wife has me as a cockboy


wife has me as a cockboyMy wife who I love has over the last few years turned me into an all out sissy cockboy. At first it was fun and exciting to see my wife getting fucked by other men. It was a great turn on for us both. I would just sit and watch and maybe learn something new about her. Well what I found out is that she loved to fuck and suck cock more than I ever knew, My 52 year old wife who claims she only had 3 lovers in her life was turning into a whore. She only had hook ups when I was with her. I would jerk off at times other times just watch. If I fucked her later that day her pussy was always wet and it was a better fuck for both of us. those were the days. Wish I could go back. Hell it was only 1 year ago. Then she went drinking with her work friend, Jen. As my wife tells it one thing lead to the next. Jen is this sexy hot 34 year old long black hair great shape and cute figure. They started to drink when my wife told her sometimes she has other lovers and i watch. Jen was excited by that news and wanted to know if I clean her cunt after she gets fucked.My wife was turned of by that thought of me eating another mans cum. Why would he do such a thing, no way I would never ask my husband to eat a mans cum from my pussy, and plus izmir escort he would never do such a thing. He’s not gay. She is right I am not fuckin gay! Jen said next time u fuckin your fuck buddy ask your husband if he loves you to clean off your pussy. He just might do it.About a week later according to my wife was the next time she was fucking this young 30 year old stud when she asked me to eat her pussy and clean the cum out. No fuckin way. She begged me to eat her pussy. I gave in to please her and licked the cum from her pussy which I shared with her. She swallowed it all. It didn’t taste that bad, with the sent of her pussy combined with his cum it was ok. Thought I would never do that again. Wrong!My wife was very surprised and thought I wouldn’t do it but she was wrong. She mentioned to me that Jen had put that idea in her head and she wanted my wife to see how far I would go. I said oh, Jen, now I would love to clean her cunt!When my wife told Jen the news she was excited. Jen had asked my wife if she would think about having me eat her pussy when her lover filled it with cum. She agreed and so did I. The only issue I had is that my wife wanted me to be there when ate Jens pussy clean. So I agreed.We got together and had escort izmir a few drinks, i was excited to see jens naked body and maybe get a chance to fuck her.They blind folded me had me naked and I heard voices more than one guy and i could here the sucking and fuckin going on. When it was time to eat Jens pussy filled with cum i was rock hard. I had an idea that my wife was being fucked too, It was amazing to taste that first taste of Jens pussy, cleaned shave with a very little hair above her clit. She was saoking wet as I heard her moan like no other when she was being fucked. I cleaned her pussy while getting directions from my wife. Lick here move over a little here, some more cum move over a little her. Then Jen asked me to swallow the cum for her. It was Jen a sexy foxy little bitch that i wanted to and i knew i was going to be fuckin.Ok its time take off your blind fold and when I did I expected to see Jens sweet pussy.But i was looking her crotch but she had put her panties on, i was so disappointed, then as I looked over I saw my wife being fucked and sucking the cock of two black men with cocks the size of my arm! then I realized that i just ate the cum from a black man two loads at that and to make matters worse I wasn’t izmir escort bayan getting any pussy from Jen.She just laughed and said this cunt is for black cock only, White men need not apply. My cock get limp. Then it hit me my wounderful wife of 24 years was being fucked by two black guys with big old blackcocks and that i was going to clean my wifes pussy. And I did. I was disgusted by the whole experience. I hated Jen and my wife for what they did to me that night,Well since then I’ve eaten Jens pussy about 50 times, always filled with back cum. I’ve eaten my wifes pussy about 100 times since always filled with black cum, I’ve sucked black cocks 100 times many times takin the cum in my mouth.A few black studs say I suck cock just as good as some white women. And I’ve eaten black ass, That is nasty. And I’ve eaten jens and my wifes black cum filled assholes. I have a wounderful life, My wife only fucks black guys now and she fucks me maybe once a month and even the she makes me eat my cum from her pussy.Jen and my wife abuse me as their cockboy and sissy. Getting fucked in the ass bareback buy a 10 inch black cock while sucking a black cock is not fun for me. But i’ve accepted my role I play in our sexy life. They dress me up and put a butt plug in my asshole and I just go along. Maybe one day I’ll get to fuck Jen, Until then I’ll continue to suck black cocks and eat black cum from my wife pussy and asshole and jens too, I’m a little sissy cockboy. More later

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