Wicked stepmother – part 6


Wicked stepmother – part 6Ella had woken up in the morning to find her lying next to Crispin in the bedroom of her luxury hotel. Crispin was not very experienced with women as he had pointed out but he was a very quick learner. Ella smiled to herself it was a new experience being the seductress. It was only months ago that she had been a virgin schoolgirl yet now she had experience of both men and women sometimes together. What she had discovered was whilst she still managed to look demure she really wasn’t.Crispin awoke, looked at her and smiled before leaning over and kissing her. It did not take more than a moment for the kiss to get passionate. Ella felt a hand on her pussy slowly caressing. It was quite tentative at first but since she continued to nuzzle and kiss Crispin became more confident.“Go higher and see if you can find the ‘G’ spot that is what gets me and most other girls going.” With some guidance he found the exact spot and didn’t need a further encouragement as her pleasure was obvious. Ella became very damp so it was fortunate that Crisp was fully erect Ella threw back the bed covers and climbed on top of the proud cock bouncing up and down and enuring that the penis rubbed her just right. It was a short time before she came but managed to keep her bobbing going until she felt herself filled with warm sperm.Before they had parted Ella had successfully negotiated the tricky conversation where she explained that she already had a small group of lovers of both sexes. Crispin had been quite happy with this as long as he got to join in. knowing her friends and lovers and that Crispin was considerate in all things including lovemaking this did not present a problem.A quick phone call and she arranged to go home with Mark who was one of their select group as well as their tame computer geek. Ella had some information to pass on and it would remove the need to do it twice. Ella took pleasure in driving Mark to the house having only passed her test last week.Once home they went into the conservatory to have coffee accompanied by some of wonderful little pastries. Margaret was the deserts guru of a firm of high end caterers as well as part of their group. Apart from the other advantages it meant they always had fabulous pastries.Once they had given the delicate confections the attention they deserved they got down to business.“So apart from a great party things have been successful on another front then.”“Oh yes, Mark can get going on this little lot. What Erika was doing was to intercept the data line in its duct and place a box of tricks that eavesdropped on the digital traffic and send the same line to transmit it out. Apparently even if they find it the end recipient is a ruined croft in the Highlands. If they spend enough time searching the croft they will find a dish that transmits it to a satellite. I wish them luck getting any further.”“Clever. They involved me in the cover side of getting Erika in. Their CCTV had been hacked and the particular camera that covered the service corridor where she was working just played a recording of an empty corridor for the benefit of their security. We eavesdropped the other camera to stop anyone surprising her. Actually they were sloppy and didn’t patrol that but of the building as it didn’t have anything sensitive in it unless you count a duct with a data cable.”“You said we, who was the other?”“Some people working for Callow Security somewhere near Jamaica. They have a very cool lady who really knows her cybersecurity and some awesome servers.”“Did you fancy here.”“Irrelevant she made it clear that she is more interested in you two than me. Mind you she was nice to look at and severely under-dressed..”“Sounds like our kind of girl. I suppose the attractions of technology are more interesting than us” Ella had climber on Mark’s lap.“I’m not that much a geek come here.” Mark grabbed her and quickly stripped her of her skirt and top whilst nuzzling any exposed flesh as well as tickling Ella unmercifully. Sal decided this was fun and joined in. Ella was not going to take this treatment without giving some back so started tickling back. As it happened all three were quite ticklish and new exactly whee the karşıyaka escort others were sensitive. All three were soon giggling on the floor but the nuzzling was having an effect also and they became randy. Before long the girls were in a sixty nine position with Ella on top being rogered by Mark. After Ella came they switched so it was Sal who was being fucked instead. After they were all satisfied and lying back exhausted Alex walked in “Would you randy buggers like some more coffee?”Mark went off to work on the memory stick and Sal decided she hadn’t had enough so pulled Alex into their threesome. Now Alex was by this stage pretty much fully transformed other than surgery so it was three girls but one of them had a cock. When he didn’t return to the kitchen Alex’s wife Linda came to find them. In most situations this would cause bother but not here. Off came her jodhpurs and sweater and she came knelt down to play with Sal’s ample boobs.The afternoon went by quickly as Sal was writing a deeply technical report and Ella was doing the bookkeeping which was part of her job as Sal’s secretary. Since there was a catering job on that evening the others were off preparing for it. As she was going to prepare diner for the three of them her phone rang. It was Stancia Crispin’s mother. Ella was a trifle nervous because whilst they had got on well at their first meeting that was before she started to corrupt Crispin.“Thank you Ella dear. I don;t know all that happened but Crisp is on top of the world and I fairly sure you are behind it.”“You might not be as happy when you realise that I seem to be a corrupting influence.”“Goodness how. No you probably don’t want to say but providing its legal and my boy is happy I will be content. I might even like it because I feel a little thrill at the idea of him doing something naughty.”“I assure you nothing i*****l Sal is after all a barrister but we are a little inventive and t was only fair to warn him in case he found out and it hurt him As it turns out he likes some of it”“Well you were concerned for his well being and it his life. I must admit I am curious.”“Hold on a minute please Sal has just walked in.” Ella put her on hold and told Sal about the conversation. Sal took the phone .”“Hello Stancia, this is Sally, Ella’s sort of step mother. I understand that Ella has got herself into a bit of a twist. Would it help if you came to dinner and we explained. I think its only fair you know the kind of people our mutual friend Quentin has got your son involved with?” The answer was yes and as it happened that evening fitted rather well. Ella scurried off to get food ready for a guest. Whilst nervous of the coming meal she was also amused. Sal had not only called herself Sally something she rarely did but has sounded much more Surrey than Essex on the phone. The reality was that having been brought up in Basildon but having lived in Surrey and dealing with other professionals made her neither fish or fowl. Th min course was in the oven. The batch of crepe mix had been prepared the night before as it needs a long time to stand. And had become a staple. As always far more was made than would be used at a single meal. Ella nipped off to get changed herself. Ella was thankful that Sal had taught her do a quick make-up job if required. The door bell rang and Ella with butterflies in her stomach shot down stairs to answer it.Ella was surprised at how Stanza was dressed smart dark blue jeans tucked in the knee high brown leather boots and when she removed her jacket a maroon silk blouse. All very much what Sal would often wear.“I hope I am not to informal but I guessed that what I was wearing would be OK. Ella had changed into a dress and realised she may have miscalculated.“Sal often dresses very similarly actually so do I.” as if to prove it in walked Sal wearing white jeans, tan boots and an ivory blouse. The three women laughed and any awkwardness was gone. They went into the dining room. Sal took charge of the conversation allowing Ella to go and get a starter of pate on toast an easy option at two hours notice. The table was set for three as Mark had indicated that he wanted to keep working on escort karşıyaka the contents of the memory stick. . They all knew that nothing would drag him away from it even if they physically moved him from the computer his mind would still be there.The meal went very convivially but eventually they had to come to the point where they had to discuss the situation. Fortunately for the highly nervous Ella, Sal was going to do it. “Ella has a problem in that she likes Crispin a lot but knows that how we live could be a problem. Being an honest person she told him about it and he likes the idea. So far so good, our dilemma is that you may well not. You see we somehow have developed a group of people who whilst mostly unrelated have formed a rather diverse and interesting family not least because to a great or lesser extent we all sleep together” she paused to see the effect.“Including you two.!“Yes and that is one of the great extents and why Ella always says sort of step mother as in reality I am not, at least legally.”“Crispin is hoping to join these er activities.”“That is what he has said though so far he hasn’t had a chance and it of course depends on the agreement of the others. What our family is most about is consent and acceptance that we are all different.”“Far more tolerant and happy than a lot of more conventional families then.”“Yes actually your right we rarely argue and get along very well.”“Oh my goodness, I don;t know what to think. No that’s wrong that is the politic answer the real one is I envy you and Crispin.”“Pardon.” said Ella“I envy you and my son it sound so loving and I am not talking about sex. I have only ever slept with my husband and he abandoned me for a supposedly prettier women, younger at least. I have no sex life and t wasn’t exactly interesting when I did.”“Do you think Crispin would freak out if you joined in.”“My turn to say pardon. Are you inviting me to take part. I have never touched another woman you know.”“But would it bother you to see girls together?. As I said consent is important so if the lezzy bit is not your thing then fine though we do have more girls than men. I should also warn you that Alex is trans.”.”This is going to take some getting used to but I wan;t to try. If I don’t like it would that be a problem I wont chatter of course.”“I think that it would be a very good idea. At least Crispin would feel comfortable with you knowing that you have given it a go. There is only Mark here this evening and I am afraid he is busy working on something for Quentin.”“In that case can I try and see of if I like girls? Now I am thinking about it I think I might well do”Ellla was absolutely astounded Stancia was the epitome of the staid middle class women, old enough to be her mother. Yet here was she not only accepting what her son was planning but taking part herself. Would she like lezzy games?”Retiring to the lounge and siting between Sal and Ella that was soon answered. Sal leant over and kissed Stancia very gently and then broke it off. Stancia was clearly considering it then leaned over and kissed Sal then turned and did the same to Ella.“This is very naughty and really quite a lot of fun, In answer to earlier questions I apparently have no problem with women. Forty five years and I never knew.” She gave a little giggle and then snogged Sal enthusiastically. Ella decided to have a fell of her boobs which were quite large and looked lovely and soft she was rewarded by a little shiver of pleasure.“May I take your top off.”“As long as I can do the same to you, oh this is so bad.”Ella undid the blouse a buttons at a time whilst Stancia did the same to Sal’s. The blouse was eased of Stanza’s shoulders and removed. Putting the expensive blouse carefully aside Ella returned to see Sal now topless for as per usual she was not wearing a bra. Ella reached behind Stanza and undid her bra which fell free. Both older women then turned and removed Ella’s dress and then her underwear.I think I am going to have to buy some things that are really sexy and now I have a reason to look it.” she said with a throaty giggle.Jeans came off and underwear, Ella noticed that whilst Stancia’s panties were not karşıyaka escort bayan very sexy they were quite pretty.. Now all three were naked. Sal gently pushed Stancia back onto Ella who was till behind her. Now those lovely big orbs were freely available Ella started to play with them trying every trick she knew to stimulate them. Meanwhile Sal was introducing her guest to the pleasures of having her pussy eaten and was quickly rewarded by a shuddering climax.Stancia then tried a bit of pussy eating herself on Ella that distracted he whilst Sal mover herself into position for some tribbing. It would be difficult to decide who came first from this they were all so turned on that it didn’t take much.Whilst they were recovering Mark walked in. “Oh hello you must be Constance, I see the girls have been busy,”“Oh my God you lot are so different. I am stark bollock naked with two other women their boyfriend walks in and just says hello.”“Well it was that or rip all my clothes on and it seemed politer to say hello first.” They all collapsed in fits of giggles though fairly soon Mark had lost all his clothes.“Before we get to carried away are you on the pill Stancia.”“Don;t worry whilst I have been celibate far too long I have bad periods so take contraceptives. You do mean what I think you mean.”“Within our family we make love to who we want with no possessiveness. It is pretty clear that you have waited far too long and Mark is a very good lover. Anyway Ella and I are going to join in”With the other girls encouragement Stancia lowered herself on Marks engorged and well lubricated member and started fucking whilst Ella and Sal playe4d with her breasts. It was a good thing that nobody else was near because the screams of pleasure were very loud indeed.Once they had all finished which included the other girls taking a ride as well they lay back in post coital bliss. This was rudely interrupted by the sound of Bach from Stancia’s hand bag. “Drat that’s Crispin’s ringtone., Hello darling your just leaving the office. Look I am at Ella’s having dinner with her and Sally. Hold on a second. Sally’s trying to say something.” Sal whispered in her ear. “Look darling they suggest that you get off the train early and Sal will pick you up and we can spend the night here. That means I can have a drink and you can sleep with your gorgeous girl friend. Oh you think I didn’t know I was young once and I did go to parties” Stancia put down the phone.“OK I hope your right because he is going to get a shock but its better he finds out that his mother is a total slut now rather than later. If he is not too shocked I am going to rather enjoy seeing his face.”They all got dressed again though Stancia did without the bra and left more buttons more than normal. Ella decided to put on jeans and her very high black suede boots. Ella picked Crispin up and they chatted on the way back.“I cannot believe my mother actually assumed we were going to sleep together tonight.”“Your not complaining are you.”“No of course not providing that is what you want. Is your friend Mark there.”“He is but do not fuss he has Sal to keep him amused and he seems to quite like your mother as well.”“Now I would love to see how she reacts to that. As far as I know she has never gone out with a man since Dad pushed off. I think if Quentin had a chance he would have done so but she has never shown any sign of interest.”“Well she seemed quite enamoured with Mark earlier particularly when we made it clear we didn’t mind.”“You are k**ding surely. My mother showing interest in a man. Does she have any idea about Sal and Mark presumably not you.”“Oh yes she knows but Sal’s encouragement was enough I think she is getting a thrill out of being naughty.”They arrived and went inside to find Mark sitting with one arm around Sal and the other around Stancia.“Hello darling I gather you were a naughty boy last night but not nearly as naught as I have tonight.”“You know about Ella, Sal and Mark. Some others as well I understand.”“Not just know I have joined in. Here is the shock apparently I am bi.”“Mother.”“Oh shut up, We are both going to be thoroughly bad and enjoy every minute of it. Now have a glass of that wine Sal’s offering, its very good. Also before you ask I was sober when this started as I thought I would have to drive home tonight rather than spend it in a nice warm bed with two nice warm people.”Crispin turned to Ella gave her a big kiss. “You might have a wicked step-mother but I have a wicked mother.

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