Who’s Your Stepdaddy???


Who’s Your Stepdaddy???Marrying into a vampire family has its ups and downs.I was awakened in the middle of the night by my 108-year-old stepdaughter Madison. I awoke to see her already climbing in my bed, her long, lovely blonde hair shining even in the faint light from the hallway. Wearing only a cotton blue shirt, she lay down to my left, resting her gorgeous young head on my shoulder while her fingers played with my chest hair.”Daddy!” she gasped. “I had another b-bad dream! I need a massage!”I knew the drill, so I turned on my side to face her. She knew the drill too, and raised her left leg, thus granting me access to her cunt. I wasted no time, using the fingers of my right hand to trace the outline of her vulva. Her breathing grew faster as I used my index and middle fingers to penetrate her, moving them in and out of her vagina. After a couple of minutes, she began to moan, her breath coming in gasps now.”Put canlı bahis your cock in me!” she panted.”You’re too young!” I scolded. She moaned again, this time in frustration, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had calmed her completely. Sure enough, her groans of female pleasure grew louder, breath at a fever pitch. Then, I felt her shudder as her young slit involuntarily tightened around my fingers. “OH! DADDY!” she cried out as the orgasm possessed her. She remained rigid for another split second, and then she went limp, collapsing onto the bed, semi-conscious. I carried her body, head and hair dangling down, arms and smooth bare legs spilling toward the floor over my arms, until we reached her bedroom.I placed my stepdaughter into her bed and pulled the covers up over her. She was asleep before I even left the room.But I had a different issue, namely the huge hard-on I’d acquired while breathing bahis siteleri in the pheromones of her vaginal fluids. Should I wake up Becky, my older girl? The issue was settled by my other stepdaughter herself. “Come on in, Steve!” she called from her room. Being almost twice her sister’s age, she didn’t call me “daddy,” just my proper name. In truth, I was a lot more comfortable with that.{ opened the door to find Becky naked on her bed, her long red hair and alabaster flesh dimly lit from the plugin near the floor. Her legs were spread wide, her smile was even wider, her 115-year-old arms raised above her head, palms up, a position of welcoming surrender. I took off my boxer shorts, the front already soaked with pre-cum, and got onto the bed, mounting her without saying a word. It was now her turn to gasp as I sunk my dick to the hilt in her already-slick twat.Pumping away, I warned her, “I don’t think I’m bahis şirketleri gonna last too long tonight,” I said.”That’s okay,” she sweetly replied. “Jism’s even more nourishing to me than blood.””Really?””Yeah, really,” she responded. As if to drive home her point, she wrapped her long, lovely legs tightly around me and used her cunt muscles to milk my erection. Then she whispered, in a soft, submissive tone. “Put me in my place, Steve. Put your cum in me.”That put me over the top. I growled like a b**st as I shot, one, two, three streams of semen into her tight, soaking slit. She gasped in delight as each liquid blast went into her, then screamed in ecstasy. Then she went limp, just like her sister had. The grip of her legs went slack. Her gorgeous blue eyes gazed up at me adoringly as every ounce of strength left her now-powerless body. “Take care of me,” she murmured in a pleading, docile voice.I knew this drill, too. I took her totally-conquered body in my arms, running the fingers of my left hand through her hair, and pulled the covers over both of us.Curled up against me, ravished but contented, she fell asleep even before I did.

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