Wild Oats – The Party


“Sally, my birthday is next week and I wondered, if I pay for everything, could I have it at your house?”

“Jason, what exactly do you have in mind?”

“Saturday we both get off work at 5 and we both have Sunday off this week. Saturday I will be twenty. I was thinking some burgers on the grill and some beer. You know, just a relaxed celebration among friends. These are buds I went to high school with and we do not get together very often.”

“That would be fine, but I am a proud woman. Even though I don’t have much, before you invite friends over, this place needs to be super clean and neat. I will expect you to help me dust, vacuum, and clean during the week if we are going to party Saturday night.”

“Oh thank you, Sally. I have Wednesday off and will dedicate it to cleaning your house top to bottom.”

When I came home from work Wednesday evening, Jason was just finishing mopping the kitchen floor. Everything looked great. He had also set up a charcoal grill in the backyard and a portable fire pit with six outdoor chairs around it.

“Looks like you have everything set. How many guys are we expecting?”

“Only four besides you and me.”

“Have I met them?”

“Well, you met the twins when we went hiking and you really liked them. Tom came into the store the otherday, he works in construction and played a basketball guard in high school. He is 5’10”, 160 lbs. Then there is Roger who is 6’3″, 200 lbs. who was a wrestler in high school and is a carpenter by trade.”

Saturday night I got home about 5:30 and took a shower. The guys were expected at 7. Jason was already there. He had a pony keg of beer set up on the back porch, wood piled in the fire pit and charcoal ready to light in the grill. He was dressed casually in shorts and a T-shirt so I decided to do the same.

During my shower, I shaved my legs and pits and trimmed my bush, just because I like the neat, clean feel. I dressed in some pretty peach colored panties, loose shorts, and a loose T-shirt. It was going to be dark in the backyard by 8:30 and no one would know that I was not wearing a bra. My perky, full, natural, DD breasts could move unfettered.

The twins were the first to arrive and both gave me a kiss and a full body hug. Tom and Roger arrived while I was hugging the twins and after introductions, they hugged me too.

Tonight was going to be fun. Just me and five young hunks.

We all grabbed a beer and settled around the fire pit while Jason and one of the twins flipped burgers on the grill a few feet away, but close enough to be involved in conversation.

After dinner one of the guys halkalı ucuz escort pulled out some weed and we all took a few hits as we passed it around. We all had enjoyed several rounds of beer and began taking turns visiting the bathroom.

The mosquitoes began to get bad so I suggested that we move into the house and sit around the kitchen table. As we were moving inside, Roger spilled his beer on Tom. After a lot of laughing, Tom just took off his shirt. Nice abs.

A few more beers and someone suggested truth or dare. It sounded like innocent fun so we all joined in.

The first few rounds were innocent enough, but we kept drinking and soon we all became more sexual and suggestive. I will not bore you with everything, but at one point they were talking about their best sexual experience, who had the biggest cock, etc. I was dared to give someone a hand job and then someone was dared to lick my breasts. Roger was dared to take me in the bedroom and make out for 5 minutes. Let me tell you, that guy can kiss. His hands were busy and the 5 minutes flew by.

We moved into strip poker and since no one was wearing much, we were all naked within 30 minutes.

All the guys were well hung. The twins, as you will remember, are long and thin. Roger was about 7 thick inches and Tom was about the same, a little thinner, but instead of standing out straight, it curved up.

Tom followed me to the bathroom and that is how it all began. When I came out, Tom was in the hall. He said, “Sally, you are beautiful.” He gave me a kiss and with all the beer, weed, and male hormones, I literally opened myself to him. I was horny and kissed him back. While we were kissing and hugging, I could feel his hard penis poking me. I lifted one leg, grabbed him in my hand, moved him up and down my slit a few times to get him wet and positioned him at my love entrance. He pushed in and his curved cock rubbed over my G spot as he stroked in and out of me. I must have screamed. All the guys came running in from the kitchen. When they saw that it was a scream of joy, they stood back and watched as Tom and I fucked standing up in the hall.

It seemed like I was having a continuous orgasm as Tom’s dick kept rubbing my G spot until he finally came. He gushed stream after stream of hot creamy cum into my vagina. I clung to him and wrapped my legs around him to hold him in as long as I could. He shrank and slipped out and I could feel his cum oozing out.

I looked at the naked guys with their beautiful cocks standing out proudly and said, I need to clean myself up. Then, why don’t we move this halkalı üniversiteli escort to the bedroom and I will take care of any of you who want me.”

In the bathroom I cleaned my pussy and gave myself a quick enema just in case we went there also.

When I came into the bedroom the guys were arranged around the bed with space for me in the middle. “How do you want me?”

“On your back with your hear up here.”

I placed a pillow under my butt to raise my pussy up because I like the angle better than if I lie flat. The guys began loving me.

I had a twin on each breast, Jason by my head, Tom licking my pussy, and Roger rubbing my belly. Tom said, “I want to taste you.

“Guys, before we get started, there is one thing I want you to know. If you cum, cum inside me. I will swallow if you cum in my mouth. I love to feel your warm spunk in my vagina, but I do not like cum on my face, in my hair, or on my body. Everyone understand?”

They all eagerly nodded and Tom returned to exploring my pussy with his mouth, lips, and tongues.

Jason began with some deep kisses and then presented his cock to me and I loved him orally.

The twins sucked, licked, and played with my DD breasts and erect nipples.

Roger just kept running his hands over my trunk and arms – gently caressing me as if just touching me was enough.

It seems the guys had decided on a counter clockwise rotation because in about fifteen minutes they all moved. No one seemed to be in a hurry to cum. We all just enjoyed the loving. I did have several orgasms of my own from the intense stimulation.

After Tom loved me orally, all the other guys fucked me when it was their turn in my pussy. By the third time around, each of them had cum in me at least once except Roger.

I think he was determined to fuck me to climax that third time because, although I was certainly nice and loose by now, he kept changing angles and rhythms until he finally began thrusting harder and faster. It seemed like his cock took over and he was fucking short strokes in and out so fast it seemed like a blur. Then his balls exploded into me. His cock pulsed as he expelled his cum into me.

“Oh Sally, that was so good. I have not been with a woman all summer. I think you got it all! Thank you.”

One of the twins wanted me on top of him so we switched places and I straddled him cowgirl and he played with my breasts. They bounced wildly as we thrust ourselves together. He pulled me down on him and his brother began teasing my back entrance. He used the moisture I was providing haramidere escort and spread it around my sphincter and on his fingers as he began to open my ass. One finger and then two. He was gentle and patient and I was fully relaxed as I fucked his brother vaginally. I felt him teasing with his erect cock and then he was in. I was glad he had a skinny cock as this passage is not often used by my lovers. I could feel both cocks in me rubbing together through the thin membrane between ass and vagina and I had one of the best orgasms that I have ever had. My orgasm triggered theirs and all of a sudden I felt penis spasms and warm spurts in both holes.

Now that my ass was open, all the guys wanted a turn. Roger, who was longest and thickest of the bunch waited until last and by then I was ready for him. It actually felt sensual as he fucked me in the ass and when he came, he literally erupted again. Male juice was flowing into me like an open fire hose and I was enjoying every moment of it.

The other guys left, but Roger stayed with me. He slipped out as he shrank and I went into the bathroom to clean up. I brought back a warm wash cloth, soap, and a towel to lovingly clean Roger. We kissed, cuddled, and went to sleep holding each other.

I woke up several hours later with Roger caressing my breasts and I reached down for his penis to check its current state. He was only semi hard so I slipped lower and began licking and sucking to get him fully erect. I knew I would be wet without even checking.

“Roger, how do you want me?”

“Let’s kiss first and go from there.”

We kissed with him lying on me and as I felt his hard cock between us, I spread my legs to accommodate him. While we kissed he reached down and moved his cock up and down my slit to moisten the tip and then moved it around on my clit.

“Roger, put it in me. I want you now!”

I reached between us and directed his cock to my love hole and pushed up to force it in. I guess the slick warm feeling of my vagina surrounding his cock was enough stimuli because he easily slid all the way in. We began a slow loving dance of love. I was so wet I could hear the squish as we pushed together and pulled apart. Roger’s staying power was great and we must have leisurely fucked for twenty minutes before he began to pick up the pace and began slamming into me. Now I could hear the slap of flesh as we came together. I felt him swell as he approached his climax and as his cum coated the insides of my vagina, I came with him.

We lay together. We rolled over, still joined, so that I could lay on him and we slept the rest of the night that way with my head on his chest and his cock deep in my pussy.

Like the other Sally stories, this was told to me by Sally. It took place in the 1970’s before the threat of AIDS. Sally has always enjoyed sex and she strongly believes that there is a difference between sex and love. There is sex without love, sex with love, and love without sex.

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