WITHOUT SHAME part 4Natalie and I sat on the bus quietly. She snuggled up against me and slipped a hand discreetly into my pants pocket and squeezed my cock. We drew a few curious stares but we didn’t really care. We were in our own private world that was beyond anyone’s shallow judgements. I think she was absorbing the story of my encounter in the men’s room with Chris. I quietly wondered if I would ever see her again.On our walk home we held hands for most of the way, keeping close so that no one could observe this. When we were passing Kimmy’s house we spotted her hanging a dangerous length out her bedroom window on the second floor. One thoughtless shift of her weight and she’d come crashing down to the overgrown lawn below. The house itself was a bit ratty and dire need of repair. Kimmy was wildly flailing her arms but not calling out to us, hoping to visually draw our attention. We almost pased by, lost in our world. My erection was just subsiding. We were informed by Kimmy that she had been grounded for borrowing her mother’s vibrator. It made Nat and I laugh, but her ass was still tender from the thrashing she took for her act. “I’ll buy you a vibrator if you want,” I said. Our voices had to remain somewhat hussed and comments were often asked to be repeated. This was all in strict violation of her grounding.”I don’t think that’ll do the job. I like feeling a warm body against me. Masturbation was a somewhat empty experience,” she said and represses a fit of giggles.”I miss you both terribly,” she said after a moment of silence, smiling down at us. “You both look very happy.””He has an interesting story to tell,” said Nat, turning to me. “But it’ll have to wait until you get sprung. How long did you get?””A week. I was surprised it wasn’t longer. Mom really loves that vibrator. Even dad doesn’t know about it.””The male ego is a little slighted when it finds out that an electronic device is being used to get your woman off and implies that you’re not getting the job done,” I said.”No different than men watching porn. It’s a bit degrading and sets unrealistic sexual standards,” said Nat.We decided to leave before we were caught conversing with the prisoner. We each blew her a kiss and headedd home. Nat suddenly wanted to take a walk through the forest. It would get us home but it was a bit longer but the day was sunny and I granted her wish. Once we were a significant depth along the narrow trail that cut through the forest Nat turned to me. Her face was slightly grave and worried.”I might be a sexual addict,” she suddenly announced.”What?” canlı bahis I cried out, almost about the laugh at the absurdity of the idea.”The doctor said that.””She really said you may be a sexual addict?””Well, in not so many words but she seemed to be hinting at it.””Don’t listen what any doctors say. Some have sex on the brain and it’s always negative. An addiction is a destructive force in one’s life.””I think about it a lot,” she said.”You’re young so of course it’s going to be a source of curiousity, but hardly worth getting worried about,” I said, now holding Nat close against me, pressed against the trunk of a very high tree that stretched it’s limbs towards the cloudless blue sky above us.”It’s not a bad thing,” I whispered to her and opened several buttons of her shirt. I had not noticed that she had gone braless.”She likes to talk about sex,” said Nat as I sweetly suckled on her hard nipples, rolling my tongue over them. It evoked little sighs.”Who?” “The doctor.””Maybe she’s the sex addict. She’s not noticed. Is she a lesbian?””I think she hasn’t had much success with men in her past.””She looks like the shy, quiet type. Not many men go for that type,” I said and now slipped off her panties and held up the hem of her skirt and contemplated the beauty of her pussy for a few moments. She ran her fingers through my hair.”She seemed to light up at the sight of you,” said Nat.”We should both double team her some time. Do you find her attractive?””She very pretty but there’s something sad about her. Sometimes I wonder who is helping who.”Little was said after this. I began licking her pussy with conviction. My head was spinning with all that had transpired over the last few days. Everything seemed to change. I am seeing new aspects to people I had known for years. It was simultaneously wonderful and confusing. I was intoxicated by these new revelations and hoped to endulge and enjoy them how ever long they may last..I pause a moment and look up at Nat who is radiating a warm smile down at me. I am sure our thoughts were simulare at this moment. I rose and kissed her. She opened my pants and removed my cock.”We can’t do this here. Someone may pass by. We are not as isolated as we believe we are,” I said and exhale a deep sigh of frustration.Natalie just nodded and tucked my cock back inside my pants, giving it an affectionate pant as if it were a favored pet. It would hardly be long before she’d see it again. She pulled up her panties from around her ankles. I brush my fingers just beneth my nose and inhale the fresh fragrence bahis siteleri that clings to them. We both smile at one another and head for home.At dinner that evening we are again playing footsie under the table and without either parent being wise to the activity happening just beneath their table. We exchange little smiles but we had agreed earlier to restrain (or attempt to at least) ourselves from any overt displays of affection. The discovery of our romance would not be taken lightly. We both realized this. Even our private world was not totally immune to the forces of the outside world. We had to be very careful. I was even beginning to worry if Kimmy could keep this secret. She liked to share intimate details for her own perverse reasons or just for shock value. This would a burden on her conscience. I would express these concerns with Nat later as we were sitting on the sofa with only a portion of our attention on whatever was playing on the TV. Mom and dad had just shortly retired to bed. When we heard the door quietly click shut we knew they were going to fuck. Usually they left the door open.Nat and I were both covered by a single blanket which didn’t seem to strike either as suspicious. Nat and I were in our pajamas and she was stroking my cock all the while, rubbing the precum over the head. We laughed on cue at the images on the screen but we were more absorbed in one another. I had my hand inside her pajama pants and fondling her pussy. Occasionally she’d squirm and giggle which momentarily drew our parents’s attention. It would make my heart freeze before relaxing a beating a normal steady rhythm. It was dangerous but we were oblivious to this while engaged in our covert activities. I remained more poker faced but Nat (as previously noted) can be very ticklish. It became quite erotic and arousing.”I think our secret is safe,” Natalie said after we had heard the door close.”It makes me nervous.””She loves us both,” said Nat with a quick kis on the lips and rolled over on top of me.I reached under her pajama top and fondled her tits and pinched her nipples. Again we were engaged in dangerous behaviour that could not be innocently explained if we were caught at that very instant. We could say that we were just play wrestling but a shadow of suspicion might fall over us. Our pajamas were partially off. A quick pull of the blanket would reveal this and no excuse would suffice. But the thrill of engaging in something marginally forbidden was part of the excitement. We were not committing any social sin as Nat pointed out the güvenilir bahis other night. We were related only by marriage, like the Brady Bunch. They could have a grand old orgy and not a single person could impose any moral taint upon the scene. Wonderful, I thought.But we suddenly realized the trouble that could befall us and decided to head upstairs. Ascending the stairs she held firmly onto my cock. I tried to keep my pajama pants from falling around my ankles, especially climbing the flight of stairs which were quite steep. We made it into her room withot incident. She had to evict the collection of stuffed toys from her bed. We quickly undressed.”I’m still a little sore from the other night,” she said as I inserted a couple fingers into her pussy. It was quite tight and I gently worked them in as far as I could before I saw the pinch of discomfort on her face and I withdrew them. Her eyes shone a sad happiness.”What wrong?” I asked her, stroking her face.”What’s in the future for us?””Why burden on our minds with the future right now. Are you happy?””Very happy, but I don’t want it to end. Ever.”I don’t know how to respond to that. We were in a very precarious situation. Was there any sort of legal restrictions about our relationship? I suddenly wished that Kimmy was here to lighten the moment. I just kissed Nat. Her lips were somewhat hard and unresponsive. Would they seperate us if they caught us or we confessed our relationship. A bigger question hung in my mind: Did I love Natalie. Of course I loved her, but was I “in” love with her. It was too early to respond to this question.We mutually decided to end the evening and I dressed and began to leave. I kissed her good night. Her lips softened noticeably and partially opened and her tongue darted out and flicks my upper lip. The kiss lingers for a while. I half hoped for a rekindling of affection but she reached for a sizeable teddy bear that she had earlier tossed aside and was cuddling with, her long slim legs wrapped around it’s torso.”You remember when you won this for me?” she asked.”I do,” I said.”It’s been my favorite ever since.”We said our good nights and I went off to my own bedroom. A pesky hard on was quickly dispatched by a little internet porn. I found a picture of Dakota Fanning reclined on a bed with her legs wide open. It was a clumsy photoshop job where the pigment of Dakota’s skin did not enitrely match with that of the torso her head had been grafted upon. It was enough but then my mind strayed and I was thinking of Natalie, of Kimmy, of Chris, of the owl-eyed psychiatrist. It was enough to get he job done in a quick, adroit, and passionless effort. It was physically satisfying but there was an emotional emptiness. I just lay in bed for a long while before finially drifting off.

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