Wicked step mother – Part 21


Wicked step mother – Part 21Returning to work after the New Year was a s difficult as ever but one difference made things easier. With Miri being part of the “family”, everyone was involved. There was some discussion as to whether she should be moved to Surrey to keep her safe but with the death of her handler and the other physical changes they decided this was unnecessary. For a surname the whole family had reverted to her mother’s family name.“Appearance and name wise she is very much changed. Also, it would be difficult to attack her in the office or London. Nothing is perfect, but she is safe as we can make her. Miri was living with Stancia, since she was getting a trifle lonely as most nights Crispin was staying with Ella in her new suite at Château Sal, as everyone was now calling it.Miri and Stancia were bathing together in the large corner bath. The two women were washing each other.“I am glad we switched one of the bedrooms with the old bathroom having one big enough for this is lovely.”Miri was sensuously washing Stancia’s magnificent large natural breasts before the same being done for her pert little ones. There was a scratching at the door add then a thump as a heavy body slammed the door and it opened. In sauntered Alexander the huge Persian tomcat.“No, you are not going to spectate you randy a****l. Out now.” Stancia had to evict the cat who was yowling mournfully. This time she bolted the door.“I have got used to the idea of my son seeing me enjoying myself, but I draw the line at the cat. I hope Sal keeps Cleo in when she goes on heat otherwise, we will have lots of little half Persians, trying swimming since the other half will be Maine Coon Now where were we. If you didn’t know Maine Coons are noted for their love of water, most un cat like”“The two women kissed and lowered their hands to each other’s crutches. Slipping their fingers up to touch the labia. As they got increasingly excited, they just about managed to stand long enough to climb onto the thick rug. Stancia grabbed two towels and threw one to Miri. The two women dried each other whilst not stopping kissing. Their boobs and fannies got more thoroughly dried than was strictly necessary.They ran to the master bedroom but not before a feline form slipped through the door but they were too excited to care. They threw themselves into the bed and rubbed their bodies together until they both had cataclysmic orgasms. Exhausted by their efforts the fell asleep in each other’s arms oblivious to a purring form at the bottom of the bed——————————————Sal as a partner now, but not herself a solicitor, had to take an active part in the firm’s management to meet the Law Society’s requirements. However this was hardly a problem as her reputation bought the firm a lot of financially based legal work. Some of it they declined as if it involved circumventing the law and in this they were not interested. On one occasion they even informed the police as the potential client was very unsubtle and open that they were trying to put a veneer on a blatantly dishonest scheme.Terry was proving a great asset, as under Sal’s tutelage he was acquiring a good financial and legal knowledge. Consideration was being given as to whether they should train him as an accountant or a solicitor or preferably both. The young man was well advanced in his Open university accountancy course.That night Terri asked Miri out to one of the local pubs. Stancia asked if he minded if she joined them. To all intents it looked like a girl’s night out. However, when they got home to Stancia’s the illusion was shattered. The three of them removed their jeans kadıköy escort to in Terri’s case reveal support pants that kept his very male genitalia concealed. Stancia and Miri however did not want this concealed and removed the heavily elasticated garment before proceeding to suck his cock. The women took turns to take the erect member in their mouths.Only one girl could ride it at a time but this wasn’t a problem as Miri much preferred being eaten out, if the muncher was capable and she knew that Terry was very capable indeed.On a personal level whilst Sal was giving him tuition in a totally different area. Terry whilst a hetero male was also now a habitual cross-dresser and to outside appearances, a tall elegant girl. Living and working in an environment where his tastes were well known allowed him a great deal of freedom to dress and express himself as he wanted. Nowadays his long brown hair was well below his shoulders.Take this morning, Terri was wearing a well-cut blue wool dress, high heels and perfect make-up. It fooled the client who was flirting with him as they went through a pile of documents. What the client saw was a tall slim girl, very flat chested and unfortunately for the client utterly uninterested. Another of Sal’s lesson was the tricky art of saying no and meaning it, whilst if at all possible, avoiding giving offence.—————————————The opening of the Lotus Island Wine Emporium was a great success. The manager was one of the Lotus Island team who returned to England when his wife got pregnant. It was generally agreed that the sybaritic resort was absolutely not the place to bring up c***dren. Debauched they might be but it was strictly consenting adults. This did however mean that a very knowledgeable young man was in charge.The evening took the form of a tasting of the more unusual wines on offer, with artisan bread and sharp Pyrenean cheese to cleanse the palate. Once the tasting was over then the guests were given the opportunity to mingle whilst enjoying their choice of the wines, they had so far only had a sample of. At this point a full buffet was available.The catering had been arranged by Margaret and Nicola in consultation with Luc.Lady Victoria with her customary acumen had realised that the capability to put on select function at the premises would provide the opportunity for them to reach out to new customers. This was the first such function and tonight were for an invited group but in the future members of the public could buy tickets, though only if they were wealthy.The purpose of the evening had been publicity but it proved a financial success as well most of the guests, including some of the journalists placed orders. Luc had carefully priced the wines at the lower end competitively. The secret was that he identified a good vintage from smaller vineyards and purchase most of the crop. Then it was stored in a bonded warehouse near Portsmouth before either being shipped to the Caribbean or sold to English customers.Lady Victoria who had flown over just for the weekend was delighted and it was an exuberant group that returned to Surrey. Even though Vicky was staying with Quentin and Jennifer by mutual consent they continued the party at Château Sal. Once they were all in the lounge, Sal turned to Vicky and bowed formally.“Welcome to my home, Lady Victoria.”“Thank you for your hospitality Sal. The Ritz is incredibly comfortable but I am certain that staying here will be much more fun.”Sal responded to this by kissing Vicky before sliding her dress off üsküdar escort her shoulders with Victoria responding in kind. The others followed suit and spontaneously had a naked group hug and kiss and fondle. Whilst the girls were caressing each other this gave the men time to remove their more complicated clothing.By some unspoken agreement they then selected one of the a partner they did not know that well, to try and draw into their arms. Crispin put his arms around Meghan who smiled and turned towards him whilst hugging back. Luc kissed Jennifer s hand before drawing her to a chair, Marcus somewhat risibly since he was starkers bowed to Vicky before inviting her to join him on the sofa.Sometime later Margaret and Nicola turned up with the left overs of the buffet accompanied by Alex and Linda who had been serving. As usual they had brought the leftovers and had started to put them out in the dining room but seeing what was occurring joined in. Luc whilst very far from abandoning Jennifer, his hand being mostly inside her, beckoned over Margaret and Nicola.Linda who had wandered in minus clothes but with a plate of delicious dainties decided to join Olivia and Quentin and enjoyed herself feeding them whilst they made love. Some shrimp sauce got on Livi’s boob so she licked it off before deciding a nipple was equally tasty.The next morning Vicky asked if she could speak with Sal, Ella, Crispin and Quentin. They retired to the security of Sal’s office which had received the attentions of Callow Security when being built. They saw a different side to Vicky. This was the august and focused Lady Victoria McAllister determined to keep the west, from harm by its enemies.“There is a young man who is half Russian and half French. Talking to our friends who are knowledgeable about such things he has made an invention that would greatly benefit the west if we can get him out of Russia. Equally it will of great use to our opponents. Of course, Russia is very different to the way it was under the communists but we still have reason to believe he will not be allowed to leave thanks to powerful vested interests.”“What is this invention exactly”“If it works and we have every reason to believe it does then a quantum leap in computing that will render all existing computers obsolete. This guy Sergei has worked out how to make a computer based on three states not two. That is over double the speed, capacity everything.” Mark had joined them with a large technical document.“Right justification provided, how do we get him out and where do we keep him safe.” said Quentin practical as ever.”“The lorry with the secret smuggling compartment will get him into Western Europeand we will take him out before the lorry reaches Calais. Quite some time ago we bought up a disused mill in the foothills of the Pyrenees with its attendant hamlet. The mill can provide the research facility and the village accommodation for the development team. Being geeks, they are more than happy to have just the company of likeminded souls.”“Not my kind of thing, but I suspect the intended residents will be happy as long as they have a good internet connection”“Oh yes. If I was some arch-villainess I wouldn’t torture them I would threaten to cut off their internet connection. To get Sergei from the lorry to his new home I wonder if Ella accompanied by Anna would whisk him across Europe once they are in the Schengen zone without hard borders.”“Sound like a plan and I would be happy to see Anna again. Will you want me to pick her up from somewhere.?”Ella picked Anna up from a small airport in Germany and tuzla escort they drove to a comfortable but soulless chain hotel near the Polish border. After a nice meal they returned to their room which by mutual agreement had only one large bed.It was Anna who drew Ella into a passionate kiss encircling her with her arms and pulling the English girl close to her. After they came up for air Anna pulled at Ella’s jumper and removed it with Ella reciprocating. The rest of their clothes followed with each undressing the other.Lying Ella on the bed Anna lowered her head to Ella’s pussy and flicked her tongue out to tease the labia, running over the sensitive flesh. Anna then moved round so that they were in a sixty-nine position and Ella sucked the lips of her friend’s labiaIt would have been difficult to decide which girl climaxed first, or more powerfully. They knew what each other liked and had done their level best to provide it. The result was a titanic orgasm. They were so exhausted they slept the entire night through. After a good German breakfast, they went on their wayThe exchange was made at a quiet rest stop and they took their passenger on his way. Sergei was a typical geek and very nervous around two attractive women However after a good few hours in a car with them he started to relax. It turned out that he was not totally lacking in social skills but the same could not be said for his confidence.The two girls decided that it would be nice to give him a good time when they stayed the night near Strasbourg. Sergei had the time of his life playing with two uninhibited girls set about corrupting him. Whether he had ever had a girl before he didn’t reveal but he most certainly hadn’t had two at once. They stripped him first but he got into the swing of things by removing their clothes and it was a matter of moments before they were naked. They showed him what women enjoy whilst doing to him what they knew men like. Both were girls were screwed in a variety of position and he succeeded in giving them climaxes whilst himself cummin and a really quite shot time later doing it again. There was nothing wrong with his equipment and he got hard very easily.It was after a bit of fairly normal sex, well normal for a threesome, that Anna decided to get creative. For some reason, best known to her she wanted to sit naked, on top of the wardrobe and have her pussy munched. Sergei raised an eyebrow, as this seemed weird but then these girls were weird. Ella expressed the opinion that it looked like an accident waiting to happen and unfortunately she was proved right. Anna was enjoying being eaten out so much that she started to wriggle. The wardrobe started to wobble and then fell at which point Sergei proved athletic enough to leap out of the way. Of course, Anna had nowhere to go and fell heavily the wardrobe pinning her leg. The other two lifted the wardrobe off her and back into position. They looked at the now, no longer randy girl, who was clearly in some pain. Ella had some first aid training and examined the leg; it hadn’t been badly crushed but it was at a funny angle. Sergei rang for an ambulance whilst they got her into some clothes and the same for themselves.Next morning, they picked Anna up from the hospital in a cast, the stupid game had resulted in her breaking her leg with a compound fracture. They continued on with their journey without further incident and delivered Sergei safely to his new secure headquarters. Back home sitting down with Crispin and Sal, Ella related the whole sorry story. As was practically inevitable all three were naked. Sal was using a vibrator whilst Ella was sitting on Crispin’s lap with his cock up her arse and her wriggling to give them both pleasant sensations.“So, let’s get this straight, I am not against kinky sex, as you very well know but what was the point of sitting on the wardrobe apart from possibly the risk of falling off.”“Haven’t the foggiest step mother dearest but with our acquaintances it was probably something wicked.”

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