Will There be Seconds Pt. 02


Will There Be Seconds? Part 2

A note from Jayne.

This is my third account of having sex with more than one man. Although not essential as this stands alone as an erotic tale, I do suggest you read the other two first as they explain the background to this.

Whatever you choose, do enjoy this and please leave comments and scores.

Thanks and love,


The cast.

Bill is balding and a little overweight while Ken is thin and reasonably athletic but with grey, almost white hair. They both look their ages which are their early fifties. Ken is nicely hairy and has a lithe, muscular body whereas Bill is almost portly and would not win any body beautiful contests but might win one for his nicely shaped cock that’s on the large size, especially its thickness!

I like to think I am pretty well preserved for my nearing 50 years. Of average height I am a little overweight ranging a few pounds either side of 140. However, as most of the excess is on my boobs, which swelled up to 36D when I had my children and never went back to the more comfortable B cups, and my hips and bum, both of which are, as I have heard them described, womanly rounded, I am not too bothered. I have blonde, quite spiky hair that sometimes has darker streaks and I wear glasses of different styles that vary with my moods. I combat advancing age and weight by regular visits to the gym, and yes I do wear yoga pants with nothing under them, I play tennis and swim and now only drink white wine, but too much!

Bill’s married, just about, but Ken and I are both divorced. We all met a few months ago at a book club that meets every other Wednesday evening at a school near our homes to discuss a book that the members have chosen from a list prepared by the tutor. It’s interesting and good fun, it gets us out of our houses and gives us another interest, which is needed at our times of life. The group of 15 were all strangers when we joined but we got to know each other quickly and us three became quite close.

The background.

Lying on the bed naked between two equally naked men I felt sated, well almost. Could there be more today I asked myself? I wasn’t quite sure how many times they had cum but I knew that I had enjoyed more orgasms in an afternoon than a near fifty-year-old woman was probably entitled to! I doubted that my two equally middle-aged partners could produce much more, but if they could then I would accommodate them, well that’s a ladys’ duty isn’t it?

What with work commitments, holidays and it being a warm summer, the three of us had not been together since that afternoon at Ken’s house a couple of months ago. So the question I had posed as we finished the threesome. ‘Will there be seconds?’ not only didn’t get answered but hadn’t really been addressed. But then out of the blue or, to be more accurate via WhatsApp, I got the start of an answer it said.

‘Have spoken to Bill and we both agree there should definitely be seconds and, thirds as well if you’re up for it – Ken.’

I most certainly was up for it. Up for seconds, thirds and as many as Ken and Bill wanted. The second threesome with the two guys in their mid-fifties had been sensational. It had gone on for almost three hours, and I had been erotically pampered as I had never been before. There was hardly a moment when some part of my body was not being sexually stimulated and there were many times where several places were being aroused at the same time. It was that and being the centre of attention that made it so wonderful

I had met the two guys about six months or so ago at a book club that was held at the local comprehensive school. There were fifteen or so of us in the class all in our middle ages. We were simply looking for something to do, a hobby, a pastime or an interest. The idea was that the teacher chose a book and we had to read chapters from it then meet the next week to discuss it. After the session most of us would go to the local pub for a few drinks. One thing led to another and Ken, Bill and I became close so much so that one evening Ken asked me out. I told him I didn’t do dating and that it was unfair on Bill who was married although sexually pretty inactive; Ken and I were both divorced. Anyway after quite a discussion the three of us had ended up on the back seat of Ken’s car where we had made love, well had sex, which had culminated in them fingering me to a couple of orgasms and me rubbing them until they both came onto my bare stomach.

Following that, a proper threesome became inevitable and took place a couple of weeks later at Ken’s house. We had lunch, went to his bedroom and undressed. They were both immediately erect and we laid together on the bed not really that sure what to do as none of us had been in such a situation before. Slowly, we did what came naturally and there was loads of kissing and touching as we moved towards having sex, which inevitably was them spit roasting me. Ken took me first as I sucked Bill. I had already had a mini orgasm before the spit roast so I didn’t cum from Ken fucking me as innovia escort neither of them did. But after they changed round and I was straddling Bill while Ken knelt beside us as I took his cock into my mouth we all came.

They both came again during the lovely afternoon and I lost count of the number of orgasms they gave me.

Although the session lasted nearly four hours it was not continuous sex. We stopped several times and just chatted or had a drink and once I went downstairs and made a pot of tea. Also, it wasn’t all just them stimulating me. Perhaps emboldened by what they had done to each other last time, they went further and at one time as I watched they lay on their sides in a horizontal 69 and sucked and licked each other. Nothing was said although from my appreciative noises and smiles they knew I enjoyed their bi action. Nevertheless, they didn’t go much further but later when the three of us were embracing and they lost their inhibitions several times my hands found one of theirs on the other’s body or my face would brush against one of theirs as I went to kiss or suck a cock.

The second session was at my house and followed similar lines to the first although we were all less inhibited and things got going quicker than before. However, again it was stop and start. We would have some intense sex for perhaps tweny minutes or so with me seemingly every time having an orgasm but of course not them. Then we would have a drink and chat for a while.

“I think it’s perfectly natural,” Ken said when we were discussing going with your own gender. “Most would I believe given the right circumstance.”

“What like when two guys are in bed with a woman,” I smiled.

“Something like that,” Bill replied, leaning over and kissing my breast.

“How about you Jay, have you any experience?”

“A little yes, mainly in a threesome.”

“So you’ve done it both ways?”


“And what do you prefer?”

Reaching down and grasping both semi-flaccid erections I replied.

“Not just because we are all here, but this by far?”

One of them asked. “Why is that?”

“Easy, two reasons. One I am the centre of attention and all the time something is happening to me, well at least with you two.”

“Yes I can see that I suppose for a guy it’s the same in an ffm set up,” Bill suggested.

“I guess so yes.”

“And secondly Jay.”

“No jealousy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well when there’s another woman she or me is left out quite a bit and choices such as who gets fucked first can cause jealousy.”

“Ok got it. So, are we going to do this again then?” Ken asked.

“More up to Jay really isn’t it? What would you think Jayne?”

For some unfathomable reason I turned over and laid on my front as I replied. “Got any mates?

The planning.

I had thought a lot about the extreme pleasure I had got from it. I worked out that it was a combination of the amount of attention I received and being the centre of it that gave me such pleasure. Being continuously stimulated with hardly a respite for hours on end and having four hands, twenty fingers, two mouths and tongues and, of course, two cocks to pamper me was incredible. That had made me wonder just what it would be like to have even more men there to stimulate me.

Near the end of the session when we were talking about doing it again that thought came into my mind and prompted me, in my still highly aroused state to ask if they had any mates. I am not sure I really even meant it but they, Ken particularly took it seriously.

“You mean with us,” he asked.

“Yes maybe.”

“What a gang bang?”

“Something like that, yes,” I muttered into the pillow.

“Shit, how many of us?” one of them mumbled.

“I dunno three or four.”

“Are you really serious Jay?” Bill asked.

I turned over and got out of bed.

“Who wants a drink?”

I went downstairs, got a bottle of red and white and three glasses and took them back upstairs.

“Both ok driving?”

“Yes we met and came in the same cab.”

I poured the drinks and feeling unusually relaxed and comfortable being naked with them I poured the drinks and handed them out, white for Bill and me and red for Ken.

“So you mean it do you Jay?” Bill asked.

“Yes, I would be up for it if you two are and can find other guys.”

“Remember,” Ken chipped in. “You wouldn’t know them?”

“Yes that’s true, I hadn’t thought about it that far, but I don’t think that matters really, after all I hardly knew you two did I?”

“Well we had chatted a lot in the pub,” Ken retorted.

“And remember there was the time in the car,” Bill smiled

“So that doesn’t that scupper the idea then?” Ken asked.

“Er, no not really not if they are friends of yours and you can vouch for them.”

After the book club two weeks later we went to the pub with the others and stayed behind huddled around a small table in a corner when they left.

“So still istanbul escort up for it Jay?” Ken asked unashamedly looking down the front of my modestly low cut top as Bill’s foot rested on mine.

“Yes if you really have got the guys.”

“Well Colin’s a dead cert. Forty eight, separated, big guy six two but in great shape, good looking, nice bloke and I have known him for fifteen or so years, he’s trustworthy and discrete. Owns his own business and is quite well off,” Ken advised

“Sounds fine.”

“I’ve got two in mind,” Bob told us.

“Five’s a bit much isn’t it, remember we want a look in?” Ken suggested.

“Ok keeping it to four, choose one or the other,” Bill said adding. “Here look I’m friends with them on Facebook.”

“Is that where you met them?” I asked genuinely shocked.

“No, I have known them for years in real life.”

He showed us their entries with their photos and I chose one, Lee. He was younger than the rest in his early forties and good looking in a rather camp way. That made me wonder about Bill and whether he was a bit of a dark horse for, as far as I could remember, he had been the one that had initiated the boy to boy stuff that I had found so exciting last time

We agreed that they would approach Colin and Lee and confirm that the session was on and try to arrange a mutually convenient date.

“So where can we do it?” I asked.

“Well I am sorry I know it’s sort of my turn,” Bill said. “But it’s impossible at mine, Diane is never out long enough.”

“And it’s a bit heavy for my place, you two are always welcome but bringing virtual strangers into it makes it difficult,” I told them

“Yes it does,” Ken agreed. “So how about a hotel, we can share the cost.”

“What five ways?” I smiled.

“Bit unfair that,” Bill said.

We worked out the details and it was agreed that Ken would book a room at the Marriott that was not too far from us. Over the next few days we worked out a date that was ok for all of us which was in ten days time.

“Look,” Ken said as we sat in a huddle at the next book club with the fivesome as I thought of it just three days away. “We need some sort of choreography I guess we should call it. You know who does what to who and so on.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well how the hell, for instance do we decide the order?”

“Of what?” I asked.

“You know, don’t be obtuse,” he replied.

“Just the things you should be discussing with a lady in a pub,” I grinned. “Whos going to shag her first?”

“Well you know what I mean. It was fine just us two but with four, Christ how’ll that work?”

Bill chipped in.

“Does it matter?” I asked.

“Seriously why not have a draw before we start that’ll at least give some order,” Ken suggested.

“How do you see it going Jay?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well all four at once or two at a time or say three with one rotating?” Bill asked.

“Christ I don’t know, I told you having you two was amazing so four should be doubly so shouldn’t it?”

“Well for you maybe,” Ken chipped in. “But maybe not for us, I don’t want to be lying on the bed naked playing with your feet for instance.”

“And what’s wrong with my feet,” I grinned.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Well you are both inviting a friend so you brief them thoroughly beforehand,” I offered as a weak, unthought out solution.

“I can see this being a fucking disaster,” the rather more volatile Ken suggested.

“Calm down, let’s be sensible,” the milder Bill muttered. ” Look, Ken and I will work it out then meet with the other two before we do it and agree on broad details with them.”

“Ok makes sense,” I agreed.

“Just one technical point Jayne, seriously. It’ll have a bearing on the whole plan.”

“And what’s that?” I asked.

“Are you up for being fucked maybe eight times in an afternoon?” Bill asked.

The gang bang.

It was agreed that we would take a suite in a hotel for the ‘event.’

“That’ll give us some rest and recovery space,” Bill wisely advised.

In the two weeks between that discussion when everything was pretty much agreed I was so nervous. I hadn’t thought through the number of times that I might be required to have sex and the length of time I could be ‘in action’ which could be up to five or six hours. And during that time I might have ten or twelve orgasms. Could I handle all that I kept asking myself right up to the big day?

Although the suite was booked in Ken’s name with me posing as Mrs. Ken I checked in first and got ready in the quite large bedroom that was certainly big enough for what we had planned. The bathroom had a bath and a shower cubicle that was big enough for three or four, I smiled wondering whether we would use that in groups? The centerpiece of the room was the huge, American style king sized bed that could quite easily sleep at least four, not that any of that was expected!

As I showered and got ready wearing, as Ken, Bill and kadıköy escort I had agreed simply, a black, full length peignoir with nothing underneath and a pair of four inch, black patent heels. We had discussed whether I should wear panties or maybe holdup stockings but had rejected both on the grounds that they probably get torn. As I was staying the night alone I had brought a selection of clothes and underwear so if any was needed I was prepared.

As I made the finishing touches to my make-up and outfit I heard the low hum of voices in the next room knowing that would be the briefing we had discussed.

I had seen photos of the newcomers and had chatted to both of them on the phone to get to know them a little but really I wasn’t that fussed. I didn’t need to know or like them as there would be no tomorrows between us. As far as I was concerned they were there for an afternoon and evening to provide pairs of hands, mouths, tongues, bodies and cocks for my pleasure. I didn’t really care much about their opinions or their intelligence as I didn’t anticipate much discussion, simply oodles of sex.

Ken walked into the bedroom.

“Mmmmm you look gorgeous Jay,” he said taking me in his arms and kissing me.

“Thanks, how is everybody?”

“Fine the briefing went well.”

“Good Bill’s and your mates ok?”

“Yes both are fine, think we’ve got it pretty much worked out.”


“Just one thing Jay do you want us to come into here naked or dressed I don’t think we discussed that did we?

“No we didn’t but why sod about, come in naked.”

“That’s what I thought. Are you ready for us then?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

“Are you nervous?”

“Yes Ken actually I am.”

“Well just relax love,” he said putting his hand on my hip and smiling. “And remember we’ll all be even more nervous than you,” he went on kissing me on the lips and whispering. “Best of luck.”

It really was quite a sight to see the four guys traipsing into the bedroom naked, I almost giggled but knew that would be bad form and off putting for them, as Ken had said they would be more nervous than me. I wasn’t too sure about that so I was pleased that I had downed a miniature vodka from the mini bar.

Bill and Ken kissed me and introduced me to Colin and Lee. They both looked good and I was pleased with our choices. They both looked younger than their ages and had nice, slim bodies and good heads of hair, with Colin’s being short and black and Lee’s being long and blonde and lovely.

I was standing with my back to the side of the huge bed and they stood in a semi-circle around me. I was beginning to think this was turning into a disaster as the four naked men in various stages of sexual arousal stood around me looking rather ridiculous. The atmosphere was quite strained and conversation was rather stilted until Ken lightened it up by announcing that there was champagne being delivered any minute.

“With us like this?” Lee said.

“Don’t worry I’ll put a robe on and see to it,” Ken announced as we heard the bell on the sitting room door ringing.

“Come on everybody,” Ken called out from the lounge. “Let’s drink it in here.”

We wandered into the other room with the three of them considerately standing aside to let me go first. I was hellishly nervous but was already beginning to feel good from the attention and the anticipation of what was to come.

It was a really strange sensation standing with a group of naked guys who were soon going to have sex with me chatting about anything but sex. Although none of them had a full erection I could see stirrings in each of the four nicely respectable penises.

“Here’s to a successful and very enjoyable for all of us session,” Ken said to which we all responded.

Sipping our second glass Ken, who was clearly the leader said. “Ok guys let’s get this show on the road shall we?” as he looked at me and added. “Ok Jay?”

“Be my guest.”

“Your order is our command ma’am,” he said, taking hold of my hand, kissing me on the lips and leading me back into the bedroom where we stood by the bed as he pulled me to him, kissed me and undid the top of the peignoir. Bill, who was behind me, pulled it down at the back until I was naked.

Then proverbially all sexual hell was let loose.

It started where we were standing by the bed and all four of them moved closer and started to fondle, caress and kiss me. Being kissed by four mouths on my lips, cheeks, shoulders, neck and breasts at the same time as eight hands were roaming over my body was sensational and I felt my arousal building up fast. I reached out and my hands found Ken who was reassuringly hard. Turning my head to my left Ken’s mouth slid away from mine and was replaced by Lee’s whose tongue immediately slid into my mouth. His full erection was pressed against my leg and I gripped and rubbed that. At the same time, Bill who was behind me had slid his beautifully thick cock into the crease of my bottom not, I was sure, in preparation to enter me analy for we had agreed that was off limits, well with cocks at least it was! Colin was pressing his semi-hard cock into my groin and was coming close to my hand that was holding Ken’s erection.

They started moving around and I almost lost touch with who was doing what to me and what I was doing to them.

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