Hayley was crushed. She didn’t want the night to end so soon.

“No, we can stay. In exchange for my doing Cindy’s accounting, I get a free membership. I told her you would be coming with me tonight and she said you would be allowed to stay.”

“So, you come here regularly then?” Hayley asked, looking down at the table, her fingers playing with the linen tablecloth.

Devin raised her chin until she was looking into his eyes and then twined his fingers with her.

“I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I have never spent the night here with someone before. I have been doing Cindy’s books and therefore a member since she opened over ten years ago. However, I haven’t been with anyone, at all, in over a year.”

Devin was interrupted from saying anything else by Cindy calling everyone’s attention to the front of the bar.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have had a wonderful time at Weeping Willow’s annual masquerade ball. Now, the witching hour is upon us and I must regretfully ask those of you who are here with guests to say goodbye. For the remaining members, please gather in the ballroom for tonight’s dance performance which will start in about fifteen minutes. Once in the ballroom, your masks are optional.”

Several couples made their way to the front door and everyone else started drifting into the ballroom. Inside, settees were arranged around the room in a wide semi-circle facing a stage. Instead of heading towards one of the vacant settees, Devin leaned against the wall directly across from the stage, and pulled Hayley against him.

“The performance is going to be very erotic Hayley. As you can see, some of the people are already taking off their masks and once the performance starts, don’t be surprised if some of their clothing comes off too.”

As Cindy walked onto the stage, all the lights in the room lowered except for those directly over the stage.

“Good evening everyone. I wanted to let you all know that after the performance, all of the public rooms will be opened again. I hope you enjoy the show.”

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