With Ron

With Ron”Hello Ron, it’s me Ed.””Hi Ed. I knew it was you. Come on in. … How was your trip?””Good. No problems anywhere along the way.””Are you ready to truly begin your journey?”I paused for a few seconds. Then I said, “I think so. But, you know I’m still incredibly nervous, and at the same time so very anxious and excited to move forward…. And then again, maybe even scared a little! It’s a significant event for me to follow through and act on my homosexual desires.””I thought as much from all of your stories and e-mails. It is a significant event for most curious men who try it. But don’t worry; you’ll be fine with it. Your stories told me more than what you wrote in the story line. You’ll never forget about being with a man, even if this is your only encounter; not that I think it will be. It’s so incredible; especially that first time, when it is all new. I’m sure you’ll want to do it again, hopefully you’ll want to do ‘it’ with me more than just this time.” Ron held out his arms and said with a smile, “Come here, I want to help you with your journey, and we’ll ‘do it right’ together!”I couldn’t resist. Everything Ron said seemed to be correct. I stepped inside and into Ron’s arms. We hugged for a long time. I felt safe and secure, like coming home. At the same time, it seemed wild, outrageous, and a bit dangerous. Then Ron whispered in my ear, “You’re gonna love every moment of becoming actively ‘gay.’ But Ed, I need to know that you want to do it, and you’re OK with it all. Alright?””OK,” I whispered back as I felt myself tremble a little.”You really are nervous. I can feel you shaking.”Ron held me, and whispered again, “It’s really amazing making love with another man. It feels so good! After reading all of your stories, I know you’re ready to move forward but, … I also know that you still have your reservations. I’ll only help you if that is what you really want.” Ron broke our hug, stepped back, looked me in the eyes and said, “If you really want this special love from me, then give me your hand.”I paused for a moment. Then I held out my hand, and Ron smiled. “I hope this will be everything you’ve imagined.” He guided me into the living room where we walked to the far end of the room near the sofa. The room was nicely decorated, but the temperature seemed a bit warm.As we sat on the sofa, Ron asked, “What have you’ve been wanting to do?”A chill ran through me thinking about what to say. “It feels odd to talk about it,” I stammered.”I knew another guy who said that too. Not too hard to write about it, just reach out and touch each other, or to watch porn together. But verbalizing, one-on-one, is very personal. Tell me as much as you can. I want you to be at ease, and I want to better understand how I can help you reach your goal. I thought that talking about it would help put you at ease a little.””This is difficult to say, but I want to touch and explore another man’s penis, stroke his erection, and hear his response. I want to rub his cock against mine. And, I really don’t know why, … but I want to feel a penis slide into my mouth, and then give a ‘blow job’ to completion. It seems to be so incredibly erotic knowing I was the one who made him cum, and receive his sperm! Sometimes, I even want to take it in the ass! … Why do I have these cravings? I can’t figure out why this fascinates me so much. What have you discovered about these desires? Why we are drawn and attracted to men? Have you read anything on this?””I’ve read a few articles, and the jury is still out if you are born desiring men, or if it is a learned behavior. I did read that there is a high percentage of educated men who are gay or bi. Maybe it’s learned, but I’ve always been attracted to men, maybe it was the way I was ‘wired.'””What do you have planned?,” I asked. “I’d like to have some idea.””That’s really up to you. How I read your body language and what you say will be key.””Can you give me any details? I’d like to know what you are thinking, and what you’d like to do. I’m feeling a bit passive, and would like you to lead me through it, what you’ve found to be most pleasurable.””OK, I can do that. If you don’t like the way it’s going, just let me know. Anyway, I think some hugs are good to start. Then I think we should get naked early on, rather than a slow undressing session like you wrote in your first story. I’ll want you go down and have your oral fantasy. You’ve mentioned a desire drop after you cum, so you need to get to your fantasy very early. Otherwise, you might back out. And once you’ve crossed that line, the psychological barrier of ‘never having done it before’ will be gone. What do you think? How does that sound? I don’t want to say too much, because that would take away from some of the ‘magic’ of your first time. OK?””I think so.””Good. I’m ready to start ….”Again Ron stood up and held asyabahis out his arms welcoming me in for another hug. I joined Ron, and it felt good. A moment or two after our hug began, I felt Ron’s right hand descend on my back, and then move around to my crotch, where he quickly found my erection.Ron softly whispered in my ear, “Mmmmmmmm. Ed, you feel nice and hard. I can tell that part of you wants to move forward, and this excites you. … Mmmmmmmm, that’s so nice to feel you! It’s amazing to think that I’m the first man to feel you like this. … I need you to commit a little more, Ed. Undress for me. Show me you want our ‘gay’ love to begin. Show me you’re ready.” With that comment, Ron stepped back and looked at me with an encouraging nod and smile.I felt alone and awkward. What should I do? What will it be like? It was all about to begin. I felt myself tremble again, but there was no turning back now. I reached up and unbuttoned my shirt, and once it was completely open, I slid it off my shoulders, and let it drop to the floor.Ron stepped back a bit further and sat in a nice reclining chair. He looked deeply into my eyes and smiled at me, as he too removed his shirt.Next, I pulled my T-shirt over my head, and dropped it on the floor too.”That’s it Ed. Take it nice and easy. Savor ever moment. Stripping in front of your lover can be very erotic. In the future it will be easier for you when we get together.”I slid out of my shoes, and then grasped the tongue of my zipper. Ron smiled and nodded in approval and encouragement as I lowered it. I unfastened my belt, and unbuttoned my pants. I let go, and they dropped around my ankles. Ron was busy sliding his pants and underwear off. A moment later, I saw Ron’s penis, in the flesh, for the first time. Again, I felt very strange; we were going to have sex!, man-to-man sex!! And, there was a lot of erotic excitement for me, even more than the first time with my first serious girlfriend. “What would it all be like?,” I wondered again. I felt my cock twitch.Ron noticed my movement, and said, “Mmmmmmmm …, Ed you do ooze precum! You’ve got a nice wet spot stared there.”I reached down and felt the VERY wet circle on my shorts. I was nervous, but oh so very excited! I’d probably been oozing for the last 15 minutes, even before I got to Ron’s place as I thought about what might happen. Now it was happening for real! I looked at Ron and smiled back feeling a bit embarrassed. Ron nodded and seemed to know what was running through my mind. He smiled again and motioned with his hand urging me to continue. I slipped my thumbs under the elastic, pulled the top out and looked at my penis. It was erect, and the head was glistening wet with precum.Ron inquisitively asked in a soft voice, “May I see too?”I felt myself blush deeply as I pulled my shorts over my penis, exposing my oozing erection to Ron. Then I lowered my shorts to the floor. I looked at Ron as I stepped out of the pile of clothes, now completely naked. I was glad that the room was warm, for sure I’d be cold and shivering otherwise. I felt very strange though, standing naked in front of Ron. A moment later, Ron stood up, stepped out of his clothes and walked up to me. “You look good Ed.” With that he placed his left arm around my neck, gently pulled me closer, and then kissed me. I did shiver, but from the homosexual excitement as I felt Ron gently probe my mouth with his tongue, and even more so as he wrapped the fingers of his right hand around my penis. Our kiss continued as Ron gently stroked me, milking more of my precum out, and then he rubbed his thumb through the pool of precum on my cockhead. When our kiss ended, I opened my eyes only to discover that Ron was holding his moist right thumb close to my mouth. “Lick your juices, Ed. I want to see you eat it. … It won’t be long and, it will be my cum that you will be tasting.”I shivered when I head Ron’s comment. I felt dizzy, and short of breath as I closed my eyes and opened my mouth slightly. Ron rubbed his moist thumb across my lips, and then slowly slid it in my mouth. As I closed my lips around it, Ron seductively whispered, “Suck on it as if it was my penis. Show me what you’re gonna do next with your mouth and my cock.”Flashes of light seemed to be going off in my head as I listened to Ron’s comments. I could taste and feel my clear slick precum on Ron’s thumb. It was magically exciting. A moment later, Ron slowly started moving his thumb in and out of my mouth, as if his thumb was “fucking” my mouth. At the same time we were rubbing our cocks together, and it all felt amazing!”That’s it Ed,” Ron whispered. “You know what to do. You suck it, … and I’ll ‘fuck’ your mouth, nice and easy! Nice and easy until I cum in your mouth!”Hearing those words shocked me a little, but I couldn’t stop. As I practiced on Ron’s asyabahis güvenilir mi thumb, Ron “thumb fucked’ my mouth. Then he shifted his stance a little, … Our cocks were rubbing together from side-to-side; it felt amazing having another cock touching mine!Ron slowly slipped his thumb from my mouth, and I felt an empty sensation pass through me. Ron stepped back, and had me sit on the ottoman in front of the sofa. When I sat down, I was nearly at eye level with Ron’s cock. I knew what was coming next. … Ron stepped between my legs, until his penis was almost touching my face.”It’s time Ed, time to suck your first cock. … If you’re not ready though, or you’ve changed your mind; then stand up. You can leave, and continue to live in your fantasy world. Otherwise, this is where ‘it’ really begins!”A thousand emotions raced through me. Part of me wanted to stand up and run away! What if someone found out? I wasn’t ready to come “out of the closet….” This would be “IT!!” It could never be undone. A sobering chill ran through me. I was frozen in space and time. In my mind, I was at the final cross road before becoming truly “gay” in deed. Neither Ron nor I moved. Time was standing still. I almost couldn’t breathe.Ron placed his left hand on my head. “Ed, you OK? … Here we go. Your fantasy is about to begin. Or, you can still stand up. What do you want?”I didn’t move. I couldn’t move!”Open your eyes. Look at my cock, Ed. Let it connect to your fantasy and dreams and make them come true. Don’t be afraid. It will feel so good.”I stared at it. It seemed as if the piss slit was staring back at me, inviting me to accept it in my body. It was as if it was searching for a place to enter me. Ron stepped a little closer, and brushed his cock on my left cheek. I felt a jolt of incredibly strong sexual excitement shoot through me. My cock twitched, and I’m sure I oozed another drop of precum. Then he grasped it, and passed it along my lips. It felt wild and so erotically exciting. Then he passed it to my right cheek and across my nose. As he held it up against his stomach, he urged me to, “kiss the shaft, Ed. You can do it. It’s your fantasy, your destiny. It’s why you came here.” With that comment, Ron gently guided my head into his crotch. “Kiss it, Ed. Kiss it!”I closed my eyes, leaned forward just a bit, puckered my lips, and kissed the lower inch of the shaft. As I made contact and kissed, Ron’s balls touched my chin.”Mmmmmmmm, that’s it. Kiss a little higher, lick it if you can. Make love with your mouth. Cross over. I want to feel your warm mouth on my cock! And, you need to feel it in your mouth. You did it on that video with your toy. Now you can do it for real with my cock!!”I kissed a little higher. Then I licked almost up to the head.”Mmmmmmmm, Ed. You listen well. That feels so good! Now do it again. Start at the base, and kiss and lick all the way to the head.”I was completely overcome with the desire to do “IT.” I backed up and stared the cock. It looked so large and powerful. Ron placed his left hand on my head again, and urged me forward once more.”All the way this time. You can do it this time. I know you can. But go slow. Savor and enjoy every moment, every kiss, every lick with your tongue, and every sensation of your first time. Lock the memories away for your next masturbation session.”I kissed the base twice. Then I licked a good two or three inches up the shaft, before I kissed, kissed, and kissed, higher and higher until I felt the ridge of the head touch my lips. For some reason, that made me stop.”That was another good try Ed. You’re doing great. Let me help you over this last hurtle, so you can cross over. … Sit back just a bit.”I sat back. I looked at Ron, and he smiled. Ron held his cock, and pointed it at my mouth. Then he eased forward and gently passed it across my lips from left to right, and then right to left. Then he held it not even an inch away from my mouth.”Kiss the tip now, Ed. Then lick all around the head. And don’t forget to lick the piss slit. When your tongue gets to the bottom, just let your tongue cradle it in; like when you sucked my on my thumb!”OH, THIS IS IT!! I moved closer. Then closer still. Slowly, slowly, I moved to that amazing cock! I puckered my lips and made contact with the head of Ron’s cock! I kissed the tip. I kissed softly with just my puckered lips, and then held it like that for a long time. Then I kissed the sides, and all along the ridge. I kissed the head of Ron’s cock, and flicked my tongue across the piss slit. I thought about the moment when Ron’s cum would surge through that small opening and enter my mouth. What would it feel like? What would it taste like? How would I react and feel? Then I moved back to kissing just the tip. I knew what to do next. I extended my tongue and licked from 3:00 asyabahis giriş O’clock, over the top to 9:00 O’clock, and then to 6:00. At that moment, Ron’s cock was resting on my tongue, and was ready to enter my very soul.”Open your mouth, Ed. Let it slip in!,” Ron whispered. “Then I’ll help again. But, YOU have to accept it in your mouth yourself.I took a deep breath through my nose. I was ready. I would suck Ron’s cock. As I exhaled, I opened my mouth just a bit more, moved forward, and eased Ron’s cock in my mouth. The feel of the cockhead ridge passing between my lips was intoxicating. Fireworks were going off in my head, and my heart beat harder and faster than ever before. The shaft went in deeper and deeper, until I couldn’t take any more. I was sucking cock!!”That feels SO GOOD, Ed!”Then Ron lightly held my head and started to gently “fuck” my mouth. It almost felt unreal, as if I was in a very vivid dream. Ron stared to move and I realized, a man was “fucking” my mouth. I was sucking a cock! I felt ashamed, excited, fulfilled, relieved, ecstatic, …. All I could think was, “FUCK!!! I’ve finally done ‘IT.'””Just keep a nice grip, and watch those teeth. … Oh ya Ed, that’s it! If you want me not to move, tap me on my leg or say so, and I’ll let you take over.”Ron continued his fucking as he slowly moved in and out. I tried to suck and lick the invading shaft of male flesh as best as I could. My mouth was full with a man’s penis. It felt incredible, and I relished and accepted the thought that I was sucking cock, and giving Ron pleasure. Every comment Ron made sent erotic shock waves through my body. The cock was firm, yet soft in a way. I felt the most amazing connection with Ron; unlike anything I had ever experienced with any other person. My own cock was incredibly hard. Sucking cock excited me! All the while Ron was gently rocking back and fourth, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Sometimes, he would pull out completely, and I immediately felt as if something was truly missing. I waited eagerly, with my mouth ajar, waiting for the cock to return. As it re-entered my mouth, it felt “natural” and “right.” A few times, Ron pushed too deep, but I knew it wasn’t intentional, and Ron wouldn’t hurt me.On one outstroke, Ron stopped with just the head in my mouth. “Ed, look to your left.” Ron moved the cloth on the side of the end table away revealing a good sized mirror. “Do you see yourself?” I was nearly stunned by the image in the mirror. It was just like the many gay porn pictures I’d jacked off to over the years. Only now, I was the “star” with a cock in my mouth. An erotic chill raced through me. Then I watched and felt Ron slowly fuck my mouth again. I returned to my oral fantasy of sucking cock, and concentrated on giving pleasure. My own cock seemed harder than it had ever been! Sometimes I’d look in the mirror. Most of the time my eyes were closed, as I drifted deeper in my fantasy world and made it reality. All that remained to happen was feeling Ron cum in my mouth.It seemed like an eternity, but couldn’t have even been even 15 minutes, before I heard Ron exclaim, “ED, AHHHH, OH!! I’M GETTING CLOSE NOW!! OHHHH! … FUCK!! HERE IT COMES!!! AHHHHHH!!!!”Ron thrust forward just a little, then froze. Only half of that amazing penis was in my mouth. I felt his shaft expand just a bit, and knew what was next. The slightest moment later a warm slick glob shot across my tongue and into my mouth. Then a second, and a third warm slick string shot in my mouth. Ron was cumming, and I was being “spermed.” It was stunning to have finally done “it.” My mouth felt very warm and wet. The texture similar to syrup, but was very slippery. It was amazing to feel it in my mouth. I was nearly overcome by the erotic realization that I just made a man cum in my mouth. I couldn’t help think to myself, “I’m ‘gay!’ I’m a ‘cocksucker!!'” The warm slick slime seemed to coat and cling to every surface in my mouth. The taste and feel was unlike anything I’d ever eaten before. It wasn’t sweet or sour, but did have a hint of almond.”Swallow it Ed.”I swallowed, everything about me seemed to change at that moment. Ron slowly pulled out of my mouth, and shot a smaller fourth and fifth warm glob of semen on my cheek and chin. It was strangely erotically stimulating to feel Ron’s warm cum hit my face, and then slowly slide down my cheek. I looked at the mirror and was stunned again, there was a lot of cum on my face, more than I imagined. An instant later, Ron d**g his cock through the lines of cum, spreading it all over my face. I looked like a mess. Then I looked up at Ron and he smiled back at me.”I thought you’d like that. You’re one of my ‘sperm boys’ now. My seed rests in your body. By your definition, now you’re ‘gay.’ I think you’ve been ‘gay’ a lot longer, but you’ve finally done it. You’ll always remember this, and in a way we’ll always be connected by the sperm that is connecting with you. Before this weekend is over, I want to cum in your mouth at least five more times. I’d love to cum in your ass, and give you that fantasy too. But now, I need to make you cum.”

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