Whitewash High Ch.6


Whitewash High Ch.6Nik walked through the doors of his home, tossed his bag in the corner, and proceeded to relax on the couch. The game was on and he half watched it as he shifted around, trying to find a comfortable spot from the pain of the knife wound. It dulled down but was still throbbing.“Fuck, this is going to make teaching tomorrow annoying.”He didn’t have to go. People wouldn’t blame him for taking time off after getting stabbed but he wanted to make a point, a statement to the students. Don’t fuck with him. Nik wanted to see their faces when he strolled into the class. Most of them probably would be thinking the white guy is going to split after getting sliced up, that he was a weakling in the hood. Nik was going to show them who the real HNIC was…or HCIC.An hour later, while absent mindedly watching the end of the game, Michelle walked through the door with a couple bags filled to the brim with food.“There is my hero. I’ve got a feast for us, Massa!” she commented brightly.“That’s…a lot of food,” he mentioned, surprised. “Lots of leftovers.”“I’ve got to fill you up and make you stronger, Massa. I want you back at 100% and lifting heavy as soon as possible. Next time a thug decides to pull a knife, just the look of you is going to cower him.”Over a dozen dishes lined the small table and surrounding floor. Nik noticed the name on the side of the dishes, smiling at the thoughtful surprise.“It is really kind of you to get me takeout from there. I’ve always wanted to go.”“I know. All put on the platinum card.”“Won’t hubby question it?”“Remember, Massa, he doesn’t care much what I spend my allowance on. He never complained in the past.”“You’re too cheerful for just taking care of me. Did something else happen?” Nik asked.He was a master of noticing people’s actions, knowing when something they did was normal and out of the ordinary. Michelle was always happy to be with him but the extra pep in her voice, rather than it being concern, made him wonder what happened to cause such a reaction to his situation.“Well…I’m finally able to answer the million dollar question you asked me before. Why does my hubby never want to fuck me.”“And?”Michelle took out her phone, put the volume to max, and showed off her findings in all its glory.“Huh, that definitely would explain it.”Putting the phone aside, the ebony vixen grabbed one of the takeout boxes before motioning Nik over.“Come rest your head on my lap, Massa. I’ll feed you like a hero deserves,” she said with a wink.It didn’t take asking twice for Nik to shimmy over and enjoy kingly treatment. A guy could get used to this, especially if Valerie and Gale were around too. Yes, thoughts of Gale kept popping up in his mind. The whole act she put on got to him, turned him on a lot. If he wasn’t in this Master/slave relationship he’d put the Asian storm out of mind. It was the very fact he could create a perfect harem that made the thought of adding the supposed loon an intriguing factor.Michelle stayed the night taking care of her Massa. To prevent the wound from reopening, they had to evoke softer, more casual fondling and nursing. It was kinky, motherly, as the buxom ebony beauty opened up her top to allow Nik to suckle away greedily. She had no milk to give but that did not stop eager lips from trying desperately. Her fingers caressed hard muscles that popped out even when at rest, and sensually slid along the ridges of his abs. Just the touch of Massa’s perfect body made love juices flow, made her bite a sexy lip, and made her just want to be used like a good girl should. Michelle knew that the moment those wounds healed 100%, she’d be bent over this couch and gaped open wide. Thoughts of that day infiltrated her dreams as he slept cradled in her loving arms.XThe next day they arrived separately at school as if nothing had happened. They all agreed to try and keep the hanky panky to a minimum while at school so no one would think something was going on. Students looked at Mr. Knight in a mixture of awe and hatred. Some respected the man for what he did and by showing up the next day. Others, who were aligned with the thug, gossiped amongst themselves about what they should do next.What was definite was the classroom became quieter when the white teacher spoke. Not so much respectful, but he earned some cred that they at least listened for longer than a few seconds.“Hey Mistah Cracka-man, how was a taste of the hospital,” the Goth girl asked.“It was good. In and out, no problems. Thanks for showing concern.”“I wasn’t concerned, I was just wondering if we’d be getting some free days.”“It’ll take more than a poke in the ribs to keep me away from class. Besides, you k**s would get bored not having a cracker to racially abuse,” he said in a joking manner.The whole morning was one of deflection and acceptance. He was the enemy, the minority, the intruder in their ghetto jungle. Everything he represented, from color to legitimate success, was demonized by the majority. It was a culture war, one being fought by his black colleagues as well.At lunch, Nik sat back in his chair and looked over the latest set of practice tests to judge how much these k**s knew about U.S. history. Five minutes of marking…four of them used on one student. He wanted to be surprised at the results but it was the logical outcome from how the school acted. What did surprise him was the Goth girl got the higher score. Maybe the ignorant act was just that, an act.Before Nik had the opportunity to muse the situation further, a couple knocks on the door pulled his attention away. Two girls, both 18 and seniors, strolled into the room half-dressed. Heavy makeup covered their face, hair styled in weave and cornrows, and their tits basically asked to spill out of their barely fitted tops.“Hey Mr. Knight, we got something important to talk to you.”“Yeah, sure, what can I do to help you girls?”“We need a pimp,” they said in unison.Nik was flabbergasted. That was definitely not something he expected to come out of their mouths to him.“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m not a pimp, I’m just a teacher.”“Come on, teach, we heard how you took out Jimmy Jack. No one fucked with him in this school.”“Seriously, I don’t have time for games, girls. Is this a trick? Do you have someone with a camera outside the door filming all this?”“No way, teach. You can look for yourself.”Getting up, Nik did just that. No one was around, and the girls didn’t have any cameras in their hands.“Why would you want me? I’m not a pimp. I teach history, not beatdowns.”“No one is going to fuck around with you in school after you took care of Jimmy Jack so easily. It makes us hot thinking about it. All we’ve got is our body, teach. We’re not brain surgeons. A lot of horny, 18 year olds here that would pay good cash to rail our ass.”The two girls changed who was speaking each reply. They obviously were of the same mindset. Nik shrugged tunceli escort and rubbed his face in disbelief. Pimping out high school seniors, great way to get fired, not to mention his bitches getting in his face about it.Nik shook his head no.“I’m not a pimp. I’m not going to take you up on the offer. Sorry girls, you’ll have to find someone else. I’ll keep this secret between the three of us and won’t bring it to the attention of the principal. Get out of here so I can get something to eat.”The two students looked a bit heartbroken but nodded and scampered off. A few minutes later they opened the door to one of the girl’s washrooms. Inside a gang of girls hung out. One of them sat on the tops of the sink, a switchblade in her hand.“How did it go?” the leader said.“He didn’t go for the plan, Suzanna. Honkytonk ain’t into pimping.”“Maybe, or maybe it is cause you’re a nigger and he is only into pimping out white things.”“Nah, Suzy, Honkytonk ain’t a cuck. I’ve got a sixth sense about that. s*s and I have been around the block enough times to know when whitey likes chocolate brothers doing their women and he ain’t one.”Suzy exhaled in frustration.“Why do you care so much? I thought you’d be happy?”Suzy gave the two girls a glare that would melt the Antarctic. Both girls got the hint and ran off for a lunch time appointment. A different girl came in, jizz running down her face as she handed off a wad of bills.“We can’t afford to be without a pimp for much longer, Suzy,” a more homely looking girl chimed up. “Now that Jimmy Jack got cracked, the school is going to change.”It was obvious she was the money counter of the operation, not just because of her plain looks but because she could count. A lock box rested at her feet inside the toilet stall. “I know, I know. Stupid nigger had to go and get pissed at a stupid game of basketball. Everything was going well. All the factions finally called a truce and now the territory we carved out for ourselves is going to get taken from us.”Schools are a microcosm of life, just only a set amount of time. Different gangs and factions running around for control of what they want. Politics is still politics no matter the scale. Thanks to the unexpected arrest of Jimmy Jack, the student who stabbed Mr. Knight, the shaky truce in PS 69 was due to explode.XFor the following week all seemed quiet on the school front. Valerie buried herself in heaps of paperwork due to the attempted murder charge, getting her satisfaction by sexting with Nik. Michelle invited herself over to live with Nik, not that he minded, as the teacher got bolder with the footage she had of hubby. Gale, on the other hand, became more unhinged. The Asian sensation knew a secret, one that Nik tried to keep hidden. All over her bedroom wall were pictures of Nik. His face was covered up in a special mask but the girl knew it was him by the voice she heard at the gym. The voice spoke to her nightly, etched in her mind, and no matter where in the world the Asian beauty would be able to pick Daddy’s voice out from a crowd.Gale took out her Ivory Tower dildo, kissed it, licked it, worshiped it as if it were the very same from the man she was enamored with. Many nights were spent endlessly fucking it, riding it while staring at the shrine. Patience was a virtue. He’d come back to her, she knew it. A man like him wouldn’t settle for a nigger when he could have a white skinned, chink beauty like her.“Me love you long time, Daddy,” Gale giggled to herself.Naked, all the slop from messy deepthroating cascaded down firm muscles. They were not as large as Valerie’s but they were still well proportioned, well defined. All the men in her gym lusted after her body. Gale could see and feel all their manly testosterone burn holes into her from their stares. But her body was reserved for Daddy. No one else made her cunt water, and without him it became as dry as a desert.“I love you, Daddy,” she giggled, kissing one of the pictures on the wall next to her bed. The spot looked well-worn, obviously from numerous kisses. Slipping under the covers, still feeling slimy from oral delights, Gale slipped the toy into her cunt as far as it would go. The moment eyes closed, a smile beamed brightly as the loony toon girl fell asleep.XValerie showed up at the gym late at night. It was the only time she had available. The principal was getting massive heat from the cops and the school board about turning the school around from a crime den to something that resembled a school. It annoyed the piss out of her, and it showed with each violent push and pull of the weights. The few late night gym rats got the ‘fuck off’ vibe radiating from the muscular woman.This did not stop Gale from walking over. The Yandere Queen wiggled her hips seductively, and a naughty smile crossed along her made up face.“Keeping Daddy away from me?” she asked, leaning over the spotter position.“Fuck you, gook. I’m not in the mood.”“Technically, I’m a chink, nigger. You didn’t answer my question.”“Massa got stabbed at school by some gang punk, and I’ve been dealing with shit about it all week.”The teasing look melted off Gale’s face instantly, replaced by a steely, dead stare. It was quick, so movie perfect it even made Valerie take notice.“You actually are crazy, aren’t you?”“Crazy in love, and crazy enough to slice up anyone who hurts Daddy.”“That is the only thing we’ll ever agree on, Gale.”“Tell Daddy I said hi and I hope he gets better.”“I’m not your secretary, loony toons, call him yourself,” Val replied in annoyance as she un-racked and performed another set.“Daddy didn’t give me his number. Good girls wait until they are spoken to. I don’t expect a savage to understand that.”“Due to this bullshit, Massa hasn’t been able to rail me at all this week, so I’m seriously not in the mood, Gale.”“Fine, just tell him to call me, Valerie.”Gale sauntered off, skipping to a beat in her head. Re-racking, Val watched the crazy girl go off to whatever she did in the gym. She thought Michelle would be the rival for Nik’s affection and love but it was becoming obvious Gale would be the main rival. Still, Valerie had to tell Gale’s message to Nik. Massa would be angry and not trust her anymore if it became known she held back something this trivial. What did she have to worry about from the gook?XFriday night came and it didn’t come soon enough. Valerie and Michelle had a fun night planned for the three of them as soon as Nik got his stitches out. Both ladies waited in the emergency room with their Massa. A trying week was coming to an end and all three just wanted to fuck all weekend.“You never did say how hot the doctor was,” Michelle joked, running a finger along Nik’s leg.Even in the packed hospital room, Michelle didn’t hold back her affections. Dirty looks from the black men only turned her on, and only wanted to rub it in their urfa escort face more that her 11-scale body was being used by a white man. Valerie remained subdued but glances went her way as well. Racism and racial superiority goes both ways. It is not solely a white trait; they were just the best and most successful at it. But for each disapproving look directed at the principal, she knew at least half of them were hypocrites who’d easily accept sleeping with an attractive non-black woman.“I love worshiping you, Massa, and doing all the work but I’ll be happy when those stitches are out and you can gape me without bleeding all over me,” Michelle whispered naughtily in his ear.“Mr. Knight, exam room 2,” a nurse called out from a window.“I’ll be back soon. Don’t get bored,” Nik joked.“Are they with you? They can join you. It’d be appreciated; we’re booked full and need the seats for patients.”Not wasting an opportunity, high heels clicked on the tile floor as they confidently followed their Massa. Stares of hate turned to lust as the outpatients couldn’t help but stare at what they’ll never have. This was not lost on Nik. He was the minority in this area of the city, got shit on by grocery store employees that would rather turn away a paying customer than serve a white man, and tried not to get stabbed again as fights constantly broke out at school. But in this moment, this situation, all was paid back in double. Coming home to those two beauties made up for all the bullshit.Dr. Rai walked in and smiled.“So this is what you meant by complicated,” she teased, sliding a chair up to the man. “Did you tell your girlfriends how I jerked you off in this room last week? How you blasted so much cum I didn’t need dinner?”Her eyes darted between the two black women, probing for any reaction. Yes, the sexual comments being the first thing coming from her mouth were crass but it set the tone. The doctor was not above breaking up a relationship if it meant getting a good pounding out of it. Trouble was a fitting code name.“You didn’t tell me she jerked you off,” Michelle asked.“Only a handjob? Please…” Valerie scoffed.Dr. Rai guessed correctly there was more to the scene than met the eye. Usually something that simple would cause a girlfriend to blow a gasket and run out in fury or tears. The fact one of the black girls was more annoyed Dr. Rai didn’t put out more was intriguing.“I’m not into orgies so you’ll have to come back and see me alone,” the doctor said as she took out the staples.“Who said you’re invited?” Michelle said in a defiant tone.Dr. Rai just smiled. Nik was enjoying being fought over. This was one of those times where he wished life was a hentai film, and he was some sort of sex demon with multiple cocks. He sensed at this rate he’ll have more women than he’d know what to do with, and not enough cock to satisfy them all.“You’ve been dipping your cock in a black inkwell, eh? Wouldn’t you like someone with more refinement that can tease your senses,” Dr. Rai said, slowly unbuttoning her top. “I don’t just give it up and spread my legs in two seconds like these whores. I make your senses earn it. Tell me that handjob wasn’t better than anything those girls did for you?” Nik noticed that when she talked it wasn’t directed at him per say, but her stare aimed directly at Michelle and Valerie. It was female competition, alpha females fighting over the alpha male. His cock jumped at the chance for another round with the hot, Indian doctor.Michelle put up a brave front, replying with a stern look, but her body betrayed her. The thought of sharing Nik, watching Nik fuck the doctor got her cunt moist. Valerie kept dry though, instead looking bored at the juvenile attempts to get a reaction from her.A long finger slowly ran over the ridges of Nik’s hard abdominals before the full weight of the hand rubbed it up and down sensually.“A bull like this needs to be tamed, to be milked daily, and to be taught how to ride a girl properly. I’m not a leather and whip kind of girl though,” Dr. Rai teased as fingers danced over Nik’s skin. “When a man is only getting chocolate in his diet, caramel becomes a delight. That change of pace gets the libido racing into overdrive, and…” she slide the hand over his massive endowment.Nik was beginning to breath heavy. Control was let go, given up in a fit a lust. Dr. Rai had the white bull wrapped around her finger this moment, all while his two bitches looked on in a mix of moisture and annoyance.“Makes you have an unforgettable night. Try it sometime, unless you two girls are not into seeing your man getting wrapped around another woman’s pussy.”Valerie scoffed again at the monologue, even more so when the Doctor of Kama Sutra ran a wet cloth along the healed stab wound.“Please, he doesn’t need a woman like you. You don’t know how to please him,” Valerie said in a confrontational tone.“I think his engorged cock says otherwise.”Nik cleared his throat, disrupting the scene.“Okay, I think that is enough for now, ladies. I did come here for a checkup. Unless this is going to turn into a full-on harem orgy, I’d rather you just look me over, doctor.”“Miss Bitchcake over there got your balls in a sling? You’re going to turn me down?”This time Nik reversed the situation on the doctor, running his hands erotically over the tops of her mounds. Teeth bit at her ear lobe, and the hotness of his breathe got the doctor’s pussy to quiver. It shocked the Indian. Only a week ago he was eating out of her hands, and now in a matter of seconds her pussy betrayed her. The coup de grace was what he whispered into her ear as teeth kept raking.“Looks like he got your Punjabi cunt in a sling. I know that look, doctor. Just admit you want him to bend you over the examination table and fuck you like a whore,” Valerie exclaimed in arrogance.“Going to call him your white rajah?” Michelle teased in the other ear.Dr. Rai had to brace herself against Nik’s chest. Smooth fingers were now caressing her moist, brown, pussy lips underneath the short, tight skirt.“Fuck…damn you…” Dr. Rai blurted out in a mixture of pleasure and annoyance.“How do you like it reversed, doctor? How do you like having your cunt fingered? Don’t be fooled by how I act. Just because I let you be a woman and do your duty to seduce me, doesn’t mean I’m not the one in charge. I’m going to make you splash the floor with your love juices. If it wasn’t so dirty you’d see the bitch nibbling on your ear clean it up with her tongue.”Valerie smiled as she leaned against the wall, observing the sight. Michelle had Dr. Rai’s tits hanging out of their confines, sucking on an ear. The good doctor was edging hard, so close to the brink of exploding on the floor like an AV model in a Japanese squirt film.“You going to squirt for me doctor, just like how I came in your hand? Come on, I’ll even be kind and give you a target.” escort bayan Fingers snapped next to Michelle’s head and pointed downwards. The black bitch clued in quickly, replacing Nik’s fingers with an eager tongue and mouth. Long, slow licks teased the puffy cunt lips. Dr. Rai’s knees buckled at the first lick. Only Nik’s tight grip in her hair kept the Indian painfully on her feet.“You’re going to be my love doctor. Better make sure you’re on the pill, baby, cause I’m going to have you make some personal house calls for me. I’m going to fill you full, fill you into you burst into Michelle’s mouth. Valerie is more the domme type if you haven’t noticed, so if you’re a good…bad girl, I’ll get her to fuck your pussy with the biggest, whitest strap-on as I gape out your ass. I think she’d look cute in a nurse’s outfit, wouldn’t you?”“S.s.stop it, you’re going to make me cum.”Nik snapped his fingers again. Michelle stopped licking instantly.“Why the hell did you make her stop?” Dr. Rai asked in confusion.“You asked me to. I’m not into force. What? You think this is some porno movie? You’re not worth prison,” he commented, running a finger along her blushing cheek.“Make me cum, dammit. I’m so close.”“Tsk, tsk, tsk, is that any way to be polite? Tell me what I am first, doctor.”“I’m not going to say it.”A string of drool dripped out of her mouth, landing square into Michelle’s eye socket. She was used to foreign liquids hitting her in the sensitive area. Massa was a kinky guy, always finding a way to spray her face with cum, saliva, or piss.“Come on, ladies, lets head home. I’m sure my wound is healed. Give me a call when you want to say please like a good girl to her rajah,” Nik said, patting Dr. Rai on the ass.Michelle stayed behind for a moment while the pair walked off to the car.“You know you look like a bouncer just standing in the corner, babe,” Nik commented.“You two were handling Sandy just fine.”“You know it turns me on to see you jealous.”Nik was openly groping her fine ass as they left the hospital. The foreplay got a smile from the Amazon beauty, and a surprised whelp when she got pushed up against the door of the car. Butt out, assuming the position, she could feel her lover’s hands all over her backside and legs.“I’ll need to get you’re a cop uniform, that way I can say literally fuck the police,” Valerie purred.Rough hands slithered along her perfect body, grabbing her large tits. She felt controlled, dominated, and loved every moment of it. The bulge nestled in her ass crack made her feel more like a woman, that even her fit frame could get a man hard for her.“Michelle can have the sloppy seconds. I’ve missed being this close to you all week, Valerie,” he said passionately, spinning her around so needy lips could seek each other out.They stood there, making out, until Michelle had to break up their erotic display of affection. The cover of night kept onlookers from seeing Valerie’s tits half out of her shirt, and the business skirt slid up the creamy chocolate curves of a finely crafted ass. The display was only put on hold momentarily as Nik gave Michelle the car keys.“Drive carefully, negress. I don’t want us to fall off the seat.”“When did I become your personal driver?” she asked.“When you get to enjoy the show in the rearview mirror,” Val replied.Taking a tuft of hair, Val pulled Michelle in closer for a deep kiss. Tongues wrapped together, saliva sloshed around painted lips, and a moan from Michelle called out for more.“You’re a bitch, you know that?” Michelle teased before doing as she was told.“I’ll get the Nazi uniform and whip if you’re into that,” Valerie cooed back.The entire ride home was filled with the sounds of unfiltered lust, giving Michelle a rearview mirror seat for the showing. Pleasurable moans fought with the sound of wetness between thrusts, as Valerie was so horny from a week without her man that the dam immediately broke.“Pump me full, Massa. I’m your good nigger. Fuck me so hard that Michelle will feel it in the front seat.”Nik didn’t need any goading. His cock pistoned inside her so hard, so fast, it took all of Valerie’s strength to just not orgasm immediately. Dark eyes looked directly into hers, and a lewd smile crept up as the man choked her erotically.“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” she gasped out with what little breathe remained in well-conditioned lungs. “I’m going to orgasm, Massa. I love your white cock so much. Just use me like a chocolate fleshlight.”“This week I’m going to come by your office and use you like a bitch, Valerie,” he whispered assertively. “I’m going to bend you over that principal’s desk and put you back into your rightful place as a cattle stock nigger. You’re going to be talking to the parents of students, the police, even other staff in an office that you got used like a toy in.”Between comments, Nik bit along her ear and neck, leaving marks of ownership all over the busty principal. Her position of power made the juxtaposition more erotic, more disgraceful. She was a proud, dominant black woman wanting to be used by a white man as if it were the days of colonial slavery. Every racially charged word and inference that came out of Nik’s mouth only made the woman’s pussy light up more, tighten to milk out every ounce of white sperm. Even Michelle was fingering herself slowly, trying not to crash the car.“Yes, I’m your nigger bitch, Massa. Fuck me in my office. Just come and fuck my face as I’m talking on the phone to one of the parents of some worthless thug.”She bit him back, growling in a****listic pleasure as the heat and passion outweighed the pain of fucking in such a cramped, awkward position.“I bet a white cock would set some of the school’s bad girls straight. I know it has made you and Michelle putty in my hands,” he teased. “Put your Massa out to stud, giving the girls proper sex education classes. Michelle will get off cause she gets off on seeing her man fuck other women, but I know you’d enjoy having one class not in the toilets.”Valerie screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body. Nails dug into Nik’s skin, so deep it caused blood to seep out. Legs wrapped tightly around his muscular torso. She fucked herself on his cock as hard as possible to get the extra bit of pleasure. The woman needed her man inside her, like a junkie needing a fix. The car rolled into the driveway. Reluctantly, the couple stopped fucking in order to find a more comfortable spot inside the house. Half-naked, hand-in-hand, the threesome couldn’t stop kissing each other in the fresh, open air. Girlish giggling echoed in the quiet night’s sky just before the door closed shut to begin a weekend of depraved debauchery.The group never left the home, instead lighting up Michelle’s special credit card for anything they required. By the end of the first night, Nik’s body was left blackened from all the love bites, Valerie’s pussy was so sore just the rub of a fingertip hurt, and Michelle had a sore throat. Yes, a sore throat sounds weak compared to a sore pussy, but it was caused from Val repeatedly facefucking her roughly on Nik’s amazing cock. She could still taste the vomit when they all passed out from exhaustion.

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