Wild Desires and Secret Needs Ch. 02


The light was shining through the window and I looked at my watch, it was eight thirty and far too early to wake Sam up. I was lying on my back looking at the ceiling thinking about the things I had written in the questions and answers about me and Sam. I remember stating that she felt like dominating me at times. She liked to flaunt her body around knowing she was in superb shape. I knew that Sam had most probably put down that I like to be humiliated and shamed because of the previous evening. There were lots of things I have said to her over the years but couldn’t remember any. I was thinking that it would come as a shock when I found out if she had written them down. I had known Sam in collage and we had talked about a lot of kinks before we eventually got married.

I was oblivious to Sam moving next to me until she said, “You are awake early.”

I turned my head to look at her and said, “Yes I have a lot on my mind. That was quite something almost unreal that which took place last night. Do you love me, Sam? I mean really love me enough to never leave or change whatever takes place during this short break.”

Sam turned towards me as she rested on her arm. “Why did you ask that question, Dave? Are you sorry that I stepped into the car last night?”

I thought about her questions for a short time before I found the answer I was searching for. “To your first question, I asked because I think that things are going to get a lot worse for both of us before this holiday has ended. I think that last night was just a taster and before I answer your second question I would like to ask you one. Would you tell me what you wrote about me in that questionnaire, and did you go back to our collage days?”

“I said a few things we had discussed during our collage days with a few of our kinks. You are a little submissive, and you get a buzz out of me humiliating you in public. Sometimes I hurt you by going too far, but we always make up at the end of the day. You are a very jealous and possessive person, and I know that you must have been in a lot of pain last night. It gave me a thrill seeing you wriggling in your seat while that young girl was holding your cock.”

“When you allowed Rowland to degrade you in front of all those men by cleaning up another man’s fluid from my body, it damn near gave me an orgasm there in front of everyone. I wanted to see you degraded, and looked upon as a wimp. I wanted to see you humiliated more than anything in public. I wanted to dominate you and verbally humiliate you, but it was not in the script last night. I had written domination down in my questionnaire, but I know that you would have known that. I don’t need to ask what you wrote because some of it was done last night.”

I realised at that point in our talk that the domineering ways of Sam that had been dormant since collage had been brought to the surface. I was now wondering just how far she would take the role.

She was looking at me while I was in deep thought digesting what she had replied. I then said, “As I have already told you a moment ago, I think this holiday is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I think that last night was just an eye opener to the things that we both might expect over the next few days. As for your last question, no I am not sorry you stepped into the car last night. I did get a certain amount of a buzz last night as both of us were being used for the audience’s entertainment.”

It was quiet once more as we both started to think about the permutations of our answers. I then said, “You never answered my original question, Sam.”

I saw her go into thought whether about the answer or what the original question was. “I will always love you, Dave, whatever takes place here. I will never change or leave you. This holiday is just clearing the cobwebs out while giving us both a buzz. In a few days this will all be over, and forgotten about when we are back home.”

As both of us were awake we decided to have breakfast and after a shower we took the lift downstairs. There were a few guests in the restaurant but none took any notice of our arrival. It was just after we had eaten when the concierge appeared at the table. “I am sorry to disturb you Sir, Madame, but a Miss June and her associate will be arriving just after midday. Should I direct them up to your room?”

Neither of us was expecting visitors so we knew they were part of the holiday we were on. “Yes that will be fine,” I answered. “We are about to go back to our room now, and yes that will be fine.”

More than half an hour passed before there was a knock at our door. Sam sent me to answer and let these two women inside. The tall stern looking blonde walked past me as if I didn’t exist with the other following in her wake. The tall blonde stepped straight over to Sam and kissed her on the side of the face and said, “My name is June, and I am a Mistress of domination.” She eyed Sam up and down before saying, “Beautiful.”

She turned around to face me fast and looked me over before getting close. She grabbed my arms and gripped my muscle hard. I had turned my head bahis firmaları to see what she was doing before she put her face in front of mine and with a sadistic smile said, “Don’t look at what I am doing because it is no business of yours. Keep your head looking straight ahead if you know what is best for you.” Her voice was quiet but menacing with powerful undertones, and I have to admit I was in fear of her.

She must have seen the expression on my face because she said, “You have need to fear me, but only if you wake my anger and will only address me as Mistress. You will comply with all that I say, and when you are with my assistant you will do everything she says without question, as if it was me telling you.” I never said a word as I was unsure what to say and she said in a hiss. “Do you understand what I am saying, you wimp?”

I saw a smile on Sam’s face on the use of the word, and I replied a little unnerved at her attitude, “Yes,” then as an afterthought added, “Mistress.” At the sound of my voice and answer, Sam’s smile became more of a satisfied grin, and this too unnerved me.

“You were slow with acknowledgement of who I am, but I will allow you that one mistake. So you had better be faster the next time I talk to dirt like you. What your beautiful wife sees in a wimp like you I have no idea.” I was feeling hot about the collar and went to loosen my tie. “No one told you to move you puddle of dogs piss.”

I stopped what I was doing as if frozen in time, and for the first time in my life my body was trembling in fear. Sam had noticed and went to take a step forward, but the Mistress stopped her by speaking normal once more. “Kay, take him to my domain and show him what I think of him. You know what needs to be done while his beautiful wife and I go for lunch. Remember you effeminate wimp to address her at all times as Miss.”

Kay took hold of my arm and led me to the suit door before I could say anything to Sam. We walked past the concierge who was talking with the waitress in the lobby. Outside next to the pavement was an old Ford Granada that was in immaculate condition for its age. I sat inside and put the belt over my shoulder before we pulled away. I had no idea where Miss Kay was taking me, but once again I was getting feelings of misgiving. I was hoping that wherever it was and doing whatever it was, would be a lot easier than the previous night’s entertainment.

We were getting deeper into the dales before she stopped at a large detached house with a small drive. The nearest house to it was over five-hundred yards away that I could see on top of a nearby hill. The landscape view was pretty to the eyes in the spring sunshine. Kay told me to follow her in through the small cottage door that seemed out of place with the rest of the building. Inside she ushered me into a large room that at one time was probably a function room. “Strip,” she said firmly. “Take off all of your clothes and place them on the chair. There is no reason to be modest because I have seen men naked many times.”

I remembered the words of the Mistress who I never wanted to get on the wrong side of, and started to undress without questioning the order. I was soon undressed and naked with Miss Kay looking at me. “Stand spreads eagle, arms up and out with legs apart.” Again I felt very self conscious as she walked about my body spraying my chest, buttocks, genital region and armpits. “Stand there like that, and don’t move until I return and tell you to move.” I watched as she walked out the door we had entered the room by.

I was waiting in that position for a short time before Miss Kay returned carrying two mugs. “Sit down on the chair and drink this coffee. Then afterwards I will start transforming you into the person the Mistress believes you to be, and the one that your beautiful wife says you like to be.” I didn’t like the sound of this as I asked myself, what answers did Sam put in the questionnaire?

As we were sitting down Miss Kay said, “I would like to know a little more about you. I was in that hall last night when your wife was on the stage doing what you said she liked doing. I was wondering, just how far would you allow her go with a man for the sake of this contract? I have also been trying to work out why she fell in love with you. I look at her thinking that her type would have been athletic, powerful, and of course very good looking.”

I fell into her easy talk like a lamb to the slaughter as I answered, “Yes I think you have her nailed bang to rights. How far would I allow her to go? I don’t think I have a lot of choice in the matter because the penalty is too high of a price for either of us to pay. I don’t think Sam would allow me to stop her doing what she has been told to do, but I live in the hope that full sex with another man will never take place.”

I drank the last of my coffee at the same time she said, “There is a shower behind the screen go and wash the whole of your body. Do not worry about your bodily hair falling out, it is supposed to happen and they will grow back in time.” It was at that time I began to wonder about the predicament kaçak iddaa I was in. I was showered in no time, and after I had dried myself and walked out from behind the screen feeling even more naked if that is possible.

“Did you see how your wife was dressed last night, Dave?”

“Yes Miss Kay.”

“Did you like the way she was dressed before she was stripped of her clothes?”

Even thought Sam was doing what was asked of her, even I had to admit she looked very sexy in the green lingerie. “Yes, Miss Kay I did like the way she was dressed.”

“Well I am so glad because you are going to be dressed in the same clothes or very similar. By the time I have finished with you your wife will think you have changed sex. Now sit on the chair and do not move until I say it is okay to do so.”

She pulled a chair into the centre of the room under a bright light where I sat down. Then she began by putting loads of jell into my hair that was something I had never done because it always went back to the way it was combed after a wash. It was combed back so many times I felt my hair was stuck to my head. She spent at least another hour or so on my makeup, with the last being applied being the lipstick. Once she had finished she said, “Now stand up, because you have got to get dressed.”

I stood up wondering what was going to happen to me once I was dressed as a woman. It was then I wondered if there was a plan to publicly expose me as a cross dresser, but surely they would not go that far. I remembered the previous evening, and realised that the organisers would not care about my feelings. Kay handed me a pair of stockings and said put those on, and helped fix them to the suspender belt she helped me with. Within half an hour I was dressed more or less the same as Sam was the previous evening. Kay had even stuck some realistic latex breasts to my chest before fitting the bra.

I had noticed that during the time this was all taking place my penis was placid, and I was a little concerned. Then I thought well I am doing something that goes against all dress codes of normal men, and quickly forgot about it. I had noticed also that the panties that I was wearing had no centre leaving my genitals exposed. I was also wearing the same five inch heels that I found hard to walk in, and wondered how the hell women kept their balance.

I had been sitting on the chair once more while Kay put away the makeup and all the other items that had been used. She looked at her watch and said, “My how time flies it is almost seven in the evening.” The time was a bit of a shock to me also as I hadn’t realised I had been there almost six hours. “I had better get you ready for visitors so you had better stand up and try not to wobble about, as you don’t want to look silly do you?” She gave a little giggle showing me she had a sense of humour.

Kay left me standing in the room while she walked out into the other part of the house. Once again my guts were churning as I wondered what was going to happen to me. It was a fact I thought, that they would not take time to dress me up this way unless I was going to be humiliated once more. What eventually did take place I really was not prepared for, even though I knew there was twisted minds working out the challenges. Kay had been gone for a long time and I thought about sitting down because of the painful heels I was wearing.

I heard the front door being knocked and someone opening the door, then Kay’s voice said, “Please do come in, the Mistress will be back soon, and thank you for coming at such short notice. Please go into the other room and get ready for when you are needed.” I heard the sound of many feet walking past the door, and the knot in my stomach was building up to give me a sickly feeling. The front door opened once more and I heard the voice of the Mistress and then Sam laughing. Then for some strange reason the thought of Sam seeing me dressed like this gave me the feeling of acute embarrassment. I had strange feelings in my groin that I could not explain with other feelings of fear of other seeing me.

There was the sound of high heels on the wooden floor heading towards the door before it opened. The Mistress walked in first with Sam behind her and stepped across the room towards me. There was a smile on Sam’s face when she looked at me, with her eyes travelling up and down my body. It was Sam that spoke first, “So it is true what Kay said you are a real effeminate and cross dresser.”

I went to open my mouth but Sam saw me about to do it and spoke in an affirmative voice. “Don’t say a word, bitch. Kay has just told us that it was you that asked her to dress you this way. I always knew that there was a kinky side to you, but this beats all that I could ever think of.” I was stunned into silence as Sam tore into me with venom in her voice. “Because the venue that was arranged for this evening has been thrown into darkness the organisers have given you and I a meal and honeymoon suit in another hotel. How the hell can I go there with you dressed like that? What do you think I should do you fucking sissy? Dress like a man kaçak bahis and fuck you.”

I was speechless as Sam’s rhetoric gave me a lashing that was biting into my mind. It was as I was reeling from the onslaught of the verbal abuse when Kay walked in the room. “There has just been a phone call from the organisers asking where you were, and I told them what was taking place. They would like you to go and talk to them, Mistress.”

Kay stopped where she was as Sam stepped closer to me, and it was automatic for me to try and step away a little. “Stand still you fucking disgrace, because you really have fucked up our holiday. I was feeling horny as fuck after last night and now you go and pull this stunt.” Once again I was going to open my mouth to explain, but Sam cut me short. “Don’t talk, and don’t even try to explain this fucking disgraceful exhibition of how you like being feminised.” As she stopped talking the Mistress stepped into the room once more.

“I was listening to you chastising your husband, Samantha.”

“Huh, husband is that what you call it, I am beginning to wonder.”

So was I, I was thinking this was all part of the holiday and it turns out it wasn’t. I was feeling an idiot for being made a fool of in this way. I was now asking myself where had all of the day gone so terribly wrong? The venomous verbal onslaught that had left Sam’s mouth aimed at me had cut like a knife leaving me shell shocked. I heard the Mistress speak. “It is not a full disaster because the organisers have come up with a plan, and I was lucky to salvage a scenario that I was doing for another woman.”

The three women walked over to the corner of the room and were quietly talking between themselves. Then they walked back to me and Sam had a smile on her face. “Well, David, since Kay spoke to the organisers, they have given me a new task that involves you but also another person.” I knew as soon as I heard her call me David that she was pissed off and about to get her revenge, and by the smile on her face she was going to enjoy it. “Play that tape of him talking today so that we can all hear it.”

I watched as Kay walked over to a little box on a table and stood with her hand on a switch. The Mistress said, “Everything that goes on in my domain is recorded, and I think it is time to hear what you have been talking about while your wife was out of your sight. Switch on the recorder, Kay.”

I heard my voice as plain as day. “Yes I think you have her nailed bang to rights. How far would I allow her to go? I don’t think I have a lot of choice in the matter because the penalty is too high of a price for either of us to pay. I don’t think Sam would allow me to stop her doing what she has been told to do, but I live in the hope that full sex with another man will never take place.”

My heart dropped as I heard myself giving Sam my blessings to be fucked by another man. My head dropped onto my chest in defeat knowing she was about to commit adultery with my permission.

“You told the questionnaire that the number you thought lucky was five. Well we will put that to the test in a moment because the organisers are not happy that you pissed on their party. So because of what Kay told them you had said today, they have allowed your wife to go to that hotel with another man.”

My heart was in my guts and ready to fall out of my body. My mind was at an all time low and my jealousy was at an all time high as I knew there was nothing I could do to change the way the crap was being thrown at me. I then had a sudden thought that the organisers had to find another man and that might take time. It cheered me up a little but I was about to be hit with a poleaxe.

“There was supposed to be a birthday party here this evening but the girl it was arranged for is ill. I am going to use her present to solve her problem of finding a man. In the next room is part of a basket ball team that were going to play dice for the chance of taking her to bed. I think we will get them in here and have another game, don’t you think that is fair.” I decided not to even attempt to open my mouth in case I am not supposed to answer. I didn’t think it mattered anyway because the organisers had taken it out of my control. “Kay, you had better go and get the team in here for a new competition.

Kay walked out of the room and only moments later she walked back in with eight huge six feet six super fit young men. They all had on T shirts and shorts with muscles bulging beneath their shirts. It was the Mistress that said, “Line up there boys in front of the sissy and face him.”

On hearing the word sissy I felt my face flush, and noticed it brought another smile to Sam’s lips. “Well I think we should compare each of these hunks against my sissy husband. I think it best if you all take your shirts off so that I can check your manly chests.” I watched in fear as they pulled the shirts over their heads. Then Sam went along the line and while looking up into their smiling faces run her hands over each of their chests. She then walked to my front as Kay walked behind and unfastened the bra, before letting it fall to the floor. Sam came close and felt the false breasts and said with a smile, “Oh dear, I think those will get in the way of mine.” As she looked into my face smiling I was holding back my tears of shame.

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