wife fucked in front of husband

wife fucked in front of husbandThis story is about my wife Rittu with whom I got her fucked with another man. I was married to Rittu who had a very ripe body with fig 36 34 38 and she had nice boobs and big ass and we very much used to enjoy sex initially she was a shy girl when we got married but gradually I taught her all the art of sex then she blossom into a ripe lady and she often used to wear saree.She looks very sexy in it with her big boobs hanging out of her blouse and she used to deep throat my cock and take all my cum in her mouth and I even used to suck her clit and make her cum and we used to fuck vary wildly in bed. I even used to make her drink whisky and fuck her in her ass and our sex life was getting very monstrous over the years and I started fucking prostitutes for many years.I was fucking all kinds of whores and even used to fuck in my flat when Rittu was out of station and this was also becoming a routine affair and I was taking less interest in Rittu for sex then I started chatting on internet. I made many friends but all of them were male although I was looking for females with whom I could satisfy my lustful desire. I had a very special friend named Amit sodhi with whom I used to chat regularly.I showed some nude pictures of my wife to him and all of a sudden he put on his webcam and showed me his dick and wow his dick was 9 inches and very thick and he started masturbation on webcam while seeing Rittu pics. this also got me a hard on and we used to masturbate together using all the foul language in my wife name sometimes when Rittu was sleeping I used to show her on webcam to Amit. Amit often used to tell to undress Rittu but I was afraid to do so as I thought this could spoil our relationAnd I was also afraid of Rittu. Amit told me to make Rittu drink whisky and bring her in front of webcam so he could enjoy her ripe body virtually so one evening as the k**s were out to their grandparent’s house I told Rittu to get ready so we could go out for dinner. I told her to wear a black saree and keep her hair open while she was getting ready.I went to my barroom and poured 2 glasses of large pegs of whisky. I offered one glass to her and told her to enjoy the drink. I then started my laptop and began chatting with Amit. I told him Ritu is getting ready and I have offered her whisky he immediately put on his webcam showed me his long dick waiting to explode on seeing Rittu ripe body. Rittu was now fully ready and was looking damn sexy in black saree. I again poured another drink to Rittu and she was also enjoying the drink.I then put on the webcam without Rittu knowing and started kissing Rittu and our tongues were in each other’s mouth doing French kiss while Amit was watching us on webcam as I was about to undress Rittu. I got a call from Amit on my mobile that he wanted to hear the sexy sound of Rittu on phone while watching Rittu. I did not disconnect the call and then started undressing Rittu.Amit was hearing our voices while watching us on webcam and I disrobed Rittu sarre and made her nude in front of webcam Rittu got suspicious that we were often standing in front of laptop so she closed the laptop and then everything was over anyway I fucked Rittu since I was having a hard on and my I fucked her hard thinking about Amit cock Amit was hearing us on other side and he also came twice.Next morning when I chatted with Amit he told me he was desperate to fuck Rittu as he had seen Rittu ripe body and he wanted to enjoy her whole body. I told him it was impossible as Rittu would never agree to this. I logged out of the chatting and stated thinking about Amits thick and long cock entering Rittu pussy and I masturbated twice thinking about the fantasy and next day when I chatted with Amit he again insisted me that he wanted to fuck Rittu and I would also enjoy.I told him Rittu would never let him fuck her Amit told me to make a plan antalya escort for this weekend. I told him I would try and give him a call about this. This all the senses were giving my cock a real hard on and again I masturbated thinking about it. Next day I gave a call to Amit I told that I would bring Rittu and then we would go for a drive and that he would tell him that you are my business client.Amit agreed to my plan and so on Saturday I told Rittu to get ready as we r going out for dinner with one of my client Rittu was not nor eager to go but when I insisted that it was for our business then she agreed. I told her to wear a black sarree with low cut cleavage blouse at 8 pm she was ready and she was looking damn hot. We went to a bar in south Delhi where Amit was waiting for us. I introduced Rittu to Amit as one of my potential client.Amit shake hands with me and surprising planted a kiss on Rittu cheeks and gave her a tight hug rittu also got surprise by his actions but I told Rittu that Amit was form Europe as this was a custom over there and we went to the bar and Amit ordered 3 glasses of scotch Rittu said she would only have lime soda but our plan was to make Rittu drunk and I told her to have a drink but she was saying no then when Amit insisted she agreed.She had one peg of black label and she stared enjoying our conservation as we were talking about business. Amit was gluing her eyes on Rittu low cut cleavages he was sitting opposite Rittu. Amit ordered for another rounds of drinks and this time Rittu didn’t said no and sipped her large peg of scotch. The ambience at the bar was very pleasant and there were dim lights and light instrumental music was going on.Rittus ripe body was glowing in that lights and with a scotch glass in her hand she was looking like a hot prostitute. I excused myself on pretext of going to bathroom and left Amit and Rittu alone. Amit came and sat down next to Rittu and he order one more drink for Rittu and without saying no Rittu took that drink in her hands. Amit now started stroking Rittu back and slowly was massaging her.Rittu felt uncomfortable and slighted little distance from Amit then knowingly dropped some drinks on Rittu saree and the on pretext of saying sorry he started rubbing Rittu thighs. Rittu was light drunk but she knew her ground and said she will wash herself and she went to the washroom and on seeing me Rittu told me how Amit was behaving.I told Rittu it’s ok since he will give us a big business. Rittu now wanted to go home but then when we went to Amit he apologized to Rittu for his bevahiour. Rittu said it’s ok not to worry about it and then he had an idea that we should go for long drive. I told Amit its ok and Rittu agreed to it. I sat on the driver since I had only one glass of scotch and Rittu next to me and Amit on back seat.We took road to Noida and Amit again took out a bottle and made a drink for Rittu. Rittu was enjoying the drive and also the drinks now Amit hands came from behind and started fiddling Rittu blouse. I was watching the scene and Rittu was also staring at me. I told Amit to stop it but he said Rittu is liking it as her tits hard and he kept on squeezing Rittu tits and Rittu too was liking that she was being fondled but was afraid of me.I then unzipped my pants and took our cock and wow Rittu took it in her hand and started stroking it. Amit now knew that Rittu was on high and then he caught her by her hair and spitted in Rittu mouths. He then licked her saliva giving her deep kiss he now caught hold of Rittu and forcing bought her to back seat he also unzipped his pant and gave his huge cock in Rittu hands and my Rittu was shocked to have such a huge cock in her hands.Amit was now abusing Rittu as a whore while Rittu was also drunk at that time. I stopped the car and told Amit that this is getting dangerous and we are on the roadside. Amit told me that he wanted escort antalya to fuck Rittu now. I told Amit that i have better plan that to take Rittu to my office in chitranjan park and fuck her there Amit agreed and then we all drove to my office it was about 12 o clock and all people were sleeping.I opened my basement office and told Amit to go inside while I bring Rittu. Rittu was now fast asleep. I told Rittu to get up and come inside and she got up a litte bit from car but then with my help we stepped inside the office Rittu was now looking like a fucking drunkard prostitute and I her pimp was getting her to get fucked. I made Rittu now lie on the sofa Amit now took off all his clothes and got nude in front of me.I was seeing his huge dick to tear my wife pussy there was a separate room in my office basement where the bed was lying. I took Rittu to that room and made her lie on the bed with her saree on and also her high heels Amit now came closer to me and gave his cock in my hands. I stroked Amits cock and my cock also became hard. I also took off my clothes and started stroking my cock with Amits cock.Our both cocks tips were now releasing sperms and were becoming stingy. I told Amit now and go fuck this ripe body while I lied down on a sofa. Amit came closer to Rittu face and in dim light he started stroking his cock on Rittu lips. He slowly started taking off wife saree Rittu was now getting in little senses as some effects of alcohol was wearing off.Amit then ripped of Rittu blouse and petticoat Rittu was now lying in black bra and panty and with high black heels on the bed Rittu was now awake and surprised to see herself and Amit in this position Rittu even saw me naked on sofa with my erect cock. Amit came closer to Rittu and whispered something in her ears. Rittu was shocked to hear and she got up from bed and came towards and now I thought the game was over.She came and surprisingly told me to unhook her bra and take off her panty now she was totally nude plump lady standing in front of me only with heals. I was also surprised to see her totally waxed body and her shaved clean pussy Rittu calls Amit to her side and she hugged him very tight with both her arms. Amit also tightly embraced her as if both their bodies were dying to meet each other both of them started kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow.Rittu and Amit were digging each other’s mouth and their tongues were gulping each other Amit hands were now on Rittu gaand and Rittu hand were stroking Amits cock. I got up to touch Rittu and she shouted at me to sit down and watch the show. I got myself into the groove and sat down and they went to the bed and stood on the bed Rittu was stroking Amits hard cock and then she kneed down and took Amits cock in her mouth.Her mouth was adjusting to such a huge cock but she was gulping down her throat slurping with her juicy tongue and she was also spitting on the cock and then taking inside her mouth while Amit was catching her hair and making his cock push inside Rittu mouth he was also spitting on his cock and Rittu was sucking his cock with his saliva. I could not do anything but to watch my wife taking on another’s guys cock.Amit now told Rittu to stand up and he kneeled down to licks Rittu clit while she was standing Amits now put 2 fingers inside Rittu pussy and aah she moaned in pleasure he was licking her while stroking her juicy clits. Rittu was now licking her own nipples and when Amit saw the he pulled down Rittu on bed and took her nipples in her mouth. Amit now took both her nipples in her mouth and started squeezing it.Rittu was moaning in pleasure and now Rittu told Amit to abuse her and make her wild Amit started now calling my wife randi motherchod and started slapping her wildly Rittu was screaming wildly and was on cloud nine and I was thinking that Amits cock was yet to enter my wife pussy. Amit now caught antalya escort bayan Rittu by hair and made her lie in 69 position. Rittu was sucking Amits hard cock and Amits was licking rittu clit and this went on for half an hourNow Amit was lying on the bed and Rittu took her position on the top of his huge erect cock as Rittu chut lips was about to enter Amits hard rock cock Rittu withdrew her pussy and started pissing on Amits cock Amit took her piss also in his mouth and started drinking it as soon as she finished pissing she inserted her pussy on Amit cock and slowly Rittu was now feeling the insertion of huge cock Amit thrus his cock with hard stroke inside Rittu chut and Rittu screamed wildly slapping Amit hard on the face.Now Rittu was giving full response to Amit strokes with her pussy lips tight on Amits cock Rittu was now wildly jumping on Amits cock and Amit was also thrust his hard cock in Rittu chut. Rittu now gave her position in doggy style and Amit started licking rittus gaand. He was also wildly slapping on Rittu crack butts. Rittu had no idea that Amit was going to fuck her ass. I came slowly to Rittu and told her about that Amit is going to fuck her virgin ass. Rittu immediately said no to Amit but them Amit slapped her tightly on her face and said he wants her ass. I told Rittu to give it a try she said she will die by takingg such a huge cock in her ass anyway I bought some oil from my cabin and gave it to Amit. Rittu was still in that doggy position and Amit applied oil on her ass and then on his cock.He started inserting fingers in Rittu ass to make it wider. Rittu was screaming for not to fuck her ass but now she had no choice .Amit now bought the tip of his cock near Rittu ass hole and started inserting it but this had no chance to go inside he was trying hard to push it inside and Rittu had tears in her eyes. Amit then inserted 4 fingers in Rittu assAnd she screamed more and he was trying to increase the size of ass hole then again he bought his cock and with deep thrust the cock went deep inside Rittu ass hole and Rittu was clinging on to me for help but I could do nothing and with a fill for the blood started oozing from Rittu ass hole but Amit didn’t care and was stroking Rittu ass harder and harder. Rittu was in full tears and I thought she might faint but then now she was getting used to it and was giving full response to Amit.This fucking was going on for ever and it was already 2 o clock. Amit now withdraw his cock from Rittu ass and inserted his cock in Rittu mouth Rittu was tasting his cock ripped with Rittu ass Amit still now didn’t wanted to cum and started fingering Rittu pussy. Rittu now called me by her side and she started also stroking me Rittu now took both of our cocks in her hand and started stroking together.Amit now stared pissing in Rittu mouths and by seeing this I also statred pissing in Rittu mouth. Rittu was drinking from both our taps and soon as we finished. Amit inserted his cock in Rittu pussy he was stoking Rittu very hard now and Rittu was also moaning in pleasure and screaming wildly Amit was slapping on Rittu boobs as he was about to cum and he was stoking her harder and harder and soon both of them came inside with Rittu pussy lips taking all the cum of Amit.Amit had cum deep inside her chut and both of them lied on the bed for 30 minutes while I was stroking my cock with my own hand. I also masturbated and went to sleep and when I woke up what I saw that both Amit and Rittu were again fucking each other and next day being Sunday the office was closed but Rittu and Amit kept on fucking the whole day and night as if there two bodies were made for each other without the thought of separating.Amit used to cum in Rittu mouth and Rittu also used to squirt her juices in Amits mouth both used to fuck and piss on the bed on Monday morning and I took Rittu out of the office and took her home and for whole 15 days she could not walk as her ass was fully fucked by a huge monster cock now Amit keeps on coming to our house and regularly fucks Rittu and Rittu even had become pregnant with Amits baby and she had given birth to a baby girl.

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