wifes panties

wifes pantiesnever thought i would try to write a wee story but what happened a few weeks ago absolutely blew my mind so much i just have to tell someone ,this is a true story.me + the wife were having some couples over for a drink + a chat .we had been sitting for a couple of hours + i had sat next to one of my matesdavie ,who ,when he got drunk always told me about his fetish ( worn panties ) i have never told him i have the same hobby , only ever with my wifes though,he always told me in the pub that when he gets a chance he is straight into peoples bathrooms to check out the laundry basket for there wifes panties ,anyway , as the time went on ,we ran out of snacks + someone came up with the idea that as there was only 3 couples left + it burdur escort was a nice night we should walk along to the pizza place for something to eat . we all started getting ready to go + when we reached the gate i heard davie saying to his wife he couldnt be bothered walking . as every one started walking away he said to me ,i’ll just go + have a look through your wifes knicker drawer , + started laughing ,so i said as long as you don’t let anybody in the house ,+ laughed back .so away we went but as the time passed i was wondering if davie really was rummaging about her panties .we got back about an hour later + when i looked at him the only thing i noticed was that he was quite drunk .everyone left about an hour later + my wife escort burdur went straight to bed as she said she was really sleepy .i waited about 15 minutes ,my heart was pounding in my ears ,i had never had thoughts like this in my life but couldnt stop imagining if davie had actually went for a look ,i went upstairs to our bedroom + my wife was out cold i then went into the bathroom + had a look through the laundry basketwhen i picked up her panties i knew straight away that davie had had her messy gussett over his cock ,because he hed left a little bit of precum on them,my cock went rock hard ,never in my life had i experienced a feeling like this ,the thought of davie enjoying my wifes juices without her knowing , then talking burdur escort bayan to her when we came back from our walk was unbelievable,i pulled them over my cock + started stroking myself slowly,i had to stop after only a couple of minutes in case i exploded,just then i remembered the laundry + pulled out another pair of her panties,this pair , which he had put near the bottom of the basket had cum spots all over them ,not soaked , but plenty of spillage ,i know this because i had left the same marks lots of times ,i must have wanked into those 2 pairs of panties for hours ,stopping everytime i was about to cum ,what a turn on + what a night i had .still havent seen him since ,dont know whether to ask him if he is willing to return the favour + give me a go at his wifes , probably wont but will let you know if i dodont know how this turns out as my 1st ever story but i have had some great wanks thinking about that nightplease let me know how it reads ,dont be cruel ,cheers

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